Best small rodent pets

Top 10 Rodents as Pets – Get One For Yourself Today

Do you know that rats and other rodents also make great pets? It is true but since they are not very common choices as pets, many people do not know about it. These animals are especially great for homes and apartments that are small in size and could not accommodate large animals.

Here are the 10 rodent choices for pets and even as emotional support animals, ESAs.

Top 10 Rodent Pets That Could Be Right for You:

1. Syrian Hamster

Syrian hamster

Also known as a teddy bear or golden hamster, Syrian hamsters are cute little critters. The lifespan of these furry little friends ranges from two to three years old with some living even longer than that if they’re well taken care of. Like any other animal though, these guys need some privacy too so it’s best if you give your new pet an area all his own where he won’t be disturbed during sleep time (which happens mostly in the daytime).

2. Fancy Mouse

Rodents as Pets Fancy Mouse

A fancy mouse is a great pet for those who do not like noisy dogs and arrogant cats. A domesticated one can be tamed to become very friendly with its owner while being less skittish or aggressive. Female mice live well in small groups, or other mice while males tend to fight amongst themselves due to their natural tendency to compete.

3. Common Rat

Rodents as Pets Rat

Ever thought of having a rat as your pet? You should. These small creatures make great companions and you can accommodate them easily in your house. They are quite social, so when handled carefully with care and patience, there’s a good chance they can be tamed to learn some simple tricks like coming out of the cage easily.

4. Guinea Pig

The Guinea Pig Pet

Guinea pigs are the lovable pets that you’ve always wanted. They have a unique and delightful personality, often with an attitude of “whatever!”. They are fun, delightful, and very manageable small pets to have around. They can live up to 12 years which is longer than any other rodent. Guinea pigs need fresh hay every day as well as vegetables for their diet but they also need vitamin C for sustenance.

5. Dwarf Hamster

Dwarf Hamster

Dwarf hamsters are adorable and social animals that are great if you want to adopt multiple of them as pets. These small critters live quite well with other same-sex dwarf hamsters, and could even live up to three years of age when cared for properly. One downside is their nipping behavior can get a bit too much at times but these little guys will make excellent company nevertheless.

6. Chinese Hamster

Chinese Hamster

Chinese hamsters are not just small, they’re also agile. This could make them challenging pets for many handlers to manage and control. They are a lot like their cousins, the dwarf hamsters. They’ll need a special habitat: like a cage with bars that will keep your pet secure without restricting its movement too much – this is essential if you want it to thrive in captivity.

7. Mongolian Gerbil

Mongolian Gerbil

Gerbils are small and rather social rodents who love to be around other gerbils. They really thrive in smaller, same-sex groups where they can bond easily with their peers for a happier life. To make them even more lovable, it’s best if you adopt one when he or she is still very young. Once tamed properly, they make great pets and companions.

8. Chinchilla

Chinchilla Rodents as Pets

Chinchillas are nocturnal and solitary creatures. They enjoy sleeping, daydreaming, exploring new things and being in the company of their handlers when they’re tamed. Unlike a rabbit, they don’t really want to cuddle with you all the time; chinchillas have their own reserved personality.

They are very independent but would be happy if someone was nice enough to take care of them every now and then.

9. African Dormouse

Rodents as Pets African Dormouse
Girl play with African Pygmy Dormouse on hand.

An African dormouse looks like a small, fuzzy version of our much-beloved squirrels and has many things in common with their furry counterparts such as playfulness and agility. They are extremely playful creatures who enjoy playing freely, and even escaping if given a chance.

If you want to keep one for yourself at home then all it takes is getting the right box or cage that will be secure enough so they don’t escape while also giving them items that can entertain and occupy your new pet.

10. Common Degu

Common Degu

When it comes to rodents, degus are a little different than your typical lab rat. In the wild, they live in colonies of up to 100 and love being around people. If you’re looking for some new friends with whom you can cuddle on occasion then these social critters will be perfect for you. If you’re looking for an adorable pet who loves living as part of a big family just like rabbits do, then these little furballs have got it all.

Rodents make great pets and having one at home will definitely make your life more lively and pleasant. Share your experience with us if you are a rodent owner.