Top 10 Weird But Working Healthy Tips

Many methods we know how to improve health are pretty straightforward: drop the weight, eat less, exercise more, get more energy, more sleep, avoid dehydration, drink more water, etc..

However, there are some guides you might not believe at first. Today, let’s get introduced to the top 10 health tips which are pretty effective, although they may initially seem quite contradictory.

1. Exercise when you are tired.

Exercise when you are tired

After a long and tiring day of work an offer to exercise might not sound like a good idea, but it should. In fact, it is a physical activity that can provide the missing energy. The research shows that just one 30 minutes long moderate-intensity exercise reduces fatigue, improves mood and keeps away the sad thoughts!

2. Write by hand to activate the activity of the brain.

activate the activity of the brain

The researchers say that although typing with computer succeeds in a systemizing material in a short time, however, is much better to memorize the whole thing by writing it all down with hand. Specialists say that to learn something necessary, we need to absorb it, and some notes made by hand can help to absorb or learn more information. Moreover, when you read a handwritten text, naturally it is easier for your brains to recover information and to remember it.

3. Improve relationships by spend less time together.

spend less time together

Running from one event to another failed to find a chance to breathe air can damage personal relationships. By taking time for yourself and just being alone for a while, you can have an opportunity to think, and don’t act so impulsively. And you get to know yourself better! So meditate, go for a walk, and sit in a cafe to watch people, or perhaps simply sort out the closet.

4. Do not drink diet carbonated beverages, if you want to lose weight.

10 Weird But Working Healthy Tips

To get rid of unnecessary pounds it is recommended to give up soda water in general, including dietary. The research showed that overweight and obese adults, who are drinking a diet soda with food, consume more calories than those who drink regular soda. Also, researchers at the University of Texas study showed that a diet soda drinker’s waist circumference over a ten-year period increased 70 percent more than those who did not drink any sodas at all.

5. On a hot day drink hot and not cold beverages.

On a hot day drink hot

What cools more during a hot summer morning: cold or hot coffee? Two recent studies show that in fact, it was the hot coffee that did make people feel cooler. In other cultures, such as India, drinking hot drinks during the heat is the norm. When you are drinking something hot, the body will assess the change in temperature and increases perspiration. So we sweat to cool down!

6. Avoid energy drinks, if you feel tired.

Avoid energy drinks

According to scientists, energy drinks contain up to five times more caffeine than coffee. But such energy drinks give a short-term burst and have side effects, which harms nervousness and faster pulse. In addition, these beverages often contain taurine – central nervous system stimulant, as well as 13 teaspoons of sugar in a can! These super sweet drinks only temporarily increase the amount of sugar in the blood, but not long after, sugar level strongly declines, and you feel sleepy again.

7. Gain weight to fit into a smaller size clothes.

Girl buttoning pants

This is related to the muscular volume. One experiment showed that two women who weight 149lb tried the same, smaller sized clothing. One of the ladies were working out more while another – haven’t been to a gym for a long time. And you know what – the girl who workouts managed to fit into a size small clothing. That is all because muscle takes up less space than fat, although it weighs the same!

8. Eat more to eat less.

10 Weird But Working Healthy Tips

It is possible that after eating 100-calorie snack or pack of crackers, you won’t deal with the hunger as good as if you have eaten normal dinner. Eating only a small amount of carbohydrates increase blood sugar levels and makes you want more carbs. To deal with hunger, it is recommended to choose protein foods such as peanut butter or apple and cheese. Each of these products has more calories per serving, but protein and fat help to feel filled quickly, and this feeling lasts longer. So ultimately you can consume fewer calories.

9. If you want to have healthy teeth, don’t brush them after you just ate.

want to have healthy teeth

Do not brush your teeth immediately after meals or after you drank something, especially if these products has any acid. Acid can be found in many citrus fruits, sports drinks, tomato, soda water (as a dietary as well as not), and these products soften tooth enamel. So wait for a few minutes and then clean your teeth. This way you will avoid any damage and still get to enjoy your pearly white smile. Of course, if you can’t wait for a few second (and that is always possible) choose toothpaste and brushes for sensitive teeth. To check the potential selection of it, check Boxed online store (and check some Boxed coupons too to get some good use out of it as well).

10. If you drink coffee, you will sleep better.

Sweet dreams

Japanese scientists have investigated how to maximize the use of short sleep during the day. So it turned out that those study participants who drank a cup of coffee with 200 mg of caffeine (the amount equivalent to one or two coffee cups) before going to 20 minutes nap immediately felt more alert after they wake up, and performed test better than those who nap without taking coffee. How the heck can that be? 20 min. nap time ends at the same time as activation of caffeine begin, but the brain then had already cleared of adenosine and thus a man reaches its maximum alertness. When adenosine grows, we feel more tired. Snooze during the day helps to get rid of it and in combination with caffeine, which blocks adenosine, we get more efficient daytime’s nap!