Who is Jordyn Huitema? Net Worth, Age, Bio and Family

Who is Jordyn Huitema? Jordyn Huitema is a OL Reign star and the top Canadian scorer in the UEFA.

Huitema is a talented football player from Canada. She was the girlfriend of Alphonso Davies, who plays as a full-back for Bayern Munich. She has gained a massive fan base due to her exceptional skills on the pitch and her joyful personality off the pitch.

Coming from an athletic background, she pursued her passion for football and achieved great success. However, her journey has involved significant sacrifices, which we will discuss further in this article. This is a unique love story where both partners are established professional footballers.

Jordyn Huitema Childhood and Family

Jordyn Huitema

Jordyn was born on May 8, 2001, into an athletic family where all her family members are involved in sports activities. Her mother, Julie, had a successful career in professional swimming, and her father, Roger, played soccer, rugby, and football during his younger years.

They did an excellent job raising their children, instilling in them good ethics and values. Jordyn has two brothers who are also involved in sports. Her older brother, Brody Huitema, played for Duke University as a member of the Vancouver Whitecaps Residency program.

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Her other brother, Trent Huitema, was an Ice Hockey player and played in the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League for the Humboldt Broncos.

Jordyn Huitema Facts & Wiki

Name:Jordyn Pamela Huitema
Date of Birth (Age):May 8, 2001 (age 22)
Place of Birth:Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada
Height:1.81 m
Net Worth 2024:$2 Million
Boyfriend:Julio Rodriguez
Current Teams:OL Reign

Jordyn Huitema Education

Jordyn completed her high school education at Rosedale Middle School. While she wasn’t one of the top students academically, she was undoubtedly one of the most ambitious. Spending most of her childhood playing football, she couldn’t devote a significant amount of time to her studies.

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After finishing high school, she initially decided to go to college. However, PSG offered her a professional contract after being impressed with her skills during a trial session. She initially rejected the offer to prioritize her studies but changed her decision one year later in 2019 and joined Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) instead of attending college.

Jordyn Huitema Hot

Jordyn Huitema Career

Jordyn Huitema’s football journey began at a young age. Even during high school, she played for her hometown soccer club, Chilliwack FC. She also had notable spells at clubs like Surrey United and Vancouver Whitecaps.

After making a breakthrough, she went for a trial at PSG in 2018. On July 23 of the same year, the Parisian club offered her a professional contract. Although she initially rejected the offer, she accepted it in 2019. She has climbed the ranks at the club and established herself as one of their most crucial players.

Jordyn has also made a name for herself in the national team. She was selected to play for the Canadian women’s team in the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Jordyn had an impressive stint with the national side, showcasing her talent and contributing to her team’s success. Her career is expected to continue to rise in the coming years as she further establishes herself as a top player.

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Jordyn Huitema Net Worth

With her success in recent years, Jordyn has accumulated a significant net worth. As a valued player at PSG, she earns an annual salary ranging from $30,000 to $50,000. Her current estimated net worth is around $2 million, and it is likely to increase as her career reaches new heights.

Jordyn Huitema and Alphonso Davies Relationship

Jordyn Huitema and Alphonso Davies

Jordyn Huitema and Alphonso Davies began dating in April 2017. The details of how and when they first met remain undisclosed. While it’s unclear if it was love at first sight, they have built a strong bond over the years. Currently, Jordyn resides in Paris, France, while Alphonso is based in Munich, Germany.

This geographical distance makes it challenging for them to spend quality time together. However, the lockdown period proved to be a blessing for their relationship, allowing them to spend an extended period of time with each other.

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They even started a YouTube channel to share their activities and adventures. Although they haven’t taken the step of getting married yet, they are both young and have plenty of time to consider such a significant decision.

Unfortunately, they split in 2022. Bayern Munich star Alphonso Davies has officially announced his separation from his girlfriend and PSG forward, Jordyn Huitema. However, he strongly denies that their breakup was a result of any infidelity on her part, debunking rumors of their power couple split.

Jordyn Huitema Current Boyfriend

Canadian women’s soccer star Jordyn Huitema has moved forward following her breakup with Bayern Munich’s Alphonso Davies. She recently disclosed that she is now in a relationship with Seattle Mariners rookie Julio Rodriguez.

Jordyn Huitema on Social Media

Jordyn enjoys a substantial presence on social media platforms. With 1.6 million followers on Instagram, her fanbase continues to grow rapidly.

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Top 10 facts about Jordyn Huitema

Here are 10 facts about Jordyn Huitema:

  1. Contract and Net Worth: Jordyn Huitema signed a 4-year contract with PSG, earning a salary of approximately $30,000 per month. This, along with endorsements and advertisements, has contributed to her estimated net worth of around $2 million.
  2. Relationship Status: Jordyn Huitema is currently in a relationship with Alphonso Davies. The couple has been dating and enjoying each other’s company for about a year.
  3. Height and Physical Attributes: Standing at an impressive 5 feet 11 inches, Jordyn Huitema is known for her tall stature. She possesses a fit, healthy, and athletic physique, complemented by her blond hair and brown eyes.
  4. Instagram Presence: Jordyn Huitema interacts with her followers and fans primarily through her Instagram handle, @jordynhuitema. She has a substantial following of approximately 1.1 million and continues to experience rapid growth.
  5. OL Reign Contract: On June 18, 2022, Huitema transferred to American club OL Reign and signed a two-year contract, solidifying her position as a key player in the team.
  6. Age: Jordyn Huitema is currently 22 years old, having been born on May 8, 2001.
  7. Family Background: Jordyn Huitema’s father is named Roger Huitema, and her mother is Julie Huitema. She has two brothers, Trent and Brody, who have also been involved in sports.
  8. Love for Football: Jordyn Huitema developed a passion for football at a young age, starting to play the sport when she was just four years old. She has always been inspired by the game and dedicated herself to pursuing a career in it.
  9. National Team Goals: With an impressive track record, Jordyn Huitema has scored a total of 13 goals for her national team. Her contributions on the field have been instrumental in the team’s success.
  10. Rising Career: Jordyn Huitema’s career is on a steady rise, as she continues to showcase her talent and make significant strides in the world of football. Her skills, dedication, and achievements have positioned her as a prominent figure in the sport.


In conclusion, Jordyn Huitema has made a name for herself in the world of football through her exceptional skills and dedication. As a professional player for OL Reign and the girlfriend of Alphonso Davies, she continues to captivate fans both on and off the pitch. With her career on the rise, it will be exciting to see what the future holds for this talented athlete.