• http://www.facebook.com/khalidseraj13 Khawaja Khalid Seraj

    Jgr you are the master of proposal, how we can think? you thanked.


    nice post

  • billy kaudi

    these are the best ways. i just want to try them sometime if i see a girl of my type

    • http://www.wonderslist.com/ Muhammad Shoaib

      All the best @d047bbe4f84a3af3d5a56a0f6652b32e:disqus :)

  • Fantaz Adeep

    u r the good n best master of the world

    • Sanjana

      You got the way!

  • Fantaz Adeep

    there should be love between all of them

    • Dangroues Queen

      sure. Verey Romantic Way to Propose

  • Anon

    We just bought a house, and at settlement, the seller handed her the keys. The ring was the keychain.

  • hewad

    I am just confusing that what should I do?

    • harry

      Just express your self.

  • saurabh gupta

    nice thought

  • shashi

    guys i have a fear to propose to my girl, if she reject ?

    • Happy Amar

      Dont fear my friend, she’ll never reject you. Just go, with confidence, use your favorite merhod.

      • harish kumar

        I will propose my girifriend with congidence thank for complement

  • Sachin

    i am trying something diffrent to propose my girlfriend,she is my cutie in this world..for all seven lifes.. <3 :) <3

    • S.K

      I also call my gf cutie but some days he was not telling with me

  • Ashish Mishra


  • amarjeet

    guys i am in luv my age is 14 my girlfriend age is 14 too…i told my luv..but she is not repying back…we met in my tution…tell mr some tips guys plezzz….

    • Randeep

      Try to make her smile everyday when u see her, girls like funny guys, she will definitely fall fo u…

    • Harry

      She also lov You but she is not such brave to reply you. You carry on to say her I love u. One day she will reply you that she love you too. Good luck.

    • shubham

      said to her ” do u hav boyfriend?” & when she say ” No.” than u told her that i lov u & make me ur boyfriend.

    • matthew

      Yea wake up and realize you are too young.

    • nishan

      Hei wait if she is not saying any thing try to confirm that she hv no boyfriend.
      Ask her for coffee or for park.if she agreed. Than ans is yes

    • Noel Samual

      I also 14 years old and tume uske pass jake uska answer lo

    • Ram

      What’s your age dude?!!! Do you have a job?

  • Randeep

    Lol, i’ve a crush on my teacher, still confused about wat to do ?
    Everyday i think about to purpose her but then i stop nd think back that shud i or not ? :(

    • matthew

      Are you stupid?

  • sagar

    Yr voo mujh sa naraj hoo jate haa bate bate pa pata aje kale too fb pa bhe block kar diya.muja to kuch nhi khati mare fd ko khati ha.

  • jaskeert

    Guys I’m in luv my age 18 years old my girlfriend age 18too I told her I love u she reply me positive me to now she tell I’ll never marriage any one what can I do now she talk to me on phone every day but now she not love me

  • REMO

    hello all lovers all success in your love .I want that but my lover is before 1 year to meet but can’t success kindly give information please.

  • Beki Henderson

    Planning on proposing to your partner very soon? We are looking for someone who wants to organise an out-of-this world, awe-inspiring proposal and would like to be involved in our short film for a well known brand. Get in touch beki.henderson@barcroftmedia.com

  • Ibneumar Khan

    hello how are u u r right bt u know she is just my classmt and i realy love her and i dont thnk tht she hve feeling like tht

  • Vicemen Victor Simpson

    jst want a girl to date

  • RUBY

    guys what is ur opinion about 2nd love…

  • Noel Samual

    Hay giz i also fall in love but i not able to say her i luv u plz……. Help me

  • Aditya Chaudhary

    friends, i m also in a big prob. i luv a grl she gud beautiful, charming, intelligent and possess all the qualities but the prob arises that she already loves someone. pls suggest me what shall i do.

  • Shivam Kashyap

    Hey guys help me tommorow I’m going to purpose my gf she is 17 and me also I met her first time in my tuition I loves her but I didn’t knw how I purpose her

  • Abdulla

    Hii guys! I am in luv but my age is 13 and i didn’t know her age but he is in 8 class and mine is 6
    Help me how to tell her i am fall in love with you.

  • Saif khan

    Hi guys..well my name is Saif and I love a girl she lives in my building and but we never spoke ever…and her friends is even my friends. .aur maine uski ek frnd ko bola ki..listen I like your frnd so plz mera aur uska setting kardo ..and her frnd she told me even she likes you…but when ever she saw me or I saw her on the way are in my building she ignores me …..SO GUYS WHY SHOULD I DO GUYS ME SOME TIPS PLZ PLZ

    • H D

      Uske frnd ko uska mobile no le le aur boll dal

  • uday chavan

    iam fearing perpose the girl how will i perpose the girl plz give me some tips frds

  • Jack

    Married with Aloha sets up an awesome proposal in Hawaii that she can’t say no to!

  • Ather

    i’am in love with girl and i’am studying in class 10 and she is in 8th. She dont look like 8th.But whatever. Want to propose her always think of her

    • Ather

      Help me propose her with ring which i have