10 Most Corrupt Police Forces in The World

Police corruption is a form of police misconduct in which law enforcement officers seek personal gain, such as money or career advancement, through the abuse of power, for example by accepting bribes in exchange for not pursuing, or selectively pursuing, an investigation or arrest. Throughout the world, police forces are cause of deep-rooted corruption. They involved in such criminal activities that hurt the society and endangered its citizens. Many policemen are underpaid and want to make extra money, they turn to corruption – but their selfish acts have caused a large amount of damage on countries that desperately need help. We also wrote an article on 10 corrupt countries, you may like that.

Here are the 10 most corrupt police forces in the world.

10. Pakistan Police.

Most Corrupt Police Forces
Pakistan’s police has been ranked among the most corrupt institutions in the country in a survey by an international anti-graft watchdog. Many citizens believe that the police is the most corrupt sector of the Pakistani government. Police brutality, extortion bribery and arresting innocent citizens are all crimes that have been committed among Pakistan’s police forces.

9. Russia Police.

Most Corrupt Police Forces
Russian government is no stranger to corruption, especially within its police force. Within recent years, facts have surfaced about the corruption and crimes being committed by Russian police officers. Police brutality, extorting bribes and arresting innocent citizens are all crimes that have been committed among Russian police forces. In order to ensure monthly quotas and make ends meet, Russian police turn to corruption and bribery.

8. Sudan Police.

Most Corrupt Police Forces
Sudan is one of the most corrupt countries for various reasons. Not only has their former president Oman Al-Bashir been indicted for war crimes and genocide, but this nation suffers from a corrupt police force. Sudanese police have been known to extort bribes from civilians in order to supplement their incomes. Police rarely file reports or investigate crimes, and often use violence and retaliation against people who complain about police abuses.

7. Afghanistan Police.

Most Corrupt Police Forces
Afghanistan has had one of the most corrupt police forces in the world, and it seems like it’s only getting worse with time. Graft has made it impossible for Afghan police to improve and effectively do their job, but corruption is witnessed within the police force, as well. Afghan police have been known to extort money and inflict violence on civilians at police checkpoints around the country. Police also bribe civilians into paying them for their release from prison or to avoid arrest. Although police corruption has gotten slightly better with international efforts and retraining, it continues to suffer at the whim of governmental corruption and power.


6. Somalia Police.

Most Corrupt Police Forces
The Somali police force is at No. 4 amongst the most corrupt in the world. This war-torn country continues to face  great difficulties and people are at the greatest risk. The Somali police have been popular to be ineffective and crooked, because they are underpaid. Most of Somali police officers involved in steeling, extortion, bribery and they harass individuals to get money.

5. Iraq Police.

Most Corrupt Police Forces
The Iraqi police have had a long history of corruption and, despite funds and retraining efforts, they’ve managed to maintain their corruption. Iraqi police continue to be highly sectarian and participate in kidnappings, ransom payments and bribery. They have proven to be ineffective at controlling terrorism efforts and protecting civilians in the ways they need to be.

4. Burma Police.

Most Corrupt Police Forces
Burma ranked 4 amongst the countries with a troubled agency. Corruption among police force is most common here. The Burma police has been known to make victims pay for criminal investigations. They are popular for extortion money from civilians. Burma is ruled by a highly authoritarian military regime, therefore the Burma police and the rights of citizens are under direct hold of military.

3. Kenya Police.

Most Corrupt Police Forces
Kenya ia at No.3 amongst the most corrupt police forces in the world. According to a recent survay report of Transparency International, the 92 percent civilians of Kenya ranked their police as the most corrupt and many of them have paid a bribe to their police during the last 12 months. Civilians are bribed into paying police for access to various services, like Customs, healthcare, education, police, registration and permits. They paid a bribe even on utility services.

2. Mexico Police.

Most Corrupt Police Forces
Mexico hold second spot amongst the most corrupt police forces. One of the most troubled police and it continues to get worse every day. Crime is at an all-time high in Mexico City and border towns, but many police officers are only making it worse. Mexican police turn to corruption to find other means of money because the pay is low. Police will bribe criminals and extort tourists and have been known to give victims the option of “plata o plomo,” which means they can either accept a bribe or be killed. Mexican police also work with drug cartels to protect them and enforce drug trafficking. They often ignore reported crimes and do not investigate them, often imprisoning innocent citizens to cover up their dirty work.

1. Haiti Police.

Most Corrupt Police Forces
World’s most corrupt police force is of Haiti. The Haitian police have negatively influenced society and Haitian culture with their unethical practices for quite awhile. In recent years, the Haitian National Police have violated various human rights and broken numerous laws, such as kidnapping, drug trafficking and police brutality. They have even resisted preventing or responding to gang-related violence. The lawlessness of the HNP appears to have died down slightly after the catastrophic earthquake in January 2010, but only time will tell if it will stay this way.

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    What about Thailand! The police only exist to extract money from the population … and it goes right to the top.

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    And forgot Brazilian police, too…the list can greatly increase…lol…

    • Maj. William Martin

      Remember, When over a Million were demonstration in Brazil, the government caved in to surpass the peoples demands because…. Their Police Joined the People. Today Brazil is to have paid medical from the sales of oil resources.

      Not all police are bad. But oddly today Police [SWAT] dress exactly like the scenes of terrorist’s we so commonly are fed on TV news.

    • JRDX

      Agreed with you, Frank…and should be listed as number 1.
      I am ashamed to see how our police acts.

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    Seriously? India should be No 1!

    • Robert Dsouza

      Indian Police though they take bribe…but they investigate solve the cases much more better than US police…The only things they are down because the power of politicians who kill them using goons and Power of Judicial , where the case file is closed forever.

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        funny how they cant seem to do a damn thing about gang rapes..other than maybe join in, since it seems totally acceptable!

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    Forgot America

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      Probably a Israeli owned paper.

      Under the GILEE program endorsed by the ADL and DHS, Most US law offiers are now trained by Israeli forces. Fact! Through the GILEE program their website states that these officers go to Israel then to Gaza to be shown “Terrorist’s” OR 100% Civilian’s with NO armed forces.

      Oddly most enforcement are now Ex-Military that harbor the hive mentality and PTSD sedated on 3.2 Billion dollars of SSRIs so like other Veterans a single car back-firing will cause an instant reaction of a hail of bullets. This is why near daily we see a man was shot at over 100 times.

      Also too of why US Soldiers rejected for this same PTSD will turn on their families and commit suicide at 22 Veterans a day. The Military is Section 10 these boys which drops all benefits and VA help.

      The cause can be traced to being forced to kill innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan nation/states that had nothing to do with 9/11. These Soldiers now LIED to return home not to Parades and Confetti but to be called Domestic Terrorist’s and arrested and forced into mental evaluations and then disarmed under new laws for those users of SSRIs.

      Speaking of Terrorist’s…. :)
      US Doctors annually kill over 200,000 American’s each and every year. FDA Approved Drugs kill yet another tens of thousands each and every year. In fact, most US Citizens were killed from 2001 to present by Skate-boards or injuries sustained from their use. Yet we are lead to believe that a pissed off person tired of his country and people being bombed for years and armed with a AK47 whose range in 250 yards +/- is a threat to America 2,000-9,000 miles away.

      From this “Training” the Police who once were to “Protect and Serve” are now “Law Officers” who bust the doors of homes down, mostly without a warrant and murder the loyal family dogs while pinning 82 year old women to the floor with a gun to the back of their heads. Or shoot double amputee men in wheel-chairs holding a pen.

      This POWER kick is the same Banker Owned Enforcement who extract Occupiers by slamming their faces on the cement, directly spraying pepper-spray into their mouths then arresting them and throwing them in jail. Or who conduct Anal and Vaginal inspections on the sides of our highways.

      What should alarm any country is the mass militarization of their peace officers who are being armed to control the masses as the world’s monetary system is about to collapse from central banks who print and steal trillions of dollars with zero indictments [UNLESS] your a banker who has stolen from the banks. Then your in Prison.

      As the record forced austerity [Banking Dictatorships] strip the wealth of nations and 2013 food shortages continue to make food prices soar along with countries reporting mass unemployment that it us only going to get worse as people try to feed their families. In the uS here, 47.8% of those on Food Stamps (Most working but not receiving a wage to support ones self or family) these War Rations are to hide the massive Soup Lines so commonly seen in great depressions. Its further a fact that the Books are cooked to further lie to the people because if Wall Street is OK then your OK as the Fed pumps 85 Billion a month monopoly money so banks can buy up toxic monopoly paper called derivatives to give the illusion that all is well. Only 1/2 of American’s are employed full time.

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      The thugs of all the aspiring servant politicians supping up money in the shadow of their economic super-rich masters. The police exist to criminalize the economic poor, the middle class like this as it’s more opportunity for their spawn as there’s less competition, still their economic class gets dragged in too a lesser degree but still open season BANG BANG.

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    I lived a long life and conclude that most Police forces in the world are corrupted. This is one of the Areas Mankind has failed to make civilize, inspite of going into to space. Fix this planet First Dumbos or Stupidos Politicians …….their littleness is overwhelming !

    • Fractal Vortices

      You’re asking thieves and murderers who snivel at the feet of their ‘super’ rich economic masters to fix the planet?

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    Swedish police informs crimeworld without informing the asulted wish leeds too more crimes.Swedish police never help their own citizens when maffia hits.

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    The most corrupt is definitely Tanzania, much worse than kenya who I am aware of too.

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  • http://www.lemurnet.com/ Lemur Net

    Forgot Montenegro police ….

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    Kenya should have been the first one on the list. Traffic police will never lack a mistake to point on your even if you just bought it a minute ago right away from a shop. They plant drugs on u in order for you to bribe your way out. Conduct unnecessary sweeps arresting any many on the road at night without a mistake. There is nothing illegal someone cant do if he/she bribes them. Dare not give them and you will receive a beating of a lifetime.

    • emma

      And they always stops public means especially the Nissans so that they can receive Ksh. 50 from the driver. This Ksh. 50 is given out by the driver as he or she gives out the driving license.This is an act that really annoys me most because police in Kenya disrespect themselves with such little amount of many. Kenya has the worst police.

  • Unkle Travlin Al

    There is a difference between being assholes and being corrupt. Most police forces have a serious ass-hole to to nice-guy ratio.

    However corruption doesn’t really have much to do with whether they are ass-holes or not – it has more to do with abusing their position of power or influence, usually for financial gain.

    I can think of no country worse than Kenya in this regard. Sometimes it works in your favour when you’ve done wrong, or when you need something done, and are willing to pay for it. Sometimes you realise the incredible sense of injustice, when you are on the receiving end.

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    Kenya police are not only corrupt..they are in-competent, if you are car-jacked and people call to report,they chase the car and fire hundreds of rounds into it..not considering that the victim is also inside.most of the time they end up killing the victim..

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    Crime is NOT at an all time high in Mexico City. It’s at an all time high in a number of areas in the northern part of the country and on the west coast and the area surrounding Mexico City. But crime in the nation’s capital is actually more or less stabilized and better than what it was like in the 1990s when it was arguably the most dangerous area in the country.

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  • Roger Bence

    I submit a few that should be included, New Orleans the most corrupt police dept in USA Chicago, Detroit, New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Saint Louis officers in all these citys are out of control acting like storm trooper nazis, killing civilians in minor infraction incidents, killing ppls dogs unprovoked and being excused or justified by absurd investigation of course we all know the code of blue,always protect ur fellow officer no matter what

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    Bullshit! The NYPD is not listed?! Haiti is the most corrupt police IN THE WORLD?! GTFOH!!! That’s the propaganda that we cite all the time. I am not saying it is not corrupt, but there has yet to be an instance of haitian police opening fire on a civilian, being tried and set free. Even there, they’ll placate the people with a bullshit sentence. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE! Interesting that all the countries listed are not favorably viewed in by the US and the west in general. Interesting coincidence. What about Greek police? And Ukrainian police? PLease spare the world your ridiculous judgment. Any office that has power will have corruption; the breadth of this corruption looks to have more to do with how much white folks like or dislike your country. I call bullshit on your little article there, “wonderslist”.

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    So how Haiti has been:”appears to have died down slightly after the catastrophic earthquake in January 2010″ as this article says can he stay the world most corrupt police? LOlllllllllllllll. they missed Republic Dominican police

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