10 Countries With Highest Crime Rate

Crime is everywhere. You walk out your house door, you will be mugged, you jump into your car, and somebody may already be sitting there with a gun pointed to your head. You walk on the streets, the streets are ruled with crime lords at every corner also. If you report to a police officer about a crime, it would be swooshed under the carpet because some police officers are bound to commit crimes too. And to prove exactly that, we are going to discuss countries with highest crime rate here. The bottom line is, and I am sorry to say that nobody is really safe from anything or anyone in this world.

The world isn’t enough either a hiding place to keep somebody safe from the ruthlessness of other people. As cruel as this world is, there are still innocent people who choose to do good, be good, enrich themselves and their lives with education, careers, doing things the righteous way, go to church and to be wise Samaritans throughout their lives but even they are unfortunately victim to those who are committing the crimes. Below is a list of 10 countries with highest crime rate in measurement of statistical numbers, news information that’s been given out to the world, common knowledge and factual evidence of their negativity which brings a good country down and not based on prejudice or common norms.

Countries With Highest Crime Rate
Countries With Highest Crime Rate

10. Belgium

Belgium is quite a respectable country overall and is relatively safe on a general basis, however most of Belgium’s crimes are somewhat petty things yet on a large and frequent scale making it one of those countries with highest crime rate. Most of the crimes in Belgium are street based and fall under the common stuff such as: snatching of purses and wallets and some extremely smart activities of pick pocketing while right under your nose and you wouldn’t even know it.

Theft crimes of this nature frequently happen in major parts of the large cities, in alley ways that are isolated which is rather common in most countries, subways and train stations that have 100s of people at a time so their luck is increased here as they can use the amount of people at a subway as an escape advantage, as it would be rather difficult trying to catch one person when fused with a 100 others, especially at a fast paced moving section like a subway. Imagine how many times and from the amount of people, thieves can rob each day before they jump on board a train and escape to the next part of the city where they would shuffle and pass their crookery habits in a cycle each day.

9. Sweden

Rape seems to be the crime that takes the spot light in Sweden and is quite anticipated or bound to occur on a daily basis due to Swedish women being worldly known for their exceptional exotic beauty as well as their lifestyle which includes a dress code that entails more shorter clothes or provocative stylish attire that is bound to turn the heads of every man, and unfortunately the wrong men are attracted and the wrong impression of such women are given to them in the process as well. Sweden is said to have one of the highest rate of Rape cases, increasing to nearly 6000 in 2010 according to BBC news and is ranked among countries with highest crime rate. Shocking as it seems, this is the reality of Swedish folks and somewhat alarming to all females of Sweden and if this rate continues, it may be considered as the ‘rape capital’ of the world. This surely does bring a great country like Sweden down to a nasty level of making bad headlines in media etc.

8. Columbia

The name of the country in itself should immediately strike a picture in one’s mind as a gangster driven and controlled country where throughout the world it is known by bold statements, departments of television and movies that Columbians are not to be messed with. So it’s not a surprise that Columbia ranks among countries with highest crime rate. It is a reality too and not just in screen written movies that certain people of Columbia are exactly the way they have been painted in motion pictures. In the real world, Columbia is the heart of where drugs, drug dealers, drug cultivation and harvester are found and with an estimated GDP value of $10 Billion worth of drug trade in Columbia, it isn’t far from immediately linking this to the amount of heinous crimes that may be committed too.

Any controlled substance when inhaled or internally consumed is said to alter the natural way in which a person’s mind and body would work which eventually causes them to do something they wouldn’t usually do in their sane minds. By this we can conclude that most of the crimes committed are drug related which may lead to prostitution which provokes rape again, drug related crimes could include violent murders or committing grotesque crimes that are unspeakable and illegal drug dealing or harvesting as well as consumption is a crime on its own. Columbia still remains the world’s biggest cocaine producer, even though the government has implemented strong arm tactics to crackdown on drug dealing. The supply here seems endless which another attractive market to Columbian gangsters is and organized crime bosses too.

7. France

Everybody loves French fries. Not everybody loves the crime in France though. France is known for being ranked among countries with highest crime rate. Theft once again in France seems to be the dominating thing in the category of crime in general amongst ‘Frenchies’. Whilst the people in France may be used to and immune to the Theft related crimes, people from other parts of the world such as happy go lucky tourist who are always travelling the world, as well as businessmen/women who wish to visit France, will be held back and put off or stoned in fear of being robbed of their treasured belongings just as they reach France Airport. Theft in France scares people from other countries who aren’t used to the environment which can cause a huge drop in many things such as: Tourism which also affects Frances Revenue etc.

Who wants to be robbed? Regardless of where you come from. The worst part here is that France is home to one of the world’s most sought after “Love destinations’ as Paris is commonly referred to as ‘the city of love’ and so this has been known to have tourists flocking in unique numbers from all over the world every year, be it – Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Honeymoons or just a Romantic day out with the family and the French thieves can be visually enticing and charming enough to literally sweep you off your feet, lure you into an abandoned area for some ‘alone’ time until they snatch you of even your underwear’s, stripping you of all your belongings in the most sly but cleverest unsuspecting way ever.

6. Jamaica

“Jah Man, Rastafari, light up the Erb”. “Erb” is somewhat of a sacred term used by Jamaicans that means “Herb” which is colloquial for Marijuana (Weed as it’s commonly known by the world). Although weed is legalized in Jamaica, drugs aren’t the main problem that contributes to crime here. Murder however seems to be a popular trend to the Rastafarians as they are more frequent than any other crime in Jamaica. Murder has no justification however, you take a man’s life regardless of the reason, is still a crime and a sin to one’s life.

To Jamaicans however, there is sort of a norm that rules where almost every respected Jamaican is said to be somebody that you don’t mess and no, not because of their dread locks, or scary accent but due to their tough guy approach to most things or rather ruthlessness and fearless attributes which means murder at point blank upon provocation. Gratuitous violent acts and mass murder are common amongst gang rivals and revenge retaliations. Kingston is one of the Major Towns in Jamaica and most of the violent murder crimes is a joint dot here mainly because it’s where most of the high profiled people of Jamaica would be found etc. Jamaica has ranked sixth in our list of countries with highest crime rate.

5. United Kingdom

What makes the United Kingdom not so united is the fact that it’s among countries with highest crime rate. Most of these crimes are interlinked from the major Cities and the cycle continues. If somebody from London were to attack and presumably kill somebody from Manchester, that will declare wars from each city to one and other and will eventually spread to the next of neighbors that weren’t even involved in the process. The network of the UK is so strong and powerful, that news of this nature would spread like wildfire too. To the world it should actually be to no surprise at all that the United Kingdom is one of the countries with a highest crime rate seeing that it is one of the largest in terms of population figures in the world.

The more people a country has, the higher the crime rate would be also. London is home to rebellions filled with youngsters who are seeking thrill every minute of their lives and thrill of this sort in a young rebels mind would entail causing havoc by being reckless in every action which contributes to the rate of crime here on. Crime in the UK spans across a variety of things such as: bike theft, public disturbances and havoc, shoplifting theft incidences, vehicle crimes and violent crimes too but at higher frequency rates.

4. Germany

The country that’s been home to super motor sports car industry’s lavish and elegant, BMW. German spec vehicles are known throughout the world for their unique and masculine design as well as their un-parallel performance and features which make it one of the best known automobiles that’s of a world class and also to reach some of the highest of standards in terms of quality and for being pristine in everything in the motor industry. With Germany having a notorious history of the Nazi controlling it at one stage, it isn’t uncommon that the crime rates of Germany would be increasing by the decades. Everybody wants to become Adolf Hitler with the power of the legacy his left behind and in their attempt to be and do so, you can be sure that crime leaders would have pioneered to do everything that goes against the law in order to reach a highly feared and respected position in society.

The Nazi has a strong reputation for imprinting on the walls, roads and atmosphere of Germany and painting all Germans to the world as ”The Ku Klux Klan” Although these are things In history that are driven by today’s’ misconceptions and created beliefs in people, it still remains partially true and can be considered as another contributor to majority of the crimes that surprisingly aren’t violently related as other countries, yet the frequency increase of each type of crime committed gets higher and higher in this case. Unsurprisingly Germany is counted among countries with highest crime rate.

3. Brazil

Rio De Janario is Brazil’s biggest city and a tourist attraction of high numbers for decades and still is. Brazil overall however is one of the dominating murder capitals of the world and easily ranks among countries with highest crime rate. Although Rio in itself is safer than most cities, there still remains certain outskirts of Brazil that are home to ruthless and hardened criminals that live on a “tough guy” code which also include terrorizing locals, murdering more for revenge or to teach a lesson isn’t an uncommon thing here it seems.

The use and availability of Ak-47’s and other famous and notorious firearms are also highly accessible and commonly found as well as used when necessary and majority of the time in-appropriately to anybody that comes in the crossfire of it, even if it wasn’t the intended target. With the increase of gang leaders and members dominating small streets of Brazil and with their usual characters being of a deadly nature, while having an arsenal of machine gun weaponry at hand ,this is a combination that spells destruction overall. Other crimes of Brazil at an extremely high rate may include: Bribery and Corruption which is almost like a spread of cancer in Brazil that cannot be prevented or cured as easily as Brazilian authorities would like.

2. India

If Bollywood movies, depicted one thing to viewers and fans across the world through their storylines, it’s that the poorest of the poor in India are in some of the largest numbers of the world. There are several reasons why India has ranked second in our list of countries with highest crime rate. 70% of India’s 1.2 Billion people in population, belong to extreme poverty. Poverty leads to attaining things from other people who rightfully owned it, as a means of survival which isn’t an excuse to steal from somebody else if you do not have what they have, however it is a sad reality in India, that most of the crimes related are due to theft out of low living circumstances which cannot be helped and has become a habit that is forcing people to steal from the rich in order to live just for the day. This problem may seem like something ‘petty’ but not when it’s from a country that is majority filled up by poverty struck people. This simply means that there are more poor people in India and that definitely out numbers the first class members of society which means danger to them In terms of them being safe as most of the poorest of the poor may turn to theft from the rich in order to make ends meet just for the day or that hour in most cases. Checkout the Scandals of Indian Swamis.

India is also ruled by Gang members that are highly feared and rule like tyrants in some or most parts of this glorified and honorably flagged country. Gang members of India are known for violent crimes which generally would include beheading a human being with a sword and other unspeakable violent acts as well. When we take a look at countries with the highest crime rate, India is also one of the country’s that have one of the highest populations of the world too, which means a major increase in the number of crimes reported per year, including rape being another one that tops the crime list, since women of India are one of the most exotic in the world also.

1. United States of America

Glory to America for being number one to top the list of countries with highest crime rates. When we speak of American crimes, its reported on an annual basis in numbers of millions which include almost every crime committed that are known to man, every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month and all year round which means to say that the crime cycle of Americans are around the clock non-stop. Even with the highest of trained policebest special forces and their crime prevention methods implemented and brutal force where needed, the crime never ends. The unfortunate situations that most American strong arm and stump down on offender authorities would face is that as they are on route to stopping one crime from happening, the general case is that, another crime would be happening at that instance which leaves them in a tight position of which one to stop first.

The reality of this however ,is that the population of American civilians who are made up of criminals too, surpass the amount of authority figures that can legally handle and deal with the crime that’s committed on a day to day basis. Majority rules in this case and the civilians win. In this case its criminals over good civilians which are enough to wreak havoc to presidential levels. Only in America though. As the Hollywood movies have depicted throughout the last century, The United States of America is the number one crime country due to having one of the largest country populations in the world. Due to this fact, crimes such as: Theft of motor vehicles, street muggings, internet related digital crimes such as: hacking, rape, public disturbances by American teenagers and rebel activists, armed burglary, bank robbing, murder, killing of police officials, drug related, human trafficking, prostitution and ownership of brothels, child pornography and an ongoing list can validate the final statement that there’s almost no crime that America hasn’t seen and dealt with as yet.