10 Facts About Guns in the USA That’ll Surprise You

GUNS! GUNS! And GUNS! “Look in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane… It’s GUNNER-MAN”. Every young man ought to have played with toys during their childhood stages, but surprisingly this is one toy, people never outgrow. Do you remember the games we played when we were little? Well before the age of Smartphones, Super-fast internet connection and Computer games. The games common kids of the early 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s would delve for hours into, ’cops and robbers’ or most commonly ‘cowboys and Indians’. So naturally we had to make a list on 10 facts about guns in the USA.

The common factor here is that both games involved the imitated usage of guns as well as vocal-ling the type of sound each gunshot would make via ones mouth. Unfortunately though, the nature of every man especially has the need to constantly feed their masculinity by doing anything that makes them feel powerful. One of these things involve the desire to throw away their toys and to go after the real things and in today’s world of misconceptions: Every man with a gun is considered as “Dangerous”. Women in the other hand commonly tend to be into “bad boys”. What better way to be a powerful man in society these days? These however are just opinions influenced by popular culture impacted beliefs. So let us relate to you some stone-cold facts about Guns in the USA. Check out these super cool and also terrible facts about guns in the USA.

10. Guns Bought For Self-Defense Are Barely Ever Used

Facts about guns in the USA
The first one in our list of facts about guns in the USA is a bit weird. There’s never a time when people aren’t getting attacked in an enormous and extremely busy country like the United States of America, so you got to have a gun ready to pack some heat right? … WRONG!! The art of self-defense lies in the ability to save you from an attacker without necessarily being killed or to kill anybody.
Nobody has the cold blooded mindset to just kill something or somebody unless you are the attacker yourself. In more serious cases though where you’re in a death defying kill or be killed situation, then an exception to this may apply if you can explain it to the court and walk away without the torture of constant appearances to justify your case of “I killed him or her out of self-defense”.

So the more smarter and wiser ‘self-defenders’ of America has decided to scare of the attackers by merely aggressively pulling out their weapons or pointing it to their defenders and of course using some string hate speech and aggression to make them think twice about trying their dirty tricks, “not me mister, you can put a penny in and try again with somebody else”. This being the underlining statement most smart people would want to make in order to appear as though they have counter dominated their attacking oppositions with leverage.

Well done to them as more lives were saved and more lessons to attacking parties ought to have been taught in the process, that you don’t mess with a victim that’s in possession of a firearm. As weird as this among facts about guns in the USA look, we have to remember that after all America also is home to Hollywood, no wonder victims get fresh and play the role of their favorite actors when confronted with the cold nozzle of a gun. Be warned though if you’re an attacker reading this, that not every victim in the USA are happy chaps who are generous enough to spare your life even though you were threatening to take away theirs. Some victims can also be disguised assassins.

9. 28.5% Women Have One or More Firearms In Their House

Facts about guns in the USA
Due to years of men’s enslaver and domineering treatment to women in the past, the more fierce, modern, entitled and intelligent women of this modern era have adapted the exact same traits, desires, habits, mannerisms and actions of men. And its honestly too late to roll back time and shorten down the established gender equity acts to bring women back to their feminine sides of nature. In their lunch-time held groups of gossiping and discussions, a topic of “If a man cannot protect us then, we shall protect ourselves, let’s paint our nails to women power.

These claws will not sit pretty anymore!” Must have been amidst for sure as the numbers do not lie. 28.5 % of women in their beloved country, USA, own guns of their own. This statistical fact however isn’t uncommon. And it shouldn’t strike you as a shocker since majority of victims around the world prone to an immeasurable amount of unspeakable crimes of historical Medieval practices! As, we know it today are women. There is a reasonable amount of women to own guns in their home. Only it’s for the sole purpose of protection of themselves, and not for their more devious sides as far as revenge against cheating husbands or ex-boyfriend mistakes are concerned.

Among the most interesting facts about guns in the USA, its one. If you reside in the USA there’s a strong probability that one of the 28.5% of women with guns may be your next girlfriend or even your wife! To the men who are guilty of being unfaithful to your women, who are known to being abusive both verbally and physically… You’d better put on bullet proof vest under your suit. And this doesn’t come with a warning either as women in general are somewhat reserved and mysterious, silent but violent when their lioness instinct is provoked.

8. 67% People Own a Firearm in the US to Prevent Crime

Facts about guns in the USA
There are a number of uses for firearms worldwide. But more especially in the USA due to hunting being a loved sport by both the compassionate and the cruel.
Target and shooting ranges seem to be the most popular amongst them all. Since every gun enthusiast constantly needs to test the firepower calibers on simulated targets at least. While the thorn amongst the rose will feature the usage of guns for robberies, revenge or simply for cold blooded murder. Gladly though apart from all these common usages, 67% of Americas population chooses to use it for the right reasons; As protection of oneself is far more greater than being sorry or to have regrets and then prevention and counter action in the spur of any unpleasant moment would be too late.

Gladly though that in the 67% of these people belong to the other 28.5% of women above, everything boils down to protection here, and with the crime on the increase, who can blame and old folk for wanting to pack some heat now and then. No sane person besides the researched and reported crazy.

One of the most alarming facts about guns in the USA is that 60% of Americans who have used a gun for reasons of suicide, would want to take their lives before their time of destined end fate. Then again, only the strong survive. And in this ever-changing world, survival of the fittest is always the case which results to people wanting things they don’t have and would resort to robbing, mugging, armed theft in order to get it so at least 67% of the wiser citizens are making use of their guns for protection purposes.

7. One In Thirty People Buying Firearm Online Have Criminal Records

Facts about guns in the USA
A common universal law in all policy regulated and civilized countries states in the Gun control act that prohibition of a firearm will apply to the following people:

  • Fugitives of justice, persons who are unlawful users or addicted to any controlled intoxicating substance such as alcohol, and other hallucinate drugs.
  • But more especially to people who have been convicted already of a crime of some sort and restricted by the court of law from owning a firearm.

Among the most alarming facts about guns in the USA is that, one out of thirty people who tried to make an online purchase of a firearm. A huge pity to them as if a thorough background check was done, as a standard procedure, before issuing firearms then we can consider that a laughable ‘backfire’ since the chances of you attaining a firearm this way would be bleak. A bigger pity however, on the vendor issuer of these firearms to unworthy and unauthorized persons as they would have been committing a felony themselves.

God forbid if for some reasons the one in thirty people were successful in their attempt to purchase a firearm online. As it could mean just a single tick of provocation for an ex-convict to go on a wild rampage thereafter. With the constant modernization of technology and hacking expertise or the magical ability that high society or ranked criminals have would be to ‘make things disappear’ which in their case primarily means all criminal records found from extensive background checks, or any incriminating evidence that will not grant them permission to purchase that firearm online will be overlooked. Money and power rules even the most disciplined and by the book authority figures. The successful possibility of this isn’t a surprise.

6. 2000 – 5200 Gun Show Exhibitions Each Year

Facts about guns in the USA
Nothing screams louder to the nation in terms of Gun promotions and the usage of firearms, than hosting a gun show in the frequency of around 2000-5000 times each year! “Bada boom-bada bang” In the atmosphere of these shows conducted frequently, it’s nothing short of celebrating New Year’s all year round, 2000-5000 times a year, simply due to the amount of gun fire sounds to hear. Sounds similar to the
crack of fireworks. Its among the most terrible facts about guns in the USA. This is surely one fact that has a huge wrapper with a label that says ‘animal cruelty” all around these events as, domestic pets such as dogs suffer more the noise than us humans would.

By the frequent hosting of gun demonstration events in the United States, it isn’t hard from here to join the dots to a contributing reason as to why America is almost always in a gun Frenzy. These shows promote the usage of Firearms by demonstrating and creating an official awareness to every gun-crazed freak in the US. About what a certain gun can do which leads to them getting creative in their own invented usage of their newest toys. Unfortunately the sane minded people are the ones who they target practice on but not everything can be stopped and prevented in the world. Gun shows in America makes a grand effort over 5000 times to promote their passion though.

5. Civilian shots are Better than Trained Police in the United States

Facts about guns in the USA
Here is an unbelievable fact about guns and the citizens of America that has been obviously been shown by several instances of this occurrence and is pathetically embarrassing to the Police of the United States if by proven fact that the spur of the moment instinctive shots fired by citizens where accurate nails on the head, figuratively and sometimes literally in cases of extremes such as
Civilian Riots where as 11% of the Police would miss their target of apprehension and strike an innocent civilian.

Shocking to see that some rage full civilians would do a better job than that of a trained Police force. It’s definitely one of the most shocking facts about guns in the USA. Now we cannot shine a dark light on an entire force as a whole due to the inaccuracy of certain officers shots on a measuring scale to the successful hits of the people outside of the trained and authorized law, but it does bring about a slight bit of shame and disgrace seeing that the United States Police Force is one of, if not the best trained Police Forces Worldwide.

Not to discredit the Police Departments of the United States but in this case this hard truth raises a question of mind wrecking wonder – “Who does it better? The law or civilians. What are they safe from and who is really going to protect them?”

4. Illegal gun purchased by corrupt licensed merchants

Facts about guns in the USA
Not as shocking as some of the other facts about guns in the USA, because corruption exists. As long as there are vulnerable human beings who are in power. This simply means that every department, entity, group, or ‘legal’ figure in society is bound to be corrupted for several reasons. The desire for money, fear that derives from black-mail etc. can drive people to do almost anything.

For all we know, if a Pope can say something like “sex without embracing chastity can turn out to be bad for your life”, then again it raises a question: How would he know if he hasn’t tried or experienced it? Which means to say that it’s a fact that any human with an easily changeable mind and loophole to be switched of their principles, morals and everything honorable that they abide and stand by, makes them easily manipulated into turning corrupt too.

If politician’s whose withheld seats in their parliamentary or governmental positions for several years in a row could turn out to be corrupted or persuaded by people with higher power than them, then honestly a mere licensed gun merchandiser or issuer is just a teeny ant in the ‘corruption chain’. A criminal could probably make an offer to a private licensed gun stockiest, that he or she would be unwise to refuse in terms of where money is king for bulk products in the business world.

And it would take just that to turn a reputable gun dealer corrupt and unlawful in their hasty act of succumbing to the end service of a high roller gun fanatic that’s willing to buy everything they have just to take a load off them in exchange for turning a blind eye on the illegal deal. Without doubt this is among the most terrible facts about guns in the USA.

3. The accessibility of guns in the USA too easy

Facts about guns in the USA
Everybody is always looking to make a quick buck here and there and more commonly through unlawful, unjust, unsupervised and unfair practices at the cost of an honorable person or through the channels that allow corruption without detention to be granted an easy pass. This is reality and happens everywhere, anytime or place too. Corruption or unlawful practices sees no specific race, age, gender or class.

Now, in the digitization of almost everything in the world, yes you’ve guessed it, that even the sale of guns can happen more easily than in the past despite the USA having such stringent laws to regulate gun control and restrictions.

You can bet that the average geek sitting in the bus on the way to school or with his laptop in an internet café could visit a gun merchant online and make what appears to be a perfectly legal and legitimate purchase of a fire arm by means of an identity theft which would be made to look authentic as possible and the possibilities of this is countless. It’s not uncommon that the age of technology and the internet has advanced, oh! It just advanced again! And again now too, it’s happening by the split second as you’re reading this.

The reason it among the most terrible facts about guns in the USA is that due to this rapid increase of a digitally controlled world, it’s not far-fetched or a long shot to order a gun to your regular mail. Even if this may not be as easy as It seems, there’s always a way to persuade anybody by tweaking on their weakest spot which is a gateway to persuading them into whatever you desire to be the outcome of such efforts. A relationship can be built via the convenience of instant messaging online at which won’t be long after the online merchant and the geek are gun-buddies.

2. At New Year of 2016, Several New Yorkers Killed By Gun

Facts about guns in the USA
It’s been said that ‘time waits for no man’ and the unfortunate people who has seen the ‘dead-end’ of this aren’t around to tell the tale. So, be prepared to hear one of the most shocking facts about guns in the United States.

The people, who met a tragic end of 2016, literally were sent off with a bang. Gladly able to see the New Year but not having the chance of living through it. No mercy has been shown when the time of these heinous crimes were committed to the innocent people. Several persons were murdered point black in almost most parts of America as well as around the world. Just several hours of Welcoming The New Year, 2016 which is sorrowfully painful to know at what rate crime operates in countries that have reputations for attaining Medals Of Honor in almost every functioning aspect. It’s a rather sad but glaringly and scary true fact of life that one needs to work around instead of walking into.

Guns in America or around the world isn’t to blame however: It’s the people who are in possession of it, the previous people who granted a certain illegal permission of use for it and the insanity of the world’s psychopaths who feel nothing to take innocent lives without a conscience. Live and let live, this is somewhat scarce around the world to live according to. This tops the most terrible facts about guns in the USA.

1. 270 Million Civilians Own Guns in the United States America

Facts about guns in the USA

Yup, that number one fact in our list of facts about guns in the USA. For the Fact Finale of Guns in America. The estimated legal ownership of guns in the United States sky rockets to 270 Million then this means the demand for guns are just as high here too. Just the thought of so many citizens with legal ownership of firearms in America, categorized by reasons of: Hunting, protection and sporting purposes is enough to bring a nation to a standstill with an equal amount of murders, damage to property, recklessness, or wildfire riots that can be caused. 270 Million Is a number that surely and by fact means that the United States has the most amount of legally owned guns from citizens than other countries.

Hypothetically speaking, the amount of havoc that this could mean for Americans in the long run should literally scare police or law enforcing authorities as they wouldn’t be enough to handle that amount of people combined with that amount of fire power on an opposition scale of where the number majority rules any state county Police Department combined. It’s shocking since the police forces would be outgunned if it where against millions of gun crazy citizens who are charging at reckless and mindless force, rebelling against the justice departments, and authority figures.

There are several other factors that contribute to this number of civilians owning guns in America such as the mind-wrecking and commonly contemplated “Zombie Apocalypse” by U.S citizen’s themselves. 270 Million civilians owning guns legally is just an estimate and by this, let us not forget the uncountable amount of ‘black market’ or illegally owned guns in America.

Every which way you look at it, the danger signs of another war within the country is bound to happen and all of this should call for a major concern which should make sure to get America’s task forces, Military etc. on the brim of their Training and systems which they have in place already so that the counter-force of America is prepared well in advance.