• Sharon Ostberg

    I did leave one. with debunking your claim of Isabella of Spain as a cruel monarch. The Inquisition was FORCED on all European kingdoms by the Vatican. Spain was the LAST COUNTRY in Europe to give in to the Vatican and conduct its own. The Spanish Inquisition was the MILDEST victim-wise of all European inquisitions. Its meticulously records are available for inspection. Its victims never exceeded 5,000 some odd, and 1/3 of those were executed in ‘effigy’ (‘en estatua’); 1/3 exhumed in their remains and burned (‘en sus huesos’- the accusation proof of heresy came in after they had died of natural causes) and 1/3 actually executed after they refused to wear the “San Benito” (a costume similar to what the KKK wears) and parade around town with a placard proclaiming their guilt as a way to avoid execution. In the same period of time, 150,000 hapless women alone were burned at the stake in what is now France, Germany and Italy for the crime of ‘witchcraft’ (they were just too darned pretty and dazzling in their blonde or red hair). Spain never executed A SINGLE WOMAN for witchcraft, which the Inquisition’s lawyers labeled ‘a delusion’. Educate yourself on true history, and not the propaganda you’ve watched or read. See also “The Myth of the Spanish Inquisition” a BBC/A&E Production. England’s apology to Spain for over 500 years of malicious calumnies and character assassination. BTW, I AM Jewish!!! “If the World Goes Against the Truth- Then I Go Against the World!”

    • illegalgarbagegohome

      Sorry but dear Isabella usurped her throne from her niece Juana whom she had locked away as”mad” and then ordered the death of the true heirs to the British throne before she allowed her daughter to marry the son of the usurper Henry VII. She was an evil woman. Her daughter Catherine’ felt guilty for the rest of her life over those deaths.

      • illegalgarbagegohome

        So guest I think it is YOU that needs more education.

      • Sam

        Juana was one of Isabella’s daughters. She inherited the throne after Isabella’s death and was locked away and labeled as “mad” by her father, Ferdinand after she walked around Spain with the corpse of her husband Philip the Fair in a casket for quite a long time.

      • Louis Mingüey

        No, you do. Sam is right on the money and you just literary wrote an invented story.

    • ICorps

      If you are Jewish, which I doubt, it’s proof that Jews can be as stupid as anyone. An example of that stupidity is your admonition for people not to educate themselves on propaganda but instead to see the BBC/A&E production of “The Myth of the Spanish Inquisition.”

      The Spanish Inquisition was the worst of all the inquisitions, with its barbarism extending to the New World, especially to Mexico, where it was even more arbitrary and more pitiless than it was in Spain.

      The inquisitions were created to root our heresy to Roman Catholicism, and Spain had a very large Jewish population, most of whom were forced to convert to Catholicism (as were the Indians in Mexico).

      Those “converso” Jews were the principal target of the Inquisition in Spain, and most of those burned alive for heresy were converso Jews! Your number of 5,000 “victims” is actually the approximate number of people executed by the Spanish Inquisition.

      The number of victims of the Spanish Inquisition is more on the order of 150,000, who were imprisoned, tortured, mutilated, or impoverished.

      And your claim that “Spain never executed A SINGLE WOMAN for witchcraft” is pure sophistry, since it does not include MEN executed for witchcraft, and Spain did burn alive people found guilty of witchcraft.

      • cruthur

        5000 over 300 years is like about 20 a year, to put things in perspective.
        Another perspective is that while people were burned alive in Spain, in France they were boiled alive, while England used the hang draw and quarter approach.
        You see the issue here is that you single out Isabella as being a brutal leader in the medieval world, when in fact you would be hard pressed to find any leader of that time who was not brutal. Had the inquisition not have been set up, you can be sure that the horrors and deaths would have taken place none the less, as indeed they did.

        To be Machiavellian,Isabella’s initiative (although historians say it was Ferdinand who pushed it – she being reluctant) saved lives in the long run. Spain, due to its strict religious policy, was to be spared the far more horrible wars of religion which tore the rest of europe apart. I know thats a heartless approach, but Spain was also in the front line in the war with Islam and the heresy issue was considered a matter of national security.

    • Jonathan Swift

      Great response. It is all about how people are perceived. King Richard I is often seen as being a great King yet during his crusade he had many helpless children and women killed or abused. Elizabeth I of England had far more people punished or put to death than Bloody Mary.

  • El Dillusio

    Imelda Marcos. Without her husband’s consent. She funded the conspiracy to assassinate Ninoy Aquino complete with a brainwashed tortured gunman along with a general and group of military men all paid-off and scripted to kill.

  • 69ABS0

    Cherie Blair…………way up the list

  • vdsv

    Nice title. “The history”?

  • Spanish Bad Girl

    Read and learn more. British spread the Black Legend against the former powerful Spain. Isabella of Spain has been the greatest ruler of Spain ever. She was educated, fluent in several languages, intelligent and she ruled the same than her husband Fernando. Any other Queen or King has been so great and good for Spain. She brought peace, culture, prosperity and wealth to Spain. The unification of Spain led to the Spanish Empire, the greatest and widest of History, more than the British or the Ottoman -is this the real reason of such hate against her?-. Conversion of Muslims was necessary to avoid the constant guerrillas which were empooring and leading to hash wars Southern Spain. Peace came after this. If to be wise and powerful mean to be a evil woman, in Spain we are proud of our bad girls.

    • illegalgarbagegohome

      So sad. Learn some history about the people she had killed including an innocent man who was developmentally challenged. So ignorant.

  • Mrs V

    NIce anti-Catholicism on this list!

    • Matthew Arntzen

      Yeah – those Catholic’s during the ‘dark ages’ were some very sweet people! They invented some pretty slick torture devices over the years too.

      • cruthur

        All catholics are damned to hell I suppose.

      • Anthony

        Dark Ages ended around 800 – with Charlemagne instigating renewed revival of learning. Inquisition was during the Middle Ages – and MOST Catholics were not murderous maniacs – they were just people living in a time very different from our own. And the ‘sweetest’ person who ever lived (St. Francis of Assisi) was a Catholic and lived during this time.

  • Brandy

    They failed to write how Isabella of Castile was one of the most evil women in history.

  • LaconicBrowncoat

    Are these articles written in another language and then google-translated?? Even the title is messed up: “10 Most Evil Women in The History”.

    • Tommy T-tone

      There’s nothing wrong or ‘messed up’ about the title. That is a correct form of the superlative for ‘evil’. You could use ‘evilest’ as well. And overwhelmingly, the grammar and punctuation are fine.

    • Tommy T-tone

      Aside from the error in the title (was probably supposed to be ‘of the world’ or the like), these pieces are overwhelmingly fine in their grammar and punctuation.

      • Noneneeded


  • Madison Lambeth

    WHY does it say that Mary Ann Cotton was Britain’s first serial killer?? Jack The Ripper happened in the 1800’s!!!


    • Mazy

      This list is about women….

      • Tesha

        thank u for giving her the heads up

      • Tommy T-tone

        Still doesn’t make her the 1st. It should read ‘first female serial killer’. And even that’s questionable.

    • Nil Voyez

      Jack the ripper operated around the late 1880’s. Mary Ann Cotton operated from the 1830’s. Mary Ann Cotton operated before him. But it’s true that Jack the Ripper is closer to the modern description of serial killers as in killing many with no material motives or gain behind the act.

    • http://wickedemerald.wordpress.com Wicked Emerald

      Ms. Lambeth: “Jack the Ripper is the best known name given to an unidentified serial killer active in the largely impoverished areas in and around the Whitechapel district of London in 1888.” Note the date – 1888; now go back up and read the title of the piece “Women”, then, scroll to Cotton and read when she was active. Even if this were a non-gender specific piece, Ms. Cotton pre-dated Jack and she died before he got started.

    • http://www.konraddobson.com/ Konrad Dobson

      Mary Ann Cotton died in 1873. Jack the Ripper went on a killing spree in 1888. So it’s still correct, as far as we know.

  • Banism Wew

    where wu?

    • Louis Mingüey

      wu ain’t here?

  • Jaysyn

    Gertrude Baniszewski should be on this list.

  • michael145

    With the exception of one or two they all look crazy just on first sight. Almost all of them have the crazy eyes thing going on.

  • PlainOldTruth

    Look up Taitu Betul, Empress of Abyssinia. A truly amazing case.

    Here is an old article: [“The Worst Woman In the World – Dowager Empress Taitu, Who Climbed from
    the Gutter to the Throne, Married Eleven Times, Joined in Innumerable
    Intrigues and Murders, and Is Now at Last Safely Locked Up, to the Great
    Relief of Abyssinia,” Indianapolis Star Magazine Section (In.), Feb.
    22, 1914, p. 1]

  • Guest

    I’m sorry, but this seems Eurocentric.

  • Anonymous

    According to Wikipedia:

    “Isabella was short but of strong stocky build, of a very fair complexion, and had a hair color that was between strawberry-blonde and auburn.
    Her daughters, Joanna and Catherine, were thought to resemble her the
    most. Isabella maintained an austere, temperate lifestyle, and her
    religious spirit influenced her the most in life. In spite of her
    hostility towards the Muslims in Andalusia, Isabella developed a taste for Moorish decor and style. Of her, contemporaries said:

    Fernández de Oviedo: “To see her speak was divine.”

    Andrés Bernáldez (es):
    “She was an endeavored woman, very powerful, very prudent, wise, very
    honest, chaste, devout, discreet, truthful, clear, without deceit. Who
    could count the excellences of this very Catholic and happy Queen,
    always very worthy of praises.”

    Hernando del Pulgar:
    “She was very inclined to justice, so much so that she was reputed to
    follow more the path of rigor than that of mercy, and did so to remedy
    the great corruption of crimes that she found in the kingdom when she
    succeeded to the throne.”[94]

    Ferdinand, in his testament, declared that “she was exemplary in all acts of virtue and of fear of God.”
    Fray Francisco Jiménez de Cisneros”

    Is any of this wrong?

  • BJ001

    That Katherine Knight lady probably sickens me the most. I don’t know if there is capital punishment in Australia but it should be for her.

  • sugar

    I can’t believe you left out Georgia Tan. She should be at the top of the list.

  • JD101

    Can I get a Hillary Clinton?

  • YuYu

    This is a ridiculous list. Who compares a medieval European queen with a XX century serial killer? Some serious myopia going on here…

    • Louis Mingüey

      Yes, that is bizarre.

  • Paper Boy

    Cleopatra does not rank?

  • cruthur

    Isabella of Castille and Mary Tudor should not be on that list.

    They were rulers living at a time when capital punishment and torture was the norm. In fact if they decided to be nice, they would soon have lost control, and maybe their own heads. I think Elizabeth I would also agree. Isabella was a tough lady, I accept, however apart from giving in to Ferdinand and Torquemada to expell the Jews in 1492 (she has to accept overall responsibility as the ultimate sovereign of Castille) she also did many humane things such as:
    1.Founded the first battlefield hospital
    2.freed the indian slaves that Columbus brought home with him and punished columbus for enslaving them
    3. Last will and testament asks that the native americans be treated “fairly and justly” esentially commanding that they be treated as equals to the white spanish – something quite amazing for her time even if her successors may have forgotten later.
    4. Banned the slavery of the Guanchos in 1478 – the native Canary islanders
    5. Promoted equal education for women( her daughters and duaghters of aristocrats) as men and did quite a few pro-feminist things during her life too.

    • Louis Mingüey

      Guanches. I am from there.

  • mike

    Forgot about jezebel

  • mike

    Forgot about Hilary and Michelle Obama

  • La Granota

    Why isn´t Margaret Thatcher in this list? I´d put her in ahead of Myra Hindley, who according to psychologists was dominated by Ian Brady. Hindley wouldn´t have carried out her atrocities if it hadn´t been for him. Thatcher – on the other hand – started a war with Argentina to keep her own Conservative Party from throwing her out of office as PM… and went on to become the British PM who spent most time in power in the 20th century.

    In addition, Thatcher set civil rights and workers’ rights back by decades, and paved the way for the world-wide economics crisis which millions have suffered recently… and we´re not out of the woods yet.

    Some of the women on this list had a very localised effect. In terms of the scale of suffering caused (including deaths, some of them suicides), both during her time in office and – due to the political policies she’d set in motion – afterward, Thatcher belongs at the very head of this list.

    Pretty evil, if you ask me.