10 Most Powerful Militaries in The World

The folks at Global Firepower ranked the world’s 10 most powerful militaries. They examined the defence forces of 68 countries in order to compile the rankings, taking into account manpower, land systems, air power, naval power, resources, logistics, finances and geography covered. They measure 40 different stats about a country, including number of aircraft carriers, available manpower, and labor force, to produce a Power Index, in which lower numbers equal more firepower. (Check the latest ranking of militaries)

World’s 5th biggest armed force, Pakistan army is not in the ranking. What’s the reason? I don’t know. Anyway, check out the world’s top 10 most powerful militaries, with some accompanying stats. You may also like to see the list of Top 10 Countries with Strongest Armies.

10. Brazil.

10 Most Powerful Militaries
Power Index: 0.6912
Defense Budget: $31,576,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 371,199
Labor Force: 104,700,000
Total Aircraft: 822
Total Naval Strength: 106

9. Italy.

Alpini ISAF
Power Index: 0.6838
Defense Budget: $31,946,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 293,202
Labor Force: 25,080,000
Total Aircraft: 770
Total Naval Strength: 179

8. South Korea.

10 Most Powerful Militaries
Power Index: 0.6547
Defense Budget: $28,280,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 653,000
Labor Force: 25,100,000
Total Aircraft: 871
Total Naval Strength: 190

7. Germany.

10 Most Powerful Militaries
Power Index: 0.6491
Defense Budget: $43,478,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 148,996
Labor Force: 43,620,000
Total Aircraft: 925
Total Naval Strength: 67

6. France.

EMIA Bastille Day
Power Index: 0.6163
Defense Budget: $58,244,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 362,485
Labor Force: 29,610,000
Total Aircraft: 544
Total Naval Strength: 180

5. The United Kingdom.

10 Most Powerful Militaries
Power Index: 0.5185
Defense Budget: $57,875,170,000
Active Military Personnel: 224,500
Labor Force: 31,720,000
Total Aircraft:1,412
Total Naval Strength: 77

4. India.

10 Most Powerful Militaries
Power Index: 0.4346
Defense Budget: $44,282,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 1,325,000
Labor Force: 487,600,000
Total Aircraft: 1,962
Total Naval Strength: 170

3. China.

10 Most Powerful Militaries
Power Index: 0.3351
Defense Budget: $129,272,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 2,285,000
Labor Force: 795,500,000
Total Aircraft:5,048
Total Naval Strength: 972

2. Russia.

10 Most Powerful Militaries
Power Index: 0.2618
Defense Budget: $64,000,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 1,200,000
Labor Force: 75,330,000
Total Aircraft: 4,498
Total Naval Strength: 224

1. United States.

10 Most Powerful Militaries
Power Index: 0.2475
Defense Budget: $689,591,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 1,477,896
Labor Force: 153,600,000
Total Aircraft: 15,293
Total Naval Strength: 290.

Nuclear capabilities are not included in this calculation. “As the inclusion of such weapons would defeat the purpose of such comparisons”. The placings are based strictly on each nation’s potential conventional war-making capabilities across land, sea and air.

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  • Guest

    Someone could help me to understand why some guys place France behind uk??

    • Name

      because the french are a bunch of garlic munching surrender monkeys

      • Guest

        Bullshit. Read about the GIGN you asshole.

        • Salih K

          GIGN is one of the most powerful special forces but, there are some criterions for military capability. Some of these are man power, land systems, air power, naval power, resources, logistical and financial (list is growing). I think American Seal is the best.

  • PlayStation4Life12345

    Canada should be in here.

    • Bender 20 (Bender the bending


  • Roclan

    You forgot Turkey, could be #5 in this list.

  • Random

    Pakistan should have at least been number 7

    • pk no one sir.

      • Sam khan

        Ya dako ap

        • Anurag Singh

          If this is the case India had not been listed in the top ten list
          Pakistan’s economy is in billions and india’s is in trillions
          Your army works for terrorist like Baghdagi, Hafeez Sayyed
          P – Passive resistance
          A – aspiring by people like Malala
          K – Kashmir (like an onion peel)
          I – insist on sacrifice for islam and become a terrorist
          S – salute to terrorist leader like Hafeez
          T – TERRORISM
          A – as a democracy(what a joke)
          N – never going to develop and reach where india is

          • arfan


          • I love India

            Like Indian Army as:
            I= Iblish, Itor, idiot, inspired for rape, identityless,
            D= Dirty

          • evande dersolon

            india to apne bhn ko beech k yha tk phncha ha aik bht he gndi ur begairat qoum

          • Hasinah

            Wow look how racist you are.. I’m not an Indian or a Pakistani but I really do think that you’re racist. I have been going through all the comments and I have never seen any Pakistanis insulting your country.. It must be pretty offensive for them.. Indian is the worst… Killing and raping girls?Seriously!! Anywhere you guys go there will always be a disaster there such as raping,stealing,robbing people’s houses,abducting children,chopping people into pieces for no reason.. I think that you guys doesn’t make much difference with the terrorist.. Look at your country first before judging other countries.. Your country even comes in the top ten most rape cases and Pakistani is not in the list (surprisingly)… Peace

          • Mamushi Hakai

            There have been Pakistanis demanding Pakistan’s name on the list as well as supremacy even over U.S. But on the same hand, I’m not denying the fact that Indians are the ones to do the same.

            As for the internal crimes, a person makes a person, not his/her nationality.

          • Bad boy

            tu pakistani hi hai bhosdike aur nautanki kar raha hai pakistan me toh aurat ko freedom hi nahi hai bin lund k paidaish

          • Hasinah

            No idea what are you talking about and what language are you talking about… It doesn’t sound like the Indians in my country…

        • Adit

          Mate I don’t know what site u got that from but it is wrong

        • mohit kashyap


        • Mamushi Hakai

          The information is false. The nuclear strength of India spreads to a vast extent on final deployment. Indian tanks have thicker armour and more speed than that of Pakistani ones. The infantry divisions of India have an upper hand on any possible conflict caused on the Eastern Front of Pakistan/North Western front of India. Indian Army has comparatively more tactics and offense when it comes to invading Pakistan, which also is a proven fact by the recent surgical strike. Pakistani artillery is in turn defective to Indian missiles as the radioactive waves slow down the detecting technology of the artillery. India is a runner-up to become one of the strongest and the most feared country in the entire world, joining China, Russia and U.S.

    • 416TO

      Pakistan will never make it to top 10 and India will never make it to top 3 until India and Pakistan grow the f**** up and get along

      • Strange

        You suck………..

      • AR Raja

        It’s true.. Military expenses of both countries deny development of peoples life-style.

      • dynamite

        indian army…. “one man army” we have unlimited forces and our army is fearless…. (give respect then take respect)idiot……

        • evande dersolon

          lun mera ben chod bhag q jaty ho phr gndi nasl k

      • Wrong. It is their mutual animosity that has pushed them forward militarily. If India and Pakistan were not hostile to each other, then Indian military spending would have been far less, and India would not have been ranked fourth.

        • Krishna Rs

          Lie . India will have to improve its army Anyways because of China

          • $$Jeff$$


          • Hasinah

            India is a a stupid country.. Their army can’t even protect their women from getting raped by someone.. India’s military and police officer are just a bag of shits. One of my friend went to India and she got robbed.. She asked help from the police officers but they refuse to help her… To me US is the best… Their police officers are so professional and they can easily solve a case there… And the best thing is that they don’t demand.. And so goes to their army as well.. Peace

          • Mamushi Hakai

            Internal crimes are not the business of the army. So apparently your entire post is void due to the second sentence.

          • Hasinah

            Whatever it is Singapore and Malaysia are the best

          • Umesh Singh

            Sir, India is a country with 2nd largest population and because of this crime rate is higher and since we are a developing nation it would take some time to resolve these issues.

          • Hasinah

            First of all I am a female and yes I do agree that it would take a very long long long time for your country to develop. Maybe after hundreds of years

          • John Miller

            you are a fool terrorist muslim woman see usa & and sweden has higher rape % than india, and i always hate muslims they are rapist in finland here

          • Hasinah

            first of all I am from Malaysia.. Which is a multi culture country.. Malaysia is a Muslim country and yet we respect every religion.. And it’s not the Muslims fault if your country has a lot of rape cases.. It can be your own people too… So don’t simply assume other religion. It depends on on your race not religion.. And nobody is insulting other religion then why must you start insulting other religion..

          • I know

            Plus the US government indirectly caused one of worlds biggest problems right now terrorism because of how the butted into Syria a while ago and killed Assad so stfu and india is a beautiful country have you been there I’m American aswell so this isn’t really too biased and your actually retarded Just look at where the CEOs of google and Microsoft are from, India, India is probably the worlds hardest working country and most intellectual plus all of those big name countries have so many Indians employed not Americans cuz Indians actually get work done they don’t just sit and cry about how they don’t have a job and how all of their jobs are being outsourced do you know why this happened it’s because us Americans never did our work properly and we never got anything done

      • Max

        Pakistan is number one in official list this homemade list

        • Krishna Rs

          And where can we find the official list ? Only in a biased list can we find it

          • Dan

            Hey! ALL lists are biased. Your list would be biased, my list would be biased. Stop whining.

        • Adam livine

          Lol we are not talking terms in favour of terrorism …..so dear pakistanis rightfold your dreams of being no1 and put it in your ass. US makes the world proud and Indians appreciate thier efforts . Indian government manages its budget judiciously and finance more on education and healthcare .

          • Ahmed Shahir Usmani

            are you serious ? how many people die of thirst in India. India is just a puppet of USA. USA can buy Pakistani politicians or India but never freedom fighters of Pakistan

          • Maharathi Karna

            You were the puppet of US and now you got a new bed partner in the form of China. As far as people dying in India is concerned, first go and see the recent hunger index which is topped by Pakistan. So fix your own sorry country before lecturing others.

          • Mamushi Hakai

            The mass import of US military equipment to Pakistan tells who’s the puppet of US. And guess what? Even US doesn’t support you now. All you can do is hope for China to attack the Northern Front while you try to invade India from the North West. What happens next? If not China, you fail for sure.

          • Ansari

            Agree Mamushi …
            India is now trying to get dick of China After Raped by Amercia…

        • CVWII

          If all of India and Pakistan had remained united upon gaining freedom, it would now be second only to America. Within forty or fifty more years, it would be the greatest in the world.

      • Krishna Rs

        Wtf u can shut it
        India is one of the world’s greatest countries

        • Dan

          Tuvalu is the world’s greatest country. How do I know? Someone from there told me! See how easy that is?

      • Hasinah

        To be honest I think that Singapore should be no 1 or at least no 2 because they have one the best military… Even the terrorist doesn’t stand a chance to attack Singapore… Surprisingly no one from Singapore is arguing here except me… I love Singapore

        • Mamushi Hakai

          If terrorism was the context of comparison, then France would be on the top due to GIGN. They use counteroffensive measures against terrorism like well-trained military personnel.

          • Hasinah

            True but so far the terrorist haven’t attacked Singapore because Singapore has already warned everyone… The prime minister said that if anyone wants to attack Singapore, our armies are ready..

    • Krishna Rs


    • saagar wani

      Pakistan lost all the wars against india. 90000 troops surrendered shamelessly in 1971 war. Pakistan is number 1 from the bottom.

      • ZAF SEO

        For your kind information go and read history, Then you know about 1965 and 1971, Indian gaanduzzzzzzzzzzz

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          • Pak Army Zindabad

            Pakistan Army is brave then you noob kid indian …
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            Pak Army Zindabad

          • Subrata Kundu

            From America: Biggest problem of Pakistan is the identity crisis. They are not Arabic, basically they are Indians and converted to Muslims from Hinduism by Arab invaders or Turkish rulers or traders. Now Pakistanis are in a situation where they can’t accept their historic links with Indian land which is basically the birth place of Hinduism and first and foremost the name India which is derived from river Indus which flows inside Pakistan not in India. And, if you look the history, Pakistan lost all wars with India.

          • Hamid Azhar

            abey itna chhota desh hai tumhara, agar tum nuclear missile India me phek bhi do toh bhi kuch hissa bachega lekin agar humne apne powerful missile tumhari pakistani gaand me maar diye toh tum madarchod, bhosdiwale,chodu kahin k nhi reh jaoge, saale humari community ka naam barbaad karte ho terrorist paal k maadrchod

          • shakeel

            Ghushti ma k buchy jungh men yeh matter nahi karta k dushman ki tadaad kitni hy aur uska ilaka kitna hy balky yeh daikha jata hy k kusi ghand men kitna dum hy

          • Amol

            Hum hindustani sab milake pishab karenge to tumhare Pakistan me sailab aa jayega aur tum log Usame dub maroge ye hesiyat hai tumhari.

        • Amol

          Hum hindustani sab milake pishab karenge to tumhare Pakistan me sailab aa jayega aur tum log Usame dub maroge ye hesiyat hai tumhari.
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    • ZAF SEO

      Its true Pakistani Military has no 6. Even you did not mention it on your blog, 😛 But All the world knows about Pakistani Armed forces, And No body can beat them. Lolx you give 4th rank to Indian army, HA HA HA …..

      • khem karan

        pakistan ki har morchay pe maa chudi hui hai. barbaad country ho chuka hai. tali ban,isis gaand maar raha hai tum logo ki, terrorist tumhare bachho ki le rahe hain jaan

      • Maharathi Karna

        Pakistan Army is not 6th, it is 1st, but in surrendering, lol!

      • Mamushi Hakai

        False. India has an upper hand on Pakistan’s Eastern Front both in instantaneous movement and spontaneous movement. Hell, if it was not for the Punjab Police Force, a terrorist gang would have already entered Pakistan from the South Eastern lands without the army even knowing.

        • ZAF SEO

          Of course India has a big army and a large amount of weapons. But there is a still confusion, Your army work for money. I see many videos, In those videos Indian soldiers requesting “mjy bcha lo mery choty choty buchy he” LOLX. And RAW is a terror camp in india. They are not your intelligence force. They just know one thing how to use terror against Pakistan. And Kashmir is also a very important issue. Because Kashmirs want to become pakistani. Therefore i think there is no solution on table talk.It’s solution is in the war only. Because your GOVT wanna battle. And remember this become 3rd world war. I know we lost 1971 but due to our politicians not due to Pak Army.

      • Subrata Kundu

        From America: Biggest problem of Pakistan is the identity crisis. They are not Arabic, basically they are Indians and converted to Muslims from Hinduism by Arab invaders or Turkish rulers or traders. Now Pakistanis are in a situation where they can’t accept their historic links with Indian land which is basically the birth place of Hinduism and first and foremost the name India which is derived from river Indus which flows inside Pakistan not in India. And, if you look the histories, Pakistan lost all wars with India.

        • ZAF SEO

          We are Pakistani not Indians now. And if you want to know about who win or lost the wars in 1965 and 1971 and 1999 then please ask your sincere Army Journals. They told you how they face the pakistan during war. But i don’t need to prove any thing because you can’t understand. So be happy in your life and we are happy in pakistan.

      • Hamid Azhar

        Apni army ko gaur se dekha bhi hai gaand phat jati hai saalo ki , bas mooh chalana aur terrorism ko badhana aata hai tum madarchodo ko, ladai hoti hai toh surrender kar dete ho behanchod,gaandu pakistan China ki dum pe udta hai agar china support na kare toh tumhari country nakshe se mit jaegi

        • ZAF SEO

          Sir Muslim ho kr is terha ki baat ap ko zaib ni deti.

    • Arriana

      joke of the day man….X-D

    • CVWII

      If what had been the complete India under the British (this would include today’s Pakistan) had not been divided and fought against itself when it gained freedom, it would today be second only to the United States in most international ratings, far above Russia and China.

  • asghar ali

    actually you forget to write pakistan in india place # 4 which throuth away russia from afghanistan

    • Adarsh Anandhan

      yeah may be somalia deserves the first place

    • vt

      Pakistan is lost Avery war in India mc pak

  • asghar ali

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    • Rakesh

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            Everywhere crimes happen don’t say your country is full of good people’s then they will say u as mad

          • Rania

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          • Brave

            Bloody hell, You pakistani, Jitni tumhari population hai usse jyada hamari arm force hai, Salo tin bar war harneke bad bhi akal nahi aayi…

            Abki bar hat ek pakistani ki gand me bam fodenge…

            Sale bhukhe nange log…
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          • Packistanmurdabad

            at least we don’t make terrorists

          • ZAF SEO

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        • شاه نواز عافريدي

          Bhai there are no ways for Pakistan
          Buzz off pak
          Beta baap baap hora hai ye mat bhul jaeyo

          • {PK} Uzair

            Baap baap hota hai
            Pakistan 14 august
            India 15 august ….
            Is ki liye dimag chaye bas

          • (PK) Uzair


          • Indian

            abey tumhe pata bhee hai kya tumhara independence day1th ko kyon hai

          • Akanksha Sharma

            Baap baap hota hai, beta beta hota hai. True that. Tabhi baap (India) ne uske bete (Pakistan) ko independence ke time funds provide kiye the so that Pakistan can live a comfortable life. But ye kise pata tha ki beta kaput (useless) niklega 😀

            Actually it’s not Pakistan. I personally hold no grudge against Pakistan and respect the country. It’s people like you who are tarnishing your country’s reputation but constant bullshit comments. Jihad ke naam pe terrorism is being spread. Problem will be solved once Pakistan genuinely means any peace treaty it signs with India. Otherwise this war will be never-ending.

          • ZAF SEO

            India apny logo ko to aj tk funds dy ni ska PAK ko kya dya tha??? Ye to sub Quaid azam ki wja se pakistan wajood me ayaa, Wrna tm logo k dady prdady to engrizoo ki goud me ja krrrr baith guy thy 😛

        • (PK) Uzair


        • ZAF SEO

          lolx hahhahahah

      • Sumit Gupta

        Idiot Today pak a small nation can challenge the india it posses more fire then India

    • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

      Kenya is the only lion in the forest

      • Anonymous

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      • Anonymous

        One more comedy like that Kenya guy.. I have a friend who now settled in Indonesia.. Your country I love it but military u country man accepts its little weak .

    • shantanu

      dude- its joke of the decade..

    • Praveen Jain

      U r right. One Lion in forest only and the forest is empty. If u drink cow piss, u will get the sixth sense like Hindus. Anyway there are only 2 clans which everyone feared-one was Jews and the other were Hindus. And u take any history, Arabs and Muslims were only terrorists and destroying temples. Now ISIS is killing Sunnis. U r chutias and it is said”Lattho ke bhoot baato se nahi maante”. Also, our media and government is intelligent, they always show they are weak to the world and when it comes to war, Pakistan is defeated three times and every time very badly.They always think they are great and they become good for nothing.

    • Stewart Hughes

      brazil is jungle winner,,

    • Chris Nolan

      pakistan is destroying itself, how are they suppoed to protect you? hahahahahahahha

  • Luigi

    USA, France, Uk, Italy and Germany talking with Ukranian president on NATO group, they are the most powerful countries of miliatry world , they have the Major Companies of arms worlwide and have the power of Embargo of arms , they also have the most powerful anti-ballistic missile

    • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard


      • Vilnis Grinbergs

        no it should not kid 🙂

      • Matt Campbell

        Before the battle of Mogadishu the US Marines were in your country and had it locked down until they were ordered out and then the terrorists took it over then the battle of Mogadishu started to stop the bitch from killing civilians and taking rations from the red cross.

  • honey

    looks like china is getting powerful every time

  • Talal Tahir

    This is imposible i cant believe this shit Pakistan should be in the rank and if you dont know the reason why even then also Pakistan should be in the rank.

    • Indian

      idhar udhar sey bheek maangke tum log tank aur aircraft laaatey ho aur tumhe ranking chahiye , yeh toh aisa ho gaya na ki bheekhari bol raha hai muze forbes list mein ranking chahiye

  • shuttlecocker

    No wonder India’s military is ranked 4th. When you’re a peninsula surrounded by water on three sides and the Himalayan mountain range on the other, you’re easily accessible.
    Then you always have to have keen radar on neighbors like China and Russia, not to mention Pakistan and all the issues like Kashmir etc. being a sore point.
    Its nuclear focus is more defensive oriented than strike first like some others it seems.
    In fact their policy claims never to be the instigator or first offender.

  • Kanishk

    pakistan isn’t strong country so it can’t be there

    • Talha Jutt

      ooooo, what happened in 1965 when ur armed forces wanted 2 take their breakfast in “LAHORE”……??? why thy could’t do that….and after that they were not be able to take any food even in Dehli or Mumbai…….

      • Mahinder Soni

        fudu de aulaad fudi….
        mulle kad toh jatt ban gye….

      • Sharathkumar Bysani

        Please read Wikipedia’s entry on the 1965 war “On 5 August 1965 between 26,000 and 33,000 Pakistani soldiers crossed the Line of Control dressed as Kashmiri locals headed for various areas within Kashmir. Indian forces, tipped off by the local populace, crossed the cease fire line on 15 August.” CHEAPOS !! Relying on American planes and Chinese bomb technology. Nothing original except pace bowling. 🙂

    • mani

      it is the list of top ten militries may be paksitan has no strong military but paksitan is in number 3 in nuclear power ….bellastic messiles fighter jets

      • Manshu Chatrath

        i accept but pakistan is not at no 3 in nuclear bomb ad also u dnt have intercontinential ballistic missiler nor u hAVE ANY HYDROGEN BOMB

        • FURKAN


        • Rania

          But not only weapons matters,bravery matters.pakistan army has also made world records and they are:
          .in Pakistan airforce,there was a man named M.M Alam who shot five indian fighter planes in some seconds
          .(not a world record)Pakistani navy shot one Indian fighter plane so dreadfully that indian fighter planes didn’t even think of coming back
          These are the examples I have

      • don

        Bhai pehle jaakar acche se padh aur phir debate karne aana..zara soch agar pak army itni hi strong hai tab unki kaabiliyat kaha gayi thi jab swat area par taliban ne control kar rakha tha aur waha ke logo par zulm kar rahi thi..pak army ne unpar action lene me itna time kyun laga diya ? America ne tumhare ghar ke andar ghkar bin laden ko mara us waqt wo log military area me hi they kya tumhari army ko ye cheez dikhyi nahi di ? Kashmir hi nahi balki pure pak me aaj jagah jagah terrorist camp chalye ja rahe hai kya ye bhi pak army ko nazar nahi aata hai?aaj UN ne pure world me se top 10 dangerous countries ki list jaari ki hai jisme pakistan 8 rank par hai.economy film industry education tecnology har field me pak india se pichey hai.shayd yahi wajah hai ki is list me pak army ko shamil hi nahi kiya gaya. Apna ghar to samhalta nahi chale hai duniya me jhanda gaadne. Aur jis nuclear bomb ki tum log dhamki dete ho na uska rediation power utna hi hai jitna hamaare yaha diwali pe phode jaane wale patakhe ka hota hai. Tumhare nuclear bomb ko aap log shab-e-barat wali raat ke liye bacha ke rakhna aur ussi raat me ussey phodna kyunki tumhara nuclear bomb ussi layak hai…

  • Kanishk

    and yup if you all are thinking why India’s there then let me tell you that India is the first and only country which made 1 country to 2

  • I love america

    Are you guys serious!!! Pakistan !!! I dont know clearly but India has whooped your ass more than twice.. Prove me wrong..

    • {PK} Uzair

      are you guys hi?
      Pakistan fought 3 wars with india
      and won 2 of them
      Including the kargil conflict
      don’t listen to either sides
      in 1947 we had no kashmir
      in 1948 we had 40% in 1965 we had still have 50% kashmir
      Lol Indian trolls stop trusting your media and don’t trust me just look at the maps 😀

      • Mahinder Soni

        1971 vich tera pyo jetaya se……
        awen gallan mari janda ae…
        hybrid kaum…converte…..

      • Chirag Bhawaniwala

        r u mad or stupid …..hole world know who’s win 5 war

      • Chirag Bhawaniwala

        our forces reached till lahor otherwise u mad people fight for ur capital ..lol

        • {PK} Uzair

          Yes you did enter lahore and then we raped you and you ran back:D

          • Manshu Chatrath

            dude pehle mujhe pakistan pe gussa nahi attaa tha . Mai sochta tha ki har ek ka koi na koi toh dushman hota hi hain per after gurdaspur attack dil toh kerta hi ki tum logon ki…..

      • Ninad Ravindra Kulkarni

        hahah u u idiot pakistani you lost all war with us u mad

        • {PK} Uzair

          Hahah u u idiot Indian you lost 2 wars against Pakistani.Indiot

        • shaihak

          if u think india army are dangerous than pakistan then say then to have a fight with pakistan SSG commandos

          india wil be fucked bye akistan

      • jija

        Pak won 2 war.
        My foot.
        Beta hmm india vale late b h to teel lga k.

        • {PK} Uzair

          My Dick….
          India walay bachon Zara screen kay agay mard na bano
          Maidan mien aho :*

      • Anonymous

        Really? Next you will say u defeated us. I see maney people comparing incomparable
        *1st Kenya its an underdeveloped not properly organised country where people die of starvation and crimes it can’t compared with us or india as compared by that guy
        * Indonesia is developing country thought but still rocket and other war related technologies are underdeveloped
        * India vs Pakistan both are developing but still India has advanced technology then Pakistan and also troop size India is know for peace loving . still you can’t tell Pakistan won as told by that guy. India has advanced missiles like agni and brahmos. Which could destroy Pakistan easily…

        So finally stop comparing with advanced technology vs silly technology its possible to compare usa and Russia & India and China. But Kenya and USA , India and Pakistan its so silly . I dono when us lost with an African country but that guy claims I dono when Pakistan conquired kashmir and also people in Kashmir voted for india. If India and Pakistan join together it will powerful may be one position up

    • Firzok

      if you want to know how strong Pakistans military is just google our budget on defence for this year and convert that to US dollars and you’ll see for yourself. We talk facts here so please only post a reply if you have a valid fact. P.s Dont trust your media trust the facts that you gather.

      • Manshu Chatrath

        firzok pakistan own didnt have so much power. you know whn india tested its 5 nuclear bomb in 1999 thn whole world become horrified and all countries took their support frm india and pakistan china became so jealous tht china give pakistan some atomic power and helped it to increase its nuclear power. and u pakistanis just have nuclear bombs not intercontinential bllastic missile like india have agni surya and shakti is the hydrogen bomb bt u pakistnas did not have

        • Fatima

          Thank u gee..

          • Manshu Chatrath

            what is gee?

        • sam

          Sub say pehle tou ap ki maa ki choot 🙂

          • Manshu Chatrath

            puter aa tah se border te je eni himmat hegi hai te keh apne prime minister nu ki attack kere india te. Na teri maa chodi pher gal karin

        • Firzok

          Lol dude I don’t know where are you getting your facts from and even if you guys have a hydrogen bomb that doesn’t mean that your nation is stronger than Pakistan. We have one of the best man force in the world and that is why the rate of our officers getting shaheed is very high as compared to any other country. Our officers battle at the front lines standing side by side with soldiers. And please don’t get me started on our intelligence and Special services group.

          • Manshu Chatrath

            No you think that pakistan is stronger than india hahahaha. Such a funny statement dude pakistan is not stronger then india . Just go and check on google india lready whooped ur asses 5 times and u all know that u cant fight with india on border so u just break small cease fires or send terrorist in india. dude really after gurdaspur attack i also want to kick ass of pakistan . Now its enough.

    • Manshu Chatrath

      yupz u r right . india also cut off there one part and now its bangladesh in 1971 whn we r kicking the asses of pakistani military at tht time america give ultimetum to india tht he will attack on india if india didnt stop attacking bangladesh which was part of pakistan and thn russia gave warning tht if america is with pakistan thn i am with india. usa didnt want to start a new war so he didnt come inbetween the war and we divide pakistan into two parts 1st is pakistan and 2nd is bangladesh

    • Hassan Nasir

      The winning of all four wars by India is a terrible lie/claim by Indians, 1984
      and 1999 fight were trailers (small scale conflict) not wars. I know they have more media clout but still it doesn’t
      mean that whatever they say, it must be true.

      In 1947 war, 1/3 Kashmir
      was liberated by Pakistan which is today called “Azad (Free) Kashmir”.

      In 1965 war, nobody win, ceasefire took place.

      In 1971, this one India won decisively.

      while in 1984 battle, we lost.

      In 1999 battle, again none victory on both sides, ceasefire took place.

      • Indian

        tu mere ghar mein ghusa aur maine tumhe laath maarke aagan ke bahar bhaga diiya aur darwaza band kiya usko bhee tu ceasefire kahega kya

  • Rajput Shujah

    no problem that Pakistan is not the ranking but we now that Pakistan army is one of the best

    • Mahinder Soni

      fudu… mulle kad toh rajput ban gye……

      • Junaid Ejaz

        jad tu hidu cow ta mootar peen lagg gaye …. phudi dyo ja k cow da pishaab piyo ithay galaan na chodo

        • Manshu Chatrath

          oye pan de yaara gl sun badhi bakwass marda hain phul gya jad gandh te dandhe mar mar ke pjaye si kashmiron vapis tuadhi khud vich cadh dita si aal pher 1971 vich jd toudha buddha usa ayaa oh vi india di support russia nu vekh ke dar gya. teh asi tuadhi lan vad ti jo hun bangladesh hai te tuhanu na mard bnata pan de lodeh pakistani

  • Rsg Blue

    I wonder if UK is thinking about invading India once again. LOL.

    • Manshu Chatrath

      u cant as we r more powerful then u

      • Rsg Blue

        Relax! I’m Indian and that was ‘sarcasm’. Unfortunately, you didn’t get it and never will.

        • Manshu Chatrath

          dude maybe u r right bt i hve one proof just visit nationmaster . com and compare indian and britain army there r many things which shows tht india have good army frm britain not only frm tht site bt many more things. rest i dont know i only believe in the thing which i read.

          • Rsg Blue

            Did you actually understand my comment, bro? I was making fun of UK and taunting them to attack India once again only to have their as$es ripped out this time.

          • Manshu Chatrath

            srry dude actually my brain get maad whn pakistanis writing rubbish things sorry.

          • Rsg Blue

            I’m not a Paki. I’m an Indian and I was mocking the British Army -_-

  • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard


    • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard


      • levie

        in your dreams

        • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

          u don’t dream stupid homeless gay man. go get married to another man

          • Bender 20 (Bender the bending

            we all dream and you’re the one dreaming your country would be better, you should suck it up, you’re the one that’s gay and homeless, and you’re the one who can’t admit your country is sucking off Americas dick.

      • Kevin

        You’re nationalism is fucking stupid. Why do you hate Americans when we are the ones that feed your sorry ass? You don’t even spend a billion on millitary budget. stop trying to argue when there are facts that prove you wrong moron.

        • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

          You |America feeding Great Kenya? its opposite you smelly cunt! u america, is good at bombing and killing innocent people in the middle east. lol nkt!. Am sure you KELVIN ur a poor homeless illegal migrant in stupid America

    • Manshu Chatrath

      u stipid is kenya has nuclear or hydrogen bomb

      • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

        kenya has a nuclear plant in Kisii county,with a hydrogen bomb plant in Nyamira county. you stupid or something @manshu Chatrath

        • Manshu Chatrath

          stupid kenya have no nuclear bomb check on internet. just see in internet

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            I think you are a fool,WE(KENYA) HIDES its nuclear and hydrogen bombs from the world(internet).stupid man!

          • Manshu Chatrath

            when they will show it to world then we shall talk on this topic. Bt for now kenya is not a powerful country

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            India is not on the list hahahah!

          • Stupid Africans

            I guess you have fucked eyes too. See No.4

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            Fucking Stupid indian,what does india know? being beaten like a child by Pakistan? moron

          • Anonymous

            Where the hell u came from. Who thought u some nonsence . u compared USA with Kenya that’s a joke now India with Kenya another big joke now India and Pakistan awesome joke. You are great to make jokes one needs loads of brain but u did without anything @ top.

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            Since ur an Indian,Am sure ur a rapist. that’s what Indians are good at. Raping your females

          • Adam

            Kenya is #2 only to Russia….right….If your going to go on some nationalist we are the best bullshit at least go all the way to #1. The USA Air Force could wipe Kenya off the face of the earth alone, and that is dead fact…what do you think you could do against thousands of American planes bombing your country? It would be almost pointless to put troops on the ground to destroy your insignificant little country. Just sayin…

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            USA AS GONE DOWN IN HISTORY, the country that as never won any war on it’s own without an alliance! right from Vietnam, Gulf war, Iraq invasion, Afghanistan, Panama war,Mexican war,Kenya as won several wars, Somalia ‘operation linda inchi'(operation protect the country), Uganda war, South sudan war, Try kenya and we will make sure texas as succeeded from USA

          • Shirl

            You know why there is an Alliance? Because westerners can get along. You stupid Muslims can’t even get along with each other let alone others. Good luck being under surveillance.

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            We (Kenya) don’t need an alliance to smoke and evaporate our enemies, we have the manpower,powder power and airwing to do it.Shit USA need the alliance to survive! even bombing Syria! ehh! shiiiiiiiit!

          • Bender 20 (Bender the bending

            Into the motherland
            The German army march

            In the Soviet Union summer 1943
            Tanks line up in thousands as far the eye can see
            Ready for the onslaught
            Ready for the fight
            Waiting for the axis to march into the trap
            Mines are placed in darkness
            In the cover of the night
            Waiting to be triggered
            When the time is right
            Imminent invasion, imminent attack

            Once the battle started
            There’s no turning back

            The end of the third Reich draws near
            It’s time has come to an end
            The end of an era is here
            It’s time to attack!

            Into the motherland the German army march
            Comrades stand side by side to stop the Nazi charge
            Panzers on Russian soil a thunder in the east
            One million men at war
            Soviet wrath unleashed!

            Fields of Prokhorovka
            Where the heat of battle burned
            Suffered heavy losses
            And the tide of war was turned
            Driving back the Germans
            Fighting on four fronts
            Hunt them out of Russia
            Out of Soviet land
            Reinforce the front line
            Force the axis to retreat
            Send in all the reserves
            Securing their defeat
            Soldiers of the Union
            Broke the citadel
            Ruins of an army
            Axis rest in hell

            The end of the third Reich draws near
            Its time has come to an end
            The end of an era is here
            Its time to attack

            Onward comrades! Onwards for the Soviet Union! Charge!

            Ow mother Russia!
            Union of lands
            Will of the people
            Strong in command
            Ow mother Russia!
            Union of lands
            Once more victorious the red army stands!

            The end of the third Reich draws near
            Its time has come to an end
            The end of an era is here
            Its time to attack!

          • Bender 20 (Bender the bending

            for you’re information, the U.S.A support’s you’re ass’s if it wasn’t for the U.S. you’re country would be failing right now also just because you’re military is fighting Somalia and killing them doesn’t mean jack shit the only time you’re military is winning a battle doesn’t mean you’re military is the best the U.S. only had 73 wounded in that battle also they were killing 300 Somalia a day also most country’s allied with us for the help in, WW1, WW2, Korean war the Vietnam War (was a police action reason the U.S. lost is we didn’t declare war on them nore learn there history to win) the Somalia battle wasn’t a fail they thought they won we did only lost 2 men we only had 100 men in the battle are ally’s helped us the enemy had 4,000 vs 100 U.S. Soldier’s wasn’t a good idea, plus if it take 450 U.S. Soldier’s to take out 6,000 Japanese, that mean’s 100 U.S. Soldier’s now can kill 4,000 Somalia.

          • Bender 20 (Bender the bending

            also the U.S. won
            Northwest Indian War = US Victory Quasi War = US Victory
            Barbary Wars = US Victory
            Creek War = US Victory
            War of 1812 = Stalemate/Status Quo Antebellum
            Peoria War = US Victory
            Seminole Wars = Indecisive
            Black Hawk War = US Victory
            Texas Revolution = Texan/US Victory
            Mexican-American War = US Victory
            American Civil War = US (Union) Victory
            American Indian Wars = US Victory
            Spanish-American War = US Victory
            Philippine-American War = US Victory
            World War One = Doesn’t count since it had a limited participation, but fought O.K.
            World War Two = US/Allied Victory (Accredited for solely defeating Japan, and to a smaller extent Germany and Italy)
            Korean War = Stalemate
            Bay of Pigs Invasion = US Defeat
            Vietnam War = US Tactical/Military Victory, US Strategic/Political Defeat
            Cambodian Campaign = US Victory
            Invasion of the Dominican Republic = US Victory
            Invasion of Grenada = US Victory
            Invasion of Panama = US Victory
            Cold War = US/NATO Victory
            First Persian Gulf War/Desert Storm = US Victory
            War in Somalia = US Victory

          • Bender 20 (Bender the bending

            You’ve been Trolled!
            You’ve been Trolled!
            You have probably been told.
            Don’t reply, to this guy;
            he is just getting a rise,
            out of you! Yes it’s true,
            you respond and thats his cue
            to start trouble on the double
            while he strokes his manly stubble

            You’ve been Trolled!
            You’ve been Trolled!
            You should probably just fold
            When the only winning move is not to play
            And yet you keep on trying,
            Mindlessly Replying.
            You’ve been Trolled.
            You’ve been Trolled.
            Have a Nice Day!

          • Bender 20 (Bender the bending

            we won 21 war’s you’re country can’t win nearly as much

          • Bender 20 (Bender the bending

            Kenya is burning
            The ISIS has fallen

            We stand at the gates of Kenya
            With two and a half million men
            With six thousand tanks in our ranks
            Use them as battering rams

            Artillery leading our way
            A million grenades has been launched
            The ISIS must pay for their crimes
            The wings of the eagle has been broken

            Marshall Zhukov’s orders:
            Serve me Kenya on a plate!
            Disregard the losses
            The city is ours to take

            The price of a war must be payed
            Millions of lives has been lost
            The price must be paid by the men
            That started the war in the 30’s

            The spring of the year 45′
            The year when the ISIS will fall
            We’re inside the gates of Kenya
            The beak of the eagle is broken

            Comrade Stalin orders:
            Serve me it’s head on a plate
            Disregard the losses
            The eagle’s land is ours to take

            In Kenya!

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            America is fucking maggot!

          • Bender 20 (Bender the bending

            and your a fucking faggot.

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            ur a fucking gay go fuck a man in the asshole!

          • Bender 20 (Bender the bending

            oh i’m gay now, so that just means i’m happy, also you’re fucking a man at the moment, telling someone to fuck someone is always turned around to the person who said it.

          • Bender 20 (Bender the bending

            Also your name tells me you have no life, are homeless, killing children, rapping little girl’s, Trolling on the internet thinking you’re all “that”, and jugging by your profile pic you look like a pedophile, and you think that people get offended by words on the internet, i only hopped in because people like you make me sick, and you’re also to afraid to admit it, i know you’re just going to say another one of your rude little comments, because that’s all you can do, you are nothing just a cowered on the internet, good luck saying fuck America, or i’m hunting Americans in the real world you’ll get your ass kicked.

          • Bender 20 (Bender the bending

            Also your name tells me you have no life, are homeless, killing children, rapping little girl’s, Trolling on the internet thinking you’re all “that”, and jugging by your profile pic you look like a pedophile, and you think that people get offended by words on the internet, i only hopped in because people like you make me sick, and you’re also to afraid to admit it, i know you’re just going to say another one of your rude little comments, because that’s all you can do, you are nothing just a coward on the internet, good luck saying fuck America, or i’m hunting Americans in the real world you’ll get your ass kicked.

          • Bender 20 (Bender the bending

            American Revolutionary War (1775–1783), Chickamauga War (1776–1795), Northwest Indian War (1785–1793), Whiskey Rebellion (1791–1794), Quasi-War (1798–1800), First Barbary War (1801–1805), Tecumseh’s War (1811), War of 1812 (1812–1815), Creek War (1813–1814), Second Barbary War (1815), First Seminole War (1817–1818), Texas-Indian wars (1820–1875), Arikara War (1823), Winnebago War (1827), Black Hawk War (1832), Second Seminole War

            (1835–1842), Patriot war (1838), United States Exploring Expedition (1838–1842), Second Sumatran expedition (1838), Mexican–American War (1846–1848), Cayuse War (1847–1855), Taiping Rebellion (1850–1864), Apache Wars (1851–1900), Bombardment of Greytown (1854), Puget Sound War (1855–1856), Rogue River Wars(1855–1856), Third Seminole War (1855–1858), Yakima War (1855–1858), Filibuster War (1856–1857), Second Opium War (1856–1859), Utah War (1857–1858), Navajo Wars (1858–1866), First and Second Cortina War (1859–1861), Paiute War (1860), Reform War (1860), Bombardment of Qui Nhon (1861), Yavapai Wars (1861–1875), Dakota War of 1862, Colorado War (1863–1865), Shimonoseki War (1863–1864), Snake War (1864–1868), Powder River War (1865), Red Cloud’s War (1866–1868), Siege of Mexico City (1867), Comanche Campaign (1867–1875), United States expedition to Korea

            (1871), Modoc War (1872–1873), Red River War (1874–1875), Las Cuevas War (1875), Great Sioux War of 1876 (1876–1877), Buffalo Hunters’ War (1876–1877), Nez Perce War (1877), San Elizario Salt War (1877–1878), Bannock War (1878), Cheyenne War (1878–1879), Sheepeater Indian War (1879), Victorio’s War (1879–1881), White River War (1879–1880), Egyptian Expedition

            (1882), Pine Ridge Campaign (1890–1891), Garza Revolution (1891–1893), Overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii (1893), Brazilian Naval Revolt (1893–1894), Yaqui Wars (1896-1918), Second Samoan Civil War (1898–1899), Spanish–American War (1898), Philippine–American War (1899–1902), Moro Rebellion (1899–1913), Boxer Rebellion (1899–1901), Crazy Snake Rebellion (1909), Border War (1910–1919), Negro Rebellion (1912), Occupation of Nicaragua. (1912–1933), Bluff War (1914–1915), Occupation of Haiti. (1915–1934), Sugar Intervention (1916–1918), World War I (1917–1918), Russian Civil War (1918–1920), Bombardment of Samsun (1922), Posey War (1923), World War II (1941–1945), Korean War (1950–1953), Intervention in Lebanon (1958), Bay of Pigs Invasion (1961), Dominican Civil War (1965–1966), Vietnam War (1965–1973), Shaba II (1978), Multinational Force in Lebanon (1982-1984), Invasion of Grenada (1983), Invasion of Panama (1989–1990), Gulf War (1990–1991), Iraqi No-Fly Zones

            (1991–2003), Somali Civil War (1992–1995), Intervention in Haiti (1994–1995), Bosnian War (1994–1995), Kosovo War (1998–1999), War in Afghanistan (2001–present), Iraq War (2003–2011), War in Pakistan (2004–present), Operation Ocean Shield (2009–present), Libyan Civil War (2011), War on ISIL,ISIS (2014–present). Victories=94 Losses=4.

          • 234

            very good

          • NaserJatoi

            This guy is probably on the NSA watch list! He is probably making a bomb in a homeless shelter. He is using a stolen computer to troll on the internet!

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            Atleast my name is on the list, yours is on the college principal’s list. You homeless man and an Illegal migrant from latin BLa bla

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            Do you know that Obama is Kenyan and A Muslim? I thought you should know. Respect Kenya!

          • R Miller

            His name could be Muslim, but he’s a Christian. And we know this cause we watch him go to a Pentecostal church, and preach at one as well. He cant change his heritage, but that man is all American.

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            Obama is a wilddog among a flock of sheep. He is a muslim and Kenyan born in Kisii county

          • R Miller

            Check your facts. You are simply going on your own opinions, look it up.

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            usa marines failed in Somalia 1992, Kenya troops succeeded,

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            Get off the page and piss into the cow.

          • Anonymous

            I am tired of u.. First u compared USA then India then what else . u can’t compare weak with powerful ones. Grow up kid

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            coward you don’t even show your name little cow!

          • Aaron Leconte

            they hide from the world then your definitely not going to have a fucking clue. just called yourself an idiot. most african countries are anyways….. kenya has no nukes… barely have fucking running water and electricity…. lmao

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            Am sure ur a homeless man in a failed country usa. the reason your president visited Kenya last month, lol!

          • NaserJatoi

            Well that’s the presidents job. He has to maintain foreign affairs.

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            Foreign affairs? that guy is a kenyan he was coming home period

          • Timothy

            no all don’t

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            Kenya is the most powerful military in Africa and second only to Russia, third is north Korea,fourth china,then Argentina,Spain.

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard


          • JD

            U know all things.. Lol

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            yeah my stupid friend

          • Anonymous

            Oh my god yes USA are murders but still powerful. U don’t even stand a chance grow up.. You can’t compare underdeveloped country with developed one

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            you call usa a developed country? what about the homeless people on streets,the rate of unemployment and a Muslim Kenyan President? Respect Kenya because Kenyan citizen is a president of usa

          • NaserJatoi

            Oh okay and nobody in the damn world knows it but you that Kenya has a hydrogen bomb. Makes so much damn sense. You must be a really smart guy to think that a poverty stricken county has the resources to even form a bomb of that fortitude. I’m surprised you even know how to talk.

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            Hello homeless man, Listen to news and see what kenya military is doing in somalia.we are bombing them without help unlike you who must make an allience before bombing ISIS

          • John Smith

            LOL, Hydrogen bombs. “here in Kenya we live in brick Mansions” LMFAO this troll is funny.

        • Timothy

          USA has the most missiles and nukes

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            …and mostly it uses them to kill innocent lives! murderers!

          • NaserJatoi

            Stereotypes, do you only eat fried chicken and watermelons! There is cameras every where

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            Yes we do eat fried chicken and watermelons, you do eat human fresh and human blood!

          • NaserJatoi

            No we American’s eat cows that we breed within our own nation. I forgot your people don’t really have anything to eat because you give all of your foods and valuable resources to Switzerland but are to stupid to see what’s going on so you just starve and yet you hate the country that delivers a food surplus to your people! Whether you would like to believe it or not a lot of your people food comes from western nation such as Australia, Canada, America, etc.

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            You Americans consume only cocaine from Mexico,That’s food you are talking about you breed? ehh! You Americans live in fear, fearing to be bombed any time anywhere.

          • Graeme Reid

            Think Russia has the most nukes!

          • Franz

            Russia had the most number of stock piles but the number that still working or will work is unknown.

        • John

          An yes that is maybe for power…. Believe me if your country can’t feed there own people how in the hell can they have money for that

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            Dear John, just go to Israel and help your poor country.

          • R Miller

            Truthfully you do sound stupid and jealous. If the world hates us so much then stop asking for our help on every little matter. I live in Minnesota, where we have the biggest Somalian population, and I guarantee they don’t share your views. You’re not here and thats your problem. The world can say they hate us singularly, be we have their obsession. I’m not sure if you checked lately but the world is sick of half the continent of Africa, you’re thieves and complete murderers yourselves without a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of, and the other half plays ignorant while rolling in blood money.

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            Did you know that we are killing somalis, who you claim to be your neighbours over there? I thought you should know

          • R Miller

            So that makes you the angry murderer that you claim America to be.

          • R Miller

            There’s a lot of Kenyans here to, but I guess you didn’t get that memo, while you were busy being the angry spokesman for the whole world.

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            Those Kenyans over there are those lost souls,homeless and poor.

          • R Miller

            Yeah with good jobs, new credit, and brand new $20,000 cars. Trust me our homeless eat much better than you.

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            Haha! you have shown how cheap you are. just $20,000 car? really poor and homeless.That’s my toy car.

          • R Miller

            Show me. Post a picture of this fabulous Kenyan lifestyle. You use the word homeless for everybody, even ppl with homes like myself. Are you homeless, or just too stupid to use another word.

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            Why should I post when I can send you cash over there.

          • R Miller

            You’re a lonely idiot, thats all talk. Show something or shut up. My boobs cost more than you make in a lifetime.

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            Yes I admit you got round good looking boobs out of boob job surgery, Here in Kenya our ladies have natural round full boobs without undergoing the doctor’s knife.

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            You call a Timber made house A Home? cause you live in a wooded house, most americans live in such houses.hahaha! that’s what I call homeless,here in Kenya we live in brick mansions. let me call you ‘timber house people’

          • R Miller

            You really have no idea what the hell your talking about, all of our houses are brick. I think you truly are an idiot, this is fun showing how stupid you really are. I think your talking about log cabins. This isn’t 1850 you freaking weirdo. Pick up a TV, magazine or something cause you are missing basic information. Plus where the hell are these pics in front of all your wealth? You’re lying aren’t you. That’s ok, that’s all we expect from you.

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            I have been to tx Arlington, apartments; wooded houses,in san francisco and san jose wooded, utah salt lake city timber houses. I know usa very well so stop lying

          • R Miller

            If you can’t show a picture of proof to your living situation don’t respond anymore. Be the lying little black boy that the world thinks you are.

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            Give me your number I send you my pics

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            ..Can I go google street view and post wooded houses?

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            Homeless, homeless,homeless!

          • Graeme Reid

            Why entertain this idiot he’s so full of total and utter shit it’s scary, the whole world knows fine well Kenya wouldn’t make the top 100 never mind the top 10, Onsomu is coming to kill Americans lol okay i’m sure none of them will lose any sleep over that!

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            Hi homeless!

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            The difference is: we kill and rape ‘BAD’ Somalis only while you kill innocent people, the sick the young the old.

          • R Miller

            You’re proud of raping ppl, you sick lonely bit**? Who was the young, sick, and old ppl that we killed, lets here some names or facts. Are you talking about the ones that strapped bombs to their own children backs just to kill one of our soldiers? Or you putting guns and rifles in 10 yr olds hands to fight each other knowing they were going to die.

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            In Iraq invasion, Afghanistan, what ur doing in Syria currently, killing innocent people just like Israel is doing to palestine

          • R Miller

            We don’t have anyone going to or coming from Syria, if you read you would see we opted to stay out of this one

        • Anonymous

          Don’t make me laugh … U can’t even stand a chance with any of the countries in top 10 unless u become humans u don’t stand a chance

        • NaserJatoi

          Kenya would launch one nuclear bomb then the U.S. would send about 50 causing Kenya to disappear off the map! That’s reality!

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            Kenya is a world kingpin.Marines pissed off and run with there tails in between there legs from Somalia,Vietnam, Kenya will bomb you with it’s hydrogen atom!

          • NaserJatoi

            Onsomu learn how to write would you. It’s like talking to a eight year old that just learned how to type.

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            Yes, that is true, cause am arguing with a homeless man!. your name says it all.

          • NaserJatoi

            Homeless guys don’t have computer, go to college, and serve in the Navy.

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            .No no, I will join Taliban and hunt Americans

          • biswa india hindustan

            Abe kutta ka pila kabhi India se warr kar ke dekh tujhe pata chal gayega bastard usa

        • Wayne McIntosh

          You making nukes in your grass house’s?

    • Timothy

      US spends the most and the the most advanced technology and most skilled army

      • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

        Skilled for killing innocent people,pick a fight with Kenya or Russia and see the devastating results!

        • NaserJatoi

          Russians got destroyed in Afghanistan and fell to their knees! Jesus your dumb and stubborn!

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            Tell me any war you won without support from other countries? Afghanistan and Iraq, it was an Alliance of your fellow murderers,(uk,canada,australia,bla bla bla)

          • NaserJatoi

            The armies mainly consisted up of U.S. troops and dollars!

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            Blood money?

          • NaserJatoi

            Not really. It’s the blood and sweat of hard working Americans which may I remind you consist of immigrants. I have a few Kenyans in my college class who love America and it core values. They hate their homeland country because all of the violence.

          • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

            …Wrong, nobody in the world who loves America, you want to prove me wrong? then go to middle east or Asia even some parts of Europe and say you’re an american, they will skin you like a chicken. everybody and anybody hates americans

          • Edward

            i have to disagree brother. I have seen africans everyday coming to this country. you want to know why america is great. not just cause it is america that opinion is biased and childish. It is great because people from all over the world, everywhere come here and make this country great. Europeans came here in the beginning with dreams to be able to act on their ideas opinions and freedom to do as they damn well please and people of their own free will came here to enjoy these liberties which in return made this country great. the cultures are blended here from all over the world. Tell me one country where you can call the leader a faggot and not suffer for it. without people from all over the world coming here, it wouldnt be great at all.

          • amrita

            No,you are wrong SNIPER SNAKE..I’m from Asia,from India ..and I love USA and just like me lot of peoples love US around here ..And i totally agree with that list .There’s no doubt about that ,USA is the world’s strongest country..You have to accept the truth . But if try to makes comparison between USA and Kenya by strength ,then that’s nothing but joke …

          • Rahul Reddy


        • Wayne McIntosh

          Kenya? LOL In less than an hour we can make Kenya just a memory!

          • James Watson

            The British empire already did that.

        • James Watson

          Kenya, lol.. But yeah america only attack piss poor 3rd world countries with crap armies, navies, air forces ect.

          • samrat

            just like American saved yours ass from Hitter .,though..”james”

          • samrat

            just like American saved British ass from Hitter .,though..”james

      • James Watson

        Clearly you have never heard of the British armed forces and the SAS/SBS.. They beat america hands down . America got hammered by rice farmers.

        • samrat

          But American saved British ass from Nazi..james…LOL..

    • Onsomu’s daddy

      lol. you’re an idiot.

      • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

        Fuc**ng Americans marine failed in somalia , look what Kenya is doing over there! now who is an idiot?

        • John

          You are the fool of choice. You need to go back some time an look who everybody runs to …… THE U.S.A FOOL….WE RUN IT.

          • James Watson

            Don’t be a pleb, the British armed forces are second to none.. Google the British empire… The us runs to GB when it goes too war.. Faggots. The British armed forces are second to none.

          • Abhi Verion

            Yeah too bad you had to be bailed out in Basra and Helmand by the US haha.

        • NaserJatoi

          Only about 18 U.S. armed forces died in that conflict while there was 1500 to 3000 casualties and 312 deaths caused by the Americans that was inflicted onto the Somalian. If America wanted to take Somalia really bad it will end up as American property within a damn day. America has the strongest armed forces in the world. I think your people are pretty pathetic considering the amount of people they had and multiple advantages.

    • Old Shatterhand

      hahaha, is your army armed with bananas and trowing coconuts against the enemies?

      • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

        they are armed with scorpion machine guns moron

    • Said Ibrahim

      Hey you fool Kenya never defeated Somalia…and if you are talking abt Alshabab, even Somali armed forces are fighting them, along side with African Union Forces, and I feel sorry for poor weak Kenya security to have let Alshabab seize Westgate mall in the heart of Nairobi for nearly a week!
      Kenya is very weak and pls don’t make me laugh! Kenya can never be compared with US!

      • Onsomu Isaac Atai Godhard

        Said Ibrahim (Guest): your name says it all,you are a militia waiting to bomb USA.we all know what you people do.Kenya is tackling al-shabaab like potatoes, marines failed there 1991.(black hawk down) we will wipe anything that stands in Somalia even in USA soil. don’t joke with Kenya paramilitary boy!

  • RRashid

    These position are based on there quality of weapons, their Army no’s, not based on their bravery and their skills.

    • Miklo San Roman

      You can research more about how each army trains their soldiers and how skillful the soldiers are in their classes from different sources. The U.S. is my favorite, in my biased opinion cause of the motivational speeches and courage soldiers have.

      • Fame Jay

        but they dont win? how are they brave and well trained. Afraid of taking chances

    • Stewart Hughes

      every army is brave,, african army is brave…

    • Music

      Lol 😀 how do you know if they are brave or not? just because you do not like them they are not brave and so they are not the best.

      • Ahmed Shahir Usmani

        surely cannot judge bravery by some pussies flying a drone by remote some 10000 kms away.

        • Christopher Viig

          Haha, I would love to see your favorite for strongest Military go against any of the United States ground forces, it would be laughable. We have the best trained, well organized and disciplined armed forces in the world, and what really sets us apart is we can bring hell to your door step in a matter of hours. All the while the rest of the world has to kick up dirt in their own back yards and pretend they are big boys. We sacked Bagdad twice in a matter hours ,the most well defended city in history (out side the whole of the US) while the best any of of our enemies could muster was a chicken shit plane hijacking that killed nothing but civilians…so tell me again who the pussies are?

          • Salar Bin Sayeed

            You Esse

          • Christopher Viig

            Your mom is easy..

        • Rock Face

          All the hate has to stop. You are no better than anyone else, and no God condones the evils of war. Listen to your conscience. Not your rage. By the way, we are not our government. And only a thinks they receive a bunch of vigins for committing evil ignorant Acts.!

          • Rock Face

            Soo sad.

    • Mike Litoris

      How exactly are you going to measure bravery?

  • Chirag Bhawaniwala

    india deserved top 3

  • Chirag Bhawaniwala

    india deserved in top 3

    • mani

      hahahahahahahahahah rapistan on number 4

      • Manshu Chatrath

        dude see i respect ur country pakistan it is in top most powerful 15 countries. bt now forget all history. and if u dnt forget it thn remmeber u were our part and we r ur daddies i dnt wnt to critcize it bt if u do thn i will open all ur worst and stupid history @pakistan. just be calm and maintain peace

    • Manshu Chatrath

      no india cant as china , russia and usa r more powerful.

  • Ninad Ravindra Kulkarni

    pakistan should be last @ 200 position

  • Kidlin

    Canada is number 1

    • Kitchen Trout

      Canada blows.

  • Firzok

    if you want to know how strong Pakistan’s military is just google our budget on defence for this year and convert that to US dollars and you’ll see for yourself. We talk facts here so please only post a reply if you have a valid fact. P.s Dont trust your media trust the facts that you gather.

    • Manshu Chatrath

      dude i dont say pakistan is not a powerful country it is but dude israel and korea is above u thts why u r not in top 10 bt u r powerful i say as u have nuclear bombs bt say what u have after that just say is u have hydrogen bomb tell is u have any powerful thing so thats why u deserve no 10th and 9th korea thn 8th israel

      • Firzok

        Please don’t compare us with Israel we at least are not killing the people who gave us a place when they had nothing and then saying that this is our country and start killing them. America is just backing up Israel that is why it is there otherwise Israel doesn’t even stand a chance against Pakistan or as a matter of fact against India. I don’t want to make war with any country but Indians never stop killing our civilians on LOC even on our festivals like eid and that hurts. You should know that most of our countries (both India and Pakistan ) is being spent on Defense because of each other only if we could make peace and clear or hearts our countries could prosper a lot.

        • Priyank

          Then why do u say we kill your people we never did.. Its just that you are told and also we are said Pakistan killed us. Once we were friends everyone afraid of us. By splitting us they gained power . it’s not that u r powerful then us or we powerful then u. We r gng to argue with no . but if join hands we know we would be in a better position that what world afraid of but we both r stupids and fighting. Still u like to comment bad go ahead that’s what the world planned . I also agree Pakistan does not have any connections with terrorist because you have no reason for that to. Government is made by people if people strts joining hands why can’t the governments

          • Firzok

            Dude your reply gave me goosebumps. I agree with you 100%. But my friend there are very few people in both countries that understand this. Our countries can flourish a lot if instead of fighting with each other join hands and make peace. We divided on a purpose but now if we can stop this fighting, killing,spying and doing propaganda against each other, nothing can stop us from emerging as great countries for the world.

  • JustRandomDude


    • Robin Nicolas Friedli

      That’s really no reason to be proud. I mean look at the budget. Fucking $700 billion. That’s ten times more than Russia, the second strongest military force. Look at the huge financial problems the US have because of this. Really not worth it. No offence though, USA is not a bad country in general, but they really should stop prioritising the military so much. It causes way more problems than it fixes.

      • TheAdventurer

        No, it doesn’t. I won’t argue that there’s waste, but it is absolutely worth it. We have the most advanced, cutting edge military capabilities in the world, and I would never want us to give that up. Military defines influence because it affords a way to back up that influence. Do you really want Russia or China to be the most dominant influence in the world?

        Besides, the United States’ financial problems are not solely or even largely due to it’s defense budget. It’s a very superficial argument and frankly, a bit lazy. The economic system is far more complex than that. The financial problems here are due to policies. I’m sure the defense budget probably reflects that in some way, but I wouldn’t say it’s the whole answer. Throwing money at a problem does not fix the cause of the problem.

        • Robin Nicolas Friedli

          I’m sorry but I don’t fully agree. Is it really necessary to be the strongest military force to have an influential economy? Look at Switzerland, their economical influence is a lot higher than their military influence (obviously, they are neutral). And even if that was true, I think spending $100 billion instead of $600 billion wouldn’t hurt. It would still be more than all other countries and the US surely would remain the strongest military. Think about all the good things they could do with the money instead of spending it for war, the biggest waste of resources known to mankind. They could invest it in health care, education and fight poverty. They should first care about the problems in their country before fighting a war on the other side of the world.
          I don’t think military influence is the most important influence for a country nowadays. Plus arms races cause tensions which can lead to war (e.g. WWI) and I don’t think anybody wants to see a war between Russia and the USA. Nowadays wars like this would be way too destructive. What would keep both sides from launching nuclear weapons? You really shouldn’t risk provoking a war. But on the other hand you can’t let the rival surpass you. What if a war breaks out? It’s a difficult situation. So I kinda understand the US wants to remain number one, but they don’t need $600 billion for that and they should start prioritising other things more.

          BTW you only need to back up your influence with the military if other countries threaten to take it away violently, which unfortunately they do. But a world without militaries is a silly fantasy and won’t happen anytime soon.

          • Okosu philanthson

            Your comment is mature I love it

        • Robin Nicolas Friedli

          So I get that the US has no other choice than keeping up in the arms race agains Russia and China but they are exaggerating with the budget. That’s all.

          • Eclipse Coldfire

            This is the most civilized argument, with good reasons on both sides I’ve ever seen on the internet. I’m getting proud of the human race.

        • Ez

          Yes, I would “really want” Russia or China to be the most dominant influence in the world than your british colony, the US, LOLZ. Please, invade more countries, please start more pointless wars, please eat mooaaar McDonalds and please commit more rampages in schools.

          • TheAdventurer

            Sounds like someone’s been reading too much Reddit. Let me know how you enjoy your freedoms under communist China – the things they prevent from ending up in the news there would give you nightmares. You must think it’s so kind for China to kill its own people even as they take over international shipping lanes. Enjoy your freedoms in Putin’s Russia – oh, if the party allows it and you have enough money for them to consider giving you any freedom. It’s only a good day if your local officials are in a good mood. Might as well annex another country and fund the terrorists that would aid Russia’s regional interests.

            Yes, if the rest of the world is so great, go join one of them. America may have its issues, but it’s got less to worry about than many other places, including two of the most oppressive countries in the world. If you believe otherwise, then you are thoroughly deluded. Welcome to the real world.

          • Bobayjay

            The US is the most warmongering country in the world.

          • TheAdventurer

            You keep towing the party line. If you think we’re evil, then your world is truly upside down. Thanks for the non-response. Let me know just how well Iran treats you.

          • Dallin Eve

            Sounds like someone is a little bitter because they have a weak country lol USA!!!

    • Bender 20 (Bender the bending

      got to love america

    • Bender 20 (Bender the bending


    • Arriana

      america thinks it should create a strong military due to its right to butt in in every country’s business thinking themselves as some sort of “hero”

  • adfsdaf

    according to this list the no 1 will be iceland..

  • Umendra Shah

    pakistan army is only the army which had surrendered with 93,000 soldiers including officers during the bangladesh liberation war in 1971. It is still a world record. Congratulations pakistani army !!!!!!!!

    • Manshu Chatrath

      but dude also remmeber u loose bangladesh whn indian army reach their

    • Manshu Chatrath

      sorry fr that comment i want to edit it i wrote wrong thing u know why they surrendered?

  • Manshu Chatrath

    hey why israel is ot there i am confused its also a powerful country

  • Manshu Chatrath

    why israel is not included




    The country with the best soldiers ever TURKEY



  • Nigah

    That is the reason West don’t love to see peace between these two nations because if they occupied peace than they will rule the world. And many Indian & Pakistani bloody peoples love to talk and bark against each other, what will happens if we both spend our deface budget on our peoples? We both gain atomic powers but we can’t overcome from poverty, corruption, injustice. We love to purchase bullets what happens if we bought flowers? Pakistan can be friend with China and India with Russia but why we both can be friends?

    Currently we have thousands corrupt politicians, businessmen, religious mullahs/padries who always busy in creating new ways to destroy both nations in order to strength their own interests only please think

  • cruze

    wowww………………..so true INDIA ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

  • silent

    hey where is iran in this list everybody know iran has some hidden weapons that can stop the world

  • Max

    I’m sorry but the U.S shouldn’t be number 1 and India shouldn’t be number 4. India isn’t even a developed country with most of its people catching diseases and living in poverty. The U.S lost in Vietnam, Afghanistan, the war of 1812, and their capital almost got blown up not that long ago with half their citizens getting shot by their own law system. The only reasons these guys along with russia and china are at the top is because they are the largest and have more people. France hasn’t done anything that successfull have they – I mean they immediately surrendered to Germany in WW2 and got taken down by britain during the napolean period. I mean seriously, they should be ranking this off quality, not quantity.

    • Anoymous

      No you can’t say usa cant be no 1 because child is weak when born but its not going to be weak always . as world turns everything changes . it has most advance warfare equipments at present age then any country in world I am not from USA . India is know to be prosperous country before conquired and also people with high brains so its no surprise that they to have advance warfare equipments. Not from India either. Most renowned present day scientists from Asia is mostly from india. Remember world is rotating nothing stayes at same position 1st may be last anytime last may be first .

  • Mike

    Brazil. LOL.

    I love the photo of the female “soldier” for the Jew-S-A. You won’t be number one for long…..

  • melita narius

    bakit wala ang japan

  • Abrar Ahmed

    Pakistan Army Should Be on no 2 or 3 ! am not Pakistani but i watch that How much Pak Army is making progress!

    • Rania

      Yes u r right but from my point of view,Pakistan should be first.first u search everything on the Internet about the training and hardwork and world records ok Pakistan army

  • Zohaib

    Where is Pakistan ? pakistan Should Be ranked In this List Brcause Pakistan Have also Nukes , Military,Aircrafts,Commando’s,etc

    • Indian

      bheek maangke laatey ho aur tumhe ranking bhee chahiye

  • Benjamin kamya

    The British army consists of the most disciplined and well trained soilders the world has even known.clad in batteldress,the British march to battle instill fear into the enemy

    • Krishan Rathi

      British Army was powerful because it had got the manpower from South Asian countries. Now you do not have the numbers to fight any war.During 2nd world war Britain was the strongest country after Germany. Now situation has changed and USA, China, Russia are way more powerful than Britain.

  • Shahid Khalifa

    USA was a dangerous country

  • Nouman

    Yahan jitnay Indian aur Pakistani larr rehay hain, wo mujhay yeh batayen k ek dusre se larna zeyada zruri he ya apnay apnay mulk ke masayal pe dheyan dena zeyada zruri he. dono mulk ghurbat mein dubay huway hain megr phir bhi larnay keliay bahana dhoondte hain. Larnay ka koi fayda nahi,

  • arsalan

    This Web Page aNd Ranked Is wrong…

  • abdul


  • 124

    pakitan should be on 7th or 6th

  • lol

    what crawled up onsomu bin ladens ass and died?

  • Corwin Beowulf Norquist

    Onsomu you literally seem like the one kid in a class project that starts to make points without actually doing his research. If America actually had some interest in actually helping Kenya, they would, buuuuut 1. you don’t have resources that are of essential value to the U.S., secondly we aren’t threatened by Al shabaab, and three what have any of the African countries actually done for the U.S.? nothing really, that’s what. Sure we sent troops to Uganda to help aid in the fighting of the LRA but we aren’t actually involving ourselves in the fighting, we only help train their incompetent troops (I don’t blame them) but we could be doing more, IF we saw interest.

  • 2k3jr

    and north korea where is it ?

    • Spandan Bhattacharjee


  • India Daone

    the only top 10 list pakistan exists in is terrorism. their army sucks. i heard its mostly made up of goats. their navy, well they got 1 boat for fishing and they do ok. airforce, hmm china sends them toy drones so it is taking off..

    • Rania

      Beta jee kahnay say Pehle Zara soch bhi liya Karo Kay kon terrorism ki list may hona chaiyay.u Indians do so much terrorism in Pakistan that I even can’t count.

  • Pakistani

    People of Pakistan don’t worry I’ve figured it out this is ranking of world top ten fucking donkeys this is why pakistan is not in the list and India is at no 4

  • Athem Wais

    Good to know Israel can be defeated. So when and who is going to nuke them?

  • i

    Go to hell. I am not agree with you. PAKISTAN Army on 1st Position

  • AR Raja

    If Pak stop interfering in India’s peace, If Pak concentrate in its own development, it’ll will be good for both countries. But who cares..! Dear Pakistanis.. Please don’t think we (Indians) are your enemy. We’re brothers & sisters. Let’s don’t shed our own blood.

  • Jonathan Roa

    What’s wrong with the current rankings? We all have our views and opinions and as an ex British (Royal Air Force) personnel I don’t even think (Britain) merits to be in the top 10. Neither should the French, or the Germany be there. They are all part of the NATO and collectively they should be together and not as individual nations. As for Pakistan, apart from their Nukes – their navy is small and weak, the army is power hungry and always fighting with the civilian government, their air force is made up of Chinese machines, apart from the F-16s. These may well have restrictions in their use during a conflict. Pakistan has been defeated in war’s with India and there is no logical way it should feature on the list at all. Incidentally, you can’t even play test match cricket in Pakistan and you say that your country in par with others?

    • Hasinah

      Actually I feel proud of them because although their country is full with corruption but they still love their country and they still support their country… India also shouldn’t be in the list.. They are as well hopeless…

  • govind

    asghar ali pakistani lions have been fucked many times by INDIAN TIGERS remember 1947,1971,1999. b.c

  • Azaz Ali

    f**k u all who made this ranking our pk army is the No 1.. in our Ranking we proud on our Army & indian ARmy fuck u 4th num u have only on this site in the Batlle field u r dogs r better than u

  • Emre

    Where is Turkey?

    • EMRE

      The whole world knows the power of TURKEY.

    • Tns Tnns

      Turkey – top 15

  • Sudan

    haha india is stronger than germany give me a fcking break

    • Spandan Bhattacharjee

      I wonder why is that so surprising to you?
      If you haven’t got facts, don’t debate, just please don’t waste the time of well read guys.

  • zohaib khan

    sorry brothers but everyone forgot Pakistan Army it has won the cambrian patrol recently and it has been successful everywhere other armies have failed

  • zohaib khan

    armies are not measured in budget and shit they are measured with the will to fight and serve the country, it is surprising how armies like germany and brazil and -_- MY GOD! italy seriously?
    are u guys joking.And please the only reason India is here is because of their numbers nothing else.
    And yeah US Army the biggest joke: fought in Nam lost,Fought in Afghanistan ass kicked ,took the support of Pakistani ISI to shove Russia out of Afghanistan,Iraq,Iran what else can i say.
    Pakistan Army’s brave soldiers are ready to die for their country and that too happily if u can see that in any other army of the world then put it on 1.

  • Girl killer

    This is why armies are loosing stregth, girls

  • Spandan Bhattacharjee

    Not surprised. Dead accurate list. And for the notice, army size is no prerequisite to be in the list.

  • Rania

    U have underestimated Pakistan seriously

  • Rania

    When will u (Indians)give us (Pakistan)Kashmir back.u r a very big country still u capture our lands.shame on U

    • anonymous

      Seriously, baluchistan and sindh want freedom from you lolz cant unite your own people damn retards …. hahaha…. and btw kashmir was and will always be the part of india.

  • Kashif Afridi

    I think Pakistan army is no 1 in the world every type of war our troops know that how to deal with our AIR FORCE ,NAVY ,ARMY
    MM Alam creates world record in 30 seconds just 30 seconds he destroy 5 planes at a time

    • anonymous

      stop day dreaming kid and you wrote “OUR troops know that how to deal with OUR air force….” now thats a real pakistani … keep it up …
      MM Alam is no more you sorryass…. grow up

  • Jomar Dalizon Langelis

    Make Friends One another

  • India lover

    We need more power than china

  • Merry Rebel

    Friends hamain btany ki zrorat n h ye SB dunia ki army janti h Pakistan ki army Pakistan k weapon or Pakistan k neuclear bomb sb sy power full hn so dnt wry guys believe on our Allah.

  • anonymous

    bhai ye china wale yahi to chahte h India or pakistan ko ladvao apas me taki china aage nikal jae or ham log ladte rahe … vo kehte h na do jano ki ladai m teesare ka fayda…. aj pak ko chin acha lag rha kal vohi chin peche se aake marke k chalajaega fir hilate rhena ….

  • Hamna Umer


  • Stewart Hughes

    china and india are powerfull because they have big population,s,,

  • Znarf Tnarol

    France is most powerfull with U.K.

  • kamer

    turk maroon berets NATO won the contest.


  • Someone

    im sorry yankees but now Russia owns the position #1, and one day china will probbaly overcome them

  • rommel nath

    fake detale
    best army is Indian army

  • evande dersolon

    Why you forget your father army Pakistan you bloody dog who is the list creater

  • evande dersolon

    ye kisi begairat indian nay bnae ha list

  • Joe Hepworth

    bull shit britain is way stronger than america this list was based on sise not skill and number of wars won

  • BubbaHoTep

    Failing to mention Israel is a mistake. The Israelis take combat to a whole different level. I guarantee they would put a huge whole in any military that tries to take them out. Sheer skill and lethal training with some of the worlds best weaponry ensure the Jewish States survival. Iran is all talk, they know Israel would bury their asses so deep in the sand it would take years for them to find the bottom of a camels balls. That’s why they would nuke them.

  • bruce lee

    Pakistan has nukes how dumb is this list

  • truth

    thought anyone may have more missiles and more guns victory will be given to the ” truth ” what ever course it is check history it cannot be change …

  • Yoleberry

    Nuclear Pakistan is not listed,however Brazil and Italy are,

  • Al

    Brazilians are lovers, not fighters. Same with Italians. I would rank Turkey ahead of both. Also Israel not being on the list is a bit eye-opening. Yes, they have a tiny population and depend on American aid, but they are like the Sparta of the Middle East and none of the surrounding countries can defeat them, even when combined. I also am not sure I would rank Russia ahead of China. Without nukes Russia is pretty hollowed out these days, and dwarfed in many ways by China.

  • y3shuA imMANu3l

    Most Powerful Position in the World

    What??? Who???



  • y3shuA imMANu3l


  • Emre

    Completly bullshit, how can Brasil on number 10? Turkey, Japan, Israel?????? I am from Turkey,and at least Turkey is much more powerful than Brasil.

  • Faraz Rajput

    LOL……. this websites owner must be an Indian 😀

    What about Pakistani Army who always comes on Top in every Exercises, Every Competitions 😀

  • Gabriel Juaniza

    JAPAN! JAPAN! JAPAN! lol 😛 should be included 😛 😛 😛
    1.voltes five
    2.gundam wing
    4.Dragon Ball

  • userarmin

    Russia For The Win!

  • Anil Katwal

    If it was based on Bravery, Great Warriors Gurkhas and Nepal should be on top.

  • Prospectkris

    Well, USA lost to a small, peasant country a while back as well as many other wars. So…

  • I was reading through some of the comments and I’ve to say it’s disgraceful… stopping fighting like cat and mouse and grow the FK up…
    No nation is greater than other, that’s something you kids need to know!

    • TheAdventurer

      Actually, some nations are better than others. I like where I live compared to North Korea. That’s pretty definitive.

  • csasa


  • Majid Khan Lodhi

    pak army

  • wldtrv

    What happened to Canada? Oh that’s right, they don’t need one because the US will protect them. Yet they are more critical about the US than any other country. I guess that’s appreciation.

  • Peter Moahloli

    It baffles me to see that each country is putting its preference in terms of existence in military strength. This clearly shows the disunity amongst countries and all have not confidence that there could be peace. Its because man has not known peace, peace has evaded man for centuries.

  • I know

    The USA is just a country 20 trillion in debt and spends another 600 billion a year on its military and it just wants to butt into everyone’s problem this is accrually why ISIS, Al Queda and all other terrorist organizations were formed because the US butted into Syria’s issues and killed Assad and put in a improper democracy so acctuall all these terrorist groups all the Americans complain about is retarded because indirectly the US made them

  • Amit

    Are Hindu bharve teri gao mata ko me harroj katke khata hu aur tumhari goddess gao mata ko mera sandh har roj chodta he