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The 10 Most Beautiful Women of 2016

Who are the world’s top 10 most beautiful women of 2016. So here’s our list, the best ever. It’s restricted to women who’ve achieved a fair level of celebrity, based on the strongest, intelligent, desirable, popular, attractive, hot and most successful women of 2016. But lists do have a way of inspiring debate, so let us know what you think of our top ten and hey, go ahead and make your own in the comments section below!

10. Pia Wurtzbach

Most Beautiful Women of 2016
The Miss Universe 2015, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, once professionally known as Pia Romero, comes at number ten in the list. She is an actress, model and beauty queen who was crowned Miss Universe 2015 after becoming Miss Universe Philippines 2015 at the Binibining Pilipinas 2015 pageant on March 15, 2015.

9. Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke Beautiful Woman 2016
Friendly and fierce, Kid sister and killer, Movie star and girl next door – The gorgeous Emilia Clarke has wonderslist’s list of “The 10 Most Beautiful Women of 2016” at ninth place. She’s twenty-eight now, one of the stars of Game of Thrones, the mother not just of dragons but of John Connor in the latest movie Terminator Genisys, and Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive.

8. Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima Most Beautiful Woman 2016
The Brazilian brunette, “Supermodel of the World” is best known for being one of the Victoria’s Secret Angel’s. Her beauty has been recognized, regularly finding herself in the top 10 of the world’s hottest women by Maxim’s Hot 100. She’s currently the second highest paid model with earnings of $9 million, according to Forbes.

7. Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra Most Beautiful Woman 2016
The former Miss World, once again make it amongst the most beautiful women of the world. Chopra has been voted as the ‘Sexiest Asian Woman‘ for the year 2015 by a London-based weekly, Eastern Eye. She is a sensational performer in the Bollywood and has won many awards. She’s and one of the most popular and high-profile celebrities in India. Last year, she began starring as Alex Parrish on the ABC drama Quantico, becoming the first South Asian woman to headline an American network series.

6. Amber Heard

Amber Heard Most Beautiful Woman 2016
The young, hot American actress Amber Heard has often appears in magazines’ Most Beautiful and Sexiest lists. She got her first ground-breaking role in the 2007 television show Hidden Palms. However, her breakthrough came with roles in Never Back Down and Pineapple Express in 2008. Recently she appeared in films 3 Days to Kill, Magic Mike XXL and The Danish Girl. It is reported that Heard is in talks to play Mera, Aquaman’s Atlantean Queen, in the upcoming 2018 film, Aquaman.

The beautiful Heard got married Johnny Depp on Feb. 2015 in a private civil ceremony at their home in Los Angeles. She holds the sixth position on the world’s most beautiful women of 2016 list.

5. Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott Most Beautiful Woman 2016
Pixie Lott cites Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston as major influences on her style of singing. The famous pop star hold fifth position in the list of “The 10 Most Beautiful Women of 2016”. She has given some super-hit songs like Mama Do (Uh Oh, Uh Oh) and ‘Boys and Girls’ that gained this London girl enough fame in the year 2009. Her top six albums made to the list of top 10 and her first 3 albums recahed three shart topping singles. In FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women list, she was voted No. 45 in 2010, No. 31 in 2011, No. 12 in 2012 and No. 7 in 2013-14.

4. Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone Most Beautiful Woman 2016
The highest-paid Bollywood actress, Deepika Padukone hold the fourth position in the list of 10 most beautiful women of 2016. She has been considered a sex symbol and style icon in India, and ranks high on various listings of the India’s most beautiful women.

She looks beautiful always. She’s cited by her figure, height, smile, and eyes as her distinctive physical features, which always makes her stand out of all the beauty queens of Bollywood and Hollywood too.

Deepika Padukone is busy shooting for Hollywood movie “xXx- The Return Of Xander Cage” in which she plays the lead female role opposite Vin Diesel. She is an active celebrity endorser for several brands and products, including Tissot, Sony Cyber-shot, Nescafe, Vogue eyewear, Maybelline and Pepsi, among others.

3. Nana Im Jin-Ah

Nana Im Jin-Ah Most Beautiful woman 2016
Im Jin-ah, known by her stage name Nana, a former member of the K-pop girl band After School, has wonderslist’s “Most Beautiful Women of 2016” at third place. In June 2015, Nana was more active in China, where she has featured in such films as “Go Lalal Go 2” with Ariel Lin, Vic Zhou and Chen Bolin. She was ranked Number 1 on the Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2014 and again in 2015. In February 2016 it was confirmed that Nana would be joining the cast of the fourth season of the female special of Real Men (TV series).

2. Liza Soberano

Liza Soberano Most Beautiful Woman 2016
Filipino-American actress and model Liza Soberano comes at numer 2 in the list of 10 Most Beautiful Women of 2016 with the most beautiful faces in the world. She started in a range of television series and films, including Wansapanataym, Kung Ako’y Iiwan Mo, She’s the One, Must Be… Love, Got to Believe, Forevermore, Just The Way You Are and Everyday I Love You. Currently, she’s starring opposite Enrique Gil in the romantic comedy television series Dolce Amore.

1. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez Most Beautiful Woman 2016
The former disney starlet, Selena Gomez, hold the top position in the ‘World’s Most Beautiful Women of 2016’ list! She has blossomed into an extremely stunning young woman. She used to be a cute and innocent, now she’s the perfect combo of beautiful and sexy. Selena just exudes a confidence and a natural sense of poise that make her in the ranking.

The 10 Most Beautiful Women of 2016

  1. Selena Gomez (USA)
  2. Liza Soberano (Philippines)
  3. Nana Im Jin-Ah (South Korea)
  4. Deepika Padukone (India)
  5. Pixie Lott (UK)
  6. Amber Heard (USA)
  7. Priyanka Chopra (India)
  8. Adriana Lima (Brazil)
  9. Emilia Clarke (UK)
  10. Pia Wurtzbach (Philippines)
  • subhasis

    oh seeing the pics i wonder this is beautiful women competition or lingerie babes

  • playboy

    gemma atkinson stretching her bra to show off her nips

  • Kc Mariano

    Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach

  • Kc Mariano

    Marian Rivera

  • Suvimaal Gunawardene

    Aishwarya Rai

    • Hasinah

      And Armeena Rana Khan

    • Dildeep

      She s the worst

  • Nicole Ann

    Marian Rivera

  • Caitlyn

    Liza Soberano just turns 18 last January. Too young and too besutiful.

  • MN Cariño

    Where is Candice Swanepoel? I thought she is more beautiful than the top ten list.

  • Stapler

    “ANG TUTO”
    Ang tabi ng iba, matarap daw ang tuto’ ~ …

  • Daenerys Targaryen

    Meh. There are lots of way more beautiful women out there than all the girls on list. Sorry

  • David

    I didn’t really see anything too appealing about any of these people, and that’s with makeup caked on and airbrushed pictures. I guess I would need to see what they actually look like to make a judgement though.

  • Joselle Maraviles Ingada

    liza soberano should be number 1!

  • Stapler

    “ANG TUTO”

    Ang tabi ng iba, matarap daw ang tuto…

  • Rizwan Khan

    the stupid list i’ve seen in my life ,where is filipina celeb
    80% have average beauty or get popular from past few months/years

    • Zeeshaan

      Katrina kaif is far more beautiful then deepika

  • De lenda

    I think my wife is the most beautiful, cute, charming girl in the world

    • Trasene

      The best and The Independent Reply on this ….. web page at least brother.

    • Dan


    • Dildeep

      So sweet

  • Ddsse

    Asians can’t win at everything

    • adminfilipino

      fuck u

    • Katleen Egerton

      Liza even deserves to be #1

  • Maylyn Lomibao

    Liza Soberano!!

  • Winston Churchill

    Selena Gomez??????? You have got to be kidding.

    • Hasinah

      I know right.. She is pretty but not the most beautiful women in the world. Megan fox is not even in the list instead most of them are Chinese. I think the author must be a Chinese..Racist

      • ashep

        There isn’t a single Chinese woman in the list… You’re the racist

        • Alodien Braveshine

          She means Asian!

          • Dan

            Then why didn’t she write Asian? 😉

          • Hasinah

            Well as I see most of them were Chinese and korean but my bad I should have mentioned Asian.. Peace

          • Lewton Quiton

            OK, OK…. we understand you’re some Pakistani woman with a poor command of the English language and ABSOLUTELY no idea about nationalities, since there was ONLY ONE Korean girl in the list (which you could have read), but to “terrorize” the readers with “your” Armeena Rana Khan (a pretty woman, but under no circumstances a contender in any Miss World pageant) is a little too much.

          • Hasinah

            As for your info I am not a Pakistani but I am a Malaysian. I saw a Pakistani actress in internet so that’s why I thought of sharing with my opinion. You must be some sad Korean or Chinese opss I mean Asian that took my words seriously. And to be honest Chinese and Koreans doesn’t make much difference… I even mentioned Alexandra Daddario below. Try comparing your Korean or Philippines or Selena Gomez beauty with her beauty.

          • Crystalll Lam

            Excuse me hun, but there actually IS a difference and irrelevant people like you who can barely type English, wouldn’t know the difference between Chinese/Koreans and Americans/Candians.

          • Hasinah

            Speaking about English typo, is Hun a correct word… Get your spelling right first then you have the right to talk about English typing and open your small eyes because I have already apologized and you’re just a pathetic loser who took my words seriously. Get a life

          • zed

            Wow, “terrorize” the reader? Who is racist now?

          • ZN

            I’m Pakistani and I find your comment very insulting. I don’t understand what being Pakistani has to do with a poor command of English and having no idea about nationalities. I’d call that a racist calling out another racist. And yeah… Pakistani’s are Asians as well.

          • Lewton Quiton

            Cut the semantics crap Pakistani woman. This is NOT a geographic issue so you can lecture me about Pakistan being an Asian country. You know what the other idiot was referring to so just shut up and get lost.

          • Invictus

            Seriously? First of all, I am not a woman and the fact that you would just assume that is very telling Of the kind of person you are. The guy who accuses a girl of “terrorizing” readers because she is from a certain part of the world wants to tell me to shut up and get lost? If anything, your comments are becoming more condemnable than hers. Her comments certainly were in poor taste and definitely a little ignorant. But to accuse someone of “terrorizing” people and then to freak out when Someone calls you out on it is both ignorant and arrogant.

          • Eric Holt

            Not to mention a complete fuckhead! lol 😛

          • Eric Holt

            Did you wake up on yer rags…fuckhead!

          • Lewton Quiton

            YES. FUCK OFF !

          • Azy

            Nope 2 of them are filipina

          • Hasinah

            Noted with thanks.

          • Rass

            None of them are Chinese, dipshit.

          • Hasinah

            As I said that I didn’t know because most of them look like chinese but they should put chinese as well in the list if they were referring mostly to Asian.

          • Czar Sebastian

            You don’t know nothing about the world. Shame on you. Don’t even bother to reply because I will just waste my time.

        • Eric Holt

          Then they must be Japanese…just different fuggin slant lol 😛

      • Dan


      • Zavier Harper

        Racist really? Even if all ten of them were “Chinese” that wouldn’t make the author racist you fucking retard, it would only mean he prefer Chinese woman (which is called personal taste btw)

        • Hasinah

          Well then why he didn’t write the most beautiful women in asia but instead he wrote the most beautiful women in the world… I would still refer that as racism..

          • Zavier Harper

            Well since 50% of those girl aren’t Asian it is considered the world and the only racist thing would be that there are no black women…
            Then again it’s personal taste so it ain’t racist

          • Steven

            No Native American, No Arabic, so why does it have to be about blacks all the time? Are you not the racist.

          • Lora

            BLACKS all the time!!! His statement was true & it wasn’t leaning hard toward black women! He was just stating IF someone wants to cry racist the racist thing would be that there are NO BLACK WOMEN IN THE LIST which there are not! Black women are a HUGE part of this world and society as a whole. Not that Native American & Arabic women are not beautiful…but to have a list of the world’s most beautiful women and not even ONE is black seems odd. I mean there is at least one white woman. And if you’re gonna throw out races…you might as well include brazillian, cuban, German, Swedish, African, Samoan etc…dont be a jerk! You CLEARLY misread his comment! Just so quick to pounce on any & everyone who even remotely stands up for black women! Sickening!

          • Seiji

            True. Half of the list are from the east and the ither half are from the west. So it is considered the world. The east is mainly Asia and the west there is europe, africa, south and north america.

          • Hasinah

            Thanks for the info then…. byebye

      • Cheeky Bugger

        None of the ten are Chinese. You would have realised this if you’d bothered to read the caption or even look at their names. You seem to think anyone who isn’t caucasian is Chinese which would suggest you’re the racist.

        • Steven

          Anyone with slanted eyes are Chinese to racists. Or for the very stupid.

          • Schnauzerdad

            Shut the hell up with the racist crap! Most of you morons have no idea what you’re even talking about. You just keep pushing ignorant ideas.

        • Gyan7

          He’s being sarcastic. Its a pity that you can’t add a sarcastic smilie at the end of it to make it more obvious. He precisely used the Chinese for an example because there aren’t any listed there. Refer to Emjay C Carpenter’s post to get his point.

      • Skywalker

        I think you are the racist.
        Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

        • Hasinah

          I agree with you but I don’t find beauty in Selena Gomez’s eyes. She’s a female version of Justin Bieber. I’m fine with Asian but not Selena Gomez

        • Eric Holt

          I prefer eskimo women..does that make me a racist for not having same taste as you…dicksucker!!!

      • sushi

        Ys u r absolutly right she is nt so beautiful i any angle my sis is more beautiful than her but she cant all this nonsense .anglina jolie ,megon fox and in bollywood katrina kaif n aishwarya rai most beautiful ladies but she not

        • Hasinah

          Finally… Someone agreed with my point

      • Christopher Channeler

        Before judging this article to be racist and ignorant, read what the author wrote! He/she completely stated that, “It’s restricted to women who’ve achieved a fair level of celebrity, based on the strongest, intelligent, desirable, popular, attractive, hot and most successful women of 2016.” Whoever you are calling beautiful maybe beautiful in some eyes but the above beauties the author mentioned are no less. So stop comparing and live a life. Even if you apologized, you are still very racist and you are not sorry at all! How can you call someone “small eyes”? What’s wrong with having small eyes? Saying you can’t tell the difference between Chinese/Korean is not right! its like someone saying they can’t differentiate Afghanistan and Arab or Iraq and Pakistan.
        And FYI, people have different taste so if you can’t agree with someone’s opinion, don’t judge them.

        • Hasinah

          Well then how come Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba and Megan Fox isn’t in the list.. They’re are gorgeous and successful..

        • Eric Holt

          Ahhh…oks…..now your a fuckwit who can tell the difference between a Afghani or arab…….and iraqi or paki if lined up in front of you???? spent enough time amoung those people to know you cant tell one from another even if you kill the fugger in his home country…he may not be that nationality. Yer full of shit…cakehole!!!

      • Sylvie Yiting Lian

        There’s no chinese on the list. Only one Korean. Unless you thought the Indians were chinese..

        • Hasinah

          Thanks for the info… Bye.. bye…

    • Steven

      Beauty is a BOTH (mark that) without and within, and with that combo Selena shines. Prejudice people are very used to white-like females and their expected superficial (physical only) appeal only that they Choose to ignore what true beauty really is. Selena IS that beauty you ignore.


        She is white, dingus! She’s a white Hispanic.

        • Schnauzerdad

          That’s an oxymoron. The best thing to call her is a “dirty white”.

          • Richie Jack Batra

            Wow, then I suggest u go back to school to Learn how to read, and then google “white Hispanics”. Its so much of an “oxymoron” that there’s a Wikipedia page on the subject. “Hispanic” refers to someone’s native language, not their race. A Hispanic can be Asian, white, black, Indigenous, or any combination thereof. Cameron Diaz, Rita Hayworth, and Charlie Sheen are all technically white Hispanics. LOL, u really though “Hispanic” was a race? SMH. Go to Chile, or Argentina. The majority in both of those countries are lilly-white! And since they Speak Spanish, they are “Hispanic”, ergo white Hispanic.

          • Rollo


          • JACK WILLIAMS


          • Love

            Love everyone

          • JACK WILLIAMS

            Hispanic can be of any race. There are white Hispanics too.

          • Eric Holt

            Wrong again..wiki referes to hispanic as a culture, those of different ethnicity derived from spanish colonialism…..all over the world. Now, if you get down to brass tacks…culture, forms a basis of “RACE”. In many cases, hispanics are of many mixed races. Does not the mixing of races just make a new Race. ??? Its apples and pears there. Still confusing. Most hispanics see themselves as a race!. The shared language is similar..but different in nearly all locations.

          • Rass

            “Dirty white?” Seriously?

            Racist idiot.

          • SnazzieBitch


          • Eric Holt

            Dirty White, dirty black, dirty whatever…the racist card shows what a fuckwitt you are. no one brought race into it untill you did. So STFU idiot…I am half White half black living in mexico before you start that stupid weak racist shit!

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      • Schnauzerdad

        Shut your fucking mouth! It’s retards like you that have been promoting the racial problems. Most people see and recognize real beauty without any regard to race, but morons like you always call out white people, and blame us/me for your ignorant problems. Get over it Jackass, Whitey ain’t gonna take it anymore. You better be on the right side of history.

        • Rass

          You used the term “dirty white.” You’re not qualified to call anyone else a racist, Adolf.

          • tttt

            OMG …That escalated quickly

          • Emjay C Carpenter

            It did didnt it but then again these days you can post which is better bannana or apple and guarrentee someone bring race into it and a race war begins… people forget no matter the colour of the skin we all love feel care and hurt exsactly the same

          • Gyan7

            Can’t even say black without being called racist anymore. Some retarded moderator from a sub-reddit even banned me for having ‘Gorilla’ in my name because he claimed that it was racist. A lot of these things make me speechless. Of-course, that guy was probably using it as an excuse to abuse his rights but yeah, that’s how it is. People drag racism into irrelevant things because its the easiest to get away with turning black to white and vice-versa.

          • Eric Holt

            Correct…we all bleed red. 😛

          • Eric Holt

            Racist is a weak Word…only ever used against whites. Same as calling a latino spik or black a nigga…its a filthy Word to whites….We are offended! .. by your weakness!

      • KellyVanRijn

        Gomez is a left wing, talentless hack, ugly within, and on the outside. Checkmate.


          Who Said shes left wing? Seen no evidence of that

      • Hasinah

        If they are used with white chicks then why didn’t they put Jennifer Lopez or Jessica Alba but instead he choose to put Selena Gomez in the list. Selena is cute not beautiful at all.

        • Unknown Person

          Because she had many shots and operations just watch the movie “anaconda” and you will see her original face

        • Eric Holt

          Exactly…..give me Salena gomez to look at in another ten years..she is still only a child at momento……pretty…not beautiful…..but may surprise us in future years!

      • Brian W.

        YOUR WHITE-LIKE DEFINITION IS PREJUDICE TO ME. Beauty comes in all diverse formations no mater what. She is a beautiful light in a dark world given the happenings on this planet Earth. She is not not like any other being on this planet living through light times as well as dark. Music the art within shines from within and secondly her work in film. SHE IS
        MY PICK!

    • Schnauzerdad

      That’s what I said!!!!

    • Selenator

      She is awesome and beautiful and PERFECT! If you don’t find her pretty then it is your opinion but well… The WHOLE WORLD knows that she is!

    • rikkirat

      Selena isn’t just a beauty she’s an absolute goddess.

    • I thought same. =D

    • RealityThat

      This list is bogus.

    • ArchTroll

      Gotcha ya! We all were just kidding with you. Had you going didn’t we? The list starts at one and tens the best.. I’ve also created an algorithm that takes every documented photo on the internet, and compares each image to each other with parameters of what society deems as a qualification of beauty. The circumference of ones head, the symmetrical shape of ones head, eyes and hair color, the magnitude of how white there teeth are, and a touch of judgmental behavior provided by IBM’s judgmental attitude quantum computer of human emotions simulaation. It has created a list of 933,356,201 women who rank from 933 million to #1.. The Winner is the female race, for they all have beauty in each their own way..

    • Elaine

      My words the moment i saw her on 1st

  • Bevie Chan

    Kendall Jenner or Marian Rivera should be on d list atleast #1 .. they’re beautiful even without make up on ..

    • Gillian padilla

      I agree!

    • ecpt_

      Selena Gomez is better???

  • Islam pakhtoon

    Lol some of these are quite ugly I think this list is crap

    • Hasinah

      Ugh tell me about it

  • braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    lol it should be Diana argon

  • Shyane

    Lol..where is marian rivera she is beautiful even without makeup..

  • Francisc Vasile

    Selena Gomez? The fuck is wrong with you? Or emily clarke. ugly ass girls!

    • ecpt_

      U shut up?

    • Kashif Abidi

      Lol… agreed

    • Crystalll Lam

      lol oh wow, irrelevant 8 year old haters.

    • Steven

      Beauty is a BOTH (mark that) without and within, and with that combo
      Selena shines. Prejudice people are very used to white-like females and
      their expected superficial (physical only) appeal only that they Choose
      to ignore what true beauty really is. Selena IS that beauty you ignore.


        shut up and stop copying and pasting the same dumb answer, libtard

  • Fianna

    This is mostly Asians. You should put most beautiful women in Asia.

    • Dooby

      Given that half of the people in the world live in asia this isn’t really a strange thing…

    • Hasinah

      Try searching for Armeena Rana Khan… I think she should be in this list

    • Seiji

      Half of the list are from the east and the other half are from the west. So it is considered the most beautiful woman in the world. The east is mainly Asia and the west there is europe, africa, north and south america.

  • Project Freedom

    I don’t think all the girls on this list are the “most beautiful”, but I agree that Selena Gomez is the perfect combination of cute, beautiful, and sexy. Her recent music videos are absolutely jaw dropping. She is incredibly sweet and her personality is one in a million. I met her at a VIP event before a concert in Chicago. She took time to talk to me and she was so much fun when we were taking photos together. She is so much more beautiful in person. Her smile is so contagious… her entire face emanates her inner beauty and her personality made me practically fall in love with her. She is truly a precious person. I can’t even describe what it felt like to hold her when I hugged her before I left. I didn’t want it to ever end. She is my dream girl.

    • selena gomez

      u r poop. i remembr u. u smel real bad

      • Lewton Quiton

        Lovely. :))))))))

      • Dildeep

        Your not beautiful and your songs are not very good

    • Hasinah

      Dream on then lolxx

    • Lewton Quiton

      Maybe to this new generation (teenagers and young adults up to 25) Selena Gomez could be either beautiful or a singer. To those who’ve been through life for a while she’s just a common girl from both points of view.

    • Steven

      Well said. Very well rounded interpretation of what beauty really is.

  • micha

    so beautyful

  • Fyb

    This list was made by a white dude with a Asian fettish

    • Unknown

      Why? Are asian women not beautiful?

      • Fyb

        Reread what I wrote over and over until you come to the conclusion that you’re an idiot

  • ecpt_

    Ohh God,absolutely she’s the most beautifull women??? My Queen selena gomez ??

    • Hasinah

      She is cute not beautiful…

      • blah

        Selena Gomez can be very sexy/beautiful given the right moment. I doubt she strives to look sexy 24 hrs/day. She’s naturally beautiful and cute. Anyways your opinion is just that, an opinion. My opinion about the woman you can’t stop mentioning, Armeena Rana Khan, is she’s cute, unless she’s feeling sexy, then she’s beautiful. Do you understand what I am getting at? I’m assuming you are a straight male who has never had sex before.

        • Hasinah

          And you must be a sad male who had never seen beauty before and Megan Fox was also suppose to be in the list because she is cute.. I am a girl by the way. I mean Selena gomez was never hot. I agree that she’s beautiful but she still shouldn’t be no 1

        • Hasinah

          If Selena Gomez is hot then Justin Bieber is also hot (which he’s not). You must be a blind pervert that only like slutty girls such as Selena Gomez. Alexandra Dadario should be in this list not that bimbo. You should get your eyes checked and don’t forget to take the author along with you. I am a girl by the way. Peace 😉

      • Lewton Quiton

        So is “your” Armeena Rana Khan.

        • Hasinah

          And so is your K-pop actress.. Whatever her name is.

      • Steven

        Beauty is a BOTH (mark that) without and within, and with that combo
        Selena shines. Prejudice people are very used to white-like females and
        their expected superficial (physical only) appeal only that they Choose
        to ignore what true beauty really is. Selena IS that beauty you ignore.


          flagged for spam. U keep repeating the same comment. And stop with the white crap. This has nothing to do with race. I prefer Jessica Alba who is also Hispanic, race baitor.

        • Hasinah

          No she’s not… If she’s beautiful then Justin Bieber is handsome (which he’s not). Alexandra Dadario should be no.1 not Selena Gomez…

  • mohor

    what about vanessa hudgens??

    • Hasinah

      What about Armeena Rana Khan?

      • mohor

        well she is really pretty,but i vanessa is my favourite

  • Alan Gintoki Sakata

    Selena Gomez? is this a fucking joke? she doesnt make it to the top 100.

    • Steven

      Beauty is a BOTH (mark that) without and within, and with that combo
      Selena shines. Prejudice people are very used to white-like females and
      their expected superficial (physical only) appeal only that they Choose
      to ignore what true beauty really is. Selena IS that beauty you ignore.


        stop repeating your comments. Id definitely bang her but she’s not #1. Maybe Jessica Alba.

        • Hasinah

          Or Megan Fox and Alexandra Dadario

  • Chiranmoy Boruah

    Deepika padukone is ugly after without heavy make up. She even lies about her height being 5’9″, just check ruby rose’s ig for deepika’s pictures with ruby, she ain’t an inch taller than ruby or nina dobrev. Such a fake person shouldn’t be in this list, she shouldn’t even be in the top 10 million

    • prestonEMPIRE

      nicely said sir!
      i am impressed

    • Dildeep

      You saw someone else not her

    • hiltzfault

      rey puka.

  • Alodien Braveshine

    Seriously!? Liza and Selena is just an average girl! Where is cara Delevigne or Kendall Jenner!?

  • anonymous

    I can beat all these with one person.
    Hwang Mi Hee

    • Hasinah

      Well she is quite cute but she still doesn’t makes it to the list.

  • fatbully

    THIS IS A HORRIBLE LIST. Sorry to have to tell you! Oh, well with the exception of Adriana Lima, other than that, it’s AWFUL!!!!

  • rplende

    What a croc of crap. Some of these girls, while still beautiful have no chance in a real top 10.

  • Rana Mondal

    Girls (women) are always beautiful in this universe..as a mother or as a sister or as a daughter or as a wife or as a lover…so no need to compare for their beauty.

    • Dildeep

      So true….. Thanks for writing this

  • crabitkid

    This is a western white list that NOT even the “white” ppl like ..smh . where the asian honeys at I MEAN REAL ASAIN where them sexy chocolate babes at where them pretty middle eastern angels ??? … This suppose to be a list representing 2016 most beautiful women on which planet EARTH ?? ..we come in different shades and of different cultures everyone on this list is white or next to white… smfh … We are one race on earth Human NOT white .. unless some of u are Mankind and NOT human ..

    • Hasinah

      try searching for Armeena Rana Khan… I think she should be in tis list

      • Dildeep

        I hate amreena Rana khan

        • Hasinah

          Well then I still think that Alexandra Dadario should be in this list or at least Jessica Alba/Megan Fox.

    • disqus_OdylUTrEUE

      “real” Asians? I guess because of my light skin I’m not Asian :/

  • Mike Orme

    Amber Heard. Emelia Clarke isn’t a classic beauty but I was watching the Graham Norton show and she’s sat next to Kate Beckinsale who is about as perfect as I could imagine, yet Emelia had something about her that made her very attractive.

  • Guest

    I know you kpop fans! Nana not even that pretty in korea

    • Hasinah

      try searching for Armeena Rana Khan… She is gorgeous.

  • Hasinah

    What about Alexandra Daddario. I think she should be no 1.

  • Viorel Predatorul

    Adriana Lima is by far The One! She is absolutely the most beautiful woman in this Solar system. Check her pics and convince yourselves!

    • Hasinah

      Or try checking for Armeena Rana Khan… She is gorgeous…

      • Viorel Predatorul

        Yes, she is very beautiful, but I prefer Adriana Lima; I think it’s a matter of taste 🙂

        • Hasinah

          I agree with you

      • Lewton Quiton

        Try to see a psychiatrist. You have an obvious problem that requires qualified medical care.

        • Hasinah

          And you try seeing a Ophthalmologists Mr K-pop lover… LMAO

  • Vince A. Leonardo

    is this according to conducted research or survey?

  • Eeva

    Why there is not even one black woman in this page ???? These girls are different but they all have a light skin. Isn’t it racism !?

    • Mark Hughes

      No it is not racism. Black is not beautiful. Always somebody to pull the race card out their ass

      • Hasinah

        Try searching for Armeena Rana Khan… I think she should be in the list.

        • Dildeep

          She’s not pretty

          • Hasinah

            Not interested in your opinion.. She looks pretty from the outside but Idk the rest of her story.

      • Dildeep

        What ever you say but that is racist

      • Lora

        BLACK IS INDEED BEAUTIFUL!! Wtf are you talking about! Just because YOU dont think so… doesnt make it true. Always someone pulling racism out THEIR ASS!!!!! DUMBASS!!!

        • Mark Hughes

          Ok if black is beautiful then i have shit a masterpiece. Fuck off

      • Nanoroid

        Black is beautiful more than you’ll ever know. White is what is ugly…it is pale, disgusting and filled with roaches and rift raft.

        Black is the most beautiful thing, infact it glows upon the dancingof the sunlight.

        The wretched white is disgusting, morbid, obese and dead. Easily jealous and offended, the white beast cocks its arrogant head up in the air, as if DEMANDING to be respected.

        Ugly little white beasts, sheer them, like the goats they are. Send every white evil little beastie back to hell where it crawled out from.

        Die little white beast dies, you’ll join your masters soon <333

        • Mark Hughes

          Im not for sure what drugs you are on or what drugs your parents were on when you were born. But what you said is the biggest steamiest pile of bullshit i have ever read in my life. Word of advice stay off of drugs fucktard.

    • Steven

      This is TOP 10 in the world not Africa. MEANING, how many blacks are there in the world vs East Asian, Arabic, Indian, Native American, Latino (who are seen as another race due to actual bigotry)? Its always about black for you actual racists.

  • Kk

    Liza is gorgeous & deserves the number 1 spot.

  • Liljill

    Selena Gomez number 1! This has to be a joke.

    • Dildeep

      I agree

  • Pretzel

    I guess black women aren’t considered beautiful. Good to know.

    • Ladhan

      So.get a life psycho and remember this text in the next 10 yrs compare urself wid me #ladzayn

      • Lora

        You’re DIGUSTING & IGNORANT…highly.

    • Steven

      TOP 10. How many blacks are there worldwide vs East Asian, Indian, Arabic, Native American, White/Anglo, Latino (tho many are “white” they are often looked at as a different race due to racism)? I am sure there a handful in the top 100.

    • WhitesAreRobotsNotHuman

      That’s bullshit. Anyone who beleives that is either brainwashed by the system or a complete idiot or both. Black is the divinity, the purest of the pure and of without filth, disease.

      We only react the way we do due to our environment. Unlike you privileged fools we have to work 20x harder.

      Tch, yet you try to use this against us. No more shall we be the slaves in the field no more shall you battleram us we will rise yes the small guy will shake his fist at the bigger nation.

      Silly Regime, Oligarchy, HA! YOu are nothing but sickness between these beautiful, brown eyes.

      These sweet brown eyes and this beautiful lucious skin, blocks out evil magina rays from above while you get FRIED.

      Even your food is plain and it STANKS. Smells like old biscuits and stupid shit no one wants, YUCK.

      For I am the original and original I will be, yes, I am the virgin EPIC loli and NONE can copy me though they try


      This is what the white man does, if you trust him, he will turn as a DOG against you, he will consider his odds and run back to his clansmens EVEN if they try to kill him, lol, they will attack him like vultures because that’s what they are.

      Their vultures, nothing but beautiful vultures. Cracked on Meds disgusting, afraid of the TRUTH coming out so they sent their attack dog from hell, Nicholas Celt, the weakest man known alive.

      A fool that goes around killing women and children, then killing epic lolis. Oh he said I like that one, it’s white!!!

      She’s pretty because she has blonde hair and she’s pale skin. That one doesn’t have money its black and poor and has no skin. It’s weak he cried, she’s a weak little girl who cries about her folks. He said.

      Shut the hell up. She said. I don’t have to hear your lies or take your stupid shit what comes out your mouth is garbage, and garbage that comes sputtering out.

      SILENCE!!! He belows, I KILL YOU!!

      KILL HER, KILLER HER!!! All 12 chanted. KILL HER DEAD. KILL HER.

      Plotting against me. You stupid dumbass white male. Do you not think, being the true descendant of royalty that I cannot detect your stupidity…an ugly…disgusting…crawling marine…being a filth bucket for the CIA…

      As for the white wrentch you picked up, little Miss Wannabe Snow White she too shall die…pale frality means nothing she’s just another mafia whore whining for drugs and for an established pretty life.

      Did you care when I was almost assaulted? Did you give a damn when you thought of killing me off nope you didn’t give a shit. Instead of leaving that god forsaken clan you just joined and kept going calling yoruself “leveling up”. I realize now I am not afraid of you, infact I hate your freakin filthy white guts your nothing but the bottom of a pit whore.

      Satan is a weak, ugly little slut and so are his followers. That’s why it’s a honor to bring you chumps down. That is what I must do, I must kill all the devils that spring up even the little scary marine ones that hide.

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      For a young banker you were quiet foolish…they do say that the left-handed ones have a tendency to go to hell first…this white girl you picked up, this reject wannabe rothschild she annoys me. I will kill her off one day, and the other child…kill two birds with one stone I will. Then that will end your silly bloodline…You rejected me for a false reality then you die…i’m not even afraid of you I know how ugly you are deep down inside.

      Your just a clone of the originals…your not even the real thing just another damn robot of the 1% taking humans and injecting them with scripts and data to make them what they WANT them to be.

      And that is what has happened, they have been turned into nothing but particles and uglyness and filth.

      Human Sacrifices, killing, murders that is all they stand for and all they be. Yet they follow these cursed rituals, indulgding in the blackness only makes the user suffer and die. It drains them it is a suicicde mission…

      Suicidal Soldier….Suicide…why did you have to die. You say “This is the new me” Your new you is nothing but garbage…its’ not an upgrade but a downgrade…but they never learn do they?

      Not until this world finally ends that they can be put down…it’s sad but now…since they wanted that power so badly now they will go into the lake of fire and brimestone…

      Because they choose to join when they had the chance to get out. Heavy the heart is but another day will arise…

      Instead o being people reduced to mindless robots, of tools of the system where they loose who they are just to become molded into what “They” want. Nothing more than a servant, a cold, stone, robot.

      Is this the future of mankind? A bunch of heartless, mindless robots? Gentically renabled…and enabled…

  • Xpyder

    I laughed at the top 1. But i think this list is insane, Amber Heard should be top 1. Emilia Clarke shouldn’t be here, her colleague on Game of Thrones, Natalie Dormer is way prettier and isn’t on the list.

  • Not one black woman. NOT ONE DARK SKINNED WOMAN. I call bullshit.

  • subgenius

    Selena Gomez – NOT!!!

  • Bogart


  • Alpharius

    Most bullshit list ever. Really, #1 still looks like she’s 12. #9 looks like a dude.

    • Hasinah

      Try searching for Armeena Rana Khan.. She is gorgeous.

      • Dildeep

        She isnt

        • Hasinah

          Don’t care

    • Skywalker

      Your opinion. Other people are literally attracted to these women.

      • Alpharius

        Other people are literally blind retards then.

        • Skywalker

          Excuse me, you’re being selfish. I may not agree with this list entirely, but I know that beauty is of the eye of the beholder. Get use to it. Enjoy living a life not accepting other people’s preferences.

  • Kashif Abidi

    Fuck this list… I’m out

  • jessica stone

    i think Selena Gomez is the most beautiful woman in the world

    • Lewton Quiton

      No way. The most beautiful “woman” in the world is Caitlyn Jenner. Wasn’t “she” named the “woman” of the year by some stupid ass magazine only because she has the biggest dick? LMFAO

  • Lewton Quiton

    How many PROFESSIONAL BJs did Selena perform to be voted number one? And who were the unlucky recipients?

  • Shady8

    Where is Cara Delevingne????????
    She must be in top of the list.

    • Dildeep

      You don’t have a good choice

  • Emid

    Don’t agree at all. Hilarious list!

    • Skywalker

      That’s your opinion hater.

      • Emid

        Haha, no not a hater, where did you get it from lol. So I must agree not to be called a hater? Lol you are more hilarious than the list. For me this list is made by some wanker who has fantasies for these girls hahaha 😀

        • Skywalker

          To YOU “this list is made by some ‘wanker’ who has fantasies for these girls”. Why do you assume the maker of this list has to be a “wanker”? What is wrong with having preferences? I don’t think I’m hilarious. If you’re not a hater, then what are you? Have fun not being able to accept others opinions on what defines beauty.

          • Emid

            Another hilarious comment by the one who cannot accept differences of opinion. This is my last reply to your idiotic analogy. So….I said I do not agree, didn’t I? You called me hater, why? Why couldn’t you just let it go thinking it’s someone’s opinion just as I have mine??? But no, I need to be in agreement otherwise I am a hater. How stupidly childish, isn’t it? By now I agree with you, title should have been ‘MY preferential list of 10 most beautiful women of 2016’. Happy son! 🙂

          • Skywalker

            Whether you reply or NOT, I will tell you that you aren’t being forced to accept the opinion or preferences of the maker of this list. You are the one being childish. You keep saying “hilarious”, and you also add a smiley face when I’m not playing games with you. If you think those beautiful women are hilarious then that’s YOUR opinion. So don’t ask me or anybody if Pia Wurtzbach or anyone else in the list deserves to be in a top 10 beauty list. We all have different preferences in beauty, whethere you care or not. Arguing with you is like arguing with a teenager. End of discussion!

          • Skywalker

            Whether you reply back or NOT, I will tell you this. You are the one being childish. What is with your “Hahaha”? Did you fully read my comments? People have different preferences in beauty. You seem to think the list is hilarious. That’s my problem with you. In my opinion, Pia Wurtzbach and Liza Soberano, for example, are my favorites. That’s my opinion. Other people may like the same or some of the other women, that’s fine. I don’t care if you don’t reply. End of discussion!

  • Zied Zakir

    Are you serious !! selena gomez? ? In what way is she beautifull?? Lol!! I wouldn’t mind Taylor swift instead…

    • Steven

      Beauty is a BOTH (mark that) without and within, and with that combo
      Selena shines. Prejudice people are very used to white-like females and
      their expected superficial (physical only) appeal only that they Choose
      to ignore what true beauty really is. Selena IS that beauty you ignore.

  • Gus

    Nana still in AS an OC. What a shitty list

  • Steven

    Friggin Right! All beautiful women but I know Selena has a huge sweat heart which makes her my #1.

  • Cesar H. Castro

    Vaya estupidez…. Esas no son las más bellas, simplemente son las mas famosas, que flojera en serio…



    • Dildeep


  • Fil Kor

    For me, Liza Soberano indeed deserves to be in the list. Thanks for recognizing her. 🙂

  • Darth Yoda

    Sponsored by Selena Gomez’s PR agency.

  • mary

    The korean actress and model Song Ji Hyo is much more beautiful then all the woman chosen on this list, better take note of this amazing actress her beauty is mesmerizing!

  • Shijit

    selena gomez is worse looking than a toad who’s got mumps in her jaw.

  • Hill Nah!

    Besides Pixie Lott, I was with the list until Selena Gomez.

  • Dildeep

    Who ever created this list should look at all the women not just some

  • Rosa Indica

    Comments went from beauty to racism…. Can’t we be just humans and shine with our inner beauty? I respect every country and I do feel that all women are beautiful. And even all the men; for we are the children of God. These beauty lists are mere nonsense as they make others feel less beautiful and sad. M not a beauty queen but m happy for I m sure that I have inner beauty and m a good human.
    Guys, you all are so beautiful. Don’t just stare at the mirror. The mirror never shows your real beauty.

  • Samriddhi soni

    Selena is my favorite singer I love you Selena . and priyanka chopra and depika padukone is from my country India .

  • sherfinas reads

    Selen Gomez most beutiful woman in the world, really….. selena is very pretty and beutiful but she isn’t the most beutiful woman in the world, not to even talk of the most beutiful celebrity in the world. This list should be the most beutiful celebrity not woman, because saying that is like saying celebrity’s are the most beutiful. Then again I feel like there is noone I’m the place to make such a list, to find the mist beutiful woman in the world you should have gone to every country and seen every woman before you make the decision even then yiu should add in my opinion to the end of your title, because this lost is not accurate at all.

  • sherfinas reads

    Even if this list was based just on looks it wouldn’t be accurate, because it’s the world most beutiful celeb and even then it still wouldn’t be accurate. What makes this list so inaccurate is that it is based on looks and thats not what beuty means, a beutiful women not to talk of the in the world isn’t just good looking, she diligent, she been through a lot but she stands strong and she stands out, You probably didn’t know this and that’s why you have no black woman in this list. The likes of lupita and many others who are so beutiful comparing them to selena gomez who I’m afraid to say is famous for her looks, as she’s done a few movies, and wizards of waverly places wasn’t the most profitable show disney made and finally she doesn’t even have a good voice, beacame even more famous for dating justin one of the most famous people, now tell me is this woman the most beutiful woman in the entire worldddddd

  • 7007007 vintage

    highly subjective

  • Shorty20122012 .

    lmfao @ this list

  • Silent Killer

    All girl is beautiful accept it because all of girl will have partner it like quality by each person..no racist…no all people have the same interest..so beautiful of girl can be look what a person like

  • Schnauzerdad

    Can anyone actually define the term “racism”? Try to, I dare you.

  • Lesliefyrodze

    That’s wonderful! Two women from the Philippines. So adorable 🙂 They deserve it. They’re really beautiful inside and out. No question with that 🙂

  • It looks like they didn’t have a very big list to choose from. Not sure how Gomez got to the top. She is fine, but I’m sure most people would agree she is not no. 1 in looks or accomplishments or even charitable personality. Then again what are their judging criteria ?

  • emma john

    Why dont i see any black women on the list?!!?this adticle is totaly inaccurate

    • Lora


  • zellycatz

    Happy a Latina was #1, but she’s DEFINITELY not the prettiest Latina out there. Let’s see, who’s hotter than Selena (who still looks like a 12 year old):

    – Jessica Alba, Morena Baccarin, Genesis Rodriguez, VICTORIA JUSTICE, Odette Anabelle. The list os SOOO long

  • swaps p

    selena gomez and priyanka chopra, seriously mr. ejaz khan, LOL ,

  • Selena is #1 ?? Seriously ?

  • Selenator

    Selena Gomez is the best and prettiest! She is perfect! I am a selenator and I am proud of her! ?❤️??

  • Nitin G

    Why not Serena Williams, she is so beautiful. And why all young, don’t the old look beautiful as well…Is beauty all about age and looks

  • Camille K

    LIZA SOBERANO must be the #01 in the list! can’t you see? Selena is ugly without make up unlike LIZA .

    • Alodien Braveshine

      but both of them are ugly! Kendall Jenner cara delevigne Megan fox are far beauty than them! Liza is just an average girl lol!

  • Alodien Braveshine

    Liza, Selena , and Nana are so ugly! There’s a lot of prettier than them like cara delevigne Kendall jenner Megan fox etc! The girls from this list are average not even beautiful

  • Alodien Braveshine

    This list is over rated nakalagay is base daw sa strongest, intelligent, desirable, popular, attractive, hot and most successful women then liza pangalawa? Seriously? Di naman sya ganun kagandahan ahh average girl lang naman in wala pa nga sya sa ganda at sex appeal ni Kim domingo ! Successfulness? Seryoso? Ehhh local celebrity lang naman sya ehhh ehhh si pia pang 10 ehhh mas successful pa nga sya kesa Kay liza kasi international! Patawa di si liza deserve sa 2 at kahit sa top 10 wala dapat sya Jan! Just saying

    • Gabe

      Kahiya ka. Kalahi mo yinuyurak mo. Liza did not ask to be on this list. The author chose her to be on this list. And the author asked people to make their own list on the Comments section. You did that, obviously. But you could’ve done it without belittling the author’s- and definitely without putting down Liza. You are simply being mean.

  • Rass

    Selena Gomez? What idiot put THIS list together?

  • kdaddict

    brunette wins. they are all beautiful.

  • KellyVanRijn

    Wow. What an awful list. A random selection of OK looking women. At best.

  • Arriana

    YASSS Deepika and Priyanka!!! Deepika is most pretty in Om Shanti Om, if you want proof she deserves to be on list search it up!

  • tansysmom

    If we could see these women with bare faces instead of loaded up with makeup, we might have a much different opinion. Real beauty is natural, not superficial. It shines from inside.

  • spartacus

    Chinese superstar Fan Bingbing isn’t even included here, and Selena at #1? What a joke..

  • skm

    Who made this f n list? Way off and a poor representation of diversity

  • |Maud|

    where is doutzen kroes? that dutch lady
    PS the hottie here i’m talking about is also the beautest victory angle

  • aanchal

    Really? Selena Gomez? What about aishwarya rai, miranda kerr, scarlett johansson, megan fox, amanda seyfried, kate upton……
    of all the people, u put selena gomez. lol.

  • Andrew Milam

    Selena Gomez is No. 1 and Emma Watson doesn’t even make the list?…Uh…what? Selena is beautiful, no doubt. I love her baby face….but come on guys!

  • jeremey

    none would be if competetion was kept

  • Real Khan

    so it means ..who has most Instagram Followers ..that one is most beautiful!.

  • Laurence

    Phillipinoes are the most ugly people in the world. So they are not beautiful. For emphasis it has to be said that they are UGLY.

    • unknown

      well that a total racist

    • Qwerty

      Define beautiful please….. Dont even call Filipinos ugly (Phillipinoes) WTF?!!
      Liza Soberano is beautiful! Pia Wurtsbach(correct me for the spelling) also! Male celebrities In other countries want to date them…. Search them if you dont believe me

  • as

    really selena ? i cant have the same criterian with you guys i think what you have made is absolutely advertiesement

  • Rpeople2Vern Nelson

    You need to get out more ! The most beautiful woman in the world is Gabrielle Marie Beglinger ! She is from Hoquiam Washington .She’s 24, brunette 5′ 7″ 120 Lbs, with brown eyes. She works there locally,great roll model for teenage girls, she has a boyfriend, no kids, she has a soft voice with a don’t take crap attitude ! She blows all women that claim to be the worlds most beautiful away by far ! Your welcome, Vern

  • Rpeople2Vern Nelson

    You haven’t seen Gabrielle Marie Beglinger of Hoquiam Wa. USA yet ! She has them all beat !!!!!
    A 24 yr , brunette, brown eyes 5′ 7″. Ive only seen her a couple of times.

  • Clodoaldo Santos

    Selena? No way.

  • Zack Abrahams

    Psshhhh… Lol!! Who voted for these women? There o.k.. Certainly not the most beautiful women of 2016, not 1 of them

  • OldKnight100

    Selena Gomez??? Hahahahahahah… it’s a joke!!!

  • Teddy

    selena and a few of the girls are disgusting and old

  • Gyan7

    I am not convinced with this. That or my aesthetics are majorly different. The only one that I liked was the k-pop girl.

  • ArchTroll

    This list is ridiculous. It should say the most beautiful “Celebrities” in the world. I promise there are millions of attractive women who’d make these females seem hideous, but who don’t get the publicity from society, that those in magazines or TV get. In order for this list to be correct, you would have to compile a ranking system of every women in the world. I am being literal obviously, but so is this list in being presumptuous. This had to be orchestrated by some guy/gal on there break, searching google images just before they relieve built up sexual frustration with the act of masturbation.

  • 1000TOW RILL

    hahahaha, In street of Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Singapore, And Dublin (Ireland), cause there have many girl of other country that live there. You will find many girls more beautiful than all that above. It’s a big joke cause the election is only famous people and they forgot that poor girls in other country.

  • Isabell Chen

    Recomment Korean actress Song Hye Kyo who’s winner of ASIAN GODDESS 2016, for World’s Top 10 Most Beautiful Women of 2016

  • Rick Sanchez

    Fake list. How is Sepp Blatter not on this list.

  • Brian Zhang

    Nana is not a former member of After School! She is still in the groupe!

  • SomeoneUdontWannaKnow

    You say makeup, makeup, photoshop, lip job, nose job, boob job, makeup and makeup is most beautiful? U kidding me?

  • King

    Just Wanna Say “Every one is beautiful in there own way”

  • alansky

    These are the most beautiful woman in the whole world??? You MUST be kidding!!!

  • HigeeeFLip

    Why this people wont just deal with it. They’re opinion doesn’t really matter to who ever write this bullshit you will never change people think and arguing for something like this what a joke calling bad thing to each other oh please telling them they’re childish when you’re doing the same thing oh come….. why don´t you write your own ¨Top 10 Most Beautiful Women¨ so you don´t have to complain and let see if other won’t complain to your opinion we’ll all know we have different opinion so why don´t you just guys try to understand. What you think is right will not other people think too try to be more mature instead of saying stuff around that will make things complicated, and by the way ¨Beauty is not only about appearance is also about what inside¨ so don´t say shes beautiful or kind when you really don´t know the truth cause you know you’re arguing for nothing if that the case.

  • Eric Holt

    Someone has tastebuds in their ass! 😛

  • anon

    i see y’all jealousy, selena is beautiful and calling her ugly won’t make you look better so stop gez

  • Joel Jaden Quizon

    they had Woodley number one last year, its just wrong

  • Mota

    What a joke list. 😂😂😂😂
    And Selena Gomez in the top? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣
    Take out Amber Heard cause being in the list with these choices is offensive af, she deserves better.

  • Skyrilla

    What a BS list. Who the hell compiled it?

  • alexpinca

    These are all beautiful women none of which stand up to Blake Lively.

  • Max Vianna

    1, 4, 7, 9, 10? Really?

  • eck boss

    where is scarlet johanson??