• Prabu A

    Nice Uploading Country Wise Would be Very Good….

  • marco

    Wow – that list is so white it hurts my eyes. Halle Berry anyone?

    • Vic Russo

      No question Halle Berry deserves to be top 5 or top 3. For me Scarlet Johansen I’ll take out of any1, she’s just everything I look for in a women and then some. I like both black and white beauty is beauty.

  • akaka

    where is carmeon dias

  • hema reddy

    where is britny spears

    • Vic Russo

      She’s in the top 10 ugly crazy bitches list

  • Aj

    bullshit ………. except megan fox, angelina, and theron all other are jewish , but except Scarlet Johansen, none of these jewish beauty deserved here ……. although Eva Green could be included (although again a jew) …….And where are Emma Roberts, Rebecca Hall, Emily Blunt, Kate Benkinsale, Penelope Cruz, Kristen Stewart, Emily Browning, Vera Fermiga, Keirea Knightley, Anne Hathway ………………………. I would like to include Michelle Monaghan and Michelle Rodriguez

    • tony

      dor lakh di lanat tere te…..

    • Manish

      How does it matter if they are Jews, Christians or whatever? Please think beyond religions.

  • Sanjay Sen

    Jessica Alba… IS FAVORITE…

  • Raghuveer Singh

    fantastic business. we only view this type of adds and earn more money.

  • Vic Russo

    J.lo was left out in her prime late 90’s early 2000 she would have been number 1 and it’s not like she’s aging poorly so this was def done by some 1 who has no business making this list.

  • ac

    hi where

  • Isobel

    Where is kira knightly and cars delevigne

  • Joe

    where is the fucking margot robbie the hottest actress ever !!!. the new harley quinn in suicide squad as well as in wolf of wolf street. ( sexy australian )

  • wtittlejr

    I think Mila Kunis should have topped this list out of those 10 ladies, don’t get me wrong, everyone of them are beautiful but her eyes should be on some kind of list all by themselves……gorgeous!!!

    • wtittlejr

      if I had to put one as number 1 that’s not even on the list it would be Emily Blunt. She is AMAZING!!!

  • SamyyCiao

    No Women of color? Haley Berry, Beyonce, Kerry Washington, Gabrielle Union, Taraji H – strange from such a far left PC nutty publication?