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Top 10 Most Romantic Nationalities in The World

Romance is the expressive and pleasurable feeling from an emotional attraction towards another person associated with love. For some, it’s a bunch of roses; for others, a weekend break in a mountain cabin. But there are some people for whom it’s not just an act saved up for special occasions, it’s a way of life, a never-ending journey, and they are forever trying to buy a ticket to your heart. Yes, we know that people are individuals and everyone can speak for oneself, but still there are certain nationalities that are most romantic than others. They simply know the tricks. It is just part of their nature, manner of upbringing or general attitude towards life.

Here are top 10 of most romantic nationalities around the world.

10. Indian

10 Most Romantic Nationalities
If celebrating Valentine’s Day is any measure of being romantic, Indians are Asia’s most romantic lot with 90 % of them showing affection for their partners on this day. Indians have a history in love. They hold the symbol of enduring love – Taj Mahal – The world’s most famous monument and one of the seven wonders of the world.

9. Irish

10 Most Romantic Nationalities
Irish people are at ninth position in our list of most charming and romantic nationalities. They are smartly dressed, look very tidy and good and are good companions that know how to behave in order to seduce the object of their affection.

Self-deprecation and not self-aggrandizement is generally the way they do things in the Emerald Isle. But it’s exactly that “Oh I didn’t mean to charm you, but I guess I did” smile that wins them a spot here.

8. Swedish

Top 10 Most Romantic Nationalities in The World
Among the rest of the most charming and romantic nations are the the Swedish people. Their egalitarian approach to romancing offers hope to folk without sultry Latin looks or silver-tongued repartee.

Famed for his well-scrubbed appearance, the secret weapon of the Swedish male is not his golden mane or perfect teeth but his willingness to do his thing with a duster. A recent study of 12 countries by Oxford University economist Almudena Sevilla-Sanz found that Swedish males’ enlightened attitudes toward gender roles make them the best potential husbands in the developed world. See also; Top 10 Most Romantic Places Worldwide.

7. American

Top 10 Most Romantic Nationalities in The World
Americans have also made it to this list and they can go far in order to show their affection. These people are willing to go to various courtship rituals and take their time. Their best secret are the romantic evenings with a lot of candles, seafood, wine and chocolates. When you add the luxurious lingerie they often give as a present for one occasion or the other, no one can resist them.

American innovations such as drive-in cinemas, mass production of the automobile and the nurturing of musical genres from jazz to house added frisson to courtship rituals that had till then been the domain of only those who could recite Shakespeare or dance ballroom.

6. Lebanese

Top 10 Most Romantic Nationalities in The World
Lebanese are at 6th position among most romantic nationalities on earth. They are different from the other nations from the Arab world. Their physical appearance is much appealing thanks to their dark skin and eyes, but this is not all – these people really know how to dress and behave to seduce you.

Combine this with Beirut, the region’s most liberal capital with a ton of slick nightspots, and you have the ingredients for a host of sexy, but classy, encounters. See also; Top 10 Wedding Destinations in the World.

5. Argentine

Top 10 Most Romantic Nationalities in The World
Argentines are very passionate and romantic. A typical nation from Latin America, these people have a lot of passion. The perfect expression of Argentine romanticism can be found in the tango, arguably the world’s most sensuous dance, but is detectable in everything from the heady red wines to the sublime football skills of stars such as Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi.

4. Spanish

Top 10 Most Romantic Nationalities in The World

Spanish people are fourth position in this list. They have reputation of very good lovers. Lively, charming and hot, these people know the true meaning of romance and there is no secret for them when seduction is concerned. See also; 10 Romantic Things To Do With Your Partner.

3. Brazilian

Top 10 Most Romantic Nationalities in The World
Brazilians are also here thanks to their romantic appeal. They show no shyness when sex is concerned and throw the brightest and most extravagant carnival ever. The sensuality of the Brazilians can be sensed in their samba dance as well.

Anyone who has watched the nation’s football team, caught a samba band or watched the stars above Corcovado in Rio knows, there’s as much emphasis on sensuality as there is on straight-up rumpo.

2. French

10 Most Romantic Nationalities
French people are famous in the world due to their romantic nature. They truly know the language of love. They are experts on seduction and are absolutely irresistable. These people love life, gourmet food, chocolates and wine. It’s not by chance that Paris is known as the most wanted for romantic excursions city. French people love to talk about love and feel the person next to them truly special.

See Also; 10 Bizarre Romances Between People and Objects.

1. Italian

Top 10 Most Romantic Nationalities in The World

The word “romance” originally meant from or about Rome, which means that, by default, just about anything Italian is considered romantic. In their seduction, Italians have the back up of their beautiful nature, fantastic food and wine, their rich history and melodious language. When Madonna famously sported a T-shirt emblazoned with the slogan “Italians Do It Better” she wasn’t referring to pasta sauce.

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  • stargirl

    Thats bullshit, Mexicans are the best

  • Mister lala

    Mexican? OMG, Who wants to make love to a mexican woman like
    Venus of Willendorf
    And Italians are like vultures

  • MontyEx

    I came to the web looking for answers only to realise I have the best answer when it comes to this question. I’ve studied cultures all my life and I know about pretty much every country in the world, it’s language, it’s culture, etc.I’ve met many people from around the world and I come from a very mutli-cultural family myself with strong international roots.

    My answer to is as follows and is NOT based on stereotypes, but on actual knowledge and personal experience.

    Most Loving and Affectionate:


    Least Loving and Affectionate:


    Basically one can follow a general rule. With a few exceptions (like Spain suprisingly) The “Latin” countries of Europe, South America, Caribbean; Western Europe, the Americas and Oceania are all considered Affectionate, Expressive and Loving cultures.

    By contrast, countries of Central Asia, Northern Europe, North America and East Asia are considered unaffectionate, unloving and unexpressive. There.. I stand fully by my answer!



    • Wroots

      American men and women look plastic. Very superficial.

  • Dikaloy Vlad Saha

    Indians……mock themselves……LOL…!

    • you barely know anything about that country. So, just keep your negative comments to yourself.

  • Ranjan Riva

    The writer knows nothing about Indian culture. just because Indian do not show public display of love does not mean are less romantic than Italians..Indian are the most romantic and affectionate people in the world.

  • A quick note to the author from an italian: romance is not about drinking wine or eating chocolate. Is about connection, allowing yourself to be vulnerable and expecting to be respected.
    Irish should be not in 9th position but most definitely Americans should be not in the top 10.

    • Finally famous

      Americans are very romantic…towards their money!

  • International Observer

    Least romantic country: basically any country in East Asia.

  • Jinx1

    No way, you didn’t mention Turkey.

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  • Francisco Casals

    This list is full of generalities and vagueness to say the least, and Americans? Romantic? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha Ahhhh dating Americans for 10 yrs I guarantee you the only romance, if any, you’ll see is im Valentine’s day because they have to. READING THIS TOOK 90 SECONDS OF MY LIFE THAT I’LL NEVER GET BACK.