10 Awkward Looking Childhood Stars who are now Beautiful

Did you ever come across Instagram memes asking you never to underestimate your maternal aunt’s son because you don’t know what he is going up to be? There are other memes that discourage ignoring plain looking girls in school because many are of the opinion that they might turn out to be beautiful girls or handsome hunks. It could quite be the opposite too but we have seen it more than once that once plain looking kids or teens ended up being the most handsome amongst their peers.

Talk about Hermione Granger in Harry Potter or Neville Longbottom. What Emma Watson is today can not be related to the bushy hair she had in HP. People who thought Neville was just a pile of flab are now gushing at the look and appeal that he exudes. Although we have not included Emma Watson in this list. We have compiled a list of 10 kids who starred in films when they were plain looking and then ended up being jaw dropping fellows because of the attraction and lure that oozed out of them.

10. Alexa Penavega

Alexa Penavega then and now 2017
The pretty kid from the Spy Kids has grown up into a beautiful blonde. She appeared as Killjoy in Machete Kills and pretty much blew up everyone’s minds with her growing up. The soon to be 29 year old actress is also a competitive gymnast who starred as Priscilla in Little Giants during 1994. She changed her last name to Penavega after being married to Carlos Pena in 2014. She was born Alexa Ellesse Vega.

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9. Nicola Peltz

Nicola Peltz then and now 2017
Nicola Peltz was the awkward looking child stars in The Last Airbender but turned into an attractive young lady. In Bates Motel, the audience literally gaped at the screen when they saw Bradley impressing people both with her acting skills and the beauty that she has. The star also appeared in the Twilight Saga and attended several prestigious private schools in New York. Her father is the billionaire Nelson Peltz who once owned the Snapple drink company.

8. Jonathan Lipnicki

Jonathan Lipnicki then and now 2017
All those times we watched Stuart Little, we did not see the little boy from Jerry Mcguire turning into the beau that he became. It is quite interesting to see the transformation of young awkward looking kids and teenagers into handsome people when the hormones finally start to settle down. If starring as the son of Tom Cruise’s girlfriend matters, well he was that in Stuart Little. Born in 1990, the actor is now almost 27.

7. Josh Peck

Josh Peck then and now 2017
Years ago when we say Snow Day and Josh & Drake, we wouldn’t have thought that the pudgy boy with a cute smile but no hunkiness about him would turn into a wanted man one day.  He had won the award for his role in Drake & Josh on Kids’ Choice Awards in 2008. Ever thought that the voice of Eddie in Ice Age looked familiar? Yea, that was Josh Peck too. He became a star on the app Vine and has now an accumulated wealth of over $2.5 million.

6. Tania Raymonde

Tania Raymonde then and now 2017
When we look at Tania Raymonde today, her looks do show us the vestiges of those times when she was a kid with dark hair. Yet, today’s look is way better and much more attractive than those preteen times. She was Alex Rousseau on Lost and just seems to be getting better with age. Before fame she appeared on the Disney show That’s So Raven. Raymonde also appeared in a music video for Maroon 5 along with lead singer Adam Levine.

5. Matthew Lewis

Matthew Lewis then and now 2017
When we saw Harry Potter, Matthew Lewis was just a cute forgetful boy with a baby face. Man, did anyone know that he out of all the handsomes on screen at that time would turn out to be the most goodlooking of the lot? (We are not including Robert Pattinson in this list, just Ron, Harry, Draco and Neville). One of his fans proposed to him and he wrote yes on the paper and signed it. Later he hoped that it was not legally binding. Just so you know, Matthew himself prefers looks over personality but if the latter is bad, he won’t hang with them for long.

4. Alyson Stoner

Alyson Stoner childhood and now 2017
The star from Cheaper by the Dozen turned out to be a stunner from head to toe. She released a video in 2015 as a reminder to people that the little girl from Missy Elliott’s videos has grown up superbly into a beautiful woman that we could all love. At the time of her debut, Alyson was just nine years old. She was also once the backup dancer for Will Smith on Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. Being part of the Step Up franchise gave Alyson full opportunity to use her dancing skills for fun and fandom. It is not only her career that she has been lauded for. People also love the beauty because of her heart on sensitive issues like education of the underprivileged.

3. Alex D. Linz

Alex D. Linz childhood

The naughty kid from Home Alone 3 was quite cute by our standards already but growing up has brought some changes in him and he is all the more handsome! He was introduced to the showbiz at a tender age of 6 and today he stands at 28. Max Keeble’s Big Move and Home Alone 3 rendered not only local fame but international stardom to the hero. Unfortunately for his fans, he is no longer active in the showbiz and thus there is not much information about his current whereabouts. What we do know is that he was attending college at the University of California.

2. Joseph Gordon Levitt

Joseph Gordon Levitt childhood and now
That’s our Robin! Although his looks have not changed much from the days when he had awkward long hair, Joseph Gordon is still someone worth looking at. Nature has been generous to him as he exudes both the youth and the machoness that must accompany a man. He is an American actor and a film maker. The 36 year old actor has a wife and one child. He made his film debut nearly 25 years ago.

1. Nicholas Hoult

awkward looking childhood stars

He was blue eyed and yet chubby. He was kind of awkward in the About a Boy but he made everyone fall in love with him in Skins. With his roles in A Single Man and Warm Bodies, he proved that he will continue to mesmerize the world with his awesome transformation from a blue eyed baby boy into one of the most handsome people that Hollywood today has. In fact, he ended up with one of the prettiest women in our times: Jennifer Lawrence.

As a footnote we would like to add that all that glitters is not gold and sometimes gold doesn’t glitter at first!