Top 10 Flowers to Keep your Garden Colorful this Season

In these prolonged Summer days, the heat will get to many flowers and cause them to wither and dry. Many plants would lose their leaves and you will not see them blooming until almost half a year. Gardens during this time can become unattractive and dry unless you plant seasonal flowers and plants that stay fresh in this season too. If you want a garden that is bright and colorful throughout the year then you ought to choose seasonal plants that are not affected by the harsh weather of the winter season. When we say that investing in the garden is good we mean every word because a spruced up lawn and a well done landscape is bound to increase the value of your home, besides making it more appealing.

Native plants are a great choice for gardens this year because according to Dr. Dennis Albert, they provide food and shelter for birds and insects like bees and butterflies that play a role in pollination. He is a senior research faculty member at the Oregon State University’s horticulture department.

Besides the flowers, gardeners should also make sure that there is a decent layer of mulch on their flower beds. The ED of National Gardening Association, Dave Whitinger says that the seed that heads dry on the plant should be left as that because in this way the birds can enjoy seeds during the winter too. Here are top 10 flowers to keep your garden colorful and blooming this season.

10. Sunflowers


It is not only gardens that are ept vibrant because of sunflowers rather we see sunflowers everywhere bright. They take up good space in a child’s nursery, in the classroom and even on dresses. For centuries, sunflowers have been used to brighten up the living room because of the vibrancy that yellow exudes once you put the stalks in the vase. Besides their look, they can also tolerate mild frost. In fact some species can get through heavy snow as well as heavy frosts. Throughout the colder months, sunflowers provide food to the birds and mammals because of surviving the harsh weather.

9. Dahlia

Dahlia Flower

Probably the first flower that a kid learns to draw is a dahlia.They are colourful flowers that bloom in the middle of the summer to the first frost. They come is a range of colours and sizes, thanks to the science of horticulture, and can liven up the flower bed in harsh weather. They start blooming somewhere in the middle of July although they are planted around eight weeks prior to that. It is the official flower of the city of Seattle so if you live there as you read this, how about paying tribute to the life that your city offers you! Plant some dahlias in your garden this season and let the neighbours know that you love Seattle. It’s the most beautiful flower on the planet.

8. Zinnia

Beautiful Flowers Zinnia

These pretty flowers bloom until the first frost lasts and some species will continue to bloom even after that. They can also survive the whole season should the temperature stay above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. In order to extend their blooming period, scientists and flowering experts recommend that they should be removed as soon as they begin to wither and dry. In this way the chance for other flowers in the bed to survive will increase. Zinnia grows on fertile and well drained soil that is exposed to direct sunlight. These flowers are beautiful and yet low maintenance making it easy for the housewife who is always short of time.

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7. Black Eyed Susans

Blackeyed Susan

Black eyed susans come from the sunflower family. They are Native to North America and one of the most popular wildflowers grown in the USA. Since 1918, it has been the state flower of Maryland. This flower has been used for traditional herbal medicine just like echinacea. Some species of fungi grow on the roots of the black eyed susan. These flowers are also known as “glorious daisy” possibly because of their resemblance. They are available in various shades of yellow, golden and orange. Imagine a load of gold in the flowerbed, shimmering through the winter days! It is enough to liven up the day don’t you think?!

6. Fall Crocus

Autumn Crocus

The Fall Crocus is also called the Autumn Crocus and it is one of the few flowers that bloom throughout the harsh winter climate. Interestingly, when found at high altitudes, they protrude from the snow. They come from a family that comprises of 90 species of perennials that grow from corms. The autumn blooming species of the flowers is also a producer of the expensive spice called saffron.

5. Anemone

10 Flowers to Keep your Garden Colorful this Fall

The Greek philosopher Theophrastus gave the name anemone to this flower. Within the perennial border, they are great late season bloomers that come in a range of colours from white to carmine red. They bloom from the start of July until the frost comes in. Anemones are also known as “daughter of the wind” because it is the wind that helped to open up the flower.

4. Aster

Beautiful Aster Flowers

Late season bloomers are basically a way for nature to arrange for the survival of insects and birds that rely on flowers. The aster for example, is a reliable late bloomer of the fall season on which relies the Monarch butterfly. Their fall migration is dependent on the fuel that these butterflies get from the flowers.  See also; 10 Most Beautiful Night Blooming Flowers.

3. Clematis

Clematis Nelly Moser

Fall is a good time to plant clematis flowers because they will bloom through spring, summer and the fall. If planted at the right time in spring, these flowers will have enough time to set in and then bloom in the winters thus inducing a lively appeal to your garden in the winter. Won’t it be amazing to look out of the window for snow and then find the clematis blooming somewhere near the white sheet? The common name for this flower is “old man’s beard”.

2. Roses


Roses are the most popular flowers in our opinion because they are primarily used for everything the needs flowers. From birthdays to funerals, there is a different colour and a different style of roses that is used for decor and solemn reasons. Some species of the rose bloom in the spring and then again bloom in the fall season. Grandiflora, Hybrid Tea and and Floribunda are to name a few of these. Roses are only one of the best flowers to keep in your garden this fall, they are also the best representation of love. So blindfold your partner one weekend and bring them out to experience a beautiful rose bush!

1. Sedum Autumn Joy

Sedum Autumn Joy

Autumn Joy is a plant that everyone loves. It blooms in August/September if planted in the beginning of the year. It is dependable for the winter garden as it shows off its bloom throughout the fall season up to November, when the winter sets in. Sedum opens as a pink flower but as it matures through the season, it turns copper. There are many kinds of sedums but the best known is Autumn joy. It is taller than most other species and grows up to 18 to 24 inches high and the same in width. It is succulent and will tolerate drought like most sedums.

Not only flowers, but the right choice of sedges and grasses can also prove to make your gardens lively and attractive during the fall season. The colour and texture is dramatic throughout the fall and winter because of the spikes of seed heads and the shades of green yellow and brown. Many nurseries carry a selection of shrubs and trees that are native to the region. Look for nurseries around your area to provide you with shrubs that provide great fall colour and fruit since the leaves often change colour. A pathway lined with mahogany, red, brown, yellow, orange and purple leaves is my favourite place to be in the fall season- what will be yours?