10 International Historical Murder Mysteries

There are some mysteries unknown to man that’s been contemplated for years upon years until decades or even a century later filled with stories, tales, and different versions and very rare the actual truth conveyed from generation to generation. Numerous conducted investigations by different authorities have been conducted timelessly and where cases have been opened up year after year just to solve one problem, only created more and more mysteries in the process. Everybody has their own theories on the matter and that’s where a story of what really happened by the witness of god in those actions, have been twisted and turned for the minds’ of the locals as well as for the curious minds’ of the world who need a good story to report on. Historical murders remain a phantom to some of us today as some hasn’t heard of it or heard of it but is baffled by the actual truth of what really went down, when, where and by who. By reporting on this, we are not solving these murders but creating awareness of what still today remains a mystery and its best kept mysterious to leave an everlasting supply of thought towards it.

10. Levi Weeks (New York)

International Historical Murder Mysteries
Water wells can be considered as dark sordid places and have been used for centuries. The ghosts that lurk ‘around’ those well walls can spin like tornado’s to draw you in to the depths of their hell and a wreath at which you won’t be able to climb back from. Water wells or bore holes lie deep within the ground, far beyond six feet under at which draw water from the earth’s core. Levi Weeks, a man of whom was to marry a beautiful girl suddenly, in the 1800s became one of New York’s first accused killer and committer of some serious murder. His soon to be wife’s body was found in the depths of a Manhattan well; Gulielma was her name. Although the murder took place in the 1800’s, it continued right up until the 1900’s, a century later. Since America has never seen murder of this degree before, her body has been placed on display for some time in order for thousands to see as they passed by, people flocked by numbers. The suspicion has been on Levi, yet unconfirmed of whether he murdered his soon to be wife. This incident definitely casts into the chronicles of international historical murder mysteries

9. Charles Lafarge (England)

International Historical Murder Mysteries
There most certainly isn’t anything better than to sit down and to have cake and tea, where cake being a luxury for the higher class members of ancient society. The late 17th Century and early 18th Century has been in the prime of revolution endings and new beginnings. People of that era, found the food that we take for granted today as gold and luxurious, the higher the class, the exquisite the food would have been. Shame on the poor boy that may have been living of the crumbs that the rich would throw on the floor, slavery has been another major dominating trend of that era as well. People of England especially have been very particular about their things, speech mannerisms, some spoke of the ‘high’ English that people learn and hate doing today in literature; to them it was of their common way of talking. Apart from talking weirdly in the 1800’s,the English have been doing some pretty weird things too as far as poison was concerned and where a trend has started that unpleasant husbands where to be killed in this manner, by their wives. This murder sparked a new bracket of forensic sciences too. Having a wife like Marie Cappelle is somewhat of a bonus back in them days, like how men would strike it lovely with supermodels these days. There is however nothing more devious than a scorned women who turns devious, killing you in the most pleasant and unsuspecting way ever by poisoning your cake and serving it to you with probably the last smile you’d see, the smile of the women who made your death. Happy getting rid of that, of the man’s mind on his way to his new eternal resting place. I would be sure to check my cake the next time its served to me.I’m not playing Sherlock Holmes here but seriously, being tried in a court of law for the murder of your husband, where your ‘cake’ killed him, is rather hilarious if you get my drift.

8. Jane Jones

International Historical Murder Mysteries
Sad and sick stories began in those centuries ago where gruesome torture and all sorts of heinous acts could easily be committed without a S.W.A.T team hovering over your home like we have today, simply because today’s crime investigation units and acts have been put into place and all seemingly deriving from the crimes of the past that’s been some of the most horrific international historical murders ever recorded. Daniel Good, the man that had everything bad to do with him and in fact the worst to his name makes him an utter pathetic excuse of a man, if he were still alive and we crossed paths, I’d have probably set the guy alight myself due to his deed done to lover whom he had an affair with (Jane Jones) . When it comes to the worst of the worst in terms of gruesome murders and unspeakable acts it falls precisely in the category of where a so called ‘man’ murders his women instead of a break up, giving her piece of mind etc. That would have been easier to live with rather than to murder her for reasons of being in persuasion of another women. The thing that is worse from all this is that she was pregnant and according to the speculation of that time, he could have killed her out of anger, the fact that if she has his child, he’d have to legally marry her. The fact that there’s a ‘could have’ means fuel to the mystery as it lay. Parts of Jane’s body was found in a fire while a disembowel torso has been found in Hay. Great thing of that era was that perpetrators of such crimes, got the hell’s ring neck or public execution.

7. Thomas Farrow and Wife Ann (Britain)

International Historical Murder Mysteries
Personally as a man, I’d not mix business with pleasure, as the combination of the two at the wrong place at the wrong time could mean irreversible destruction to whatever cause you’re going at. Simply to say, I’d not involve my wife (my pleasure) in any business I’m in and as a man would love to be the bread winner at the end of the day, to come home to my beautiful wife and to be caressed and shown of unconditional affection in her loving arms. It’s much safer that way as if for instance I’m running a store, it’s an open door a way from robberies at gun point etc., which I’m sure no man would want to place his dear wife in such danger. Centuries ago though, working together as husband and wife, meant a strengthener to their bond as such. It was basically ol’ folk’s way of loving each other.10 Pounds today can buy a little child a small toy to keep while 10 Pounds in the 19th Century could have been something an honest man such as Thomas Farrow could have been killed for and making somebody richer at the time. Murdered with a crowbar a few times on his head by two mysterious people, they’ve gone upstairs at which he tried to stop them until he met his end fate, died a hero trying to protecting his wife, who was his life, (Ann) who has also been killed by the same people. Somehow even though these couples’ death has been sorrowful, it would have been more sorrowful for that golden love they shared for one to have mourned for a lover ,rather they both had died together just as they’ve lived together. This murder case opened up new fingerprint forensic sciences.

6. Allen (“Al”) Britt

International Historical Murder MysteriesHere is another International murder mystery as well as crazed hazy that got folks around the globe singing songs and making other funny things about it ; Issues that hadn’t even existed were created eventually by the outcome of this particular murder mystery’s popularity. This murder has been made so famous that it’s been dubbed and commonly referred to as “Frankie and Johnny” and amusingly, Johnny is anywhere related to this murder. A song with that title however has been created to re-enact the singer’s warped vision of what he/she thinks happened in that murder. In modern society, the common side of a murder would be a pimp to a prostitute after using her for sexual purposes, but this mysterious historical murder that’s earned itself some popularity in Popular culture notions is the other way around where a Prostitute (Frankie Baker) murdered her pimp (Allen Britt) with a .32 Caliber pistol that she pulled out from underneath the pillow at which she claims she has done in self-defense from his attacks of an oil lamp towards her. The mystery in this murder is that nobody besides her actually knows what happened in that bedroom and the actual reason other than her testimony of self-defense. It could have been bad sex,or getting too ahead of themselves and engaging in some satanic acts that results in the murder of their sexual partner, that mystery still ultimately remains unsolved.

5. Terrence and Dennis

International Historical Murder MysteriesAmericans as well as activists and sane humane people around the globe, go on world rampage when hearing revelated stories of child abuse or horrible things done to kids and animals etc. It’s a sick world we live in, not a brainer. The world would blast this all over every news channel, on the internet, social media etc. To express their anger. This is how it’s done these days, where there is a cry out for authorities to close in on crime committers of such nature. You hit a women, you hit a falling mountain of rocks, you attack an innocent child, you’ve got the world on your back, remember that, if you wish to do this now in this modern tight knitted society of justice. Foster parents are not always the best and not always the worst either, but depending on their personalities and circumstances, they tend to abuse other peoples kids either emotionally, mentally, socially, financially, morally, sexually and in common cases, physically. The frustrations of these ‘parents’ are brutally taken out on innocent kids unfortunately like Dennis who has been beaten, neglected ,deprived of basic human survival means as well as tortured severely while the female of the house stands and watches. A confession has been made in court that Dennis was beaten to death by her husband and left for 4 – 5 hours to lie there also while forced to lie that he has been having a fit.

4. Polly Klaas

International Historical Murder Mysteries
Young girls, prefer “sugar daddies” or older men rather than the youngsters purely because they are somewhat more ‘experienced’ and provide a greater bit of protection etc. Polly Klaas on the other hand has been forcefully abducted by a serial killer, rapist, sadistic man who obviously couldn’t care less about the young and innocent girls that his hurt or murdered. Psychotic is what we can call him and gladly put to his life’s end by the death sentence. The name of this devil is Richard Allen Davis. Upon the abduction of Polly, Davis did confess to murdering Polly and burying her in a shallow grave. What an ill fate the poor girl as well as three others had to face. He has been nicknamed “three strikes” by the people and police due to committing similar such crimes in a row to three different people with Polly being his last one. The mystery will lie in-evitable about how many others, unconfirmed and confessed had he raped and murdered during his life time that nobody knows about. Because of this incident, a petition led by Mike Reynolds called “three strikes” has gone viral in the effort to gain as many signatures as possible with an immense amount of supporters towards this which simply means that any other felon who commits crimes of this nature to the count of three, should face 25 years in prison.

3. Neil Heywood

International Historical Murder Mysteries
The sad thing about modern society is that if for instance a man on the street, god accidently knocked over and killed or a homeless man has been stabbed to his death for the little belongings he has, the world honestly couldn’t care less, and not many would even think to give the man a decent funeral either. It’s just the way of the world, yet when a wealthy well known businessmen of Ukraine or some unpopular part of the world Is shot to his demise on some mountain top at the corner of the world, the entire world of businessmen are all of a sudden startled by it. This would purely be because he was of a wealth status. Humanity however doesn’t and shouldn’t fall into categories of thin,fat,rich,poor,tall,short and how others categorize and class others etc. The fact that somebody has life within them should means everything, regardless of class, background, age etc. British Expat in Beijing has been found dead in a hotel room, and has been reported to have been killed by just an overdose of having too much to drink that night. He has however been poisoned. The most silent way to die. It appeared to be in major speculated stories gathered that the murder of Neil was a result of him demanding 1.4 Million From the Xilai family over a Villa dispute. There were several suspects involved in this case and so it brings us to the mystery of this international murder, the person who killed Neil could have been one of many in his business ring and association.

2. Veronica Guerin

Veronica Guerin Historical Murder Mysteries
News reporters or people that make careers out of exposing the truth to the world about certain people have a passion to report a story, to say did what and to be proud of getting the truth out there, while they take pride in their work by exposing the truth about scumbags as well as good men too, this definitely would paint a big round, red target circle on their backs purely because of the amount of people who didn’t need that bad publicity and will eventually seek Revenge. People like mobsters and the Mafia have created a common image to the world and has demonstrated by many unconscious deaths that if “you’re a rat, they will find and kill you”. This has been Mafia Tradition for centuries ever since its existence to instill fear into the mindsets of people as well as to make a statement to the world that you simply do not get involved in Mafia business if you plan to be disloyal. Veronica on the other hand who is an aspiring and absolutely brave women I’d say since she had more *b*a*l*l*s than some men of this world to have written a report on several crime bosses and probably exposing things they’ve done and that they’ve kept under wraps and public knowledge. Witness protection programmes have been created after her death so that people with information about others crimes can come forward with evidence without having to fear for their lives, but even witness protection doesn’t last forever and the protectors of the witness can also be swayed by large sums of bribery to conduct a ‘service’ of murder to such a person too. Veronica Guerin has been shot dead in her car by a passing Mafia Hit on her life for her actions and for doing her job as a news reporter would. The real mystery here is that having exposed so many of these crime bosses and associates, which one of them would have orchestrated and carried out that ‘Hit’ in the end?

1. Jane Stanford (Co-Founder of Stanford University)

International Historical Murder Mysteries

Ranking number #1 on the List of International historical murder mysteries had to have been one heck of a mind wrecking case which still stands mysterious decades after. Stanford, Harvard and Oxford are some of the biggest names in Universities and as far as top class and the highest quality of Education is concerned. Anybody who is lucky enough to graduate from here are considerably regarded as “Brainiacs”. Some of the most famous people of today though have studied and graduated in Stanford specifically. These include: Stanford has also been ranked second in “the worlds top 20 Universities“. A university with this upstanding and strong reputation should mean more than just how it appears. There is a history about this university that some of you may not have known until now. The co-founder of Stanford and wife of Leland Stanford And what a profound and unmatched legacy of education they’ve created for people of the time it was built upon and thousands every year in this era also. The murder of Jane Stanford however Is a reflection of the wicked handy work of a mad man whom Jane had nominated as one of her trustees, Jordan his name was, who had ulterior motives of probably taking over the legacy after the death of Leland Stanford, the next best thing to do was to have his boss women out the way. Jane would regularly have a glass of mineral water left by her servant by her bedside and by a failed attempt to poison her the first time, her suspected servant was fired. Having being troubled by this and who could blame her, she retreated to Hawaii leaving her mansion behind at which she had taken her loyal Secretary along with only, a 20 year service rendered by this secretary was enough to gain her full trust. The second glass even in a new surrounding proved to be highly successful this time round leaving her to her death. Dying of strychnine poisoning has been diagnosed by her vomit, the first time round. The murder mystery verdict falls to the world as follows: Who Killed JANE STANFORD? Could it have been Dr. Jordan who has been manipulating the evidence of her death for long periods of time in creating a ‘land of make believe’ or could it have been her fired servant? Or the secretary she trusted her life on who has been present in both the first and second poisoning incident?