The 10 Most Bizarre Hotels in the World

We have compiled a list of some special, unique and unusual hotels from around the world. They can be found from Bavaria to Zanzibar.

Wherever your travels take you, whatever you have in mind: For almost every desire, no matter how extraordinary it may be, there is a right hotel. We take you on a journey through the world’s 10 most bizarre hotels.

10. Sand Hotel on Weymouth Beach

A dream of sand.

Sand Hotel on Weymouth Beach
The world’s 10 most bizarre hotels.

Let’s start our list with the most ephemeral hotels around the world – the sand hotel on Weymouth Beach in England. The place is considered a stronghold for sandcastle builder: The sand sculptures on Weymouth Beach are loud.

In addition to the impressive oversized sculptures, a hotel built by a whole team consisting of the best sand castle farmers of the world, within a week entirely of sand. 1,000 tons of sand was used in this case and a wall was formed along with high castle archway, ornaments and towers.

The interior consisted of sand beds and a complete lounge area, also formed of sand. The hotel offers a night under the stars, including sea view for £ 10 onwards. The only downer was probably that the castle builders had built no toilets. You might also like: 10 of The World’s Spectacular Beaches.

9. Salt Hotel in Bolivia Luna Salada

But after getting a taste?

Salt Hotel in Bolivia Luna Salada
The world’s 10 most bizarre hotels.

Our second hotel lives up to its name. All the walls are made ​​of salt blocks, even the floor is sprinkled with salt crystals. Out of about a million salt blocks were built in the hotel, even for the furniture and ceilings, salt is used.

Located on a hill in the village of Colchani, from where one has a fantastic view of the famous salt lake. The Salt Hotel Luna Salada is unique in the world and offers one thing: Calm and relaxation amid salt you can feel your own body circulation and can let you go completely. For further relaxation there is a large saltwater pool and a sauna.

An overnight stay costs around $150, but only the experience that this hotel is worth the price.

8. Waldseilgarten Höllschlucht in Bavaria

One of the most extraordinary places to stay in Germany.

Waldseilgarten Höllschlucht in Bavaria
The world’s most bizarre hotels.

Would you like to spend the night outside in the great outdoors? Then you’ve come to the right place. But beware if you are afraid of heights, “Sleeping in the tree” is the style of hotel Waldseilgarten Höllschlucht.

Here you can sleep in so-called “Portal Edges” which are suspended from the thick branches of free standing trees. The ascent and descent is only possible with the help of rope and a previous climbing course. From up here you have the breathtaking mountain scenery Pfronten.

For $300 per night this is one of the sportiest whereabouts that you have ever seen. Here is another list, you surly like; 10 of the most romantic honeymoon places.

7. Magic Mountain Hotel in Chile

The mysterious mountain in the forest.

10 most bizarre hotels
The most bizarre hotels.

The Hotel Montana Magica Lodge in Chile is probably better known as Magic Mountain Hotel. It is located in Huilo Huilo Reserve in Patagonia

Here life is like in the Shire of JRR Tolkien “The Lord of the Rings”: In a grassy hill in the woods. The hotel is built like a mountain and accessible only via a suspension bridge. Surrounded by a dense forest area in Chile looks like the Montana Magica Lodge, as when they had grown themselves out of the ground. A waterfall makes its way from the top to the foot of the mountain. The construction consists exclusively of sustainable and high-quality materials and is in harmony with nature and the magic of the forest.

A single room costs the equivalent of 215 U.S. dollars. This unique hotel is not only aimed at eco-tourists, but also to adventurous travelers looking for something special. You may like; 10 must see places around the world.

6. Tree Hotel in Sweden

A night at designer tree house.

Most Bizarre Hotels
most bizarre hotels.

Do you have the dream since your childhood to have a private tree house? This dream can be fulfilled in northern Sweden now. In the quiet village of Harada’s, hotel room hanging up to six meters height from the trees.

The various rooms in the Tree Hotel are designed respectively by different architects. One room is called “Mirror Cube ‘and is particularly spectacular because its outer sides are completely mirrored and the rooms are completely arranged by the reflections in the landscape. To make this intervention natural as much as possible, a special ultraviolet foil was used to protect birds about to fly.

However, this is also reflected in the price, which is around $550 per night. You may also like 10 of The World’s Most Beautiful Tree Houses.

5. Ice Hotel in Sweden


Ice Hotel in Sweden
The most bizarre hotels.

We stay in Sweden and take you to where it is really cold. The Ice Hotel includes a whopping 6,000 square meters of snow and ice. Bundled up in a thermal sleeping bag you stay here on icy beds.

The ice hotel is about 13 km from Kiruna in Jukkasjärvi. Every year in November the ice hotel is newly built by artists. The ice is polished, sanded and carved up as the hotel rooms for the guests arise. Just because of this effort the hotel counts among the most exclusive in the world.

With its interior decoration made ​​of snow and ice sculptures also it is one of the most beautiful places to stay. A very special highlight is the own ice church of the hotel where even weddings take place. Because of the cold temperature, hotel for children under the age of 12 is not suitable.

A weekend costs around $1000, about 50,000 visitors each year take an ice room. Here is another list of ten coldest places around the world, you may like this.

4. Giraffe hotel in Kenya

Hotel on Safari.

Giraffe Manor Hotel Kenya
The world’s most bizarre hotels.

A hotel with tame wild animals in their natural environment is available only in Kenya. Nowhere else in the world can you see giraffes up close?

As early as the morning, the giraffes are frolicking in the vicinity of the hotel, because they know that there will be food. On every breakfast table of guests, food for the animals is also available; the feeding is equipped at all the windows and doors of the hotel. This provides great interaction with the animals: you can pet them and take pictures and maybe you even can have one of the famous giraffe kisses.

The prices for an overnight stay vary according to season, however, lies in the higher price ranges, since it also supported by a foundation for the protection of the graceful creatures.

3. Kakslauttanen hotel in Lapland

An igloo made of glass.

Kakslauttanen hotel in Lapland
The most bizarre hotels.

The Kakslauttanen Hotel with his igloo village in Finland, where you can visit the best of deepest Finnish winter. You can experience warm igloo made ​​of glass in the winter wonderland.

Some rooms are equipped with an outdoor swimming pool. With a little luck you can admire the northern lights even at night. But even without the northern lights the view of the starry sky above northern Finland is clear from your bed.

Locally, exciting snow tours, from husky dog rides to snowmobile are available. Prices start around from $200 per night . Here is another list, you might like; 10 most beautiful villages of Europe.

2. Sala Silvermine in Sweden

Sleeping in the mine.

Most Bizarre Hotels
Top most bizarre hotels.

A suite in a silver mine or sleep in the underground: The Silvermine Underground Lounge in Sweden Sala, some 120 kilometers north-west of Stockholm, is probably the lowest-hotel in the world. What was silver mine earlier, is now a hotel about 155 meters depth.

It is advised by the management to take warm clothes, because outside the hotel rooms in the tunnel temperature is about three degrees. Your cell phone will have no reception down there, but do not worry, thanks to wireless devices; you are in constant contact with the surface.

The silver work of Sala is open all year round for groups and accommodation bookings. Prices range, depending on accommodation, at around 4,290 Swedish crowns. You may also like the list of 10 Most Scenic Drives in Europe.

1. Manta Underwater Room in Zanzibar

Under the sea.

Most Bizarre Hotels
The world’s most bizarre hotels.

The last hotel of our list exceeds all hotels mentioned so far on uniqueness and exclusivity. Off the coast of Tanzania you can have a bedroom underwater.

The hotel is in Manta Resort in Zanzibar a raft off the coast. The raft is divided over three floors. However, no matter if you are on the roof terrace for sunbathing or in the bedroom, you stay under water.

Manta Underwater Room is definitely one of the hotels that you will not want to leave during the holiday. A look at the underwater world of the Indian Ocean is crystal clear, and at night it ensures little floating lamps for a beautiful atmosphere. At the same time the soft light also attracts shy animals such as the octopus.

The accommodation costs for underwater experience can revolve around $1200. You may also like; 10 most amazing underwater hotels and relaxing resorts.