10 Most Famous Humanitarians Known to The World

There are currently over 7.4 Billion people In the world, these people are human beings but there isn’t any ‘humanity’ left. Its not uncommon to see a man on the street, a Millionaire walks pass, the man asked only for a dollar, yet he couldn’t give even that. The same Millionaire will be watched through the windows of a fancy restaurant by the same street beggar, spending over a thousand dollars on Champagne and Caviar or throwing hundreds of dollars at a time, causing a money rain effect on a stripper whom he doesn’t know and that she doesn’t know. Both the beggar and stripper don’t know the Millionaire, but because the stripper is a stripper and the beggar is a beggar, the Millionaire’s choice of who he spends money one is determined by who is off his class standards. It’s the way of the world as we know it. There are luckily however people who have enough money to supply even their grand children generation whose heart is wealthier than their wallets. Here are 10 most famous humanitarians that the world has known and by the greatness of their hearts shown unto the suffering, the world wouldn’t easily forget too.

10. Abraham Lincoln

Most Famous Humanitarians Abraham Lincoln
Most Famous Humanitarians – Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln is considered as a humanitarian as “wide as the world” which is something not many people, let alone humanitarians that the world has known has been able to establish. Abe Lincoln however on the other hand is made famous by his revolutionary statement which trumps everything that the world needed to believe in somebody. His statement ” Government of the people, for the people by the people” spoke of everything that defined utter democracy and fairness as well as everything that other selfish leaders couldn’t be towards the people of a country. Abe has been an inspiration to many generations after him including other famous humanitarians that is known to the world whom we are to give honor to as we go further down the rankings.

9. Mahatma Gandhi

Most Famous Humanitarians Mahatma Gandhi
Most Famous Humanitarians – Mahatma Gandhi.

His Name means: “Great Soul” and in an era of where only violence, brutal killings, destruction to civilization and world revolutions were taking place, one man, who took the greatest leap of faith in his life to oppose against violence acts, emerging and leading brave in perseverance, hope and patience, fearless of the possibility that by his opposition, he could have been killed and gotten killed as well. This hasn’t stopped him as his stride of bringing about change was unstoppable. This was the man who defined true determination to a cause in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. This was the man who led a few people to march to the ocean to boil the pure gifts of nature from the sea in order to make their very own salt. This was the man who was thrown out of a train by the British for not having a ticket for first class yet still adhered to a code of Non-violence, vegetarianism, and sexual abstinence, he was a pure as a real man could have been in his time but stuck to non-violent approaches even towards the people who were violent to them. He is also the founder of Natal Indian Congress which is still in motion today in South Africa, but by somewhat foolish leaders who will never match up to his efforts and everlasting leadership. He was the sword in the wind and ironically, without ever slapping a single person in his life even in defense. Ghandi is a world icon of peace and humanity and a set standard for bringing about change of his magnitude. One interesting fact about Ghandi that you may have never known about was his outrageous attempt to stop the man who lives upon seeing people suffer, the total opposite and contrast of Ghandi, guess who?…Adolf Hitler, whom Ghandi was apparently respected by to some slight level. Gandhi had written a letter to Adolf Hitler pleading to him not to go to war and somehow reached out to him on a slight level, which is something not many in the world would have been able to achieve seeing that Hitler knew only violence of the mightiest kind yet this great man, counteracted or toned down this vicious man’s plans to rule and defeat as many in the world with non-violence, a total opposite approach to Hitler!

8. Desmond Tutu

Desmond Tutu Most Famous Humanitarians
Desmond Tutu one of The Most Famous Humanitarians.

If you add one more to the amount of “two” sounding parts to his name, we will have a ‘Desmond ThreeThree’. Just kidding! Don’t laugh, this man has a smile as genuine as the sun’s ray and a heart just as bright as the sun too. Desmond Tutu is one of the greatest Elderly men that South Africa has known and is famously known and recognized world-wide too for his peace bringing, kind hearted, absolutely sincere nature and the man is an ArchBishop. what more can you expect from an ArchBishop? Besides being a Pope though, his personality isn’t fake or in pretense while in the eyes of the media or the people. This man has always been as true as can be. No aggression or impurities ,no violence and sincerely wishes to do great to the world.

7. Michael Jackson

Most Famous Humanitarians Michael Jackson
Most Famous Humanitarians – Michael Jackson.

The Number seven amongest the most famous humanitarians that the world has known in this list of ten, has got to be our beloved pop icon, MJ. Purely because he will never be forgotten and still remains fresh even years after his tragic and world shaking death.

Dark stage, all of a sudden the famous stage spotlight flicks, bam! All the world can see is a man with a shinny glittery sequined attire, trademarked glove on one hand and a black fedora hat just placed onto his head, then a quick sudden movement at the sound que of his first opening performance on show. The entire world in one area, screaming their guts out, some dropped to their knees crying, others fainting out of a frantic attack of shock, ambulance rushing in with stretches, the music is louder than hell, lights flickering on and off, the world of fans are cheering to the top of their voices to the distintive famous beat of Billie Jean.

Michael Jackson!!! OMG!!! Climaxing the song with a moonwalk gliding across the stage following his unconventional un-interrupted 10 second heel spin then coming to a complete standstill on his toes, throwing his fedora hat to the luckiest fan in the world!! This is the effect that Michael Jackson had on the rest of the world, the King of Pop, there was only one in the world. As a stage performer that’s been famous as ‘Michael Jackson’ (A branded name since his birth and existence on earth) since the 50’s has had more success as an entertainer than all of the ultimate great of the greatest put together yet tabloids have done things to tarnish this man’s carefully crafted and erasable image over the years, so why doesn’t Michael Jackson the greatest legend in Music History have first place here in the 10 most famous humanitarians known to the world? Michael Jackson has dedicated millions to helping famine victims in Africa, in joint hands with Lionel Richie, Quincy Jones and Stevie Wonder back in 1985 as well as making several attempts and secret trips to partner with Nelson Mandela, Princess Diana, Desmond Tutu and everybody else to build childrens homes, create generational childrens trust funds, and doing more good for the world centered around childrens lives for the better than anybody else has done. There are no amount of words that can be spoken to say what the greatest man who ever lived has meant to the world. The King of Pop will forever live and continue to walk over the moon above us, and is to forever be remembered as the only King of Pop in the world till the end of time! What Michael Jackson has printed on the world is what another human being would have never done, not in this, and certainly not in the next lifetime as well.

6. Angelina Jolie

Most Famous Humanitarians Angelina Jolie
Most Famous Humanitarians – Angelina Jolie.

An Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie has been named one of the “most beautiful women” in the world. She has been given the title not only for her physical beauty but also for her exquisitely beautiful heart. She has been on countless field missions to some of the most remote countries in the world. She along-with her husband Brad Pitt established The Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation in 2006 to assist with humanitarian crises worldwide. To launch the foundation, the couple donated $1 million to Doctors Without Borders and Global Action for Children. She has dedicated a lot time to eradicating extreme poverty, conserving wildlife and protecting natural resources. The actress is also a Goodwill Ambassador for UNHCR and a member of the board of advisers for Yéle Haiti Foundation.

Jolie has become increasingly more active on the political scene, meeting with legislators and speaking out on humanitarian causes. As for the number of Charities, causes and foundations she’s supported, the list is endless.As for the number of Charities, causes and foundations she’s supported, the list is endless. She has received several awards for her humanitarian efforts, including the Global Humanitarian Award by the United Nations for her work with UNHCR and refugees.

5. Oprah Winfrey

Most Famous Humanitarians Oprah Winfrey
Most Famous Humanitarians – Oprah Winfrey.

The world’s Richest women not only in wealth but in absolute richness of her heart too. She has a real heart that seems to be so kind that upon provocation, she could cry on prompt to watch something or somebody in suffering and you can be sure that she’d lend a helping hand too. Known to the world as a true humanitarian for various efforts of bringing about real change on a global scale helping those in need and not making the rich richer or the poor poorer. She has this equal affection for both people higher or lower her, and really nobody in her eyes would ever be treated as low because she always takes people and makes sure they get to the top, somewhere somehow. Opera Winfrey has been ranked Number 6 on this list of humanitarians that the world has known due to the popularity of her famous TV show as well as her more recent humanitarian evidence to the world by building a support school for girls in South Africa. She did this not because she could afford to take that money out of her pocket and fund the entire education institution but because she had a genuine heart to bring about real change. In this day and age, nobody would even provide a street sleeper with a new cardboard upon seeing the torn and tattered one over their head, let alone build a school in support for deserving girls outside of her own country. Once again, let’s go back to the introduction scenario of the Millionaire and you will be able to recognize the genuinity in her efforts.

4. Martin Luther King Jr.

Most Famous Humanitarians Martin Luther King Jr.
Most Famous Humanitarians – Martin Luther King Jr.

“I have a dream….” He said and turned it into reality! Martin Luther King is one of the greatest humanitarians out there with no hypocracy In his words as his actions taken to put certain injustices in place has proven this throughout the duration of his time of astounding leadership. A man of many talents he was , Activist, humanitarian, baptist Minister and the best domineering leader of the African-American Civli Rights Movement. Without Martin Luther king Jr. And without the movement he has managed to steer into a race free America In those years of action, there probably would have been the same amount of slavery and hatred to African Americans today. Some may call him the “man of the 60’s” as this was the time he had brought about such change, the change that Thousands of African Americans enjoy and are privileged to have today in modern America. Here is a classic video of Martin Luther king in his movement of Civil Rights.

3. Princess Diana

Most Famous Humanitarians Princess Diana
Most Famous Humanitarians – Princess Diana.

Any women with a crown on her head can call herself Queen or Princess or anybody who is appointed by Royalty to serve as so but it takes another caliber and soul of a true women altogether to be able to have a real and pure heart while being beautiful and to have such a hiarachial position in a country. Power and status gets to peoples heads and their human side gets depleted or they feel less of their class if they have to help anybody lower than them but Princess Diana wasn’t. She has exhibitted only kindness and absolute royalty to her name that deserved everything of the ultimate kind. She was no ordinary women and has helped famine victims all over Africa and throughout the world. Her heart was so pure, and she was a true example of a women god had made with his bare hands then broke the mold. If only women of this era had a heart like hers, the world would surely be a better place, and the world has lost somebody absolutely great too.
HERE is a video of Princess Diana, and I wish that you can see the sincerity in her voice and mannersms as a real women should be.

2. Mother Teresa

Most Famous Humanitarians Mother Teresa
Most Famous Humanitarians – Mother Teresa.

A humanitarian known to the world as the mother of the all races, ages will forever be remembered as a women with a heart of gold to offer. As a nun she has never had tonnes of money to over to the world, she has been richer in a sense of her humanness. In the times of when the rest of the world saw the suffering and walked away. She stood for the world and fed more mouths and stomachs that some mothers wouldn’t do even for their own children. No human being in this day and age with dedicate their entire lives to serving humanity and the rent she pays for her place on earth has surely been In the form of helping others to live as well where she can. Her story is remarkable and unparalleled in terms of a heart so pure without expecting anything in return. She is worldly recognized as a religious figure and a symbol of charity and selfless efforts. Something that is extremely difficult to find even from people who claim to be the best in the world. She has passed away but her spirit lies in every human being whom her goddess hands have touched.

1. Nelson Mandela

Most Famous Humanitarians Nelson Mandela
Most Famous Humanitarians – Nelson Mandela.

Woah! Where on earth do I begin to speak about one of the great men who ever lived on earth, more especially my motherland, South Africa. It is a great honor to write about him, to depict the real truth about this glory man, ‘Black Jesus’ whom some may call him and this with no disrespect to any religion what so ever. It is merely a reference of how people of South Africa, as well as all over the world would have recognized him. If an ordinary man like everybody else had to be given such a Messianic status, then this ought to speak for itself as people would idolize him as a god of some kind to walk the earth. Nelson Mandela can be considered as a mercenary from the time he was young,fighting for the cause of fairness amongst races in South Africa, and ever since ,spending 27 years in prison at the cost of it,if that was what it took to finally make his statement known and to validate his efforts. He was the man who went from pauper to President of the same country ,South Africa,that has been ruled by apartheid before his intervention. Besides giving charity to numerous places,and visiting child orphanages and a countless amount of humanity shown as a person. One thing South Africa would owe him is the fact that FREEDOM is only possible because of his unstoppable movement ,stopping at nothing,no matter how many lives lost,how many years spent in prison,the beatings,disrespect,loss of dignity,whatever needed to be done,he did. He has multiple streets in honor of his name, name, erected golden and bronze statues throughout South Africa and other countries. He is worldly known by almost every other president and also later welcomed by the President who ruled apartheid. A movie called “The Long Walk To Freedom” was made in dedication to his life has been produced and South Africa’s currency has his face on it too. Nobody in the entire world has managed to have this amount of success and popularity to this specific level which is legendary and unparalleled. Nelson Mandela will forever be in the air of South Africa as the man who made this country and surely did bring about more to the world by his life’s efforts,other than just political change of extreme magnitudes! HERE is a video of what distinctively makes this man the greatest and deserves his very own category of humanity on its own.