Ideas for Holiday in Sikkim

10 Rejuvenating Ideas for Holiday in Sikkim

Sikkim is a beautiful Indian state that is known for its pristine beauty and serene environment. Tall mountains overlooking this beautiful state, as if guarding it offer a mesmerizing sight to behold. Unique culture and beautiful landscape are the much awaited treats for the visitors coming here. Sikkim is also known for housing Kanchenjunga, the world’s third highest peak that acts as a presiding deity, maintaining a perfect vigil over this beautiful place. The beautiful Buddhist monasteries, some of them date back to centuries together are one of the major attractions of Sikkim. If you are planning for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, indulge in the following nine ideas for holiday in Sikkim.

Sikkim Tourism; Best Ideas for Holiday in Sikkim

10. The Dzongri Trek- perfect for the beginners

The Dzongri Trek Ideas for Holiday in Sikkim

If you are a beginner, trying to enjoy the trekking activity for the first time, the Dzongri trek is the perfect place to begin with. While enjoying this activity under the guidance of experienced “guides”, you also get to admire the breath-taking beauty of the place in the finest manner. The trek begins from a small Sikkim’s village, Yuksom. A lot of unforgettable sights will be encountered as one move ahead while memorizing the beautiful and stunning views of snow capped Dzongri peak.

9. The Kanchenjunga Trek- For the most experienced

Trekking at a high Altitude

One of the most popular trek in Sikkim, the Kanchenjunga trek is quite famous among avid trekkers who believe that a visit to this state is incomplete without enjoying a trekking experience in this region. This trek starts with Dzongri and moves on to Goechala. The entire experience is absolutely breath-taking.

8. River Rafting in Rangit and Teesta Rivers

River Rafting in Rangit and Teesta Rivers

If you love kayaking or white water rafting, the Teesta River is one of the most recognized hot spot for these activities. Though, this activity started in Sikkim fairly recently, but the chilling water of the river brings even experienced rafters to weave through the rapids with varied intensity pass quickly. Many rafting enthusiasts love to traverse River Rangit as it offers them greater challenges in terms of turbulent waters.

7. Trekking at a high Altitude

The Kanchenjunga Trek

People who are more experienced and adventure minded can go to high altitude trekking in Northern Sikkim regions across Sikkim Kanchenjunga Trek. Some of the peaks, as high as 5000 m offer challenging and formidable trek and are perfect for adrenaline craving trekkers. They can also enjoy amazing views of the snow clad mountains from high vantage points. One of the options available is the Green Lake Trek, but to enjoy trekking in this area, getting prior permission from the authorities is a must.

6. A sense of Peace in the Rumtek Monastery

Rumtek Monastery

Also referred to as the Dharma Chakra, the Rumtek Monastery is another must visit place in Sikkim. It is one of the most famous and most visited Buddhist Monasteries in the region. Located at 1500 m height, the monastery offers panoramic views of the place. Buddha’s statue, in all its magnificence draws a large number of tourists and locals alike.

5. Khangchendzonga National Park

Tourists at Kaziranga National Park

Sikkim also boasts about a famous biosphere reserve, namely the Kanchenjunga National Park. This Park is known to offer home to some of the rare wildlife species like Musk Deer, Snow Leopard, Himalayan Thar and many more. Unlike many other national parks, this national park is an altitude park instead of a horizontal park. Its height ranges between 6000 ft-30000 ft. As one goes up in the park, a marked change in its altitude can be seen. Alpine grasses can be seen at the higher altitude while at the lower altitude, Willow, Oaks and Maple can be seen.

4. Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking in sikkim

Adventure enthusiasts would love to enjoy mountain biking on the rugged terrain of Sikkim. There are many routes that have been introduced in the state, where bike lovers can enjoy an enthralling ride along with fresh mountain air!

3. Namgyal Institute of Tibetology

Namgyal Institute of Tibetology

If you are interested in knowing more about one of the world’s oldest religions Buddhism, you need to visit the famous Namgyal Institute of Tibetaology. Your all curiosities regarding the religion will be answered here. Its location is also quite unique just like its purpose. It is nestled amidst a beautiful mini forest, reaching where a person feels an immense sense of calm and peace. Mystic statues, beautiful paintings, ancient manuscripts and coins are some of the attractions of this Tibetan styled mansion.

2. The Damodar Ropeway- Enjoy the Nature’s Beauty

Ideas for Holiday in Sikkim

You can ride on the cable car that shuttles between the Secretariat and the Namgyal Institute of Tibetaology. The ride between these two places offers enough time to enjoy the scenic beauty of the place. A sense of mixed feelings is experienced with fear and thrill on one hand and enjoying the nature’s beauty on the other. Panoramic views of Gangtok can be enjoyed during the ride.

1. Adrenaline Pumping Activity- Bungee Jumping

Singshore Bridge Bungee Jumping

Enjoy a rush of adrenaline pumping through your body with an exciting Bungee Jumping activity that is available on the Singshore Bridge. Located centrally between Dentam and Uttarey, this is the Asia’s 2nd highest suspension bridge.

Varied biodiversity and surreal beauty all around makes this place a must visit for nature lovers. North Eastern part of the country offers an amazing experience to the tourists coming here in search of feeling complete relaxation and rejuvenation. Hope you enjoyed our list of ten best Ideas for Holiday in Sikkim.