Fairytale Places – 10 Magical Fairytale-Like Destinations to Visit in Your Lifetime

No matter young or old, anyone can be fascinated by fairytales and their dream-like sights. There are some places on earth that look like they could have been brought to life from a fairytale or a book. These destinations have become a hot spot for tourists from different cultures that share the love for fairytales. Check out the top 10 fairytale places that really exist. The top ten destinations that look like fairy-tales.

10 Fairy Tale Places You Won’t Believe Actually Exist:

10. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Magical Fairytale-Like Destinations
Neuschwanstein Castle in Summer (img source: travelandleisure.com).

The Neuschwanstein castle in Germany is considered to be one of the most visited places in the country. It’s one of the most scenic place in Europe as a whole. More than 1.3 million tourists visit the castle on a daily basis. The word Neuschwansetin translates to New Swan Stone in English.

The castle was built to be a home for King Ludwig II of Bavaria in1886. He wanted to live out a fantasy and use the Neuschwansetin castle as a retreat for himself. He wanted it to look like a recreation of the castle where he spent his childhood. Originally, the castle was supposed to have about 200 rooms built. However, due to the fact that the funds were cut, only about a dozen of them were finished. Sadly, King Ludwig II never got to see it completed as he died a few years before the final towers were built. After his passing, the castle was opened to the public even though the king never intended for it to be accessible to the public.

The popularity of the Neuschwanstein castle is due to its fairytale appearance that attracts tourists from around the world. It is said that the castle was used as an inspiration for the Disney movie Cinderella in 1950. In addition, it was also an inspiration for the Sleeping Beauty castle that is built in Disney Land, California.

9. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park
The Zhangjiajie National Forest Park (img source: worldatlas.com)

Located in Zhangjiajie, Hunan. The Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is a unique forest where the 2010 movie Avatar was shot. It was officially renamed to Avatar Hallelujah after the shooting in honor of the movie. It is a famous park for tourists to visit.

The forest park consists of sandstone that rises up to a staggering 200 meters of heights with patches of evergreen shrubs. In 2016, the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge was opened for the public reaching the height of 300 meters to give the opportunity for pedestrians to view the beautiful mountains. It is the oldest protected area in China. And, it is declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. One of the popular mountains, called the Tianmen Shan Mountain, is believed to be connected to heaven and posses supernatural powers by the locals in China. Another rumor is that that mountain is a home to priceless treasures that haven’t been found yet. The gate to the mountain that was formed in year 263 due to the collapse of the mountain is nicknamed ‘The Heaven’s Gate’ and is considered to be ones of the largest gates in the world.

8. Hohenzollern Castle

Hohenzollern castle in Germany
Hohenzollern castle in Germany.

The Hohenzollern castle in Germany was built near the Swiss Alps in the capital of Baden-Wurttemberg in the 11th century. It was destroyed and rebuilt for the second time after 40 years in 1454. Then, again it was left for ruins, and was rebuilt for the third and last time by Hohenzollern scion Crown Prince Frederick William IV of Prussia. The construction began in 1850. The castle is said to be a masterpiece of art. And, its beautiful location gives it a fairytale-like appearance.

In 1952, Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia filled the castle with priceless art pieces and paintings from artists such as Pesne, Von Werner and Laszlo. Among the artifacts in the castle is the Crown of Wilhelm II. The castle has been use as an annual camp for children. Almost 350,000 tourists visit the castle per year. It was also featured in the movie A Cure For Wellness and The Worst Witch.

7. Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt, Austria
Austria’s Most Beautiful Town Hallstatt (Img source: ytimg.com)

Hallstatt is a small town located in the district of Gmunden, Upper Austria. It overlooks the Hallstatter (Lake Hallstatt) and is known for the production of salt. The world’s first salt mine is actually there, called Salzwelten, and it is located above downtown Hallstatt. The spectacular village is tucked between mountains and water and attracts tourists who seek beautiful and fairytale-like landscapes. It has also been declared as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

This lakeside village dates back to the Iron Age. The shoe-last Celt is one of the town’s oldest archaeological finds, dating back to 5500 BC. It was only reached by boat until the 19th century due to its isolated and secluded location.

6. Wisteria Tunnel, Japan

Wisteria Tunnel, Japan
The Beautiful Wisteria Tunnel, Japan.

The Wisteria tunnel is a colorful and mesmerizing tunnel found in Kawachi Fuji Gardens in Kiktakyushu in Japan. Thousands of tourists flock to this tunnel everyday where 22 different species of wisteria cover the entire tunnel. Wisteria is a vine that is a member of the pea family and it is popular in both Eastern and Western Gardens.

The Kawachi Fuji garden was established in 1977. It is said that the best time to visit this magical place is in the beginning of May or late April.

5. The Rakotzbrucke Bridge, Germany

Rakotzbrucke Bridge, Germany
Rakotzbrucke Bridge, Germany.

The Rakotzbruch Bridge is nestled in the Azalea and Rhododendron Park Kromlau. It has also been nicknamed as the devil’s bridge due to the devil related myth or folklore surrounding the bridge. It is believed that Satan himself has built this bridge because no human can build such a perfect strong.

The Rakotzbruck Bridge was built roughly 150 years ago in 1860. Its optical illusion makes the bridge and its reflection merge together into a perfect circle. It is definitely Germany’s most beautiful bridge. However, crossing the bridge is banned but you can view it by walking in the Kromlau Park.

4. The Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland

Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland
Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland.

The Eilean Donan Castle is a castle on the Eilean Donan Island where three great sea lochs meet. It is widely known and most photographed castle in Scotland.

The castle was surprisingly fortified in the Iron Age. And, it was rebuilt between the years of 1912- 1914 by George Mackie Watson after almost 200 years of being left in ruins. In 1911, Colonel John Macrae-Gilstrap bought the island where the Eilean Donan Castle is located and dedicated 20 years of his life to rebuild it and restore it to its beautiful and fairytale like destination that we see today.

3. Bojnice Castle, Slovakia

Bojnice Castle, Slovakia
Bojnice Castle, Slovakia.

The BoJnice Castle is a medieval castle in Bojnice Slovakia. Not only it receives thousands of tourists every year, it also has been featured in fantasy and fairytales movies due to its architecture. The castle also hosts the International Festival of Ghosts and Spirits during May and the Summer Music Festival. Originally, it was built as a wooden fort but was soon replaced by stone. It has both Gothic and renaissance elements built into it.

The last owner of the fairytale castle was Count Janos Ferenc Palffy who was also the architect and the graphic designer of the castle. He collected antiques, drawings, paintings and sculptures. In 1950, a museum was opened inside the castle showcasing the era of architectural neo-style. The museum also contains artifacts and incredible paintings from the 14th century.

2. Sea of Stars, Maldives

Sea of Stars, Maldives
Sea of Stars, Maldives (Img source: standard.co.uk)

On Vaadhoo Island, an island of Raa Atoll in the Maldives which is a home for over 500 inhabitants, the sea of stars is located. The Luminous Sea of stars gives its beautiful appearance because of the planktons. A natural reaction happens and the Phytoplankton, the microorganisms that have a blue luminescence, occurs. The blue glow is a natural reaction as they produce toxins harmful to both humans and other creatures.  The dark water acts like a mirror that reflects the glittering stars in the sky.

The contrast between the sand and the water glowing in the dark is definitely a magnificent sight to see and experience. The glowing sea is one of the rarest phenomenons known to man.

1. Colmar, France

Fairytale Places Colmar, France
Fairytale Places Colmar, France (wikimedia.org)

Colmar is a commune of the Alsace region in France.  The city is well known for its well preserved old town and architecture. The architecture reflects 8 centuries of French and German architecture. It is also the birthplace of sculptor Batholdi; Father of the statue of Liberty in the United States. Colmar was preserved from any destruction caused by the French Revolution and several wars. In 1863, a hoard of priceless objects was found buried in Colmar. Among the treasures was a Jewish marriage ring that’s one of the few surviving examples of Jewish rings to this day.

Home to around 67,000 inhabitants, the exceptional town is classed as a protected area to preserve its history and unique features. The town is passionate about wine. It contains around 37 wine-growing communities. The most picturesque town in Europe. In addition, it has many historic sites. And, it’s a rich cultural site that you must visit and explore once in your life.

List Created By: Mariam Fahmy