10 Wild and Romantic Camping Sites in the World

Camping means freedom, adventure and romance at the same time: Sitting around the campfire, sleeping under the stars and experiencing nature.

You can camp anywhere in the world and with any budget: free in nature, with only a tent and a gas cooker – far away from any civilization. You can also choose the luxury variant and transform the tent holidays in a five-star trip: Many campgrounds have long been offering swimming pools, spas, children’s playgrounds and plenty of shopping opportunities.

However, one in too much comfort may miss the most valuable that can provide a camping holiday: The return to simplicity, the focus on the essential and the simple enjoyment of nature. Provided alone on itself, away from any kind of infrastructure is the landscape that surrounds one, more important than its own well-being.

This list has no ranking, but represents a composition of the grandest scenic places where you can set up your tent. It is intended for all camping fans that need no swimming pools, hot showers, but to look for the majestic views.

1. Fairytale Meadows|Pakistan

View of Nanga Parbat.

Fairytale Meadows Pakistan
Most Romantic Camping Sites.

This view has to be earned – for this fairytale meadow at the height of 3,300 meters, one can have a walk (about a four-hour) or ride on the back of a horse.

At the top, the reward is breathtaking: a green meadow in the middle of a pine forest with direct views of the North Face of Nanga Parbat (8.125m). One can rent out small log cabins and tents and also set up his own tent, there are washrooms with showers and hot water and a restaurant. You may also like; 10 best places to visit in Pakistan.

2. Karakul Lake|China

Like a surreal dream.

Karakul Lake China

A turquoise blue lake, in which the Muztagh Ata (7,546 meters), the father of all icebergs, reflects, nomads who move with their herds across the green meadows at the edge of the lake, yurts and donkey carts.

The Karakul Lake is located along the ancient Silk Road to 3,600 meters above sea level – you can stay in yurts and set up your own tent. In the only restaurant for miles around, you can get simple food, where you can use the toilets and the laundry room (showers do not exist).

3. Mount Everest Base Camp|Tibet

Tents on the roof of the world.

mt everest base camp trek

The base camp consists of only a fixed neighborhood of the mountain rescue, campsites, Tibetan prayer flags, some yaks and a stone tablet with the simple statement: “Mt Qomolangma Base Camp 5200 meters”.

This mountain makes everything else obsolete: Mount Everest, 8,848 meters is the highest mountain in the world. It towers over the small valley in its shadow, where you can rent a bed in a tent or can pitch your own tent. Here is another list, you might also like; 10 best hikes from around the world.

4. Mutawintji-National Park|Australia

Camping in the Aboriginal Land.

Wild and Romantic Camping Sites

A green oasis in the outback. Red gorges, weathered sandstone rocks, rivers and waterholes, rock engravings and paintings of the Indians – the Mutawintji National Park is located 130 kilometers north of Broken Hill.

50 pitches for caravans, tent sites, restrooms and showers, gas grills and picnic tables are available – in the middle of the desert, but you should be sparing with the water : When rainwater tank is empty, there is none left. It is heated by solar panels. You may also like; 10 of Australia’s fascinating wonders.

5. Polihale State Park|Hawaii

Sound of the sea as a lullaby.

Romantic Camping Sites
Wild and Romantic Camping Sites

 A lone, simple campsite in the dunes of a 27 km long sandy beach of Polihale State Park, on one side framed by the red-brown lava cliffs of the Napali Coast.

The campsite is situated in the west of Kauai, it can be reached only via a dirt road that winds through sugar cane plantations. When it rains, the road is a single mud path and can be overcome only by jeep.

At the campsite there are fresh water showers, toilets and covered picnic tables. You may also like; 10 of the world’s best romantic places.

6. Kathleen Lake in Kluane-National Park|Canada

Lakes, forests, bears.

Wild and Romantic Camping Sites

This vast wilderness is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Grizzly bears and mountain goats live here between glaciers, mountain lakes, rushing rivers, tundra, coniferous forests and meadows of wildflowers.

The only campground in the National Park is located at Kathleen Lake, framed by towering mountains, 20 minutes from Haines Junction.

It is open from mid-May to mid-September and offers firewood and drinking water, toilets and showers and picnic tables. You may also like; ten must see places worldwide.

7. Glenbrittle|Scotland

Mountains, meadows, sheep.

house sitting uk scotland
Wild and Romantic Camping Sites

Glenbrittle is a small town on the Isle of Skye. The camp is located on a beach at Loch Harport against the stunning backdrop of the Cuillin Mountains. There is a small store, toilets and showers. Here are some most beautiful photos of amazing places.

8. Kasbah Mohayut, Merzouga|Morocco

Under the starry sky of the Sahara.

Wild and Romantic Camping Sites
Wild and Romantic Camping Sites.

The largest dunes of the Sahara in Morocco are a magnet for tourists. No wonder that the city of Merzouga is the starting point for most tours in the desert.

A tip is therefore the Kasbah Moyahut, shortly before Merzouga right on the dunes of Erg Chebbi. Actually a small hotel complex, the Kasbah also offers pitches for caravans and tents with hot showers and electricity.

The resort is an idyllic and quiet, a peaceful haven in which to silence and vastness of the desert can be enjoyed. Check the list of world’s 10 most beautiful gardens.

9. Okavango-Delta|Botswana

Where rhino and lion say good night.

Okavango-Delta Botswana
Wild and Romantic Camping Sites.

A gigantic mosaic of swamps, lakes, small islands, forests, meadows and steppes, middle elephants , giraffes, lions, rhinos, crocodiles and birds – the Okavango Delta in the north-east of Botswana is a paradise.

There are many luxury camps, but you can also camp wild in the bush under the guidance of a ranger. Checkout 10 of the Most Romantic Honeymoon Locations Around the World.

10. Spitzkoppe|Namibia

Camping in the African bush.

Wild and Romantic Camping Sites

The 1,759-meter-high Spitzkoppe – the Matterhorn of Namibia – is a mountain that looks just like you could never draw it as a child in your art class: A triangle that pierces the middle of an endless plane out of nowhere in the sky.

There are a few campsites, but you can also camp wild anywhere. Without showers, toilets and other amenities – you feel like an explorer in an undiscovered country.

At sunset, you should definitely check to climb on one of the rocks and at night should look for the Southern Cross in the night sky. You may also like; 10 truly beautiful places around the world.