Best Cities For Video Editors

These Are The Best Cities To Settle in if You Are a Video Editor

Video editing is an extremely competitive field because of increasing professionals and limited job opportunities. As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the video editing industry might only add 200 jobs between now and 2022.

Since the competition is nowhere close to declining, and with apps such as InVideo taking the world by storm, it would be helpful to check out the places where demand for video editors is relatively high, accompanied by a higher wage as well.

Best Cities For Video Editors

Best Cities For Video Editors

The recruitment of film and video editors might increase by 22 percent from 2019 to 2029, faster than the average for all occupations.

The recruitment of camera operators can rise by 14 percent from 2019 to 2029, quicker than the average for all occupations.

Check out these cities before deciding to settle if you are a video editor and seek a stable job opportunity.

1. New York

New York has a limitless supply of shooting locations, making it a filmmakers’ dream. The place is home to dozens of national TV networks, and thus tops this list being the state where video editors can receive high wages. 

New York has been ranked as the second-best place to become a filmmaker in 2014, as per 

2. Los Angeles

When you think about Hollywood movies, Los Angeles is the first place that strikes the mind. Countless motion pictures get filmed every year in Los Angeles, and these films inevitably require a professional editor to edit them. 

In 2014, Los Angeles had over 8,810 video editors making, on average, about $105,370 annually. 

3. Massachusetts 

Run by the Boston area, Massachusetts is one of the best places for film editors. Massachusetts boasts a claim to over 60 academy award-nominated movies. 

Besides its extensively rich history, productions in Massachusetts have surged 150% in the last couple of years. 

4. Georgia 

Georgia is home to projects such as The Walking Dead, X-Men: First Class, and Mean Girls 2, making it an emerging giant in the filmmaking community. 

Production firms invested over $3.3 billion in the film industry of Georgia in 2013 alone. 

Qualifying productions also obtain a 30% tax credit, so you can rest assured that the film industry will continue to rise in Georgia. 

5. Chicago

Chicago boasts comedy legends ranging from Charlie Chaplin to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. As new comedic hopefuls and talent are swarming the place, the indie film scene is thriving. 

In Chicago, over 540 video editors received an average annual income of $54,460 in 2014. 

6. Illinois 

Similar to Georgia, Illinois also offers a 30% tax credit for all qualifying productions. Illinois returns 30% of your salary if you earn over $100,000 a year, working as an editor. 

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7. Nashville

Nashville is not merely the epicenter for music but is brimming with a lively video-editing scene as well. 

Hit shows of CMT are filmed and edited in this state. Back in 2014, 370 video editors got paid a whopping $71,640 annually.

The Film Festival at Nashville presents first-time films as-well-as Oscar-nominated films. There are even some celebrities that attend the festival.

8. San Francisco

San Francisco is a lively city to live in for creatives. The city is full of artists, actors, or filmmakers, which makes video editors fit perfectly into the city. Over 350 video editors earned around $67,800 in 2014. 

9. Atlanta

Film companies are picking Atlanta as their new movie destination. This switch has had video editors to move to Atlanta for better opportunities in video editing. About 330 editors made an estimated $52,300 in the past year. 

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10. Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. is the capital of the U.S. and is big on news and politics. You can work for an extensive range of news stations to edit clips from upcoming elects to late-breaking news. An estimated 300 video editors made about $74,050 annually. 

11. Portland

The Pacific Northwest is packed with beautiful green trees, making it suitable for shows such as Grimm and Portlandia. 

With numerous shows in Portland, video editors are making swift moves to cash in on their careers. About 300 video editors in Portland made around $46,560 in the past year. 

States With Different Video Editing Paygrades

The states that offer average salaries ranging from $42,960 to $48,990 per year include Utah, Montana, Texas, Iowa, Nebraska, Kentucky, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. 

Montana offers the highest annual mean wage at $48,990, while Florida offers the lowest at $42,960. 

The states with average salaries varying from $50,100 to $53,390 per year include Washington, Nevada, Oregon, Georgia, Massachusetts, Alabama, Minnesota, Ohio, and Maryland. 

Georgia offers the highest annual mean wage at $53,390, while Massachusetts pays $50,100, being the lowest.

States To Avoid

These are the states that you must avoid if you are looking for video editing jobs and also for a place to settle –

1. Hawaii 

Hawaii serves as the location for Jurassic Park and Lost and ranks low on the list because of its expensive location combined with a scarcity of jobs.

A quick research has concluded that there is not even a single video editing job open in Hawaii. A one-way flight from LA to Hawaii costs $500, making it an expensive place to live in and shoot. 

2. Idaho 

Idaho features picturesque countryside; however, meager production and post-production opportunities. Idaho provides no tax credit to filmmakers, making it an irresponsible move for many productions to shoot here.

3. Nebraska 

Nebraska is not an ideal place for film making, and a glance at their film commission website will reveal you everything you need to know.

Despite this state being home to the recent Alexander Payne film, it still has a diminutive filmography. 

4. South Dakota

South Dakota is home to Mount Rushmore as-well-as the worst film commission website in history. What South Dakota is devoid of in filmmaking history, it makes up for in the charming landscape. 

Final Words

While the expertise of video editing is taking off, there are too many emerging professionals with little jobs to compensate for the rising aspirants.

Thus, it is imperative that you check out this list to know which state you should settle in when looking for video editing jobs.

Be sure to go a thorough inquiry about the average paygrade as-well-as the landscape nearby to explore more opportunities to shoot every day.

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