TOP 15 Best-selling car models in the world 2022-23

Best-selling car models of 2022: Recently, the Forbes Wheels announced a data of the world’s top 20 best-selling car models in the world. According to the data, in this authoritative list, the proportion of SUVs has increased significantly, and some models have quietly It has changed. For any commodity, including automobiles, sales can confirm its quality from the side. Although it is not the 2023 list, it can basically reflect the “big trend”. Let’s take a look at the following, what are the “top cars” in the top 20? This list now includes numbers from the full 2021 calendar year.

Best-selling car models in the world 2022-23.

15. Honda Accord, 202,676 Sold

Best-selling car models in the world

In fact, young people in the world like the same, both want a little better power, a little control rod, but do not want to spend too much money, so Honda Accord can be so hot.

The award-winning Accord mid-size sedan isn’t the top seller it once was, as it’s fallen far behind its rival the Toyota Camry and behind Honda’s own compact Civic. With sales of 202,676 units, Honda Accord is 15th best-selling car model in the world.

14. Jeep Wrangler, 204,609 Sold

Best-selling car models in the world

The Jeep Wrangler’s lineup is more diverse than ever. It had its best retail sales since 2018. Although it’s sales down during 2020 and last quarter of 2021. Now additions to the lineup in 2021, it features an optional diesel, a V-8, and even a plug-in-hybrid model.

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13. Ford Explorer, 219,871 Sold

Best-selling car models in the world

The Ford Explorer is a perennial top-selling SUV. With sales of 219,871 units, Ford Explorer is 13th best-selling car model in the world.

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12. Toyota Corolla, 229,785 sold

Best-selling car models 2018
Toyota Corolla.

You read it correctly. This shipment sold more than 1 million units a year, which is 5.8% lower than last year’s sales. Corolla is Toyota’s global model. Like all Toyotas, it does not have significant advantages. However, it cannot absolutely find major shortcomings. Its durability is not bad. It is the biggest impression people have of it. Of course, the price is relatively cheap. The essential. In the global market, Corolla is almost always an “invincible” existence.

It is only in the Chinese market that it seems that it is very difficult to do it. It can be seen that Corolla is still old, saying that it is not bad Toyota, since the Corolla in 1997 is already the best-selling car, and Corolla was born to now total sales of 44 million units, if the outer atmosphere of the floating with a circle of fragrant fluttering milk tea, the circle on the surface is Corolla!

With sales of 229,785 units, Toyota Corolla is the 12th best-selling car model in the world 2021.

11. Toyota Tacoma, 252,520 Sold

Best-selling car models in the world

Mid-size trucks are in these days, and the Tacoma outsells all its competitors by a wide margin. Sales for the Toyota Tacoma were up for the full year, about 252,520 unit sold in 2021.

10. Honda Civic, 263,787 Sold

Honda Civic 2018
Civic Sedan.

The second-grader commented: “The second-second-seconds-seconds-seconds” Honda Civic is the largest black horse in the top ten lists. In 2016, it was the 10th place, in 2017, 2018 to the 2020 fourth place. It is enough to see the 10th generation of the Civic. Influence, the tenth generation of Civics in China has always been a state of markup and purchase since the tenth generation.

The 1.5T Earth Dream Engine is absolutely competitive at the same level, and the more sporty design makes it stand out among many similar products, become explosion models. Compared with the ninth-generation model, “The Doing Nothing”, the Tenth-generation Civic has obvious enhancements in various aspects such as power, control, and space. It is also natural to become a dark horse. While looking at the domestic market, even if it has been listed for more than a year, Civic still has different levels of price increase in many places.

With sales of 263,787 units, Honda Civic is 10th best-selling car model in the world 2021. The Civic is the Forbes Wheels Sedan of the Year for 2022.

9. Toyota Highlander, 264,128 Sold

Best-selling car models in the world

The Toyota Highlander three-row SUV continues its ascent through the sales ranks in 2021 with a strong year. The Highlander was redesigned in December 2019 for the 2020 model year. With sales of 264,128 units, Toyota Highlander is 9th best-selling car model in the world.

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8. Jeep Grand Cherokee, 264,444 Sold

Best-selling car models in the world

A new generation of the Grand Cherokee is the 8th best selling car models in 2021 with sales of 264,444 unit. The 2021 model also includes the two-row Jeep Grand Cherokee, based on an older platform. The 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee also includes a plug-in hybrid version Jeep calls “4xe.”

7. Nissan Rogue, 285,602 Sold

Best-selling car models in the world

The Nissan Rogue is Nissan’s best-selling car model in the U.S. market. It has been a big seller since its redesign in 2020, for the 2021 model year. With sales of 285,602 units, Nissan Rogue is 7th best-selling car model in the world.

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6. Toyota Camry, 313,795 sold

2018 Toyota Camry Mid-size Car
Toyota Camry.

As the only B-class car in the top ten. Camry’s success has his unique secret: High reliability and high-cost performance. Compared with other competing products, Camry has no obvious label on the body. In the same class, it is neither the most comfortable nor the best sports performance, but it can be said to be the most balanced, no character or perhaps the best character. This is similar to Volkswagen’s two oldest brothers, Passat and Magotan. Of course, from the eighth-generation Camry of the new architecture, we have seen many innovations. We will wait and see how we will perform in the future.

With sales of 313,795 units, Toyota Camry is 6th best-selling car model in the world.

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5. Honda CR-V, 361,271 sold

2018 Honda CR-V
Honda CR-V.

Honda CR-V as one of the earliest SUV models entering the Chinese auto market. It has always been an evergreen tree inside the SUV, positioning is the city comfortable SUV, a new generation models and hybrid version, using the Accord The above 2.0L naturally aspirated plus dual motor drive system, the performance is the benchmark in the same class of cars, the interior design is upgraded than before, the ride comfort has been improved, and the new car has added a lot of security in the configuration. Electronic system. Values, space, configuration, and mixing techniques are all together enough to crush other opponents.

In addition, as the oldest brother of Tiguan, it can be said that it brought up the Chinese auto market “to increase the price of the car” trend, after years of brand plowing, CR-V with its excellent practical performance in the eyes of people in the country established a good reputation.

With 361,271 units sold, Honda CR-V is 5th best-selling car in the world 2021.

4. Toyota RAV4, 407,739 sold

Toyota RAV4, as the pioneer of the urban SUV, has always enjoyed great reputation in the car. Reliable and durable, cost-effective inherited the fine tradition of the Toyota brand. RAV4’s fourth-generation variant “Rongfang” was launched in China last year. From the perspective of current sales performance, it is slightly inferior to CR-V and Qijun, but its global sales performance is still the highest among “Japan’s Sanjie”. Blazing, of which Toyota’s brand charm has played a significant role.

Although the domestic sales of RAV4 are not as good as those of CR-V and Tiguan, it ranks ahead of them in the global rankings. It may be due to Toyota’s reputation for durability. Although off-road capability is not as high as that of big brother, it is in the same class. The off-road performance can be much stronger than a ticket city SUV.

With sales of 407,739 units, Toyota RAV4 is 4th best-selling car model in the world 2021.

3. Chevrolet Silverado, 519,774 sold

Sales for the Chevy Silverado fell 36.3% as compared to 2020. But with sales of 519,774 units, Chevrolet Silverado is the third best-selling car models of 2021 in the world.

2. Ram Pickup, 569,388 sold

With sales of 569,388 units, Ram Pickup is the second best-selling car models of 2021 in the world.

1. Ford F Series, 726,004 sold

Ford F Series 2018
Ford F-Series F-150.

For the Ford F series, the most familiar of the Chinese people is its performance version – the Raptor (F-150 Raptor). In fact, Ford has a large number of pickup trucks from the F150 to F750 series. In 2017, sales of the Ford F-Series hit a record high. A pickup has a high degree of practicality and is one of the favorite models of the American people. It has always been the artifact of American consumers and has been the most-selling model in the United States for 28 years in a row.

However, due to various restrictions in the country, pickup trucks have become popular. It looks like there is still a long way to go. The interior space is large, the loading capacity and off-road ability are very good, and it can deal with all kinds of road conditions. It is exactly the “high-matching version of Wuling Hongguang” in the hearts of American consumers.

With sales of 726,004 units, F-series is the top best-selling car model in the world 2021.