Top 10 Creepiest Games That You Can Play

During your childhood, your granny must have told you many ghost stories and after that, you must have had a tough time sleeping alone. As you grew up, you perhaps developed a liking for horror movies that you still have a difficult time watching all by yourself. Yet, it gives you a kind of feeling that nothing else can. If you love watching horror movies and listening to scary stories then surely you will also love playing the top 10 creepiest games that have been listed below.

Creepiest Games

The 10 creepiest games that is not for the faint hearted.

10. Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board

If you want to play an interesting trick, the actions of which supposedly will be performed by your summoned demons then this game is just ideal for you. You do not require any special tools to play it, just one friend who is ready to take this challenge and a few other friends. The person who has taken the challenge must lie down, and you and the other friends need to be on your knees. Each one of you now must place two fingers underneath the person who is lying down and start chanting “light as a feather, stiff as a board” while keeping your eyes closed. If you repeat this a few times it is said the body starts levitating.

Sorry to spoil the fun, but physics has a role to play here. See also; 10 Paranormal Games That Will Freak You Out.

9. Ouija Board

Though Ouija Boards are commonly sold as games, they really are not. It has been in existence since 1891 when it got advertised as a talking board as per Smithsonian and from the 19th century, its connection with spiritualism started in America. You can get this game easily in any toy store. The board has number and letters written on it and has a planchette that spirits are supposed to move. Players will have to keep their finger lightly on the board and ask any question. If there are any spirits around they will move the planchette to spell out the answer.

8. Three Kings Cross

This is also a very famous paranormal game. To play this game you have to find a place that has no place for light to enter. At around midnight you need to enter the room with two, preferably large mirrors, candles, three chairs, and any important object from your childhood and then need to place them the right way. Now, keep the door open and go to your bedroom. After 3 go to that dark room again and check if everything is exactly in the position you had left it. At 3:33 am exact, sit on the chair keeping a lighted candle in your hand. Now, look at your reflection in the mirror. After just a short while, you will likely experience a weird presence around you and that perhaps will try to communicate with you. This can be dangerous so think twice before trying.

7. The Bathtub Game

This game basically is a ritual from Japan. It involves summoning a ghost that will follow you throughout the day and try to catch you.

To play this game, you will have to go to your bathtub before sleeping. Get rid of all your clothes. Fill the tub with water, and turn all the lights off. When you enter the tub you must be facing the faucet. Now close your eyes and start washing your hair and at the same time keep chanting “Daurama-sen fell down” until you have finished washing your hair. You will soon notice the mental image of a Japanese woman standing in front of the bathtub before she falls on some rusty tap that then goes through her eyes. As soon as you feel a presence around you ask this question – “Why did you fall in the bathtub”. Do not wait for any answer. While keeping your eyes close, carefully stand up, and go out of the bathroom, close the door, go and sleep.

Next morning, you will feel some presence around you. Throughout the day you have to maintain distance from her, and when you notice her behind your right shoulder you need to shout “Kitta!” and do a karate chop motion at the same time with your hand. If you do not do this properly then you will surely see her in your dreams.

6. Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary folktale is pretty popular. What you need to do to play this game is to take a candle in your hand when it is 3 and go up to a mirror and three times say “Bloody Mary”. This, supposedly, will summon a blood-covered lady who can do anything to you. Many people have said to have had horrific experiences and some people have experienced nothing at all.

5. Dry Bones

It is like a hide and seek game but with the demons. If you win the game you get a reward of your choice. And, if you lose, then the situation can be bad. If you still want to play this game just go to your bathroom at 12:01 am, light a candle and stare into the mirror. Now repeat this phrase “I am aware of your presence and I welcome you”. Now run quickly and hide. Once you are tired go to the biggest room in your house at exactly 3:00 am and say “Thank you for playing, but you must leave now. You are no longer welcome to my house.” If you hear a sound, that signifies the demon has agreed.

4. Hide and Clap

You need to follow the normal rules of hide and clap but will be playing with the demons here. If you are interested in more thrill you can play in a dark big house along with a few more friends. As you keep playing you suddenly will realize that invisible players have joined your game. It will be best not to play it though as the demons may not choose to leave.

3. Charlie Game

Like the Ouija board game, this one too will answer your questions. You need 2 or 4 pencils and have to keep them in a way to form a grid. Each box will be marked with No and Yes. This game supposedly summons Charlie, the Mexican demon who answers when the pencils begin moving without any force applied by the humans.

2. The Dark Reflection Game

This is more of a ritual and many people think it can bring good luck. You just need to find a hand mirror and look at it. Try to focus all the negative thoughts that you have and hold it to a burning flame until you notice black smudge appearing. Now, smash the mirror, It is said that after this many things can happen that night, you may even risk your life, but if you survive, then it will bring good luck.

1. One-Man Hide and Seek

This game, also known as Hitori Kakurenbo, originated in Japan. In this game, you will play hide and seek with a doll. What you need to do is take a stuffed doll, remove its stuffing and refill it with rice and a piece of your fingernail. Sew this doll with a red thread and any remaining thread needs to be wrapped around the doll. Next, place the doll in a tub that you have filled with water and switch all the lights off. After some time come back to the place where you kept the doll and if the doll is not there the game of hide and seek has begun.

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These are top 10 creepiest games. They are thrilling and those who love adventure will surely be lured into playing it. However, if you play them it can be risky. So, think a hundred times before playing any of them, and it will be best if you rather not play.