10 Paranormal Legends That Can Rattle The Bravest

Ever had an experience where the dogs outside start barking at 00:00 AM on the dot, yet when you wake in a shock and look out the window, there’s nobody there? Ever wake up and feel a cold chill around you on the hottest day and when you run to switch the lights on, another hand or THING with claws, fried chicken fingers touches your hand too, lights on, nothing there besides you, only to look back and you realize there’s a clown sitting on your rocking chair, rocking that chair faster and faster till it springs up to attack you only to wake up from the nightmare that in your nightmare it appeared to be as though you’ve already woken up from. Either this OR thinking you you’re cat had a staring issue, every time you looked at it, it looked and stared without a blink at you, when in the long run you look deeper into that cats eyes and see a reflection of a man with dreadlock hair and a knife, the cat screams with fangs you through the cat behind you, come back and your cat disappears. Ghosts have always been a phantom for centuries, some claimed they’ve seen it, some just don’t believe it till their own encounters. We are now to bring to light what has always remained in the ‘dark’. Please note that the following article does not represent actual confirmed sightings or factual evidence of the paranormal existence, but it is purely to make you aware of the created legends by the experiences people claimed they’ve had or something that’s caused outrage to the world.10 Paranormal Legends that rattled the bravest of the world.

10. Bloody Mary

Paranormal Legends
Paranormal Legends – Bloody Mary.

You’re sitting in a nice fancy restaurant with some friends, waiter comes by and asks : “what would you have for drinking Sir / Madaam” and you’re response would be “Oh give me a glass of Bloody Mary” , but here I’m not referring to the wine. When we speak about paranormal, it usually lurks in the unseen by the naked eye, unless such a ghost wants to be seen by you, if you’ve done an injustice to a human that died before its time, the time scripted by god, don’t think it won’t come back to haunt you and disrupt your existence till it sees you in you grave. Known to the United States as one of the most haunted locations and ground for paranormal investigators, Whispers estate. Probably as the name suggests seemingly that a lot of whispering has been going on by the unseen, to the ears of the real life humans. Bloody Mary became a game people, especially young and foolishsters would play, in hope of conjuring the dead, in this case, Bloody Mary, a princess murdered in-front of a mirror. The game actually mocks her death causing her to appear in your mirror they say, but does the game really make her appear?

9. Glassy Glassy

Paranormal Legends
Spirit of the glass – Paranormal Legends.

Glass is reflective of everything that appears in front of or behind it. You exert more force than its bonded strength can handle, it will most definitely crack or shatter into pieces, just as a mirror can. Used for many things such as windows, your cutlery, kitchen utensils and various other reasonable and realistic uses. Glass however used for bizarre reasons to provoke some ghost, isn’t what it was intended for. Glassy Glassy is one of the paranormal legends that originated in South Africa, dum South Africa, do the stupidest of things apart from the rest of the world, I myself am ashamed to live in my own country for this reason and many others. More of a game silly kids would play however using an Ouiji board (letters A-Z with numbers 0-10 and an overturned kitchen glass (Think about the one they used in the TV series: ‘Charmed’. Communication to the glassy glassy spirit happens by the movement of the glass, at which is an indication of the spirits presense. When the glass moves at any point, falls or something else around you breaks, now you know that you’re in serious trouble, that you might not be able to walk away from without bringing a religious leader In your community to ward of the evil spirit, do not take this lightly, playing with dead spirits is NOT A GAME! Leave the dead where they are, they are dead for a reason, do you not treasure the privilege of your life ?, if you don’t want to live, there are more professional ways to take it rather than let a ghost do it for you, you should probably consider watching ‘1000 ways to die‘ for some other creative ideas rather than conjoring spirits that may even attack your entire family while you watch.

8. Highway Sheila

Paranormal Legends - Highway Sheila
Paranormal Legends – Highway Sheila.

Picture this, you’re sitting In your 60’s muscle car, big staring, long hood, drop top, big stick gear, lit cigarette, Ray Ban shades, long hair flying around, riding like a rodeo on the road again on a long stretch close to the midnight hour. While you’re at it, besides you is a bottle of Jack Daniels Intoxicating away for a long drive. Things get a bit lonely, so you switch on your stereo, on your speakers, AC/DC Singing loud: ” Aaaaam onaa high way to helll (guitar strums), High wayyyyy to hellllll ! Come on now! ” This sounds like the typical American Thriller movie scene isn’t so? The long told tale of “Highway Sheila” however is a South African originated one of Many people with a story and experience to share. Sheila of the famous Higginson Highway in Chatsworth has been reported frequently for years by locals to have appeared like a normal looking women needing a lift in the midnight hour and like every man, the noble thing to do is to offer it t,and the unlucky bugger that did, would eventually be dammed. The legend has it that a few decades ago on this highway she was either knocked by a vehicle or murdered by a motorist and by her appearance is said to be revenge for motorists. South African Indians especially have been affected by her paranormal presence leaving them in shock afterwards as she makes her disappearing act, only to realize she’s a freaking ghost bitch! Over the years, many Indian priests have gone to the part where she is believed to stand and hitchhike, to pray for her spirit to send her off to her eternal resting in peace, yet she always struck again some years later; it could be that they have prayed at the wrong place or this is one persistent women.

7. Seven Fairies or Seven sisters

Seven Fairies or Seven sisters
Paranormal Legends – Seven Fairies or Seven sisters.

Another South African Tale that many have grown up with, especially in the Indian culture. its been reported that they reside in the swamps or rivers or under trees and exactly 12PM during mid-day they come out to play. Young Indian females especially are told not to leave their hair open and eat meat etc. Or go outside under the trees or near the rivers alone since its said to jump onto them, and take their form or basically sit in their hair as small as they are in their spirit form which have reported stories to have turned girls mad, possessed or extremely sick close to death if not dealt immediately with ‘spiritual voodoo’ to bring these people back to normal again. In India, there is a similar issue but with a different name, called “the Yogi” which resides more in the River Ganges (a sacred Indian river for centuries). The ritual involving reforming the possessed would be to smack them on the face with a thick rope called a ‘vidyajathi’ in the Indian culture.

6. Resurrection Mary

Resurrection Mary Paranormal Legends
Pamela Noble in Resurrection Mary.

Chicago’s most famous ghost! We’ve heard of Bloody Mary, The Seven Sister Fairy and now Resurrection Mary too. Just like Sheila,Mary of Chicago is another disappearing hitch-hiker. How convenient that her name is “Resurrection Mary” and contradictory to that is that in Christian belief. Mary was also the name of Jesus, who also resurrected. Contradictory because one is linked to angels and peace while the other is linked to destruction of living by being dead yet appearing alive now and then. While the resurrection of Jesus hasn’t been seen by modern day humans, the resurrection and ‘white ghost’ sightings of Mary would have been seen several times of appearance in Chicago. She is a similar case as “Highway Sheila with the only difference of belonging to a much much bigger country altogether which means more of a terror due to more people living there. Seems like Mary, will be doing a whole lotta paranormal activity to those unfortunate passerby’s. Mary’s paranormal reign of terror is reported to have began in the 1930’s to have been appearing like a real women in a white dress, how typical the color white is to resemble the perfect Ghostly attire anyway. Can you imagine a date with a scathingly hot women in white and only to drive her back to the graveyard and before you get her ‘number’ Tombstone number by the way, she vanishes into thin air, literally, thin air.

5. The Flying Dutchman

Paranormal Legends
Paranormal Legends – The Flying Dutchman after being freed.

Nope we are most certainly not speaking about the one in Spongebob Squarepants. The story of the Flying Dutchman makes you think of an Irish sailor who probably has been killed in some shipwreck, in the 17th century and is out for revenge on the ravishing seas for every new sailor or water sporting individual. The story of the flying Dutchman remains forever a mystery with fabricated stories passed on from decade to decade from many who reportedly seen him with torn and tattered sails etc. The curse of an ill-fated ship captain who was meant to be stuck at sea forever. He can be remembered as a phantom ghost, seen very rare but his presence is usually that of a very strong one when seen at sea. Nobody could ever trace the exact captain at who they suspect would fit the flying Dutchman role. However over the span of centuries, several ships have sunk and thousands have died unwillingly too, imagine the amount of ghosts roaming at sea till this day that have spirits at extreme unrest to see a nice fella floating stable on his rowing boat with a smoking pipe in his hand.

4. (Triple six) 666 Beast

666 Beast Paranormal Legends
666 Beast – Renowned Paranormal Legends.

The most common paranormal legend world-wide is this 666 Demon everybody knows is linked to the satanic world some how. Picture a door number like 999 knocked loosely by one nail each, somebody knocks the door, and all 9’s fall upside down creating the “666” effect, somebody walking by would probably immediately joke about that door being the entrance to hell, its just that common amongst everybody. The Triple 6 as we know it can be linked to satanic groups such as “The Illuminati” and Lucifer (The king of Hell) himself. Satanism all over the world is being dark lighted and pulling many innocent people, preying on the minds of the vulnerable, showing them a candy coated version of a ‘pleasant’ way of living without rules, to be the worst in a tempting lifestyle, with promises to even control life. Its a battle between good over evil, where in many cases, evil seems to win due to their devious ways of doing things to overthrow the good opposition, manipulating the weakness of the good and turning it into evil strength. A tombstone has been found with a shocking statement that read: “Victim of the 666 Beast” which means such a paranormal legend is dangerous and more likely to take the form of human beings in turning their minds to commit grotesque crimes such as human sacrificing etc.

3. Ghost of Molly Brown

Real Ghost Footage of Molly Brown
Real Ghost Footage of Molly Brown.

The Titanic has been the biggest Shipwreck story ever to be made famous in modern world history. The mothership cruise-liner being in its ultimate humongous form is to absolutely not something that will just sink and the world would forget about a week after. If somebodies ring fell into the ocean over a bridge, it can be replaced within the next month or so and probably forgotten over time, life moves on. Titanic ship however sunk 15 April 1912 Taking down at-least over 1500 people with it, to their deaths, with one of them being belonging to Molly brown; A survivor of the Titanic who lived to tell the tale as we know it and as the movie depicted it today.There was a family that Molly used to visit regularly and has seemed to be sighted to come back after her death in the form of “ghost Molly Brown”or Unsinkable Molly Brown as she’s dubbed, which falls more into the urban legend category due to it being quite in yesteryear that she decided to pay a visit to the families residence while hovering around. A video of her captured in action by Camera can be seen HERE.

2. Alien Sightings and signs of existence

Alien Sightings and signs of existence
10 Paranormal Legends That Can Rattle The Bravest.

UFO’s have always been the wreckage of brain to the world ever since there’s been several sightings and other Extra Terrestial type of creatures that’s walked the earth and done some crazy stuff that is beyond the talent or ability of humans of this planet. America as well as other parts of our planet Earth has seen some strange and rather unbelievable things such as: Crop circles that all of a sudden were done overnight and when viewed from Ariel view, can be seen of its utmost precision in the cut of a circle around large acres of fields. Something that definitely NO human being would be able to do overnight and especially not a tractor or any agricultural vehicle either.There are several theories about how this formation may have occurred and in the scientific aspects, link back to Aliens who may have made these precision circle markings with their space ships or some strong invisible lighting that can come from outer space to make these rings onto earths ground. Crop circles has been a phenomenon for centuries it seems, which validates that humans of that era, had better things to do than to spend hours trying to make their wheat and corn look pretty and even if they did have the time to do so, its beyond human hand expertise to make precision cut circles In wheat and neither did they have the machines to do it either. There is also a belief that the devil himself would have done this to make a statement to the world. While Aliens isn’t actually a ghost, its something that if seen can really freak not just a person, but the entire EARTH of their rockers, spiraling out of extreme control. Several other occurrences of an Aliens presence has supposedly been caught on camera. Its very easy for kids with an elaborate costume to play a convincing hoax, however this one is different from the act at which a human could possibly play. A reliable news reporting source shot this video LIVE upon occurrence of what appeared to be an Extra Terrestrial sighting, watch HERE.

1. Tikoloshe (African Demon)

Tikoloshe Paranormal Legends
Tikoloshe – The African Paranormal Legends.

The number one ranking paranormal legends is one that has proven to actually be true in its existence. Conjuring of spirits is nothing new in this warped world of living and isolated groups who form in the underworlds of civilization that don’t conform to the norms of rules, regulations, morality and humanity either. The legend of the “Tikoloshe” has been rattling South Africa as well as other known parts for decades. This short – man/evil dwarf is so controversial ever since its creation, its landed itself a South African shot movie also just as ‘Highway Sheila’ did. If these paranormal legends were just the act of some hyperactive imagination, do you as a skeptic, really think that directors of South Africa, would spend Millions of their life earned money to create a ghost movie just because one or two people complained about their experiences and encounters with such paranormal beings? I wouldn’t quite think so. The majority rules. Zombie like in appearance or bear like with twisted legs, and a long ‘whopper’ that is sprung over its back which has been believed to form part of sexual endowment, in order to satisfy witches. Their purpose of creation by the ancient use of traditional witchcraft, While arts and craft on the other hand is for the creative innovative enhancement of our lives, witchcraft is known world-wide for creative destruction. The Tikoloshe on the other hand has been terrorizing South Africans for years and it isn’t one ‘ghost’, as different witch doctors around the country have created their very own individuals or groups too and is used to be attack children, adults or animals, mainly as an act of Revenge to leverage somebodies offense towards them. Witchcraft of this nature has gone so far in South Africa particularly, that the government actually issued a witchcraft suppression Act. So how does this Tikoloshe be created without god and by the hands of a normal human being? An African documentary has been created and many interviewed witch doctors have revealed that different random people of specific body parts etc. Are kidnapped and murdered, dying before your time in many religions is believed to cause unrest to ones soul. The body parts of different people are fused into one body (Tikoloshe) which is gauged of its eyes, bones broken, feet turned upside down, genitals enlarged, head poked with a burning spear rod and given power by conversing through rituals to the dead. It is given life by the fusion of the angry spirits of those different bodies who all act In the form of this one Demon unto the living at who its ordered to attack. Imagine several angry spirits fused together and at unrest, the best revenge would be to attack people who have normal lives, in this case jealousy also rules.

The final verdict is that, nothing is no paranormal legend would be strong enough to tackle and win over a tikoloshe as its under the control of its creators only. If this isn’t dangerous enough for you, think about the odds of a Tikoloshe being sent into an airline carrying 100s of people, to attack the pilot, by this I mean a tikoloshe sent into every airliner of every flight Attacking each pilot. Watch this mobile recorded video of what’s believed to be one sighting of the Tikoloshe.

10 Paranormal Legends

  1. Tikoloshe (African Demon)
  2. Alien Sightings
  3. Ghost of Molly Brown
  4. 666 Beast
  5. The Flying Dutchman
  6. Resurrection Mary
  7. Seven Fairies
  8. Highway Sheila
  9. Glassy Glassy
  10. Bloody Mary