Top 10 Scariest Haunted Dolls that Actually Exist

All of us had at least one favorite doll when we were children. We loved to play with them, would take them with us when going out and would keep them by our side when sleeping. After all, dolls look so sweet and adorable and so easily become our friends. But all dolls do not bring happiness to their owners, some are such that bring along bad fate, and these dolls are considered haunted. Yes, such dolls do exist and here we are presenting you 10 of such most haunted dolls.

Scariest Haunted Dolls that Actually Exist

TOP 10 Most Haunted Dolls that Actually Exist:

10. Elmo The Creepiest Doll

Elmo dolls always have been very popular and children have always loved them. However, the Bowman family was having a tough time finding an Elmo doll for their 2 year old son, and when they did, they were very happy. This doll is programmed to recite the name of its owners and also some fun additions. When the 2-year-old kid was playing with the doll her mother was at a distance and she suddenly heard it say kill James. She immediately went there and checked the doll and all looked normal. After a few days the same thing happened and the mother though she is just hearing things. However, one day the Elmo doll all of a sudden started singing kill James and this is when the family got terrified. They called Fisher Price and when the problem was not solved the Bowman’s family got a refund.

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9. Amelia – The most haunted doll

Amelia was made in the 1800s and is thus one of the oldest dolls. It is believed that the king of Italy was once its owner and this also makes it a very popular doll. Since it has been in existence for so long, it has also managed to see a lot and perhaps even attract something evil. The doll is heard crying for its mama. If you think this is normal or maybe it is programmed to do so, you need to know its voice box has been broken long, long ago.

8. Annabelle – The Most Haunted Doll

This is one of those dolls that everyone, right from children to adults knows about. The Annabelle doll found a place in the popular movies like The Conjuring and Annabelle. What you perhaps do not know is that this doll, which is said to be haunted, has been designed to look a lot scarier for the movies. In reality, it is just a normal sweet-looking ragged doll. However, do not let its look lure you as paranormal experts have warned everyone to stay away, and not even stare into its eyes.

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7. Caroline – Most Haunted Dolls

Caroline is a porcelain doll that also is believed to be haunted, but not evil. You can find this doll in an antique shop in Massachusetts and it is said to be haunted by not one but three ghosts, each fighting over their rights to control it. People say if you hold this doll really close it will whisper in your ears.

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6. The Blindfolded Doll

Though no one is aware of the name of this doll that was found on the side of some road in Singapore with a blindfold on its eyes, it nonetheless is haunted. It is said that this doll starts moving all by itself, moves its head from side to side, and even has been heard speaking in a woman’s voice. People say the owner of the doll blindfolded it so that it could not find them ever again. And it also is said that if anyone removes the blindfold the doll would certainly follow them.

5. Peggy The Haunted Doll

Peggy is an infamous doll that is believed to have an effect on people who have never even been close to her. When videos and pictures of the doll were posted on the internet, about 80 people said that they had a headache, felt anxious, and even saw images of mental asylums. A woman also reportedly suffered from a heart attack after she viewed some online videos of the Peggy doll.

4. Amanda – The Scariest Haunted Doll

Where exactly Amanda originated from is not known. But, her legend began when she was sold many years ago on eBay. Since then she has been sold over 10 times, and does not stay in the same place for too long. Her owner says that she scratches on her glass case trying to free herself from the same. Some owners say that she brings bad luck. And, also people have also seen her move from one place to another on her own.

3. Mandy – Most Haunted Doll

Mandy is a porcelain doll and is also one of the most haunted dolls ever. She was made in the year 1910. And, now has found a place in a museum in British Columbia after having been donated by her previous owner. The owner had heard the doll cry at night in her home, and after she donated the doll there was no crying heard in her home again. In the museum too, weird things have been noticed, including footsteps are heard in the hallways when no one is around.

2. Mercy – The Haunted Dolls

Mercy, it is said, is possessed by the spirit of a 7-year girl child. Many owners have seen this doll stand straight up and then be found at other places from where they were placed. Some have said that the television or radio station would suddenly change when the doll was around.

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1. Joliet  – The Haunted & Cursed Doll

Joliet was part of the same family for many generations, and the curse of the doll affected the women of every generation in that family. Each of the women gave birth to two children a girl and a boy. Each boy on the third day of being born would suddenly die. Members of that family said that they would hear the doll crying. It is believed that the doll holds the departed spirits of the boys.

It certainly is so eerie to even know that such haunted dolls exist. Though it is hard to say if all of these stories are true, but if they are, everyone certainly should maintain their distance from these dolls.