Top 10 Dog Breeds for Kids and Families

Having a dog in your family can make a huge difference to your children’s self-esteem and their overall attitude. Families who raised their children with dogs are found to be more caring and sensitive to other people. But of course, not all dog breeds are the same. Every breed will have their own distinct attitude and temperament. What are the best dog breeds for kids and families? Here are the top ten dog breeds you might want to consider having.

10. Beagles

Beagle Dog Breeds for Kids and Families
Cute Beagle Dog Breeds for Kids and Families.

If you are looking for a calm and collected dog for the family, the beagle may not be the one you should go for. Beagles are hounds which make them pointer dogs. They are supposed to be outside the house a lot. Beagles love to run and sniff. However, beagles are included in our list of dog breeds for kids and families because of their friendly demeanor.

In fact, beagles are sweet dogs. They love to play and interact with humans, perfect for those who have toddlers. However, you also have to be cautious since some beagles can be a bit heavy for the toddlers to handle.

What parents can do is to train beagles. Beagles tend to get attached to humans howling at night in the absence of people in the house. Beagles are also prone to having some conditions such as rashes and cherry eye. It is a good idea to always check their health.

9. Bull Dogs

Dog Breeds for Kids and Families
Cute puppy on gray background.

Bull Dogs make a great pet for families with small kids. Breeders have made it a point to remove the aggressive attribute of these dogs in their system. Bull dogs are docile and friendly. However, they do have the tendency to be a bit naughty as they get older. According to a study, bull dogs are fourth most popular dog breeds in the US in 2015.

Average weight of bull dogs run around 40 to 50 pounds depending if it’s male or female. Bull dog’s temperament according to the American Kennel Club is kind, resolute and courageous. However, don’t mistaken its courageous characteristic for being aggressive.

What makes bull dogs one of the top dog breeds for kids and families is their tendency to form strong bonds especially with children.

8. Collie

Dog Breeds for Kids and Families
Collie – The Best Dog Breeds for Kids and Families.

If you wished to have Lassie as a pet, then collies make the perfect pet for you. Collies are herding dogs. Originally used for agricultural use, it has been a perfect family pet over the years because of its calm and friendly demeanor. For some families, collies become a great pet especially if they love to go outdoors.

Collies have either short or long fur. Also, Collies are very trainable. In fact, they rank decently compared to other breeds in terms of intelligence. However, you have to keep in mind that there are different kinds of collies. Rough and Smooth Collies are among the most popular options for families.

7. Labrador Retriever

Dog Breeds for Kids and Families
The Labrador retriever on the Homer Spit beach, Kenai Peninsula, Southcentral Alaska.

Labrador retrievers make another great option for families who plan to have a dog for their families. Labradors make a favorite dog for those visually impaired individuals and for airports sniffing bombs, drugs and other types of contraband’s.

Labradors can be an active dog which can be brought to the outdoors. Despite its size, it is a perfect pet especially for families with kids. It has a calm and friendly temperament which can be enjoyed by playful kids. Labradors could weigh around 80 pounds or even close to 100 lbs. Available in different colors, you can choose darker or lighter shades depending on your preference.

But of course, you also have to consider the natural inclination of the Labradors to sniff and track particular scents. Also, once Labradors get old, you will have to worry about the possibility of having hip issues because of their size. It is advisable to keep them fit. Among the games that you can play with the Labrador is fetch. They will enjoy fetching the ball endlessly.

6. Golden Retriever

Dog Breeds for Kids and Families
The Golden Retriever – Best Dog Breeds for Kids and Families.

Golden retriever is quite similar to Labradors. These large sized dogs could easily make it in our list of best dog breeds for kids and families. Characterized by their beautiful coats, golden retrievers make excellent pets for so many reasons. Golden retrievers are fun dogs especially for families who love to outdoors. They are good swimmers and have a natural affinity with water.

Golden retrievers, like the Labradors are often times used by visually impaired and hearing impaired individuals. If you are thinking about having a Golden retriever in your home, especially with your kids, this can be a good idea. Golden retrievers are calm and could easily bond with households that have children.

If you opt to have a Golden Retriever, it is important to have an hour or so of exercise. Most dogs that don’t get to run and play often times suffer from conditions such as hip problems later in their life. Golden retrievers are trainable and could be a good member of the family even when you have toddlers.

5. Boxer

Dog Breeds for Kids and Families
Boxers – The Best Dog Breeds for Kids and Families.

Boxers are originally from England. Their origin came from Old English Bulldogs. Over the years, it has become a popular breed in the US. In fact, according to American Kennel Club in 2013, it maintained 7th spot on the list of popular dog breeds in the US.

Why choose the Boxer in your home with your family? Boxers are known for their intellect, playfulness and energetic temperament. They are also good for homes with children. According to experts, boxers are trainable. They can easily learn tricks and commands as long as you implement a reward based method of training the dog.

4. Toy Poodle

Dog Breeds for Kids and Families
Cute Brown Toy Poodle – Best Dog Breeds for Kids and Families.

The preferred dog breeds for kids and families are sometimes limited by the space that you have in your home. Toy poodles make the perfect house dog especially if you are living in a condo. Highly intelligent and sociable, toy poodles make great pets especially if you have a child in your home.

One of the most common things that you might experience with a toy poodle is that it is a bit aloof at first. Once it had a chance to recognize the person, it will start to show warmness. Poodles also excel in obedience training. Typically, it is a good idea to make use of positive reinforcement if you are training a toy poodle.

There are cases of hip dysplasia among poodles as well. It is also prone to having cancer once it gets older. This is why it is a good idea to keep the poodle active. For toy poodles, it is better if you are going to control its diet too.

3. Bull Terrier

Dog Breeds for Kids and Families
Bull Terrier – Best Dog Breeds for Kids and Families.

The idea of most people when it comes to choosing dog breeds for kids and families is the appearance of the dog. Bull Terriers sometimes look intimidating. However, in reality, they are adorable and loyal pets that you want to have in your home.

Officially recognized in AKC in 1885, Bull Terriers are easily recognizable with their egg heads. Bull Terriers are known for being both stubborn and independent. If you plan on getting a Bull Terrier, it is a good idea to have prior experience in handling dogs. However, what makes this the perfect dog for your home is its temperament when it comes to children and adults.

There are some particular health issues that you have to remember when it comes to bull terriers. For instance, deafness occurs on 20% of white bull terriers. It is also a common occurrence wherein they suffer from allergic reactions from mosquito bites.

2. German Mastiff

Dog Breeds for Kids and Families
Graet Dane, world’s largest dog.

Mastiffs make good pets for children. In fact, these are gentle giants that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. These are also good guard dogs. It is very protective to its master. There are many types of mastiffs that you can choose from. One of the most popular Mastiffs around is the Great Dane.

Great Dane is among the tallest dogs out there. The Great Dane is typically used for hunting especially in the old times. By 17th century, these dogs have been considered dogs for German Nobility.

It has a friendly temperament perfect for any home. However, because of its size, only few families could have this type of dog. Though it is great around children, you also have to consider the fact that Great Danes experience fearfulness or even aggression if they are not introduced properly to a new stimulus.

1. Bichon Frise

Dog Breeds for Kids and Families
Cute Bichon Frise puppy one of the best dog breeds for kids and families.

If you are looking for a happy go lucky, adorable and energetic lapdog that is perfect for the family, Bichon Frise makes a perfect choice. The downside with the Bichon Frise is its need for constant grooming. However, it is known for its sweet nature which makes it an ideal dog for families especially those with kids.

This breed makes a perfect option especially for people who live in small apartments. Bichon Frise lives around 12 to 15 years. Health conditions that it is prone to include cataract, hip dysplacia, and allergies.

If you are looking for a dog breed that you can include in your family, it is a good idea to choose from these breeds. These dog breeds are known for their friendly demeanor that allows them to become part of your family for years to come.