Top 10 Highly Fattening Foods We Eat (Avoid Them!)

All of us want to be healthy and fit always but the kind of lifestyle we follow and the type of food that we eat results in us only gaining weight. Now that you have gained weight you must be in the search of ways to shed extra pounds and might have been suggested different diets wherein you need to literally starve. The fact is you do not have to starve but only change your diet plan and exercise regularly to get fit. Whilst there are some healthy foods that you must start eating there are also some foods that are very fattening and must be avoided if you really want to lose weight – 10 such highly fattening foods have been listed below.

10. Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter
Okay, you must have been told and you might have read about the various benefits of peanut butter. Well, it is true that peanut butter can be healthy but only if you eat them in moderate amounts. If the peanut butter you consume contains only ground and roasted peanuts and just a little salt then it is absolutely healthy. In fact, eating peanuts and nuts has been connected to better health and weight reduction. However, most commercially made peanut butter contains lots of salt, hydrogenated vegetable oil, and added sugar, which makes it pretty much unhealthy. Also, peanut butter is high in calories and if you overeat them, be ready to gain extra pounds. If, however, you can limit your intake, then there should be no problem.

9. Potatoes

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Potatoes are one of the vegetables that are most commonly eaten in this earth. Most people believe that potatoes are full of carbs and this will surely cause weight gain. However, if you cook them using a very little amount of oil, and eat them boiled then it can prove to be healthy, only if you have them in a very moderate amount. If you eat it to satisfy your taste buds or deep fry it or use too much oil while cooking it, then it can prove to be extremely unhealthy.

8. Doughnuts and Cookies

Doughnuts and Cookies
Doughnuts and cookies are something that not only kids but adults too love. However, they are rich in added fats, refined flour, and lots of sugar. As they are very high in calories they can easily make you gain weight. If you crave for cookies once in a while you can have a single serving. However, if you are amongst those who plan to eat one but goes on until the whole pack of cookies is over then you should rather control your cravings. As far as doughnuts are concerned even a medium-sized one contains more than 200 calories, and thus are best avoided.

7. Chocolates

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Who in this world does not love chocolates? But, if you want to lose weight then you have to stay away from this weight increasing stuff. If you eat chocolate regularly you can gain more pounds than you can ever imagine. Furthermore, the high sugar content of chocolates can invite other problems like pimples and acne. You can eat one piece, not the whole bar, just a piece of your favorite chocolate occasionally, and never go overboard if you do not want your waistline to keep growing.

6. Pizza

Pizza saver
Most people would go drooling at the very sight of a pizza, but this attractive little thing is so bad for you, particularly if you want to shed pounds. The commercially made pizzas are loaded with fat, calories and refined carbs. The most popular ones are full of cheese and also processed meat. A high intake of such meats can cause obesity and pave the way for other health problems like heart disease and even some types of cancer. However, this does not mean you cannot eat pizzas at all. Just look for a pizzeria that uses healthy ingredients like a whole grain dough, low-fat cheese, and vegetables, or you may even make your own pizza at home.

5. Fried Food

Highly Fattening Foods We Eat
Obesity and fried foods have a perfect parallel relationship. Fried foods are amongst the most fattening foods you can eat. Undoubtedly they taste great, which makes you crave for them and eat without any constraint. But if you really want to lose weight then you have no option but to stay away from them completely. In this case, you cannot even afford to have it once in a while, at least not unless you have reached your ideal weight range.

4. Ice Cream

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You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream. Ice cream is the most favorite dessert of almost everyone and it is difficult to resist having it. However, it is full of sugar and will only load you with extra calories. You can have a few spoons of it but just once in a while. It will be even wiser to combine some fresh fruits with low-fat yogurt, freeze them, and have these yogurt lollies whenever you desire to have a frozen dessert.

3. Processed Food

Processed Food
Nowadays people are so busy that they find no time to cook and thus have started depending on fattening processed foods. These foods are very dangerous for you. Once you have a bite, they increase your craving and you keep on eating and thus keep on adding fat. It is really difficult to abstain yourself from having them, but if you really want to get fit, you have no other option.

2. Sugary Soda

Sugary soda is yet another most fattening thing that you consume. Sugar-sweetened drinks do not have any essential nutrients but only “empty” calories. Even if you have a 500 ml of such drink on a regular basis it can make you gain more fat than you ever have imagined. So just avoid sugary soda or another sugar-rich drink for that matter.

1. Vegetable Oils

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Most people use vegetable oil to cook food and this is one of the reasons why we are gaining so much weight. Also, it can open doorways to other health problems like heart disease, cancer, and so on. Since these oils are extracted following chemical processes they are very unhealthy and fattening. You can use coconut oil or olive oil instead, and even then, limit the amount you use as too much of anything is unhealthy.

Now that you are aware of the 10 most highly fattening foods that you commonly consume, you need to completely stay away from them if you really want to lose weight, get fit and lead a healthy and happy life.