Top 10 Jobs Artificial Intelligence Will Replace in Your Lifetime

Are you a prospective college student wondering what courses to take? Or maybe you’re already well established in your career. But worried that your position will be taken by tireless robots? Or maybe you’re confident that no mish-mash of circuits and wires can ever take your place, and you’re reading this list to prove yourself right (or wrong!)

Regardless, in today’s top 10, we will explore the top 10 job positions that will be taken over by artificial intelligence in the near future.

Jobs Artificial Intelligence Will Replace

10 Jobs Artificial Intelligence Will Replace:

10- Vehicle drivers

If you drive taxis or delivery trucks for a living, watch out! Thanks to incredible breakthroughs in science and engineering, soon most vehicles will be self driving, and will be able to get from point A to point B with zero human interaction. Imagine, if employers have a way of getting the job done without paying anyone’s wages in the process. They’ll jump at the chance immediately! In addition to that, self driving vehicles don’t need to stop and sleep for safety purposes, wasting less precious time when a delivery is going cross country.

9- Factory workers & quality check workers

We all know that repetitive work can be easily replaced by unintelligent machinery; That simply follow in built instructions, again, again and again. But humans still supervise the process and inspect the finished products. What happens when intelligent supercomputers that can make millions of calculations in the blink of an eye come onto the scene? Such technology can pinpoint mistakes that humans would normally miss, decreasing the rate of defective produce and increasing rapport for a company. When A.I is even a little bit better than their human counterparts, employers will switch as soon as financially possible, as it will save money in the long term.

8- Waiters & Bartenders

The job of a waiter or bartender is so astonishingly simple. It’s a surprise that it’s still such a common line of work for humans. All one does is take an order, and bring that same order to the customer. Bartenders may also make the drink, but that can be very easily automated. In this day and age, any restaurant can turn ordering your appetizers into an online experience or via an app, and the technology already exists to make A.I robots that can make their own way through an environment such as a restaurant or bar, without falling over or hitting anyone. Possibly, high-end restaurants could keep their wait staff, and charge extra for the human experience. While the average diner stops paying employees that they were stingy about paying in the first place.

7- Military Pilots

Back in the day, the better army was determined based on the number of troops it had. Now it’s by how technologically efficient the army is. Why put the life of a pilot in danger? When you can just get a drone that pinpoints its targets (using thermal imaging) and shoots missiles in a tactically calculated way, all done by, you guessed it, artificial intelligence! Yes! it’s one of those jobs artificial intelligence will replace.

6- Telemarketers

Is it just me or are you also noticing the drop in telemarketers? This is because they are already being replaced by targeted ads all over the internet. Carefully selected by artificial neural networks making millions of calculations to choose ads you’re most likely to click on. These neural networks get their information based on your searching habits, downloads, watch history, previously clicked on ads, and possibly even your microphone audio! Who needs a person to advertise when robots will do it with a higher success rate?

5- Accountants

The job of an algorithm is to go through raw data, organize it, and make calculations based off of the results. The job of an accountant is to go through raw data, organize it, and make calculations based off of the results. Are you seeing what I’m seeing? Accountants are in a prime position to be taken over by artificial intelligence. And where a business may have hired a team of accountants, they may only need to hire one to input raw data and collect the output. Putting a lot of ease on the pockets of small business owners.

4- Brokers

Whether it’s a stock broker or a real estate agent. Matching sellers and buyers is a very simple task for any artificial neural network; Especially considering that A.I can handle hundreds of thousands of arrangements each moment, while a human broker can only do one. Honestly, it’s quite a mystery why human brokers haven’t been off the scene entirely since 2014. Imagine that sweet 0% commission from your local robot broker, since it doesn’t need to be paid anyways.

3- Construction Workers

There are over 200 million people working in the construction industry around the world. With many developing countries expanding, you’d expect this industry to be a smart choice to join. But due to the refinement of technology, architects and structural engineers want less to do with people and more to do with machines. Alternatively, A.I can keep track of the progress of its human colleagues and alert them when something goes wrong. Even the designers are at risk, thanks to the likes of artificial intelligence having their piece of pie in 3D modelling, often predicting what the general population want their city’s skyline to look like.

2- Freelancers

Creative people who do commissions are quite safe from the rise of the robots… for now. Some companies consistently hire freelancers in order to have their A.I’s study what is being done and under what circumstances so that they can do it for themselves. Quite the situation – working so you can be put out of a job! Source.

1- Doctors

Last, but definitely not least on this list, doctors! You might be wondering how on earth someone as educated as a medical doctor could ever be replaced by a robot. But unfortunately for our beloved MD’s, the technology to replace them is already here! An A. I developed in the University of California had a higher diagnostic accuracy rate than human doctors, diagnosing asthma and gastrointestinal disease at a 90% and 87% accuracy respectively, while humans achieved in the low 80’s both times.

The only real obstacle holding A. I doctors back is probably the fact that you don’t want a robot to tell you your cancer diagnosis. Because the empathy that a human doctor can show you is very difficult to replicate in a robot, and even then it may fall into the uncanny valley.

That’s it for this list of Jobs Artificial Intelligence Will Replace! What was your favourite point, or what shocked you the most? Are there any other industries that will be taken over by artificial intelligence in the near future? Or are there any industries you wanted to go into that you have second thoughts about?