Top 10 jobs most likely to disappear soon from the labor market

Here is a list of top 10 jobs most likely to disappear within of 20 years from now.

Top 10 jobs most likely to disappear

10. Taxi drivers

You have certainly heard about the great battle between Uber and the taxi drivers in more than one city in the world. With so many applications that can now be used to get a taxi service from anyone with a private car, you need to think carefully before buying a car, taxi.

9. Librarian

The library, which is full of books and smelling of paper. It is a romantic sight for reading lovers. In this library, a man or a woman increases the romance of the scene. They are the librarian who lived throughout his life and read all the books he entered. In recent years there has been a sharp decline in the number of readers of printed books, with the proliferation of electronic devices for reading. Which also reduce the price of books. Reading habits have also changed. With rapid information spread across smart devices, reducing the reader’s stay on one page and increasing his desire to diversify what he or she reads. These rapid changes paint a future scene that does not include traditional offices, or their trustees.

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8. Cashiers

The rapid development of the technology will force the shops to replace the cashier or treasurer with the automated machine, which calculates the value of customer purchases. The customer will only have to pass products on the device to read the RFID barcode or RFID attached to it. The customer will also put the product on a scale to measure its weight and record it. And then pay the bill in the manner that suits it, in cash or by credit or purchase card, through the device. This change will speed up some of the applications that make it easier to pay by smartphones.

7. Bank staff

The traditional tasks of bank employees are to open accounts and pay checks. With the development of “technology”, it is easy to do these tasks through the Internet. Many banks also offer check services through the application of smart phones. Funds to your account directly.

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6. The seller of newspapers

When was the last time you bought a journalist from a newspaper vendor, instead of browsing the news via social networking platforms or news applications on your smartphone. Paper magazines could also get you home, or you could subscribe to them electronically, without having to go daily to buy them from the seller.

5. Secretariat

The presence of a person to organize papers, appointments and reminders of tasks has become a luxury these days. With many phone applications capable of performing the same tasks, there is no longer an urgent need for a secretarial presence in the labor market, except in very rare cases. Via the Internet, for small amounts far less than the salary of a personal assistant.

4. Postman

In countries that use the mail system effectively, for example, the United States and Canada, the mailman is no longer needed. As in the past, in short, people rarely write paper messages. In addition, companies such as Amazon, dispensing the mail man through the replacement by aircraft, unmanned, able to deliver products from storage depots to the user directly.

3. Customer service

Over the phone, when you contact a company to inquire about a particular service, a staff member answers you. The smart automated responses that are able to understand the customers, interact with them and connect them to the department or employee required by this type of staff have already begun. This type of service will provide the telecom companies with millions of dollars communications and customer service platforms over the phone.

2. Tourism companies

With the Internet you really need to go to a travel company to book airline tickets or buy a hotel stay, or even help organize a tour, all of which can now be easily done online. Dozens of platforms and reliable sites help you buy airline tickets, Hotels, renting transportation and organizing tours according to your personal choices. There will be no need for employees of future tourism companies.

1. Fighter pilots

The loss of warplanes is costing nations a lot. And, most importantly perhaps the loss of life, which can be avoided by drones. According to the American magazine “The Economist”, remotely operated aircraft or transcontinental carriers can in the future, the same function, with the same level of effectiveness as conventional warplanes.

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