Make Your Camp Nights Memorable

Things You Can Do To Make Your Camp Nights Memorable

Picture the perfect camp trip: Sunny skies, enthusiastic campers, and many fun activities. However, when the sun goes down, everyone usually hits the hay after a full day of hustle and bustle.

Fortunately, if you are one of those campers who think the night is still young and it’s never too late for fun, we have compiled a list of fun things that you can do to keep yourself and your fellow campers engaged.

Exciting Campfire Activities to Try

There is no other bonding moment like sitting next to your friends around a campfire and feeling its warmth against your skin. As a result, this activity is one of the most awaited moments of the entire camping trip outside.

However, if you are not happy to just sit around and listen to the crackling of burning wood, here are some fun activities that you can try.

Share Stories

This might sound old school, but you may be surprised by the kinds of stories that people want to share. Not only is this a great way to socialize, but it will also bring you closer to your friends because you will learn something about them that you didn’t know before.

Moreover, the soothing sounds of chirping crickets, and the reassuring light and protective warmth from the bonfire set the perfect ambiance for people to open up.

Let the Music Flow

There is nothing like being surrounded by friends and singing along to your favorite songs. It melts away the tension and lets you share your music tastes with friends. Maybe, one day, the songs you share around the bonfire will become fond memories to reminisce upon. So, don’t forget to pack an instrument to bring to camp. You can bring a guitar, a ukulele, a harmonica, kalimba, a flute, etc. A smaller instrument will be easier to transport.

Playing gentle, slow songs will make it easier for people to sing along. It’s even more fun if you play music that everyone knows. Try playing Hotel California by the Eagles, Hey Jude by the Beatles, or Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) by Green Day. If you brought children along, My Grandfather’s Clock or The Music Man are more appropriate song choices.

Whip up Some Desserts

No campfire is complete without the traditional marshmallow roasting ritual. Get some twigs, skewer those marshmallows, and roast them for as long as you like. You can eat the roasted marshmallow alone, or make some s’mores, or even a banana boat.

To make s’mores, simply sandwich the marshmallow between graham crackers, or any other biscuit, and top it with a square of chocolate. Banana boats require scooping out a trail inside the banana, putting in some chocolate and marshmallows, wrapping it in foil, and roasting the bananas over the campfire coals.

You could also add the marshmallow to hot cocoa if anyone wants a hot drink. This is ideal for cold nights, and the kids will love it.

Things You Can Do To Make Your Camp Nights Memorable

Campfire Games for Non-Stop Fun

If you love games, here are some of our favorite games, which are ideal for playing near the campfire.

Two Truths and A Lie

In this game, players have to state three facts about themselves. Two of these are true and the other is a lie. The other players have to figure out which is which. This game is great for getting to know more about your friends.


Here, one player acts out a phrase, a word, or a scene from a movie, and then it is up to the other players to guess what the player is trying to convey.

Spin the Bottle

This game involves spinning a bottle and waiting for it to point to two players who are sitting opposite each other. The player who has the top of the bottle pointing towards them is asked a question which he/she must answer truthfully, otherwise, they have to perform a dare by the other player. The player can choose either between the two.

Never Have I Ever

One player stands up from the circle and holds up three fingers. He/she has to circle the people sitting around the bonfire and say for e.g. “Never have I ever been stung by a bee.” Any player in the circle who this may have happened to will voice this and the standing player puts one finger down. The latter has to keep doing this until no fingers are left.


Any player can set up a category, for example, types of colors, then each person in the circle has to name something belonging to that category. If a person is unable to think of anything, they are out. The last person standing wins.

Chinese Whisper

The first player to go has to think of a message and pass it down the group. After the message has been passed down to the final person in the group, the final message and the original message are compared. The objective of the game is to keep the original message as accurately as possible. However, the true fun of the game is that the original message has often been hilariously distorted.

Recreation Away From the Campfire

Are you a more active sort of person who would rather spend time moving around than sitting still near a campfire? Here are a few things that you can do to keep yourself entertained.

Go For a Hike

There is a sort of serenity in the quiet away from the noise of civilization. Natural surroundings awaken inner senses that you may not even have realized were there before. Therefore, it is a great idea to embark on a journey to learn more about the flora and fauna of the environment near your campsite.

Pick a clear trail and let your eyes adapt to the darkness. Bring a powerful flashlight with you for emergencies, but know that you don’t always need a flashlight to see because it might scare away animals, especially if you are trying to find one in particular.

Ask a friend to tag along with you for added safety.

Go Stargazing

Find a cozy spot, lie back, and watch the scattered stars across the night sky. This deeply relaxing activity may aid you to delve deeper into your conscience and contemplate whatever is on your mind. You could even seek out the different constellations in the sky.

Try Swimming

Under the cover of darkness and close to the warmth of the bonfire, the lake near your campsite could become a luxurious hot tub. Taking a dip will take the chill out of your bones and is extremely relaxing. The darkness is great for privacy.

Faveable suggests you carry the essentials: a comfortable change of clothes, a pair of sturdy flip flops and warm towels to dry off.

Play Capture the Flag

This game involves a lot more activity. Players are divided into two teams and given two bases. Each team has a flag hidden in their base. The enemy team must try to steal that flag and bring it back to their home base. Enemy players can be tagged by the other team players. This might result in the former being cut out.

Recreation Inside the Tent

If you aren’t feeling very active, don’t enjoy sitting near the campfire much, or just like your tent better, we still have activities for you. Here are some fun things to do inside your tent:

Read to Yourself or to Your Group

Curling up in cozy blankets, drinking hot tea and indulging in your favorite book is like a balm for the soul and the body. You can do this if you aren’t feeling social or are too tired to do anything else.

Or, you can read the book to your friends and discuss the story. It’s very interesting to get many perspectives of one story from different people.

If books are too heavy for you, invest in a Kindle, or download e-books which you can read using an e-reader app on your phone.


Spending time surrounded by nature is like getting a brain detox. It clears up the mind and can inspire creativity in some people. You can use this time to organize your thoughts by writing a journal, or write a story if your creative juices are flowing.

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There are endless ways to make camp nights memorable, so there should be no reason to think that nights are boring and hence only for sleeping. Hopefully, this guide has inspired you to do something different on your next camping trip.

Written by Adriana John

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