Top 10 Wealthiest Rappers (Male & Female)

Top 10 Richest Female Rappers in the World 2022

Show me the money, honey! Well, that seems to be the new chant playing on the lips of every individual. Many rappers are playing their cards well and digging gold. Rappers, celebrities, and business people are known for their enormous earned amounts. By entertaining the audience with their unique rapping skills, rappers have not just won their hearts but are also among the highest paid music artists in the world. Let’s check out this list of who got the opportunity to make the most money by pleasing their listeners. Check out this latest list of the richest female rappers in the world 2022.

Top 10 Richest Female Rappers in the World 2022

Rappers have constantly stunned the world with their disputable verses, slang dialect, and bizarre outfits. Earlier rap was a male dominant genre only. But now, there are some potential and successful women who are putting the stage on fire with their music. They make people crazy with their songs. Also, they are earning millions and leading a luxurious life. They’re some of the wealthiest rappers right now. Want to know who are these top 10 richest female rappers in the world? Well, here is a complete list of top 10 wealthiest female rappers in the world 2022.

10. Eve: $10 million

The American rapper from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Eve is at No. 10 in our list of wealthiest rappers female. She started her rapping career as a teenager when she first appeared on Dr Dre’s label Aftermath as Eve of Destruction. In addition to that, she released many thriving albums. Also, Eve is the inaugural winner of the Grammy Award for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration in 2002. Her most famous songs are “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” “Gangsta Lovin”, and “Who’s That Girl”.

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9. Iggy Azalea: $10 million

Iggy Azalea Richest Female Rappers
With about the total net worth of $10 million, Iggy holds 9th position in this list. She is is an Australian rapper and songwriter. Iggy, a lethal combination of beauty and talent, earned public recognition after releasing music videos for her songs “Pu$$y” and “Two Times” on YouTube. Her debut studio album, The New Classic, peaked among the top five of several charts worldwide. Her most famous songs are; ‘Work’, ‘Beg For Love’, ‘Fancy’ and ‘Fuck Love’.

8. DJ Spinderella: $10 million

DJ Spinderella Richest Female Rappers
DJ Spinderella has become one of the richest female rappers in the world, with a net worth of $10 million. Spinderella, is an American DJ, rapper, producer and actress. Also, she is best known as a member of the hip-hop group Salt-n-Pepa. Her stage name is a reference to the fairy tale character Cinderella. Aside being a rapper, she is also an actress and radio host. In addition to rapp, she appeared in films ‘Stay Tuned’ and ‘Kazaam’.

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7. Cheryl James: $14 million

Cheryl James Richest Female Rappers
The happy American rapper and songwriter, Cheryl James comes at No. 7 among the richest female rappers in the world. She is best known by her stage name Salt. Also known as a member of the American Grammy–award winning female rap trio Salt-n-Pepa, which also includes Pepa (Sandra Denton) and Spinderella (Deidra “Dee Dee” Roper).

6. Sandra Denton: $15 million

Sandra Denton Richest Female Rappers
Best known as ‘Pepa’, is a Jamaican–American hip hop artist rapper and actress. Also, she is one of the members of the Grammy Award-winning female rap trio Salt-N-Pepa. With an estimated $15 million net worth, she is the 6th richest female rappers in the world. Also she is one of the most beautiful black women celebs.

5. Lil’ Kim: $18 million

Lil’ Kim Richest Female Rappers
Kimberly Denise Jones known professionally by her stage name Lil’ Kim comes at No. 5. Lil’ Kim is also known as “the fiercese, most provocative and most infamous female rapper”. She is one of the most influential rappers of all time. She often referred to as the “Queen of Rap” and “Hip-Hop Goddess”. Aside from her singing career, Lil’ Kim is also known for her risk-taking and luxurious approach to fashion that inspired many artists. In addition, she has been cited as a fashion icon.

4. Bahamadia: $32 million

Bahamadia Richest Female Rappers
With an estimated net worth of $32 million, Bahamadia is at No. 4 in our list of richest female rappers in the world. She is one of the most sought lyricists. Bahamadia earned much regard for her freestyle lyrics, indomitable rhythm skills and positive attitude towards globalism in her songs. In addition to her singing career, she is also a role model for millions.

3. Missy Elliott: $50 million

Missy Elliott Richest Female Rappers
Missy Elliott is one of the richest female rappers in the world. She is undoubtedly most famous and loved hip-hop star in rap industry. Five times Grammy Award winner singer ruled the industry for several years and broke all the boundaries with her success. With an estimated net worth of $50 million, she is ranked 3rd in this wealthiest rappers list. According to Billboard, Elliott is the best-selling female rapper in Nielsen Music history.

2. Queen Latifah: $60 million

Queen Latifah Richest Female Rappers
Considered as one of hip-hop’s pioneer feminists; Queen Latifah is an American rapper, songwriter, singer, actress, and producer. With gigantic worth of $60 million she proudly holds 2nd position in the list of richest female rappers in the world.

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1. Nicki Minaj: $75 million

Nicki Minaj Richest Female Rappers

At top the list of richest female rappers is Nicki Minaj with net worth of 75 million USD. She is a Trinidadian-American rapper, accomplished singer and songwriter. Also a stunning model, and actress. In addition she is one of the most popular female celeb in the world.

As of 2022, Nicki Minaj’s net worth is roughly $75 million, making her the richest female rapper in the world. 

These are Top 10 Wealthiest Rappers:

10. Snoop Dogg (Net Worth: $135 million)

wealthiest rappers Snoop Dogg
As one of the most influential rappers of the world, Snoop Dog, is also known for being an amazing performer. With a sum of $135 million this rapper is known to be one of the Wealthiest Rappers of the globe.

9. Lil Wayne (Net Worth: $135 million)

wealthiest rappers Lil Wayne
The singer is known for polishing his skills every single time he raps a new song. His peculiar vocals and amazing sense of rhythm and melody has helped him to be in the favorite of many rap lovers all over the world.

8. Ice Cube (Net Worth: $140 million)

wealthiest rappers Ice Cube
With a prominent earning of $140 million, Ice Cube is one of the Wealthiest Rappers of the world. The famous rapper has been in the news for his undeniably good rapping skills and is all set to make a tremendous impact on the rapping industry. As he is already popular among the rap lovers throughout the world, it is believed that the popularity is expected to rise in the next few years.

7. Eminem (Net Worth: $160 million)

wealthiest rappers Eminem
Eminem is among the most experienced rappers who has throngs of die-hard fans and is popular among them. He is known for entertaining them highly through his quick and creative skills and songwriting. His rapping abilities are appreciated by critics and have also been praised by his rivals in the industry.

6. Birdman (Net Worth: $170 million)

Birdman wealthiest rappers

Making a notable name for himself in the rapping industry, Bryan William, also known as Birdman has been amazingly popular among his fans enjoys his rapping stint throughout the world. His platinum selling albums make him among the richest rappers on the planet.

5. 50 Cent (Net Worth: $270 million)

50 Cent wealthiest rappers
Curtis James Jackson is an American rapper, singer, and entrepreneur. With his strong presence throughout the world, his fantastic and incredible rapping abilities, he has been loved by fans sitting around in diverse corners of the globe. He has been able to win their hearts and earn a significant amount by doing so.

4. Master P (Net Worth: $350 million)

Master P wealthiest rappers
Owning a total earning of $350 million, this is one rapper who is among the leading names of the Richest Rappers. Master P took the world by storm with his eclectic style of rapping abilities, which is a terrific hit among his fans. With his music, he has been able to create path-breaking records and win multiple recognition and awards.

3. Jay-Z (Net Worth: $550 million)

Jay-Z wealthiest rappers
While people all over the world are known to love and enjoy listening to a broad range of music genres, they are also known for their astonishing and distinctive taste for music and melody. Incidentally, this rapper is known for catering to meet their demands. He strives to deliver his listeners with the type of music that they want in the most amazing and exclusive way.

2. Diddy (Net Worth: $700 million)

Diddy Wealthiest Rappers

The rapper commands a high price today because of his national as well as international level presence, his amazing talent, and incredibly excellent singing abilities. As he has impressed the world with his exceptional talent through which he is making huge bucks and thus, settles at the second position, Richest Rappers of the globe in 2016.

1. Dr. Dre (Net Worth: $700 million)

Wealthiest Rappers
Born as Andre Romelle Young, he took on his stage name, Dr. Dre is a not just a rapper but also an entrepreneur. He also heads his audio accessory brand called, Beats by Dr. Dre. Known for his incredible talent and extraordinary performances, Dr. Dre went on to win accolades for his work from several corners of the world. He is credited as a key figure in West Coast G-funk, a rapping style introduced by him. Today, Dr. Dre is just an inch away from becoming the first billionaire rapper of the world due to his incredible talent that helped him to reach the number 1 position in this list.

These rappers are highly focused on making a unique career wherein they can earn millions of bucks and enjoy their life of fame and luxury. They surely have had a long run in this industry and after years of hard work and dedication, these rappers continue to get noticed for their talent while also becoming the next ‘Richie Rich’.