10 Scientific Proofs for the Existence of God

Across various belief systems, God is considered the ultimate power who has created and controls the entire world and its systems. This is the basic idea of God which we will now consider while discussing 10 strong pieces of evidence validating God’s existence. To ensure a purely scientific analysis, let’s focus on simple and logical facts that back the idea of God and God’s existence. So let’s begin!

Scientific Proofs for the Existence of God

10. Probability and Creationism

The simple concept of probability indicates that in a situation having many possibilities, the chances of a specific & favourable occurrence is low. Let’s just apply this to the situation at the beginning of the universe. The chances of a situation of high chaos, entropy and explosive energy turning into an intricate system with beautiful creations seem extremely low. The concept of channelised creation guided by an intellect is a possible explanation for this phenomenon. Let’s continue this in the next point.

9. Fine tuning

The various scientific and mathematical constants such as planck’s constant, speed of light, universe expansion rate etc. had to be precise upto many decimal places to ensure the creation of the universe. A tiny change in any of these values (such as the change of 1 in 10^23 units in Avogadro’s number) would cause the whole, inter-dependent system to collapse. This further shows an intelligent fine tuning of creation.

The theory that these perfect conditions are one of many occurrences in which rest have failed (multiverse theory), makes little sense given the amount of complexity and precision required along with supporting laws which cannot be randomly created. Let’s discuss this next.

8. Laws of the universe

The laws of science and math’s are said to have guided chaos to the present reality in steps. This hypothesis still does not explain the fine tuning of universal constants themselves and leaves a glaring question. How were these precise laws created? They seem to be the work of an artist rather than a random set of rules put together.

Let’s just say that the chances of creation of the present universe based on randomness and random laws is as good as the chances of putting a heap of binary codes together based on random and irrelevant ideas, to finally create a complex computer simulation.

7. Irreducible complexity

The concept of evolution implies that there are small changes in every next generation of a living being and if that change helps it to survive in new conditions, it thrives better and reproduces more, hence amplifying those small useful changes. Over time, the small changes keep adding up to create major changes while the ones without useful changes simply die out. This certainly explains the changes in organisms over time, or does it?

Many complex features such as eyes or lung cilia etc. are useless in their simpler forms, giving no survival advantage in their simpler forms. For example, removing or simplifying any component of the eyes or cilia would render them useless. This means that the step wise creation model with small changes on each step, fails in cases of complex features. The small steps will not be selected as they give no survival advantage, so how will we get a complex form of those features? 

Such examples are everywhere and can be explained only by the existence of a creator who channelises the mutation (small genetic changes) process in the correct direction for complex creations.

6. Life

Life itself is a case of low probability and irreducible complexity. The precise conditions for the existence of life include a rocky planet at a correct distance from a star, a large planet at the right distance to deflect asteroids (Jupiter), the presence of right atmospheric components which come together perfectly in the correct ratio to form life etc. These conditions are very unique and their co-occurrence is highly improbable if left to chance. Further intricate creations were required after every mass extinction, leading to an epitome at present. This is another indication of guided creation.

It is often argued that life on earth is a chance creation and that’s why there’s no proof of alien life despite long searches. The reality could simply be mass extinctions. After reaching a high degree of intelligence and development, it is probable that a species would either make fatal mistakes or die out due to severe environmental changes. After all, at a point, we had dinosaurs ruling the earth and now all that’s left is fossils. Further, humanity can not outlive the sun and has no practical or imaginable way to get to another habitable planet in time.

Life clearly has set limitations which seem to have been intelligently put together to keep it in check.

5. Matrix theory and Artificial Intelligence

While this concept remains a hypothesis as of now, the idea of the universe simply being a simulation is gaining popularity. After all, we have made complex computer simulations with high level computers and software. We have literally created time and space as simulations and also created artificial intelligence that we can control along with selective breeding. We can, in fact, create video game characters which have an intelligence of their own and can react as per changing variables in a frame of time. Many of our scientific creations also resemble nature, showing that intelligence like ours could be behind natural creations and vice-versa. Couldn’t all this be applied at a very high level by a great intellect to create the entire universe? The matrix theory seems a strong argument, at least in part, for the existence of God.

4. Morality and Advanced Intelligence

Why do most advanced life forms have morals which tell them what is right and wrong? It may be argued that morals have benefitted animals in survival in groups and hence are a result of classical evolution. But this does not explain the cases of negative and anti-social emotions or thoughts that are also widely present. What is the purpose of a wide variety of emotions and moral sense? And why is intelligence more amplified in certain animals like humans while others survive well with less intelligence? All this appears a case of guided evolution where organisms have been given various non necessary attributes as a creative gesture. 

After all, it is unnatural that a process like evolution which has made beautiful and precise creations will leave errors or create an excess. The sense of morality and humanity, their long-term rewards and the lure of immoral things is logically attributed to a test by God.

3. Time and Energy

Time has been proven to be relative to the perceiver as per Albert Einstein‘s laws of relativity. This means that there is no absolute value of time. But changes do happen in an absolute frame of time, leading to chains of cause and effect. There has to be an absolute frame of time and space which exists outside the known world. The factors from outside would also provide the raw materials for creation of the universe as mass and energy can not be created from nothing. These indicate external factors with powers which we can not understand.

2. Light

Further, light is an ideal solution to the above paradox! Light is a pure form of energy which may be condensed into any mass based on e=mc^2. And has no relative time frame as time stops at the speed of light. It is the perfect, all purpose and timeless tool of creation. But it has no creative power by itself. And is simply pure energy which must be harnessed by precise fine tuning and intelligent laws, as seen in the first few points. Such energy must be controlled precisely by an ultimate power or it would be destructive and not creative.

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1. Near Death Experiences

These are experiences where people on the brink of death, have a spiritual experience with a formless energy along with very pleasant feelings and flashbacks of life or other situations which they didn’t remember/know otherwise. People make similar reports despite very different backgrounds and various conditions. No convincing and complete explanation has been offered by science yet despite decades of research into the phenomenon. After all, how do you explain the experience of people seeing their own birth? Blind people seeing clearly, miraculous health recoveries, people remembering visuals of their own surgeries; Unearthly visuals which are otherwise unimaginable, meeting unseen predecessors, feeling timelessness and strongly pleasant feelings? The cases are properly explained only by the concept of God.

We may conclude that science provides effective evidence of God. Also, many fundamental questions remain unanswered and even outside the purview of science; unless supported by the idea of an ultimate power. In other words, Science and God complement each other.

Further, a look at spiritual beliefs and their sustained popularity in modern times; Further goes to show that the concept of God has not lost its relevance and appears to be instinctively present in human intelligence. It’s apparent that the idea of God not only complements science and logic, but also satisfactorily answers the fundamental questions about life and its events. Hence maintaining its relevance.

Hence, as validated by the 10 points, we must progressively use science as a tool to better understand and appreciate the presence of God.

Written By -Praharsh Chaubey