Top 10 Bizarre Uses of Toothpaste

Top 10 Bizarre Uses of Toothpaste

Toothpaste, as we all know, is used for white teeth, minty fresh breath and strong gums. Well, that is what most of us limit the product to. But there are some people who have used toothpaste for other nontraditional activities. Although these uses might not sound real, they most certainly are and have been tried and tested with surprisingly positive results. So, here are the top ten bizarre uses of toothpaste, other than dental care. Feel free to test them out. They work.

10. Clean Smelling Palms

Bizarre Uses of Toothpaste
Have you ever cut onions or garlic or even worse, seafood and have had a horrid time getting the stink out? Well, not only does toothpaste help with minty breath, but it can help with smelly palms as well. Just squeeze out a bit of the paste and rub it between the palms and fingers and rinse off. It works faster and more effectively than soap or hand wash and leaves the hands smelling clean. Many people actually keep a small tube of toothpaste beside the kitchen sink instead of soap for washing up.

9. Cleaning Jewelry

Bizarre Uses of Toothpaste To Polish Silver
This is a very common use but not all people believe in it. In fact, many people would rather take their jewelry to a shop to get it cleaned and pay a big amount. The concept of cleaning metal with toothpaste has been around for many years and is still going strong today. It is as simple as taking a smear of toothpaste and applying it on to the surface of the jewelry item with the help of a brush. Then simply rinse, dry and wipe. The difference is very clear to see. If the dirt of the metal is a bit too much, take a mug and dissolve some toothpaste in water. Place and soak the item and repeat the procedure.

8. Removing Crayon Stains

Remove Crayon Bizarre Uses of Toothpaste
Imagine a brand new home with freshly painted walls and crayon markings all over them? Makes you want to scream? I am sure it does. But fear no more, toothpaste is here. Yes, the magical paste can actually remove crayon marks from painted walls. Just apply toothpaste to a damp sponge and wipe away. The crayon comes off as easily as they went on. It is a simple and effective way of dealing with unruly children. New home owners please take heed and it will benefit you. Toothpaste really leaves the wall as good as new and does it all quite easily.

7. Defogging Sports Eyewear

How to Defog a Diving Mask
Have you ever noticed that after constant use of sunglasses, helmets or any form of eye wear that the lens can get a little bit dirty and foggy? Although many people insist that water alone will get all that out, it is not the truth. Toothpaste actually cleans out all the dirt caught in the glasses because its slight abrasive texture ensures that dirt in tiny spots is removed for clear visibility. All you need to do is take a dab of toothpaste and wipe the lens with it for a couple of minutes using a soft cloth. Rinse and wipe after cleaning and the result will be a clean, clear and smooth pair of sunglasses.

6. Removing Pimples and Blemishes

Apply Toothpaste on Pimples

As surprising as this may sound, it is very effective against acne and other skin irritations. We have all looked for simple home remedies for acne but have always overlooked toothpaste as an option but in reality, it is probably one of the fastest ways to get rid of pimples. Just a small amount of it on the area could remove the blemish within a few hours. Just follow the instructions and you will be left without pimples for sure. Best method of application is to use it overnight. Apply the paste to the pimple before sleeping and wash it off in the morning. The toothpaste dries and removes all the impurities remaining in the skin.

5. Nail Care

Soft and beautiful hands
Ever heard of the phrase “tooth and nail”? Well, they aren’t all that different from one another actually. They both are made of almost the same material. Because of this, toothpaste not only helps clean teeth, but nails as well. It might be funny brushing your finger and toe nails with toothpaste but it actually works. Brush the nails every day with paste and they start shining and look extremely clean and fresh as can be seen here. Obviously there is no need to clean the nails in a similar manner as we do with our teeth, but once a day is more than enough to maintain strong, shiny nails.

4. Cleaning Baby’s Bottles

Bizarre Uses of Toothpaste
The milk that babies drink tends to get bad fast and that leaves a rancid smell in the bottle which can be harmful for the baby itself. It is important to keep the bottle clean at all times but using soap and other chemicals require proper cleaning to ensure nothing is left back in the bottle. This is where toothpaste comes in and literally saves the day. Cleaning a bottle with a little toothpaste and a bottle scrub will leave the bottle clean and smelling fresh and new. And there is no worry about whether any paste is left back in the bottle because no toothpaste will cause harm, even when swallowed.

3. Removing Rings

Remove White Rings from Furniture

We have all let cold glasses and bottles sit directly on wooden tables and noticed the rings that form due to condensation when we pick them up. These rings when dry can be quite difficult to remove. But for toothpaste, nothing is impossible (so it seems). With a soft cloth and a squirt of toothpaste, those rings are as good as gone. You will be left with a ring free table and a new remedy to it for future use. Or you could just buy coasters and make sure people use them but keep a tube of paste ready just in case.

2. Removing Carpet Stains

Bizarre Uses of Toothpaste for Stain Removal
For all the carpet lovers out there, this is definitely a solution for you. As you all would know, removing a stain from a carpet can be the worst thing, not to mention hardest. The stains simply refuse to come off. But here is a trick that comes straight from the washroom. Using an abrasive brush with a good amount of toothpaste, these stains can be removed by just brushing away. The smaller, lighter stains can be removed by a single use but the bigger, tougher stains do need about three brushing’s. It is very effective on cotton as well but not on all fabrics.

1. Removing Shower Slime

Top 10 Bizarre Uses of Toothpaste

If you have a built in shower with glass doors, you will notice that the glass gets very slimy and dull after constant use. This can be dangerous for people climbing in and out of the shower. Simply cleaning it with a cloth will not work because it needs a chemical to release it from the glass. By taking a lightly damp sponge and a good squeeze of toothpaste, wipe away the slime which will leave the glass door clean and perfectly clear. If there slime and soap stains are a bit too much, let the toothpaste sit on the door for a while before wiping clean.