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  • Most Extreme Wedding Proposals Ever

    Top 10 Most Extreme Wedding Proposals Ever

    For any woman, there are 4 words that can sweep them off their feet and bring tears to their eyes. “Will you marry me?” is the international question of love. Proposing is an act that needs to be carefully planned out and should carry a bit of surprise to make it even more special. While […] More

  • Top 10 Bizarre Sports

    Top 10 Most Bizarre Sports That Actually Exist

    The wonderful world of sports is mostly limited to the best known, watched or played ones. But taking a closer look at some of the lesser known, yet true, sports of the world will either leave you saying, “Unbelievable” or “I don’t believe it”. The sports mentioned here are some of the unusual, weirdest, and […] More

  • get rid of dandruff naturally

    10 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Dandruff Permanently

    Do you love the color black but fear wearing anything in the color? If yes, then you probably suffer with dandruff. Dandruff is essentially dry skin but since it is the skin from your head, the slightest itch can cause the dead skin to avalanche down to your shoulders and for everyone to see. The […] More

  • 10 Annoying Habits

    10 Annoying Habits You Should Avoid Doing in Public

    Take a good look into the following points and you’d be embarrassed to see how many of these annoying habits you perform on daily basis. You may also like to read ‘10 Most Bizarre Things‘ we do all the time, in our daily life. 10. Texting while walking/driving/taking to someone Needless to remind you what […] More

  • Bizarre Uses of Sugar

    10 Most Bizarre Uses of Sugar!

    From the ancient times in the land of the Chinese to the most loved chocolate factory of the famous Willy Wonka, sugar has made it thus far with the most interesting life! Now one of the globes most used staple, it has made its special mark all over the world. From cupcakes, to coffee, puddings, […] More

  • Top 10 Bizarre Tales of Chewing Gum

    Top 10 Bizarre Tales of Chewing Gum

    Now don’t we all love chewing gum? Be it to relieve stress and tension or be it just an annoying habit to others, chewing gum is a part of almost everyone’s daily life. Chewing gum goes back to the ancient era. The simple yet amazing 5000 odd year old tar that was extracted from the […] More

  • Bizarre Ad Campaigns

    10 Bizarre Ad Campaigns That Translated Badly

    When it comes to advertising, sometimes the biggest names can make small, yet hilarious mistakes. We all have our selected ads that we seem to love watching over and over again. We sometimes get so fond of the ads that we memorize the words or lyrics to them. But what really makes an advertisement stand […] More

  • Camping Pranks

    10 Camping Pranks That Bring a Lot of Fun Outdoors

    Camping is an activity where people go outdoors and enjoy living outside for a few days. They do everything from eating and bathing to sleeping and “unloading” outside under the open sky. Camping is usually a family activity and can get a bit boring at times. If you forget to pack some board games or […] More

  • Top 10 Funny Pranks to Play On Sisters

    Top 10 Funny Pranks to Play On Sisters

    In a perfect family, there should be a brother as well as a sister but it is only perfect from the outside. Enter the home and you will witness a mini war between the brother and sister. Sometimes even two sisters just cannot get along. Whether the reason is clothes, boys or makeup, having sisters […] More

  • razy Pranks to Pull on Your Brother

    Top 10 Crazy Pranks to Pull on Your Brother

    For anyone who has a brother, this list will help you for all the times he picked on you or put the blame on you just because he thought it would be fun. These pranks are simple yet very effective but should be practiced with caution as they might cause them to retaliate. Brothers can […] More

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