10 Annoying Habits You Should Avoid Doing in Public

Take a good look into the following points and you’d be embarrassed to see how many of these annoying habits you perform on daily basis. You may also like to read ‘10 Most Bizarre Things‘ we do all the time, in our daily life.

10. Texting while walking/driving/taking to someone

Texting while walking
Needless to remind you what can possibly happen when you try to text and do other activities side by side. Contrary to common belief texting actually requires all your attention. Texting while talking to someone face-to-face is rude. Moreover not only people get injured owing to this reckless habit but even die. We often come across stories of such selfishly reckless drivers who were busy texting and had jeopardised his own life added to that of the passengers. Lack of time often prompts people to text while doing other works. If you want to work sincerely, do any one of them, either text or work.

9. Talking loudly in public transportation

10 Annoying Habits
Have some pity over your fellow commuters, and either learn to speak softly or don’t speak at all. Think of the poor souls who have had to face their sh*tty bosses and supervisors, married people who’ve quarrelled with their spouse, young lovers who are dealing with raw heartbreaks, think of all these poor souls trapped with you in a confined space, growing frustrated by every second. It may so happen that you are one of those insane loudmouths who just don’t know how to turn the volume down. If this is the case, the most humane thing that you can do is ask the person to call later or reassure him/her that you’d give him a ring later. Believe me, no one is interested in listening to your conversation on god-knows-what.

8. Taking more space than necessary

10 Annoying Habits
Another habit you that you might be guilty of (unknowingly, of course) is sitting in public like you owed the seat. Well, sorry to break your self-centred bubble, but you don’t own the place, which is why it called ‘public place’ and not a ‘private’ one. One more reason why you so often take more space than you need is because you don’t like sitting sandwiched between strangers. There are two very easy solution to that – get over it or stand the f**k up!

7. Making lot of noises while you eat

10 Annoying Habits
For instant, smacking you lips while chewing or opening your mouth while chewing. These habits are not just annoying but pretty disgusting, so much so that people who have witnessed your grand display of chewed food spurting out your mouth occasionally throughout dinner would avoid going out with you unless forced. Needless to say, this habit can highly damage your date night.

6. Mind what you say

10 Annoying Habits
Critics call it, the degradation of modern language. Our conversation is often full of phrases such as ‘like’, ‘you know’, ‘but’, ‘actually’ to mention a few. It’s a fairly common habit and most people are aware of how dumb and unconvincing these methods of conversations are. One needs to consciously change this habit. Personally I have recently acquired the habit of saying ‘you know’ at the end of half conveyed sentences and although the person standing in front of me nods vigorously, I know ‘they don’t know’. So what do I do to get rid of these annoying habits, I read a lot and watch movies and television series (like Downton Abbey) that’ll help me increase my vocabulary. Trust me, it working.

5. Mind your language

10 Annoying Habits
Do you use slangs a lot? When you are with friends riding a bus or a metro, you’d tend to use slang that may come across as bad manners to your fellow passengers. It’ll give people the wrong impression of how you have been raised and the kind of family you belong to. It may even repulse a potential love interest who had been swooning over you for some months until your language has put her/him off. Moreover your habit of using slangs can slip into a professional or any formal meeting that’ll leave you red faced at the end. So mind what you are saying.

4. Trimming or filing nails in public

Trimming your nails in public place
This is gross. Yet some people do it. There’s no excuse to this one. Simply, don’t trim or file your nails in public for heaven’s sake.

3. Cracking knuckles

Cracking knuckles
To my shame, I must admit, I love doing this even in public. And people usually stare at me. It’s not only embarrassing but highly annoying. How did I know that? I heard other people cracking knuckles in public. And some of them even brag about being able to make noises with their figures. One of my friends recently confessed that he use to love cracking knuckles twice every hour. When he got to high school his teachers would throw his angry looks and once a girl turned around and told him that it sounds nasty.

2. Blowing your gum

Young Girl Blowing A Bubblegum
Chewing gum or blowing gum can be a really bad idea, especially in public. Some people simply can’t resist the idea of blowing out the gum. Avoid blowing gum, or better, chewing gum altogether in public setting, like school, work, bus, restaurant et al. But if your life is absolutely incompletely without chewing the gum, then kindly do it in your home.

1. Biting nails

Biting nails

This is one intolerable nasty little bad manner. The basic reason is the saliva that envelopes the finger and added to which it ruins the shape of the nail. Moreover while biting your nails you stomach harmful bacteria infested dirt which is stuck underneath your fingernails. It can someday make you really really sick.