Top 10 Cleanest Cities in The World

The top 10 cleanest cities in the world: We all want to live in the neat and clean areas. Everyone wants his surrounding to be fresh and relaxing. But it always takes a lot of human inputs to make a city neat and clean. In addition to the government efforts, it is the duty of common people to throw their garbage in the dustbins kept on the sides of the sides of the roads. Also we need to learn controlling our ways while driving onto the roads and should adopt better sewage systems.

Luckily there are various cities in the world which are adopting all these hygienic practices. Let us take a look at the 10 cleanest cities in the world.

10. Oslo – Norway

10 Cleanest Cities

Oslo is one of the busiest and most populated cities of Norway. This city is admired for its beautiful green areas, parks, lakes and gardens. The government, no doubt, works really hard to make it an ideal city in the world. In 2007, Oslo was named to be the 2nd greenest city in the world by Reader’s Digest. The tourists love to come here and enjoy relaxing time every year.

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9. Brisbane – Australia

10 Cleanest Cities

With an estimated population of 2.04 million, Brisbane is a gorgeous and one of the cleanest cities of Australia. It is famous for its humid weather and relaxing environment. Brisbane is a well organized and secure city, having all the lavish residential facilities available for its people.

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8. Paris – France

Eiffel Tower Paris France

Paris is the hub of shopping and fashion lovers. Despite the fact that this is the capital city of France, Paris is highly admire for its clean carpeted roads, well-organized traffic system and beautiful theme parks. This city has everything to add a plus to your level of great traveling experience.

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7. Freiburg – Germany

0 Cleanest Cities

If you are new to Germany and want to enjoy your time at some flowery city with green hills then nothing is better than Freiburg. This city is famous for its fresh grass gardens, parks, beautiful road-trees and eco-friendly environment. Freiburg is a prominent German city and one of the major hubs for the tourists to enjoy relaxing time at.

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6. London – United Kingdom

10 Cleanest Cities

London is known to be a beautiful and developed city of UK, but let me here tell you that this city is equally famous for its clean roads and refreshing atmosphere. The weather in London usually remains extremely pleasant. You can enjoy viewing the museums, theme parks, cultural attractions and restaurants of this city to make your trip ideal.

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5. Singapore

10 Cleanest Cities

Singapore is one of the best, busiest and cleanest Asian cities. Despite the fact that the people here live busy lives, there are a lot of fun-making opportunities to refresh their minds during the evening or at weekends. Singapore’s official languages are English, Tamil and Malay. With an estimated population of 5.4 million, this city is dominating the world in different respects.

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4. Wellington – New Zealand

10 Cleanest Cities

This is a prominent city of New Zealand. The theme and jungle parks of Wellington, museums, relaxing environment and green roads make it an ideal place for the international tourists. The population of this city is extremely high, but that never matters because its beauty and natural attraction is never harmed. The public transport is much preferred by the people to reach their destinations.

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3. Kobe – Japan

10 Cleanest Cities

Kobe is a rich and wealthy city of Japan. It is highly populated and has various interesting tourist attractions. A stay at Kobe is not less than a dream comes true for any tourist. This city has gotten fame due to its advanced sewage management systems and environment friendly vehicles. No doubt, the people have sense to throw garbage in the dustbins while walking on the roads and streets.

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2. New York – USA

10 Cleanest Cities

New York is a wonderful city of America. With an approximate population of 1.7 million, this city is known best for its museums, parks, restaurants, hotels and big shopping centers. Two of America’s major green parks and one green restaurant are also situated in this city. New York is a prior choice of the tourists to spend their time at because this city is privileged to be a clean one.

1. Helsinki – Finland

10 Cleanest Cities

Helsinki is a highly featured city of Finland. It has green mountains, hilly areas, museums and beach points to amaze the tourists. The estimated population of Helsinki is 7.8 million. This city is known for its exotic tourist attractions, the best being its complex electricity system which consumes lesser energy to generate electricity.

This makes us believe that the government has done really well to make this city an eco-friendly place for the residents. No doubt, the carpeted roads and environment-friendly vehicles add a plus to its level of beauty and cleanliness.

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