Top 10 Deadliest Animals Around the World

Danger and especially dangerous creatures fascinate us. We are constantly efforts to make a better and safer life for ourselves, but the world remains a dangerous place. As for wild animals, what determines their danger level might not necessarily be size. What we can formulate with our human brain power? We may think of some of these animals as friendly or harmless, but sometimes even friendly seeming species become dangerous. Here are the top 10 deadliest animals that could turn any human, smart or dumb, into a tasty lunch or dinner. Many more criteria are still out there. Feel free to add other deadly creatures to the comments.

Top 10 Deadliest Animals Around the World:

10. Jellyfish

Top 10 Deadliest Animals

Affectionately known as the “sea wasp”. The Jellyfish killing more then 100 per year provides a good example of why these graceful, free-floating marine creatures can also be some of the world’s deadliest living organisms. They are mostly found around the Australian coastline, and are most commonly seen in the summer months. Just like any animal, however, jellyfish take no prisoners when they feel threatened. Box jellyfish don’t even drift; they actively swim to hunt their prey, and a nice human leg or arm can suffer some serious collateral damage.

9. The Shark

Top 10 Deadliest Animals

The shark’s most incredible, virtually X-Men ability is called electroreception. They have organs in their heads called Ampullae of Lorenzini. Every time any animal moves, it generates a very slight electrical field, and sharks can actually sense this electricity. Thus a person treading water looks like lightning to a shark. A great white can detect half a billionth of a single volt. If it is within 100 meters, it can detect the voltage of your heartbeat. Averaging 15 feet long, with rows of up to 300 sharp serrated teeth inside powerful 4-foot-wide jaws, the great white shark is comfortably at the top of the food chain. It eats a wide variety of species and isn’t too picky, but humans are not preferred, being leaner and bonier than its favorite prey—the fattier seals and sea lions.

8. Hippopotamus

Top 10 Deadliest Animals

After the elephant and rhinoceros, the hippopotamus is the third largest type of land mammal and the heaviest extant artiodactyl. They are usually found in Africa and are responsible for more human fatalities on the continent than any other large animal. Male and female hippos tend to have different reasons for attacking. A male hippo will defend its territory, which runs along the bank of a river or lake, whereas the female becomes aggressive in defending her young. They killed more then 200 every year.

7. Lion

Top 10 Deadliest Animals

A full-grown male lion is about 6 inches taller than a tiger and weighs anywhere from 330 to 550 lbs (150-250 kgs), averaging 400. Kings of the jungle and one of nature’s most brilliant predators, lions are fast, cunning and extremely powerful, they have a sixth sense for hunting and they aren’t very discriminating when it comes to a red-meat dinner. Lions are found on the plains of Africa, but are also held in captivity around the world in zoos and reserves. Lions simply see humans as slower, less-able free lunches, much like gazelles or a zebras. These caused over 250 deaths per year.

6. Cape Buffalo

Top 10 Deadliest Animals

Also known as “black death” the Cape buffalo, found in Africa, being one of the most dangerous animals on land. Killing more then 500 per year, one of Africa’s most dangerous beasts. It is extremely aggressive and unpredictable. It can weigh between 900 to 1800 pounds, and except for some lone bulls, this bovine species is very gregarious. Herd members are quick to defend each other from lions, crocodiles, or hunters, by ramming the predator with their sharp horns. Sometimes a wounded bull will circle around to ambush its hunter from behind.

5. Elephant

Top 10 Deadliest Animals

The elephant, the largest land mammal, lives in Africa and some parts of Asia. Normally viewed as friendly, caused over 600 deaths per year, can also be the most dangerous to human health. These lovable, circus-friendly icons can be found in Africa and South Asia, and in a lot of cases, can be found in urban areas where people use their services for tourism, trade and transportation. But, just like a frustrated employee, these hard-working, usually docile creatures never forget poor treatment or being threatened, and that’s why they lash out. An elephant’s legs, trunk, and weight can crush just about anything, and one moment of anger can be lethal.

4. Crocodile

Top 10 Deadliest Animals

Killing up to 2,000 of people a year, it takes is a good look at one of these prehistoric beasts to realize just how deadly they can be. Crocodiles can be found in the southern U.S., the Tropics, Africa, Asia, and Australia, and love the taste of human flesh just as much as that of any other unsuspecting animal it sees. The saltwater and Nile crocodiles are the most dangerous. It eats a wide variety of animals, living and dead. Its eyes, ears, and nostrils are located high on the head, which allows a crocodile to see and hear its prey. It ranges from 5 to 20 feet long.

3. Scorpion

Top 10 Deadliest Animals

Caused up to 5,000 deaths per year, Scorpions are predatory arthropod animals of the order Scorpiones within the class Arachnida. Found widely distributed over all continents, except Antarctica, in a variety of terrestrial habitats except the high latitude tundra, these eight-legged arthropods can pack a powerful punch. They are a resilient, non-parasitic killer that actually have the ability to distribute doses of venom based on the type of prey. Buthids, in particular, are the most deadly scorpions and are generally found in Africa, though deadly scorpions have been known to survive and thrive in bone-chilling environments, such as the Andes and the Himalayas.

2. Snake

Top 10 Deadliest Animals

Living snakes are found on almost every continent. Many species of snakes are dangerous to humans. More than 450 species are venomous, and 250 are capable of killing a person. Most venomous bites occur in Africa, Asia, and North America. These cold-blooded reptiles are also cold-blooded killers, and it always seems the further you get away from home, the deadlier they get. The toxicity of some snakes are incredibly severe. These things tend to kill humans for one simple reason: they feel provoked. Plain and simple: It’s their natural defense mechanism to lash out with razor-sharp teeth and sink venom into your skin. These caused 100,000-plus deaths per year.

1. Mosquitoes – Most Deadliest Animal

Top 10 Deadliest Animals

Mosquitoes make number one on the list of deadliest animal in world. This small blood-sucking insect kills 2 million to 3 million people each year worldwide. They are a family of small, midge-like flies: the Culicidae. Although a few species are harmless or even useful to humanity, most are a nuisance because they consume blood from living vertebrates, including humans. The females of many species of mosquitoes are blood eating pests. It can spread diseases, most notably malaria. It can also spread elephantiasis, yellow fever, Dengue fever and West Nile virus.

Mosquitoes are found in abundance in tropical areas and can also survive the winter in countries with lower temperatures such as Canada. There are over 3,000 types of mosquitoes and all have the ability to transfer population-killing diseases.