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Top 10 Deadliest Creatures on Earth

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The Sharks, Tigers, Lions, Snakes and Anacondas are very dangerous but are they most dangerous? No, there are more dangerous and poisonous species on earth that can kill you in minutes. And they are killing hundreds and even thousands every year worldwide. Below we have discussed some of the most dangerous animals in the world. And you should always keep in mind to stay away from these deadliest creatures for your survival.

Top 10 Deadliest Creatures on Earth:

10. Box Jellyfish

Most Dangerous Fish

This marine animal is considered as the most venomous (marine) animal in the world by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The Box Jellyfish is usually found floating in the Indo-Pacific ocean. They floats at a speed of around 5 miles per hour. This marine animal is transparent and nearly invisible. The Box Jellyfish contains 15 tentacles at the corners of their cubic frames and each of them grow up to 10 feet long. And these contain thousands of stinging cells but very deadly toxins that attack directly on the heart, nervous system and skin cells. The creature is so deadly. If it injects the toxic in your body then you will most probably die before reaching the hospital. And if you are lucky then you will suffer from intense pain for weeks.

9. Indian Saw-Scaled Viper

Indian Saw-Scaled Viper

The most deadly creature called the Indian Viper or saw-scaled viper. Even if 10 snakes collect their venom then they can’t maintain the level of Indian Saw-Scaled Viper. The Indian Viper is one of the top contributors in the snake bite cases in Indian as they survive in some of the most populated areas of India. The snake is mostly active at night and it makes it more dangerous because it can easily hide itself anywhere without being not noticed. The only way to find them is their defensive sizzling sound. But if somehow you managed to reach the hospital after the bite of an Indian Viper then you can survive because the anti-venom exists and that’s a good thing.

8. Pufferfish

Deadliest Creatures On Earth Pufferfish

This creature is the second most poisonous living vertebrate on the planet after Golden Arrow Start Frog. The Pufferfish is mainly found in the tropical seas around the globe and it contains neurotoxin or tetrodotoxin in it’s skin, liver, kidneys, muscle tissues, gonads which makes the creature more dangerous even when we touch it. This marine animal is a famous Japanese Dish called fugu and can only be prepared by some trained licensed chefs. Even after preventions there are many accidental deaths recorded every year in Japan by eating fugu. The neurotoxin present in Pufferfish is 1200 times more poisonous than Cyanide.

7. Black Mamba

Most Dangerous Snake Species

There are many poisonous and dangerous snake species in the world like King Cobra and Boomslang. But the Black Mamba is most deadly creature. It is dangerous due to its high speed and deadly poison. A Black Mamba can grow upto 14 feets long and travel at a speed of 12.5 miles per hour. If you encountered a Black Mamba then your chances of survival are very low because Black Mamba can kill ten people in one bite and due to its speed it will bite repeatedly. If a Black Mamba bites you then if you do not receive antivenom in the next 20 minutes then your chances of survival are less than 1%.

6. Sydney Funnel-Web Spider

Sydney Funnel-Web Spider

We can see Spiders in our house easily making webs in the corners, storerooms and other places. But if you see a Sydney Funnel-Web Spider anywhere then it is a matter of concern because if they bite you then your nervous system will shout out due to atracotoxin in their venom. The fatality occurs in adults within 30 minutes but interestingly these spiders can’t harm pets at your home or any other mammals because their venom shows strong results only on pure mammals and that are only humans. So you should run away whenever Sydney Funnel-Web Spider next time.

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5. Stonefish


Stonefish is the most venomous fish known to humans and their appearance is just like rocks as their name suggests. Due to their appearance it is difficult for anyone to notice stonefish and as anyone will step on it then it will start injecting poison into your body. The harder anyone will step the more poison will be injected in the body. When stepping in Stonefish you may trigger its secondary defense mechanism also known as a lachrymal saber. The fatality of the venom can occur within 1 hour and it is reviewed to take anti-venom immediately and also prescribed to apply hot water over 45° C at the infected place.

4. Saltwater Crocodile

Saltwater Crocodile

Crocodiles are usually found in freshwater and they are very scary and dangerous. The Saltwater Crocodile are the most dangerous and largest crocodile species known to humans. These crocodiles are extremely powerful. They grow up to 23 feet and weigh around 1 ton. And they are very short tempered and aggressive towards anything that comes into their path. If you see them then just run away, because they bite with a psi of 3700 that is quite equal to T-rex and humans have a psi of 200.

3. Tsetse Fly

Tsetse Fly Deadliest Creatures

A small insect of only around 8 to 17 mm can be so dangerous that you can’t even think. The Tsetse Fly is often regarded as the world’s most dangerous fly. And also one of the deadliest creatures on earth. It usually found in Africa and in countries in the centre of the continent. The Tsetse Flies spread protozoan parasites known as Trypanosomes that cause irritation, disturbance in sleeping cycle, poor coordination and more. Unfortunately no vaccines are available for the treatment. But there are some minor precautions like wearing neutral-coloured clothes because they attract towards bright coloured clothes and avoid going into the bushes.

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2. Mosquito

Deadliest Animals

Mosquitos that you see everywhere in your house can be dangerous too. There are more than 3000 dangerous species of mosquito. And some of the most dangerous are genera Aedes, Anopheles, and Culex. These mosquito species cause many severe diseases like; Dengue fever, malaria, chikungunya, encephalitis, elephantiasis, yellow fever, West Nile virus, and the Zika virus. More than 700 million people are infected every year and more than 725,000 people die every year. Luckily India has its vaccine and an infected person can be saved if vaccinated on time.

1. Humans

Deadliest Creatures on Earth Humans

You will think what rubbish I am talking about. But it is true! We are animals too, and one of the deadliest creatures on earth. Because we have been killing each other for thousands of years. And we have killed more than 1 billion people. Humans top the list and we are even a danger for other animals and species too. Because human development has many side effects like global warming, extensive consumption of natural resources and more.

Scientists say that humans will destroy earth one day with their discoveries and dangerous inventions just like “Nuclear Weapons“. Just think and don’t spread global warming and all animals that you see around you are your partners. Because hundreds of animal species have become extinct due to our bad activities. Stop all this because it is not too late if we will try we can save our Earth.

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