Top 10 Exciting Things About Festivals

Since a whole host of festivals are around the corner, there exists exuberance and vibrance all around. The enthusiasm and the charm of the people made me just down the reasons that make festivals so beloved. These are 10 exciting things about festivals.

10. Holidays

10 Exciting Things About Festivals

Lol, we as humans want some free time for ourselves and thanks to the festivals, with every one celebration we get a day off and a lot of space and time as well. How perfect it seems to have a day off to both celebrate and rejuvenate oneself.

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9. Shopping

10 Exciting Things About Festivals

The market is our paradise and the temptation to shopping is a notch higher during festive season. So, getting dressed and hitting the road, what could be better than shopping in the market fully decorated with loads of people.

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8. The bonus

10 Exciting Things About Festivals

If on one hand we spend money and affect the budget, on other hand, we do get festive bonuses. The bonuses from the workplace and gifts on personal fronts make everything so super.

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7. The religious aroma

10 Exciting Things About Festivals

Interestingly, people with no or little interest in religions, too turn religious during the festive era. The religious aroma in the form of flowers, holy books and so on and so forth, just rock the area.

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6. Bonds formation

10 Exciting Things About Festivals

The best part of festivals is the creation of bonds and healing the old scarred, broken ones. No matter how serious the tiff between any kind of relationships is, festivals soothe it all and helps in building/rebuilding the bonds.

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5. The discounted price

10 Exciting Things About Festivals

How could we forget to mention the discounted prices that we get our products for when we talked about shipping ? The half prices, special offers, buy one get one free deals actually adds to the pleasures of shopping.

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4. Food

Fast Foods

Well for us gourmet lovers, everyday is a food day but then festivals carry a completely different essence of food. It might not be the classiest of all with the best apple fine tart or the spaghetti squash but yeah, the normal food that actually holds specific relevance to a festival.

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3. Dressing


The changes in the dressings is a sheer display of the onset of the festive season. People dressed up as Santa Claus, changes in the dress patterns during Easter, Christmas, Diwali and Eid, all just add so much of newness to it.

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2. Goodbye loneliness

Goodbye loneliness

Festivals ate a great way to kill loneliness for the world becomes such a great place to explore. The people break all the hesitations to get involved with one another during this duration.

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1. The beauty

The beauty

Festivals have the power of getting the environment completely changed. The exciting colors, different lights, it seems the world is beautifully wrapped.

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All the reasons just make us fall in love with festivals always and forever. List Created By; Palak Gupta