Top 10 Interesting Facts About India

India – the country that’s rich in culture, jam packed with a million stories to tell by the elders passed on from generation to generation, one of the largest populations of the world, Centuries old, traditional and cultural in every sense and inch of the land, Home to the most exotic females of the planet that the human race has known, the country that’s had its independence from the long dominated British Ruling and the country that is home to Gods and spiritual beings as the world knows them to be and has strong beliefs in their existence in the Native land as well. India is commonly misconceived by the world as a place of only poverty, dirty people, broken buildings, under-developed cities etc. Yet there are a few things that the world doesn’t know, which may change their views instantly. Below we are to cover the Top 10 interesting facts about India.

10. India May take over China’s population by 2022

10 Interesting Facts About India
China had better produce and cultivate the idea of having more babies if they are afraid of India’s possible takeover in population domination in the near future. India and China are the two most overcooked countries with regards to just how many living humans there are that cannot be gotten rid of by atomic bombs etc. since a 1000 people dead from each countries wouldn’t be enough to decrease their somewhat impossibly un-decreasable populations. While some predictions may be over stated or over exaggerated, some turn out to be true when it eventually happens and the world goes back to trace who and why it was predicted. Should India overtake China in its population, this will have a ripple effect on other countries who will be more than others as the world moves forward a decade from now.

9. Its more Multilingual than others

10 Interesting Facts About India
It’s to absolute no surprise that Multi-languages are spoken by natives of India, simply because of several determining factors such as natives who spend a lot of time with the influx of tourists from other countries who visit regularly and due to the fact that people of India aren’t all that dum dum since how the quality of Education has advanced and been upgraded as well as enforced by the locals of India. Modern Indians can be found scattered all around Colleges and Universities too which is where there are ultimately bound to learn more than just their native tongue. The Ethnologue Lists 415 languages spoken by a spread of thousands of people in India.

8. Has larger mega-cities

10 Interesting Facts About India
New Delhi alone has an estimated 23.3 Million people residing in ONE CITY!! Which is bigger than the amount of some country populations put together. Mumbai in India, Another 23 Million of people living in one city, Kolkata is home to 16 Million, 600 people and we’re just getting started, there’s still plenty more but the fact remains is that with so many people, this fills up majority of the entire world’s population altogether and can you imagine so many people living in each city with all these cities combined? Its definitely an over-congestion of life and no wonder God occasionally sends in some horrendous natural disasters such as : Tsunami’s ,hurricane Katrina’s and earthquakes etc. To wipe a few thousand people out at a time in order for the rest to breathe easily again and to create new life in a slow form all over again.

7. Voters are in number of Millions

10 Interesting Facts About India
World’s largest and most vibrant election (image source;

This may seem like an over exaggerated amount of voters in one country, but it’s absolutely true. We’ve just discussed roughly how many people live in each city and that didn’t cover the entire of India’s population so you can imagine how much of voters there are who are at the legal age to vote for politicians on the country. The actual number of Voters is literally unknown and super hard to count but it does certainly fall in the Millions of the population. So many people who are registered voters, must mean that they have utmost faith in their campaigning leaders for them to flock in those numbers to vote. The beautiful fact of India which has now been unlocked from this, is that India ,despite being in extreme poverty and harsh situations ,the ones who believe in life and still have rays of hope, stick together and are unity in every joint cause.

6. India was an Islamic State

10 Interesting Facts About India
If ever you’ve watched modern and classic Indian movies, you would have noticed that the common theme it centers around is the independence of two totally different but respected walks of life, Indian staunch ancient belief systems and legacy families as well as the clash of Islamic religion yet all in the same country. There has always been a sense of war and feeling of making one religion look inferior to the other when in actual fact, they are all the same human beings with the same blood. It sincerely doesn’t matter how rich we are, what home we have, car we drive etc. At the end of the day, in our death’s we all will be buried in a grave the same size, on the same earth’s ground and under the same sky.

5. Road Deaths are more than any other country

10 Interesting Facts About India
Another interesting top facts about India is that road accidents occur and will occur more frequently than other countries, simply because of the number of population of humans who live there and due to the roads being absolutely small and close to each other as opposed to America etc. which has been spaced out properly and built on an infrastructure of brilliance in its worldly design allowing for humans to move more freely and less chocked as India’s roads are curvy and move around a few houses. Can you imagine what it must be like to have hundreds of motorcyclists ,cyclists, large vehicle owners and Rickshaw taxi’s bumper to bumper on a small street or dusty road with animals running around, little children playing on the same street, large groups of people crossing at the same time, homeless people sleeping along the edges of the road. Having this being said, there is definitely a huge undeniable possibility of more Road accidents than any other country.

4. Biggest consumer and producer of Mangoes in the world

10 Interesting Facts About India
The facts of India now sway into a more crazy side apart from the interesting. While frequent road accidents in India would be highly anticipated due to its mega population size, who would have thought that Mangoes would initially be the biggest in supply and demand in India? Does this mean that all Indians are vegetarians, no! Everybody loves Mangoes, regardless of what race, ethnicity or country, fruits are the most natural form of life, after all there are theories that Adam and Eve which is an ancient belief in Christianity, still prophesied today. Had their go at a forbidden fruit which eventually meant the birth of mankind that we have today. People are entitled to their own beliefs and we respect this, but here’s a fact that India is the biggest consumer and producer of Mangoes, in the world. It most certainly also is to absolutely no doubt that it truly is the biggest consumer and producer seeing that the Land of India is one of the largest in the world so you can imagine how many Mango trees and farms are scattered across the country be ultimately enough to feed every mango eater in India, let alone to the world. The Mango production in India has been reported in 2012 to be around 15, 250, 000 Tonnes and is more than China, kenya, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Mexico, Brazil, Bangladesh and Nigeria. Here were talking about the production of Mangoes in India alone.

3. Third Highest Ranker in breaking records amongst the rest of the world.

10 Interesting Facts About India
For centuries, people and natives of India have been striving to make a place they can call home and to prove one thing to the rest of the world, that the classing of Indians by different derogatory names and backgrounds etc. Must come to a complete end, but the thing they’ve always striven to be was recognized by the rest of the modern, advancing and fast paced world of societies ,is that India is rich in talents and skilled abilities too and come jam packed with a wealth of spiritual power given to them as gifts by their births and mastered by growth which they’ve eventually turned into the entertainment and showcase their talents all over the world, which brings a shining and polished new name to India as a whole and as a country rich with talents and gifts to mankind that some of the rest of the world may not be privileged to have such as godly powers, and the ability to communicate and come face to face with a king cobra without getting yourself killed. Can the average American child look dead into a King Cobra’s eye and play a flute for it to go away without harming anybody? Or come direct head to head with a cobra close enough to kiss it? And its only in India that mad parents would give real live cobra snakes for their toddler babies to play with as toys. I suppose not yet this is common for Natives in India. While this may be a normality thing which is perfectly normal to do and see in India, it’s more than enough to spark a world summit in other countries by forming parental discussions to end this kind of stuff as its cruelty to kids. India does hold the Third Highest Record Breaking reputation in the world.

2. India’s First rocket was brought and transported on a bicycle

10 Interesting Facts About India
10 Interesting Facts About India.

The most craziest yet highly interesting facts of India, come from the things that are most unique,uncommon,hardly seen by the rest of the world, yet makes it purely unique and exclusive to this Native land of heritage, history and traditional values. India’s first rocket was brought and transported on a bicycle! Outrageous and rather hard to believe but absolutely true. It is somewhat hard to take another person on a bicycle that’s built for one person to ride, so can you imagine transporting a rocket, a freaking village up-rooter that can kill hundreds, if not thousands of people by an explosive impact to be transported on a bicycle which has no motor and is driven by one person is as crazy as India could have gotten but then again India is also known for doing some of the world’s maddest things too and is somehow brilliant at grabbing media attention world-wide also who wants to make them famous for it. Anything could have gone wrong during this bicycle transportation which could have meant the careless death of hundreds of innocents should it be sabotaged and used against India by enemy countries etc. Gladly the rocket has been transported safely and launched. Over a span of 12 years after the first rocket launch, India has successfully launched another 350 into the air. Bravo India!

1. There is a Species of Shark that inhabits the ‘Holy River’ Ganges

10 Interesting Facts About India
Ganges Shark.

Just when going face to face with a king cobra in India, isn’t bad enough to get somebody killed as a snake, no matter how sacred Indians may see it to be, is a snake! Which means having an instinctive mind of its own and can strike upon aggravated provocation or the slightest thing you may do which would trigger its attack which could eventually turn out to be faithful. The one interesting fact about India and lesser known one too, is that there is a species of shark which is a Habitant of the sacred holy river of India (The River Ganges). This particular river is known for centuries to have some sort of spiritual meaning and Godly purpose of its existence to native Indians and by bathing in it, would simply mean the removal and cleansing of one’s body of all evil spirits, sins etc. Regardless of what purpose this river serves and what people believe it to be, it is also home to Demonic dangers that come in the form of water snakes, deadly insects and other poisonous things that you never know where it could approach from and if you should come into contact with it, unless you saw it under water, you may not be able to identify it to the doctor if you make it to medical care on time. Crazy India, however I love and admire their bravery above all for bathing early hours of the morning in the River Ganges, which also happened to be home to spirits, and the River Shark Species which is probably giving birth to new generations every few months soon to infest the river with these little Jaw snappers which will serve as a huge threat to the hundreds if not thousands of people who bath in the waters of the Ganges River.