Top 10 Luxurious Penthouses in the World

In today’s world, even owning a 3 bedroom house in a nice posh area is a dream for most. However, there are also a few who would never be happy with a usual 3-bedroom house, and they want something big and classy with all conveniences like grand ballrooms, roof-top bowling alleys, indoor pools, and so on. They want to gaze out of the windows of their beautiful homes and enjoy the most stunning view possible. For such people, who are ready to pay anything but want just the best below are listed the top 10 most luxurious penthouses in the world.

10. One57 Winter Garden Penthouse

Top 10 Luxurious Penthouses in the World
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This is a 13,500 square foot penthouse and its main attraction is its 2,600 square foot curved glass atrium, which is big enough for a garden or a swimming pool. It overlooks the Central Park, the East, and Hudson Rivers. It got sold last for a whopping $91 million. The Winter Garden penthouse has 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, and residents get to enjoy a yoga studio, spa services, a pool, pet grooming and other services that are offered by the Park Hyatt New York.

9. Palms Place Penthouse

Palms Place Penthouse

If you have always desired of relaxing on a Jacuzzi on your very own private terrace while overlooking at the beautiful lights of Vegas then the Palm Penthouse is the perfect place for you. This is not the biggest penthouse for sure. But even in just 6,230 square foot, it has all the luxuries you have always wanted. It has 3 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. And, all of them are spacious and have modern amenities. The floors are made of hardwood, rich marble, and have fine carpeting. The outdoor patio not only offers beautiful views of the Vegas but also has a fireplace, an amazing stainless steel kitchen, and lots of places to relax. This penthouse can be yours for just $29 million.

8. Dubai Marina Emirates Crown Penthouse

Dubai Marina Emirates Crown Penthouse

The Dubai Marina Emirates Crown penthouse suite is a rooftop palace with five bedroom offering beautiful views of Dubai. It has more than 7,600 square feet of living space, with 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, large balconies, and 2 big living areas. It has both a private Jacuzzi and a sauna. This beautiful residence will cost you nearly $63 million.

7. Benbow House Penthouse

Benbow House Penthouse

Offering a beautiful view of the Thames River, this beautiful 4 double-bedroom penthouse is considered to be the biggest one in London and will cost you about $13 million. It is a total of 4,600 square feet and has 3 floors. Considered to be one of the most luxurious penthouses in the whole world, it also has a garden and 2 private outdoor terraces. You will fall in love with the splendid views of London that it offers through its floor to ceiling windows that fully surround this penthouse and because of which the living area gets complete sunlight. It also has a big dining space, a library, attractive marbled bathrooms, open concept living area, and a wood-paneled office with an adjacent terrace. The kitchen of this penthouse is wood paneled and has a wine cooler and stainless steel appliances.

6. Icon Tower Penthouse 2

Icon Tower Penthouse 2

This $20.9 million worth Icon Tower Penthouse is one of the most luxurious ones you can live in. It offers a splendid view of downtown Miami and Biscayne Bay. This 7,993 square feet penthouse has 2 stories with 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms. Those residing here can enjoy the gorgeous outdoor patio space which has a pool, hot tub, sauna, a garden and full kitchen facilities. The patio also comes with its own movie theater, a pool table, and a wet bar. The interiors are covered with hardwood and marble flooring and have a beautiful steel and marble spiral staircase.

5. Penthouse at the Pierre Hotel

Penthouse at the Pierre Hotel

This is a 16 bedroom triplex including the 41st, 42nd, and 43rd floor of the Pierre hotel on Fifth Avenue. It is situated in the Upper East Side of New York City and offers a 360-degree view of the Central Park and Manhattan. Residents can lounge in any of the 5 fireplaces in the penthouse. It also has beautiful arched cathedral windows, a Swedish sauna, 4 separate terraces, main kitchen, 3 kitchenettes, and a private interior elevator. The maintenance bill is more than $47,000 a month only for the two housekeepers and the electricity.

4. Trump Tower

Top 10 Luxurious Penthouses in the World

Manhattan has many luxurious penthouses but the one owned by Donald Trump certainly tops them all. It has marble floors, frescoed ceilings, diamond and 24k gold accents, and more. The total 6,400 square feet of space has 5 beautiful bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and these are spread over 3 floors. This penthouse is inspired by the Palace of Versailles and has gold moldings, gold lamp, gold vases, and gold plates. Recently Donald Trump sold this penthouse.

3. City Spire Penthouse

City Spire Penthouse

This gorgeous City Spire Penthouse overlooks the beautiful midtown Manhattan. Its asking price was $100 million but it was not sold for two and half years. It has again been relisted with the same high price. It has 3 octagon shaped levels and includes the 73rd, 74th, and 75th floors offering a 360-degree view of Manhattan. The whole top floor comprises of the master bedroom. Apart from it, the penthouse has 6 bedrooms, an entertainment room, a dining room to accommodate 20 persons, and 9 bathrooms.

2. The Time Warner Building Penthouse

The Time Warner Building Penthouse

If you love huge media rooms, wood-paneled libraries and eleven-foot ceilings over a full 8,000 square feet of living space then this penthouse is just ideal for you. The Time Warner Building penthouse offers all this and more. It has 9 bedrooms, 6 and 1/2 marble bathrooms, an in-house sound system, 2 beautifully decorated kitchens, and a television in each room. Also, there is a pool and a roof-top garden which offers splendid views of the Manhattan and Central Park. The penthouse got sold for $50.9 million and was then relisted for $60 million.

1. Sky Penthouse

luxurious penthouses Sky Penthouse

The Sky Penthouse offers a splendid 360-degree view of Monaco and overlooks the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and is perched atop the Odeon Tower. This luxurious penthouse is not a usual one. It has more than 35,000 square feet of living space. And also it has a kitchen in each of the floors. It comes with luxury features like a private caterer, chauffer, private disco, 3 staff bedrooms, obligatory marble floors, and a pool. It also comes with a huge price tag, $400 million, making it one of the costliest properties per square foot.

Each of these penthouses is extremely beautiful and has all modern amenities that you could ask for, and such beautiful views that will lure anyone into buying it. They do come with huge price tags, but what they offer certainly makes them worth it.