Top 10 Trending Gadgets Today

Technology has always evolved throughout the evolution of man. It’s just the concept, features, things it can do, what you can use it with and how it can make our lives better that’s changed. Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, bushmen of that time realized that their hands and natural instinct won’t be enough a weapon to defend themselves and their families from those large beasts of life running around crushing homes with one foot. So they did something about it. Whether they’ve used a large broken bone of a dead dinosaur to attack a live one or not, it was still genius, in their time their inventively was true and has given birth to the latest generation of tech that we have within our grasp, or just a mouse click purchase away to be delivered to our door steps. Tech develops so quick these days in so many different ways, it’s easy to lose track, so here are 10 Trending Gadgets Today that you shouldn’t miss out on!

10. Projects Watch

Top 10 Trending Gadgets
Only ‘time’ will tell they say. Time has now told and unfolded into a new era, dimension and perspective of what it once was. There is no longer a loud annoying bell that rings for the entire community to hear, after the clock strikes twelve for them to know time. Besides this, it goes further down to the smallest of watches and new designs out there. The standard clock design interface has been rather straight forward in its invention, yet the one thing Time Pieces has never been able to do is puzzle our minds a little bit by how the time appears, which adds a great aesthetic feature to your wrists, and is sure to get on lookers, staring in daze at your hands.

9. Logitech tunable gaming mouse

Top 10 Trending Gadgets
It all evolved from the old and troublesome ball mouse which was absolutely large and inconvenient for the average hand size. Can anybody remember that big white computer mouse operated by a ball under?? I certainly can.

In the past, it has been widely accepted as a thing of “we just have to use what we’ve got”, but now is a different issue. Now there is constant demand for everything that defines the need of companies to supply the greatest of gadgets and tech out there by the ever changing trends, there will always be change. Now switching from the ball to the optical mouse technology was a big jump; the same thing that we use today anyway and has done a great job, the look, the feel. But if you’re a hardcore gamer like me, you would find that the

Logitech tunable gaming mouse is much more pleasing in its design and overall features which allows exactly what it advertises to do. The G502 Tunable gaming mouse has now hit the shelves and for purchase also and is absolutely beautiful. G502 on its own sounds like a Military spec product doesn’t it? The beauty of it is that it allows you to customize the mouse to your preference and to be in your gaming freak zone.

8. SleepTunez Bluetooth Audio Sleep music mask

Top 10 Trending Gadgets
Now you’re sleeping gets much better, every night and every time you decide to venture off into the glorious magical land of “sleep” to dream away and have the privilege of listening to up to 6 hours of your favorite music also depending on if you’ve charged it enough. If your music is soothing enough to be listenable to your ears you can be rest assured of a good night sleep and even a day time nap if you plan to also. The cushion soft microfiber material helps to block the light so you mind can be conditioned for sleep. You can also remove this just in case you wish to wash it without damaging a single component of the Gadget. Features of this amazing thing include: One size fits all, rechargeable, up to 6 hours of music play, light eliminator, track select, Bluetooth to any smartphone or tablet device, Bluetooth laptops or computers. It allows you ultimate mobility on the bed, twists and turns without having to worry about tangling ‘cords’ since it’s Cordless!

7. WeMo Smart Switch for controlling electronics

WeMo Smart Switch for controlling electronics
How beautiful is this? Here’s another master gadget that is built for convenience and designed to ultimately keep you in your comfort zone. Yes! You wish to switch your Television off and the remote doesn’t work or is far away from your hands at that moment, comfy with your hot water bottle and don’t want to wake up. Perfect, the WeMo Smart Switch for controlling ALL your electronics on and off will be the perfect fit and it all works from your existing home Wi-Fi network. Simply plug the WeMo into your home outlet and plug your device in, whether it’s a fan, Television or whatever it may be. Oh and you can also Schedule your on’s and offs whenever you please.

6. RING® Video Doorbell

Top 10 Trending Gadgets
Ding Dong! Cring Cring! Whatever sound your doorbell makes is enough to get you spiraling to the door to see whose there. This is how it’s done in the old traditional doorbell days. Aren’t like the ancient 12 O’ Clock bell, the doorbell rings at any time, more shocking when it’s 2AM on a Tuesday morning. Can you believe they made something to help you sort this problem too! No more waking up at 2AM to walk out of your comfortable and warm duvets. With Ring Video Door Bell motion sensor technology, you are now able to view everything from your smartphone, as in watch who is on the other side of the door and actually see them live on your phone as well as communicate with them through the speaker (iOS and Android integration) ,as well as the Motion Detector technology which practically scans any activity within the vicinity of the yard and you get visitor alerts every time somebody is at your door.

5. Magic Cube (Keyboard projection)

Top 10 Trending Gadgets
This is primarily where the future of the best Trending Gadgets of today come to life. They just get more and more futuristic by the decade don’t they? Smaller, compact, stylish, authentic, aesthetic, and colorful and jam packed with a tonne load of exciting new features from the last one or something that’s never been seen or digitalized before. Projection isn’t to nobodies surprise anymore and sort of depicts something like a hologram. In a usual hologram light of shaped display of an object, you could run your hands through the light and it will blend to the shape of your palm but not with this one! The magic cube Keyboard projection, depicts a smart object system at which you can actually press ‘light emitted keys of a normal “Qwerty” keyboard’ and it would actually do something on screen which is ground breaking technology that light emitted stuff can get you to an action on screen. This particularly means every surface can become your keyboard. No need to replace wireless keyboard batteries, no more needing to worry about it accidently falling down and breaking, no need to worry about spilling coffee to its damage and non-use. This is virtual keyboard taken to another dimension of a level on its own. Have a look HERE of the Magic Cube Keyboard in action. The Magic Cube keyboard is compatible with Android and other IOS mobile devices also and with a flick of a switch, you are able to pair wirelessly with your devices Bluetooth devices.

4. Wireless Smart Led White Bulb

Top 10 Trending Gadgets
Not everybody has the ability to clap their hands when walking in the home and all the lights come on unless you’re a tycoon and a tech freak, you probably got this privilege in your homes. Some, like regular people such as myself, would have to manually press a switch on the wall for a light to come on and if it needs to be put off, we have to walk again to the wall to switch it off. No big deal as really as were so used to doing it now, it’s become distilled in our blood streams. For those of you who are lazy however and perhaps want to bring your girl home for the first time to impress her with what your house can do, show her what your car can do on the way home, then open the door and impress her with your home. You can have the switch of your phone button ready in your pocket and say “hit the lights baby” then press that switch on your phone and Wireless Smart Led White Bulb ,if you have one installed like a normal bulb would, will immediately switch on and bam! Walla! Lights on to your situation and with a wireless effort. No more having to wake up from your seat when your favorite movie is playing as it can all be controlled from your smart phone. This is a huge convenience as it can ultimately make your life easier. Can be used in your entire home which is amazing. Guess what? It’s also a huge power saver too.

3. Ultra Slim Qi enabled Wireless Charger

Top 10 Trending Gadgets
Cord chargers have always troublesome to some extent, where by there’s a constant issue with inner cords being snapped or twisted, worn out over time due to entanglement and being so thing, the charging pins are bound to be trampled on and damaged if not kept in a secure place, circuit board inside has pretty much the same issue as well when it’s bound to be fried from the inside after years of use. Would you spend as much to fix it? Or buy a portable charger, which would be a good investment, seeing that it can jump to save your battery and give it a boost for those emergency situations. Still here however the only difference with the portable charger (power bank) is that you still need a cord to connect from the power bank to your device yet it can still be carried around in your pocket etc. Instead of having a power outlet nearby. One after this however is a WIRELESS! Ultra Slim Qi enabled charger for all your smartphones etc. You can simply place your phone or tablet on the spot marked for radiation and it will charge it with no plugs or cords, after all ‘wireless’ really lives up to itself and is neater than cord operated devices.

2. Neo Mouse Wireless 3D

Wireless 3D Finger Mouse
Once again the Mice takes over and dominates the gadget industry. This is as far as the beauty of life would go, convenient, smart, cute, and small, your computer experience has just never gotten this better! Let me introduce second best trending gadget of today and if you thought that the G502 gaming tunable mouse was the it thing, then wait till you hear about the 3D Neo Wireless Mouse. The Neo mouse is more of a gesture and motion sensitive based which simply awesome as your hand literally becomes the mouse pointer. As long as you have an index finger, this mouse can be operated within and literally within your grasp. This is truly a clickess mouse and saves you Carpel Tunnel Syndrome also.

1. 3D Printer

Top 10 Trending Gadgets

In the 21rst Century, the 3D printer is by far thee greatest invention ever to be created!!! It is somewhat larger than life at this moment and surely trumps ever gadget ever made, from the best of the best, simply because of it’s out of this world ability allowing people to literally create ANYTHING they want!! This is no exaggeration what – so- ever and is rather an evolution of tech. When you have a 3D printer in your home, this technology can simply mean the ultra-power in your hands, making you more powerful than anything with the ability to create anything, this ought to break a few laws, regulations etc. Normal picture printers, can print a 3D photograph but only on paper. The 3D printer can print another Printer or part in 3D form, as in you can physically see and touch the object that is printed! The world is used to seeing 3D extruding machines and CNC machines that can perform a similar operation but not in this precise, ‘cutting edge’ and arguably outrageous form. All you need to do is simply download a CAD design from “Thingyverse” Load it to your computer or send the design to the printer and watch it mold that object by cutting every inch of it by the resin you feed the printer, watch it turn into the physical holdable, consumable object. This is definitely thee number one TOP Trending Gadgets ever to be created simply because you can physically print and assemble the parts of every other gadget or cool object on the market. Have an instant look at Top 10 3D printed objects.