Top 10 unique and rare dog breeds you’ve never heard of

What are some of the most unique, unusual and Top 10 unique and rare dog breeds in the world? Dinosaurs should consider the first carnivorans round about sixty five years ago. Carnivoran name give due to Order Carnivora. Carnivoran possess specific arrangement of teeth i.e. molar and pre molar used for cutting and shearing of meat.

Dog breed raise for many purpose to facilitate human in multiple field. Dog belong to species C. familiaris. Dogs have similar body structure except their tail bone. Lifespan of dogs varies according to breed ranges from 11 to 13 years. The maturity age of domestic dogs happens around eight month to one year but it could be varies with breed variety. Dog can be use to solve problem by applying practice to perceive information. They can transfer message to other dog by using dog posture, vocalization, facial expression and eye gaze.

Dog have ability to live and work for humans. They can be used for rescue purpose and for detection of drugs. Dog suffer same disorder as human like; Cancer neurological disorder and pathology and treatment are same. While handling your pet some instruction should be followed, that is necessary for your health. Some disease that can be transmitted if you are not follow precaution measured you may be in trouble e.g. if your pet is not properly vaccinated you may face a viral disease called rabies that is lethal.

Top 10 unique and rare dog breeds:

10. Lowchen

unique and rare dog breeds

The little lion dog breed of small dog with soft fur. Height of this breed 20-35 cm and average weight six kg. This is a compact breed with balance moderate angles in the front and rare. The majority of Lowchen are healthy but retinal atrophy is common disorder in this breed. These dogs are easily trained, they respond to any command. It is recommended that start training as soon as possible. The dog is fed with beef, chicken, rabbit and by product.

9. Xoloitzcuintli dogs (Mexican hairless dog)

Xoloitzcuintli dog

Xoloitzcuintli dogs are one of the severe hairless dog breed. It is found in all size standard, intermediate and miniature. Some litter are hairless due to some genetic problem (same combination of gene). Xoloitzcuintli dogs are generally healthy dogs and good breeder. Adult dogs does not required any specific grooming just give regular bathing but young dog required specific care to avoid from some skin disease.

8. Chinook Dog

unique and rare dog breeds
Img source; Chinook Dog (AKC)

Chinook is a rare American breed which is outstanding athlete, intelligent and loyal. These dogs are smart, gentle and loving. They are not so aggressive, due to this quality they are very friendly and easily trained by professional trainer. This breed is good as watch dog. Grooming is very easy of this breed jut required regular bathing. Due to poor breeding practice Chinook dogs face some genetic health problem like hip dysplasia.

7. Puli dog

Puli unique and rare dog breeds

This is a small medium breed of Hungarian. This breed is use specially to guard for herd of livestock. Puli dog required special physical and mental simulation. Over all this breed is friendly and energetic. Due to it body coat owner should have to give shower and do combing on daily basis that prevent form skin diseases. Like most of pure breed, the puli prone to some genetic diseases.

6. Norwegian Lundehund

Norwegian Lundehund

This is the small breed of dog originating from Norway. The most incredible thing in this breed is twisting of head to touch back which can help for hunting. Their shoulder joint is so flexible so they can spread their legs at ninety degree angle. Norwegian Lundehund bear soft and playable nature. This breed also known for alert barker, and they could be out of control if owner did not appreciated. Mostly this breed suffer from gastrointestinal and genetic issue.

5. Komondor (Hungarian sheep dog)

Komondor (Hungarian sheep dog)

The comondor is a larger breed belongs to Europe. The body is covered with a heavy matted, corded coat. They have strong muscle with long legs. The tail is slightly curl. An interesting thing about this breed is its lips and nose always black. Hip dysplasia is common disease in this breed. Another disease which is life threading enlargement of the stomach and twisting of intestine.

Due to its specific beautiful corded coat appearance it required special care with do regular wash and brush at least once a week. Comodor are athletic for their size and sufficient exercise is necessary to keep them healthy and happy .One of the best thing in this breed is it has ability to survive in extreme weather.

4. Mini Dachshund

unique and rare dog breeds

Mini Dachshunds originated in 18th century in Germany. Due to its body size it could be fit in smaller space. This breed is smaller in size, come in three type of coat which means this breed come in six combinations. Mini Dachshunds are so friendly with all age of people specially children. Grooming required according to variety of coat.

These variety may also required trimming by a professional person. Mini Dachshunds enjoying training for sport activity like tracking and nose work. Mostly pure breed dogs have certain inherited health problems. Retinal atrophy (degeneration eye disease) most progressive genetic disease found in Mini Dachshunds. Mini Dachshunds life span 12-16 years.

3. Canaan Dog

Canaan unique and rare dog breeds

Origin of this breed as incest Israel, it is one of best breed ability to guard and guide herd livestock. Canaan dog s are devoted to their owner family and avoid from stranger. These dogs are smart and intelligent and used for sport activity. Canaan dog are lean with average body weight 45 Pound. Life expectancy of this breed 12-15 year. Canaan dogs are naturally alert and vocal. They are balance, medium-sized body moves. These dogs are smart and well respond to dog trainer.

2. Bully Kutta

Bully Kutta

The Bully kutta is a unique type of breed that found in sub continent. Bully kutta is very sharp with strong jaw, have ability to tear with in a second. Due to this condition this breed is mostly used for guard and fight purpose. Bully kutta is very aggressive, alert, energetic and intelligent. As other dog breeds bully kutta can be handle by owner, it has ability to follow the instruction as per given by owner.

If we compare this breed with some other breed like Beagles and collies, Bully kutta found more intelligent, friendly and immediately response how to protect its owner from threat and self protection in the face of threat. Bully kutta has ability to survive in harsh weather and attack of viral disease due to highly immune system. Bully kutta used for illegal fight in Indian and Pakistan and reported first FIR registered in Punjab in June 2018. Its life span 6-12 years and litter size 1-6.

1. Bakharwal dog

Bakharwal dog

This breed is found in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The typically characteristic of this breed i.e. 24-30 inch height, 6-12 years life span, 1-3 liter size and weight 70-90 kg. This is best breed in the world that used for guard purpose because of powerful and heavy bone structure. This is a typically mountain breed with a furry coat and round tail that gives it solemn look. The dog has vegetarian appetite like bread, rice and milk that is why it is the best breed that can be used as a livestock guardian.

Nomads of Jammu Kashmir used this breed for protection of their self and as well their livestock. This breed has ability to learn and strictly followed the instruction that is given by their owner. This breed produces liter 3-4 puppies in once a year. Unfortunately this breed is not registered by any kennel club.