what to See and Do in Budapest

Discover what to See and Do in Budapest

Budapest is the perfect city for a weekend getaway. Recognized as one of the most beautiful in Europe, the capital of Hungary is famous for its spas, historical monuments and lively nightlife. From drinking in “ruin bars” to relaxing in the thermal baths, in addition to tasting delicious wines and swallowing the gulasch in industrial quantities, Let’s see what to see and do in Budapest stag do with Budapest stag do.

Visit a Spa

Visit a Spa in Budapest

Budapest is reputed to be “the world capital of spas” so take your time and enjoy its thermal waters with healing properties. Szechenyi baths have indoor and outdoor pools, treatment rooms, steam rooms and saunas and is, without a doubt, one of the places to see in Budapest, a swimsuit in hand. They also host summer parties where you can combine beauty and health rituals with fun. And all in a magnificent neo-baroque building where you can even play chess in the water. If you are looking for a somewhat less sophisticated experience you can always approach one of the Turkish-style spas that abound in the city. What is clear is that soaking in a spa is one of the essential things to do in Budapest.

Buda Castle

Buda Castle Budapest

Symbol of the city (and visible from almost everywhere) it is also known as the Royal Palace. The Budapest stag do Castle will surprise you with its majestic beauty, which makes it one of the places to see in Budapest yes or yes. It was the residence of Hungarian rulers for over 700 years and today houses several museums and cultural institutions such as the National Gallery, the Museum of History or the National Library, which houses the famous Corvinian codes and is One of the most advisable things to see in Budapest. To get to the medieval quarter on the Buda hill, climb the Sikló, a curious funicular from 1870. Once up, walk as much as you want and enjoy the incomparable views.

Fisherman’s Bastion

see and do in Budapest

The impressive Fisherman’s Bastion is a fortified terrace in the Buda neighborhood from which you can enjoy the best views of the city, especially the fascinating Hungarian Parliament, built in neo Gothic style. It is open all day and is free, unless you want to climb some of the watchtowers. The view from the free balconies alone is worth it. The area around the Fisherman’s Bastion, known as the Castle District, is a Stagmadness world heritage site and is full of other places to see in Budapest, such as museums, churches and palaces.

Hungarian Parliament

Hungarian Parliament see and do in Budapest

The most spectacular building on the Pest bank of the Danube is the fascinating Parliament of Hungary. When there is no parliamentary session you can take a guided tour of its rooms for only 2,000 HUF (just over € 6). Tours leave every half hour throughout the day and are given in several languages. So you can admire closely the grand central staircase, the precious jewels of the crown, many frescoes and the beautiful Hall of the Dome. The Hungarian Parliament was built in 1900 and is one of the most wonderful things to see in Budapest.

Shoes Monument

Shoes Monument see and do in Budapest

After visiting Parliament, a good idea may be to walk along the Danube in search of more thoughtful moments. The Monument to Memory, more commonly known as “shoe monument”, is an intelligent and original work of art to see in Budapest. Remember an incident during World War II, when a group of Jews were ordered to take off their shoes before being shot and thrown into the river. Terrible story that deserves to be remembered.


Bars-Ruin Budapest

Outside they look like abandoned buildings, but set foot inside a bar-ruin and you will enter a retro world full of different and original furniture, exposed brick walls, rare art and suggestive lights. Look for all kinds of objects hanging over your head like trumpets, bicycles, antique toys and even plastic jellyfish. Szimpla Kertes the largest and most popular bar-ruin in the city, as well as a pioneer in its genre and a must see in Budapest. For something it is one of the 100 best bars in the world. Have a beer, other things to do in Budapest, and enjoy a movie or an alternative concert. You will not want to leave.