The 10 of the world’s worst professions

Most of the modern professions are distinguished by a progressive focus and increased comfort of the work process. However, some specialists work in terrible conditions that can cause irreparable harm not only to the nervous system but also to life in general. This article presents a selection of the world’s worst professions.

10 of the Worst Jobs in the World (worst professions)

10. Hospital Laundry Worker

Hospital Laundry Worker worst professions

Hospital laundry staff work in cramped and stuffy rooms filled with dirty laundry. During the work process, these people can contract severe infections. Also, such specialists are exposed to numerous occupational hazards: Chemical exposure, physical injury, accidents.

9. Portable Toilet Cleaner

Portable Toilet Cleaner worst professions

The work of toilet cleaners is not pleasant: with the help of a vacuum device, these specialists wash the tanks under the toilet bowls and collect the scattered garbage. Usually, a specialist has to clean at least 10 cabins within 1 working day. The cleaning process does not take too long, but it does not bring positive emotions.

8. Lumberjack

Lumberjack worst professions in the world

This is one of the most dangerous activities in the world: lumberjacks are killed almost 11 times more often than any other professional. Cutting trees is only from the outside, it seems simple, but in fact, you have to work with specialized equipment in places of increased danger.

According to official statistics, in just 1 year, there are at least 30 thousand accidents in the field of this profession. A big threat is posed not only by working tools in the form of the sharp saw but also by large tree branches.

7. Specialist in butchering carcasses at a meat processing plant

Butcher world's worst professions

The main task of these workers is to cut the carcasses of cows and pigs, as well as the subsequent extraction of bones and internal organs.

Approximately one in three carcass butchering specialists are injured in the course of their work. There is also a huge risk of contracting mad cow disease and E. coli.

6. Animal food taster

world's worst professions

The task of this specialist includes the study of the aroma and taste of animal feed, as well as making decisions about the need to make changes to their recipe. Among the professional duties of a taster, there are three mandatory tests: A thorough examination of the smell, checking for the content of bone residues, and identifying the required level of cartilage in the composition.

5. Malaria Control Specialist

Malaria Control Specialist

This work is widespread in the scientific community and is urgently needed to prevent malaria. Malaria is transmitted by Anopheles darlingi mosquitoes, which rarely fall into traps on their own. For scientific research, it is important to catch live individuals, therefore, specialists in this profession act as an intermediary.

In the process of this painful and laborious activity, workers are exposed to many bites from Anopheles mosquitoes.

4. Slaughter specialist (worst professions)

Representatives of this profession are constantly accompanied by severe stress and an increased fear of contracting disease-causing infections. The list of diseases that can arise during work is quite impressive: gastric infections, tuberculosis, bird flu.

3. Deodorant Expert

Deodorant Expert

Representatives of this profession need to observe the condition of the armpits of the test group, recording changes in odour throughout the day. Due to its specifics, this work is rather narrowly focused and unpleasant. An expert deodorant job is open at some cosmetic companies.

2. Hazardous Waste Diver

Hazardous Waste Diver

This is one of the worst jobs in the world, with workers plunging into muddy and toxic spills. The purpose of the profession is the timely cleaning of polluted places, as well as the promotion of scientific research. The conditions in which these specialists work are extremely unpleasant: minimal visibility, tight suits, a toxic environment. (source; bbc).

1. Forensic entomologist

world's worst professions
Bugs under a microscope (world’s worst professions)

A specialist in this profession studies the features of the development of insects on a human corpse, as well as the consequences of their reproduction. To accurately determine the age of a corpse, a forensic entomologist determines the time of the appearance of the blowflies and larvae on it.