• O makigier

    where is Zorbas ??

  • Regan “Tumbao” Christmas

    Salsa spread to South Africa more than 10 years ago, with the South African Salsa scene being highly noteworthy.

    You also neglected Kizomba, a.k.a African Tango; which is quite possibly the fastest growing partner dance form right now.

    And, what about swing dancing, which is growing at a stellar rate thanks to movies and fashion.

  • Nandini Mahapatra

    Indian Classical dance performances usually feature a story about good and
    evil. Among all “ODISHI”dance is best in expressing old myth and modern story,the entire dance is presented in a dramatic manner called nritta, which uses “clean” facial expressions and mudrā or hand gestures to narrate the story and to demonstrate certain concepts such as objects, weather, nature and emotions.

    The divine love tales of Radha and the cowherd God Krishna are favourite themes for interpretation,extracts from “Jayadeva’s Gita Govindam”,This posture and the characteristic shifting of the torso from side to side, make Odissi a difficult style to execute.

  • cricket

    gangnam style??? really??? PATHETIC!!!! wow!! people have reached their all time low on the stupidity scale to even consider this so called style of “dance” famous..ignorance at its best

    • lucy

      very true, I hate how people totally put the base of real dance aside and move to the dumb crap.

    • bob

      I know right its pathetic

  • Rubey Tomahawk

    Michael jackson didn’t popularize ( he did have big influence on all kinds of Hip Hop dancers)”breakdance” aka breaking he popped and waved which is its own dance complete different from breaking. Also if I may add to refer to a person that breaks you call him/her a bboy or bgirl (break boy/girl) so this term bboying I find incorrect because what about the girls?? they exist too so its sexist to say that, just say breaking :) ….. The kids were breaking in the park with linoleum and a boombox. The bgirl challenged the bboy in the cipher. Today I was breaking to Kurtis Blow, yesterday I broke to Eric B and Rakim and tomorrow I will break to South Side Rockers. So you see language is beautiful when used properly I mean is not like any other dance sticks the name dance after it because it is repetitive we all know they are dances : tapdance, tapdancing, tap-dancing see my point.

  • sanjay barhate

    indian dance good

  • Nikki Kapoor

    Where is contemporary dance style? It is also an internationally famous dance style.. <3 I love this style as its very soothing nd goes with a flow..:*

    • Namita Chutani

      so true<3
      can u please tell me d difference btw contemp. n freestyle?

  • ANON

    Hey guys! Check out Super Junior D&E’s ChokiChoki Dance! It’s super catchy, just like Gangnam Style ;D

  • hariom

    i like dance