• Farjam Mubarik

    after reading this i have to comment abt the lack of knowledge and ability to research of the writer. it all went wronf right from the start.
    ok u have ur own opinion but i do not see any sort of rationale behind that.

  • Muhammad Shoaib

    @Farjam Well this post represents most of the politician in the list.So may be you don’t like them but in actual see the facts and figures you will find them on top.

  • Will

    it says 20th century not 21st

  • Blake Bartowski

    the writer of this article is an idiot. It should have been titled, going by the list of people listed here, as the 10 most corrupt and disgusting people of all time-especially the 1st three Losers.

    • HigherThanYourAss

      You’re a loser. Millions of people would rather to read books about Oprah. You disgust me! Every single people in this his higher than you. If at least 3 other people go out of there time, like I shouldn’t have then you are a something. Right now you are nothing. Even I am able to say that. To be very honest with whoever you are I am surprised myself that I am even going out of my time to reply to you.

  • db cooper

    This is comp, ete crap. IT ismore a list of popular blacks and pop culture figures than a legitimate list of influntial people. Nevermind Gavrillo Princip, the man who changed the world cforever, or the engineers who deveped the trasnsistor. Just crap.

  • Shetty Pramod

    what list is this….?? All US Presidents and Senators…

  • Michael Hart Livingstone-Machn

    Alexander Graham Bell? No phone Alexander Fleming, been saving Millions since his death (Antibiotics) and a list of many many others who have been more influential.