• srgay

    were the hell is AAMIR who is the idiot made this list?

  • Mehtaaz Mohd.

    certainly a aamir hater made this list.

  • Legend Khan

    looser king kong fan.harami

    • Legend Khan ka baap

      Haha Aamir is not on this list. A good slap on your face looser. Chal let’s put him at No.11 as I feel bad for you. LOL Roo Dhooke sirf 3 comments yaha par Aamir ke liye.

      • Legend Khan

        Fake list..amir ne haklon ki needen haram krdi he is lye list me uska naam hi ad nai kya.looser harami king kong fans.

      • Legend Khan

        PK RAPED SAROOK’S WHOLE CAREER..Is lye list me uska naam hi nai.moron liar looser gay fan.

  • Legend Khan

    ‘Life of a pi’ makers planning their next film, ‘Life of a SRK fan’ (Tragedy movie)

  • Legend Khan

    How to recognize a SRKian? If you see someone walking with his heads bent in shame, He is a Srkkian

  • Sandip Nascar

    I am not a dead fan of Aamir, but Aamir should be in top 10 list. Kamal Hassan should be in the list also. Hard to place the order of SRK, Salman and Aamir. All of them are equally good in their own respect. I agree with – Dilip Kumar coming first in the list. Second should be between Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh (I would place Rajesh Khanna second and then Amitabh).