• Siddiq Abbasi

    ya this is a good segment i like it

  • http://www.facebook.com/khalidseraj13 Khawaja Khalid Seraj

    Extremely you doing a wonderful job and having keen interest , bird view, and very very curious which can’t ignore. amazing sir g.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=630237661 Arturo Claros Ayllon

    and where the fuck is Machu Pichu?!?!
    it should be no.1
    Victoria Falls? jajajjajajaaaaaa

  • http://www.facebook.com/qamar.chaudhary.54 Qamar Chaudhary

    I like last wonders “The Valley of Love” and plan to visit soon

    • Herbut

      good luck finding it :-)

    • Ayesha

      tell me its address if u will find it….lol

    • Mr. Frog

      Please do, it’s all a fiction from the writer. How do I know that? Because I live in Ireland.

  • JakeD

    No ANGKORWAT? The World’s largest ancient city and temple?

  • Carandariamble

    Where is the great pyramid of Giza ?

  • Robert Reeks

    There is nowhere in Ireland that comes even close to being 1 mile deep or high you buffoon.
    Oh yeah, next time use a spell checker.

  • seronsajee

    i never accept as wonders which created by man. i think the wonders must created by nature
    because we can’t create the wonders which created by nature
    so i like victoria falls

  • hfchf

    East or west tajmahal is best. Nothing is more wonderful than that in the whole world.

    • Ayesha

      it must be beautiful……after all,built by a muslim
      how many likes for shah jahan

  • K. Aslam

    Plane to visit the “Last Wonder”

    • Ayesha

      i also liked the valley of love i wish i were going to visit it

      • Mr. Frog

        Me too but unfortunately I’m from Ireland and there is no such thing. The person who wrote this one is full of shit.

    • chetan dhanani


  • Liam

    haha im irish,,no such thing as valley of love,,sorry guys buts its a fairytale

    • James

      Pic looks photoshopped too.

  • Skrappak

    darn it, at the back of my head there was a voice that was sayin, BS, and I did not listen, I thought it might be real, and it was the greatest feat of architecture in the entire history of man, and im just hearing about it now! Sometimes yer fishin for a sucker, and othertimes you are. Nice Photoshop pic though :-)

  • http://batman-news.com Jake Lakota

    Valley of Love – are you shiteing me? Valley of Bitter Beer would be more appropriate

  • lin


  • Kim Yeo Ramos

    Try harder and do some RESEARCH next time. I use this thing called the Internet to find these little things called FACTS. Try it sometime.

  • chetan dhanani