10 Most Favourite Amusement Parks in The World

Who does not love amusement parks! It is an area where people of all age can have a blast of time. From thrill rides to water chutes, everything comes in handy here. Let’s take a look into 10 of the favourite amusement parks in the world.

10. Canada’s Wonderland

Wonder Mountain and the Victoria Falls
With 3,582,000 annual visitors in 2023, Canada’s Wonderland is dream come true for all those amusement parks lovers there. Standing on an area of 330 acres, the park was opened on 23rd May, 1981. It is located in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada and has a total of 69 rides including 2 water rides and 16 roller coaster rides. It is also known for its annual event, Halloween Haunt.

9. Lotte World

Lotte World
Located in Sincheon-dong, Seoul, South Korea. Lotte World was opened on 12th July, 1989. The park holds the Guinness World Record for being he the world’s largest indoor theme park. Some of its attraction includes; The Adventures of Sindbad, The Conquistador, Flume Ride, Camelot Carrousel, Giant Loop, Drunken Basket, 3D Desperados, Pharaoh’s Fury, Lotty’s Kidstoria, Treeble’s Hopper, Kids Bumper Cars, Aeronauts Balloon Ride, French Revolution, Animal Theatre, Jungle Revolution, World Monorail, etc..

8. PortAventura

Located in Salou, Catalonia, Spain, Port Aventura was opened in the year 1995. It draws on an average 3 million visitors every year, with 3,400,000 visitors in the year 2023. Some of its famous rides include Furius Baco, Tomahawk, Shambhala: Expedición al Himalaya, Tami-Tami, Hurakan Condor, Tutuki Splash, Silver River Flume, Grand Canyon Rapids,etc. It is also known for the various seasonal events that it hosts like Sesamo Parade and Fiest Aventura.

7. Epcot

Spaceship Earth, the icon of Epcot
Opened on October 1, 1982, Epcot is located in Bay Lake, Florida, USA. The park is often described by many as the “Permanent World’s Fair”. It also hosts annual events, major among them ae The Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival, The Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, Holidays Around the World, etc. It draws more than 10 million visitors every year, with 11,229,000 visitors in 2023.

6. Ocean Park Hong Kong

Most Favourite Amusement Parks
Since its opening in January, 1977, the Ocean Park Hong Kong has become one of Hong Kong’s most sought after tourist attraction. Its popularity is growing day by day, which is evident by the fact that in 2023, it drew 7,475,000 visitors. It stands on 226 acres.

Some of its special features include Adventure Land, Polar Adventure, Thrill Mountain, Marine World, The Rainforest, etc. It also conducts annual events, major among them are Halloween Bash, Animal in High Definition Month, Christmas Sensation, etc..

5. Europa Park

Europa Park – A Synonym of Joy and Adventure
Located in Rust, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, Europa Park is the largest theme park in Germany and is one of the most popular theme park resort in Europe. It has twelve roller-coasters. It is also the location of the Euro Dance Festival. The park was opened on 12th July, 1975. The park draws 4 million annual visitors per year.

Some of its famous rides and features include Dwarf City, Grimm Library, The Little Tailor, Rapunzel, Poppy Tower, Muls-Muls Carousel, Minimoys Village, Selenia’s House, etc. Besides, it also has 10 water rides and is situated on an area of 230 acres.

4. Happy Valley

Happy Valley-Beijing
Located in Beijing, China, Happy Valley was opened in July, 2006. It has more than 40 rides, 10 of which are extreme rides and an IMAX theater with seven screens. Its notable rides include Crystal Wing, Extreme Rusher, Harvest Time, Jungle Racing, Golden Wings in Snowfield, among others.

3. Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood
With 6,148,000 visitors in 2023, Universal Studios Hollywood is a treat for all adventure and amusement park lovers. It is located in Universal City, Los Angeles, California, USA. It was opened on 14th March, 1915 as a movie studio and on 15th July, 1964 as a theme park. Its slogan is ‘The Entertainment Capital of LA’.

Some of its attraction includes Super Silly Fun Land, Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem, Shrek 4D, The Simpsons Ride, The Blues Brothers Show, Waterworld: A Live Sea War Spectacular, Jurassic Park: The Ride, Revenge of the Mummy, Transformers: The Ride, The NBC Universal Experience, etc..

2. Magic Kingdom

Disney's Magic Kingdom
Opened on 1st October, 1971, Magic Kingdom is presently the most visited amusement park in the world, with 18,588,000 visitors in 2023. It is located in Walt Disney World Resort, Bay Lake, Florida, USA. Its slogan is “The Most Magical Place On Earth”. Some of its attraction includes Storybook Circus, Enchanted Forest, Liberty Square, etc..

1. Disneyland

Most Favourite Amusement Parks

Probably the most well-known amusement park in the world is none other than Disneyland, located in Anaheim, California, USA. It draws almost 15 million visitors per year. The only theme park designed and built under the direct supervision of Walt Disney. It was opened on 17th July, 1955. Its major attraction are Fantasyland, Mickey’s Toontown, Tomorrowland, Critter Country, Frontierland, Adventureland (Disney), etc.. Disneyland has a larger cumulative attendance than any other theme park in the world, with over 650 million guests since it opened.